テンカウント 2 [Ten Count 2]

Ten Count

  • Title: テンカウント 2 [Ten Count 2]
  • Author: Rihito Takarai 宝井 理人
  • ISBN: 9784403664403
  • Page: 168
  • Format: Paperback
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      168 Rihito Takarai 宝井 理人
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    1. BR with emEdit: I finally decided on a rating for this after talking to my BR partner and other people in the comments.As I said in my original review, there is in fact at least one explicit scene where consent is not given. It's not the only explicit scene in this volume, but I'll get to the other ones in a second.Some of you might consider what I'm going to write about to be spoilers, so if you don't want to read ahead, don't read, but I'm not going to mark it because I feel like it's importan [...]

    2. Si el primero me gustó, este ya ha sido la leche, tanto que la edición de Sublime del 3 aún no ha salido y me voy a buscarlo hasta el Averno si hace falta, porque quiero más, mucho más.Kurose, sigues subiendo puntos ^^

    3. After a short hiatus with reading manga, I must say it's exhilarating to fall into the habit again. The quick pace of the story and the rapid succession of the visuals always make it a unique experience.As far as Rihito Takarai's Ten Count series goes, I've found the second volume quicker in narrative speed but, probably because of that, not as equally satisfying as the first episode. I loved Volume One's slow pace in building up the story and characters and I would have liked to continue with t [...]

    4. I wish the story took a different direction. I find Kurose's behaviour extremely questionable. At times he gave the impression of being more like a psychopath rather than a psychiatrist. I get the point of shock therapy but this was just too much. Shirotani constantly thought how gross the whole situation was, he said "no" several times but Kurose kept on going. I find it hard to wrap my mind about the fact that Shirotani kind of enjoyed it or wanted it while at the same time he felt an extreme [...]

    5. Ok, das ganze geht jetzt in eine ziemlich seltsame Richtung, bei der ich mich zunehmend unwohl fühle Trotzdem war der Band noch spannender als der erste und ich habe ihn nur so inhaliert Ich bin mal gespannt, wie ich mit der Reihe noch so zurecht komme

    6. The story is taking a different direction than I expected, and to be honest I am not sure whether I like it yet. It all will depend on how it continues, and whether she manages to wrap it up in a satisfying way. As it is at the moment, I find it creepy and disturbing but interesting. I do wish people reading the illegal raws or scanlations wouldn't keep spoiling me though. This goes for all the books I'm reading.

    7. No puedo parar de leer, si es que cuando me pongo con un manga hasta que no me lo leo entero no me quedo tranquila. Estoy super enganchada a esta historia, de verdad. Encima, el tema de la misoginia que padece el protagonista le da un toque, para mí, más interesante a la historia. Yo al menos no había visto antes nada parecido.

    8. Continua la mia RILETTURA di Ten Count, dopo averlo divorato in inglese. Devo dire che avere le pagine con Kurose e Shirotani in italiano tra le mani non ha prezzo.Dunque, dove eravamo rimasti? Ah, sì… con il fegato dolorante e il cuore un po’ ammaccato.Kurose ha deciso di interrompere la terapia e, quindi, di non vedere più Shirotani, lasciandolo nella confusione. Dopotutto, era stato Kurose a insistere affinché Shirotani iniziasse a vederlo, nel tentativo di spuntare le voci della lista [...]

    9. Περνώντας στο 2ο τεύχος της σειράς, και πριν πω οτιδήποτε σε σχέση με την πλοκή -κι επειδή το παρέλειψα κατά τις αναφορές μου στο 1ο τεύχος-, πρέπει να σχολιάσω πόσο πολύ λατρεύω το art της Takarai Rihito. Είναι μεν από τα πιο απλά στο είδος του, ωστόσο, έχει ταυτότητα, προσωπικότητα, ύφ [...]

    10. Ch. 7No one has seen or heard from Shirotani in days. He doesn't answer anyone's calls. Mikami contacts Kurose-kun out of concern, explaining that while Shirotani had tried hard with him, he hadn't made nearly the progress he had suggested. After this, Kurose does try calling and texting Shirotani (whose phone battery has coincidentally died). He suggested meeting at the cafe. When Shirotani sees the message, it is already 4 hours after the meeting time but he rushes there anyway, assuming Kuros [...]

    11. These are weird to individually review, especially since I can read through this series online very quickly. I have noticed the translation is a little weird sometimes, but I'm still enjoying the story.

    12. I really liked this installment. We finally get to the intimacy part. I waited until volume 3 was preordered to read 1 and 2 can't wait for the next chapter.

    13. Main character's being a mysophobic ( afraid of gems) should be handled carefully. The therapist feels like he is forcing MC too far. It was a bit early for explicit scenes I think. Anyway, I don't deny, it was quite hot too.

    14. I basically dived headfirst into this series after reading "Only The Flower Knows" by the very same author. Now, in this one, I'm afraid it's only the art style that allows me to make any connection between the two. It's a yaoi manga, I know, and all things considered it's not bad. The characters, however, are sadly very plain and predictable after a promising premise and relatively good start. Even when not comparing it to the very natural development of a relationship we see in o.t.f.k here th [...]

    15. I really wanted this series to be amazing! The description and first book had such potential. Two boys falling in love. One helping the other overcome an extreme fear of germs. The first book started so strong. However, there were several things I had issues with in the second book. The main thing being sexual consent was clearly not given in one scene and barely (and not even until the middle of the act) in another. The MC seemed to “enjoy” both encounters, but he was clearly very uncomfort [...]

    16. I just can't put these things down. It's hard to get a five star review out of me but so help me, I will smash the 5-star special for Rihito Takarai any and every day. The stories she writes touch my soul in a way that is hard to do and her characters do the same. I don't believe that there is a manga of hers that I DON'T like. The way she develops her stories and fleshes her characters is a process I feel she dedicates herself to, and that within itself makes her characters relatable. For me, I [...]

    17. Well, where as the first volume was a slow pace and taking time, this one definitely sped up. I like that we saw more personality from both Shirotani and especially Kurose in this one. I did enjoy it but Kurose has me a little conflicted. I know he has feelings for Shiratani but some of his actions are definitely questionable, especially when considering he's supposed to be a therapist (and Shirotani's friend) and that he knows how bad Shirotani's germaphobia is yet he still pushes into sexual e [...]

    18. Holy hell. So at the end of the last volume, Kurose told Shirotani that they could no longer do therapy together. Now, Shirotani's boss and coworker are worried because he missed work, and contact Kurose for help. Good thing, because Shirotani's basically in a depressed stupor. When he finally charges his phone and finds the messages from Kurose, he races to meet him, ignoring even his own fears of germs and touch. One thing leads to another, and Kurose tells Shirotani he loves him and won't be [...]

    19. Kurose went from appealing and mysterious to creepy and controlling.I used to be such a big fan of this serie.Especially this volume for the scence at the clinic(I still find that really hot).But ughhh I can't believe that these.oblematic behaviors didn't bother me in the past.I still really adore the art.But the feelings I'm left with after reading this volume is a mixture of 'meh' and uncomfortableness.The author talked about the SM undertone and how the Dom is training his Sub and I just want [...]

    20. Oof, okay. I really don't know. Because basically, this is rape. There's a note from the author at the end saying something about doms and subs, which is a BDSM thing, yes? Which is something I just don't know about, but I DO know that there has to be explicit consent for it to be anything other than flat-out abuse. And there wasn't. But it was presented all romantically, and there were particular moments that seemed to be consensual, but they did not happen up front, and the therapist-patient r [...]

    21. As much as I loved the first volume, and continue to love this series, there was a major turn in this volume. The story remained interesting and the art is superb. My difficulty with this volume was (Spoiler) the shift in Kurose's character, and the speed in which he pushes and manipulates Shirotani into a physical relationship. I would have preferred to delay the sexual aspect of Shirotani and Kurose's relationship just a bit longer. This shift made my heart feel slightly less easy with absolut [...]

    22. I liked seeing Shirotani make small steps of progress and even starting to reach out to his colleagues at work which he never would've done before - but then when Kurose cuts him off, it comes as a shock to him & he has a bit of a breakdown & his work friend Mikami can't get through to him so he asks Kurose to try - Kurose asks to meet & Shirotani shows up, angry & wanting to go back to his life before he met Kurose, but Kurose confesses that he cut him off because he'd realized [...]

    23. After completing the first few steps of Kurose’s ten-step program, Shirotani is still struggling with his OCD and extreme phobia of germs. And as the two start developing feelings for one another, everything becomes a tad complicated. I am in love with this story; Rihito Takarai completely captures what it’s like to live with mental health issues. And the artwork, also done by Takarai, is precise, graphic and incredibly intense; it makes you feel every gasp and every shudder. Fantastic.

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