Khadija Exploring the birth period of Islam this biography focuses on one of the most prominent and respected Muslim women in history Khadija the wife of the Prophet Muhammad Addressing both her devotion a

  • Title: Khadija
  • Author: Reşit Haylamaz
  • ISBN: 9781597841214
  • Page: 286
  • Format: Paperback
  • Exploring the birth period of Islam, this biography focuses on one of the most prominent and respected Muslim women in history, Khadija, the wife of the Prophet Muhammad Addressing both her devotion and her leadership roles in Mecca, this book shines light on a figure who is an inspiration to women, both Muslim and non Muslim alike.

    Khadija bint Khuwaylid Khadijah bint Khuwaylid or Khadija bint Khuwaylid Arabic or CE November CE was the first wife and first follower of the Islamic prophet Muhammad. Khadija name Khadija Khadeeja Khadijah Arabic is an Arabic feminine given name, the name of Khadija bint Khuwaylid, first wife of the Islamic Prophet Muhammad. Khadijah Biography, Women, Islam Britannica Khad jah, died , Mecca, Arabia now in Saudi Arabia , merchant who was the first wife of the Prophet Muhammad Little is known about her apart from the posthumous accounts of Muhammad s life s rah and teachings Khad jah was born in the th century ce to Khadija bint Khuwaylid Wikipdia Khadija ou Khadidja bint Khuwaylid arabe Entre et La Mecque est la premire pouse du prophte de l islam Mahomet. Khadija Khadija bint Choewailid of Chadiedja bint Choewailid Arabisch Mekka ca Mekka, was profeet Mohammeds eerste vrouw en volgens de overleveringen de eerste vrouw en persoon die zich bekeerde tot de islam, de religie die Mohammed was begonnen te prediken. Creative Khadija Creativekhadija Creative Khadija Title Description Keywords November , Creative Khadija Blog Arts, Crafts Tutorials Arty crafty girl behind Creative Khadija blog I am blogging for than years now onward. Remarkable Things About Khadija, Wife of the Prophet of Khadija s existence precedes mine by than , years and, if I can at the very least, continuously strive to emulate her character, I will conside Khadija Wikipdia Khadija est un prnom fminin port notamment par les personnalits suivantes Khadija al Salami, ralisatrice, diplomate, crivaine ymnite Khadija Gbla My mother s strange definition of Khadija Gbla grew up caught between two definitions of what it means to be an empowered woman While her Sierra Leonean mother thought that circumsizing her and thus stifling her sexual urges was the ultimate form of empowerment, her culture as a teenager in Australia told her that she deserved pleasure and that what happened to Khadija Name Meaning, What does Khadija mean How popular is Khadija Khadija is an uncommonly occurring given name for females Khadija is also an uncommon surname for both adults and children.

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    1. Khadija was born in 555 CE. and was the daughter of Khuwaylid, who was amongst the most honored man of the Qurayshi tribe. Khadija married Muhammad (pbuh) in 595 CE. At this time, Muhammad (pbuh) wasn't a prophet yet. Khadija was an international business women and was married two times before the marriage with Muhammad (pbuh). Just as the Makkans called Muhammad ‘Sadiq' and ‘Ameen,' they called Khadija 'Tahira,' which means “the pure one.” Khadija was the first wife of the prophet (pbuh [...]

    2. I learnt quite a few new points on her life but still think there is plenty more about her life and character which i would like to know about. If anyone knows any other books, please recommend.

    3. This work is part of a series entitled ‘Leading Companions of the Prophet’ and what better way to begin than with the first Muslim to embrace Islam and the rock in the life of the Prophet Muhammad (ṣallā Allāhu ʿalayhi wasallam), Khadija bint Khuwaylid.The book has been written by Reṣit Haylamaz and translated from the original Turkish by Hulya Cosar. It is the story of one of the most remarkable women to step foot on the earth. As you would expect it is interwoven in to the life of t [...]

    4. "Behind a great man is a great woman"This saying is what really comes up to my mind once I finished reading this book. As a great and noble man Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, is Allah SWT bestowed him great wives. Khadija RA, the first wife of the Prophet, peace be upon him, the first muslim, the first companion who sacrificed her all in God's way.She set an exemplary standard of being a good wife; a wife who can be the reliance and source of comfort and support for her husband that Prophe [...]

    5. The book tells us the life of Khadija r.a in a flowing story. I find the narrative managed to bring us to really appreciate and feel the arduous moments and how heavy it was to do such and such. I cried reading few pages. She truly is exemplary for every woman. High achieving in the times when women were not valued for these values and willing to sacrifice every single thing in Allah's way, believing in the final abode.It however is very brief and tells only the big events.

    6. This book only covers the major events that happened in Khadija's life and it also describes how the Prophet Muhammad SAW loved her so much that he talked about her dignity, modesty and much more values of her a lot to his Companions even after her death. There are also some pictures inserted in this book such as Khadija's veil she wore on her wedding and her box that might be used to store her valuable things or whatsoever, her place of maqam and much more. Overall, this book is very simple and [...]

    7. This was a very brief book. Encompasses a brief overview of her background, family and general history. I was expecting a more in depth description of her character and Anecdotes of her relationship with The prophet (pbuh), which was a disappointment. In general this books was good for what it was, but a let down for what I thought it was.

    8. 'At the time Khadija was born, Hijaz was, in every sense of the word, living in the time of ignorance. However there were a few roses among the swamp where people found solstice and wisdom ' What irony in the statement, how can you have a completely ignorant society which produces some of the wisest men on earth?If you can somehow bypass such stark assumptionmade by the author and keep focused on trying to gauge as much information as possible about one of the most allusive and neglected persona [...]

    9. "Mary, mother of Jesus, is the best woman of the heavens, and the worthiest woman of the earth is Khadija, daughter of Khuwaylid"(Prophet Muhammad)I really enjoyed this book I don't know why I left it too late to read it! I enjoyed the prophet Muhammad (SAW) and Khadija's relationship and the book was very good at portraying just how much our beloved prophet loved her. The reason I did not give the book the full 5 stars was because there were certain parts to do with her personality and characte [...]

    10. Lady Khadija wanted to give prophet mohammed all the support necessary for him to cope with all the hate he received from the Quraish tribe. But this was not as easy as it sounded, prophet mohammed and lady khadija had to overcome adversity and make Islam the way it is today. It took some time but over an extensive period the prophet and his lovely wife khadija were able to convince the Quraish that Islam was a worth while cause. Then as the religion grew and grew, lady khadija fell terribly sic [...]

    11. A great refresher story of Khadija's love, commitment and loyalty towards prophet Muhammad before & after his prophethood. She saw him as a leader even before his Prophethood. The faith she had in him, and the way prophet Muhammad cherished her after her death, is truly exemplary and a story everyone should read.Some favourite quotes: "Souls which are compatible will attract each other and meet on common ground." - On the fate of Khadija, meeting prophet Muhammad, as once said by prophet Muh [...]

    12. The book on Khadija, for her loyalty, dedication and unnerving character--fails to do justice to the subject—even though I enjoyed reading it, but I feel the subject did needed far more attention and research than the writer has given. I’m not too happy with the language either, nor how the writer gave his commentary! But on the whole, I’m glad I read the book—on Khadija R.A. it’s a useful read, and I do recommend to all the beginners like me who have no knowledge about people like her [...]

    13. I loved this book. Sharing my name with the wife above and having chosen it based on my admiration for her. I grabbed the chance to learn more from her life story and lessons. This book was written very well and I became engrossed in it, so much so that when the book ended I was left disappointed that I was already finished. I highly recommend this to sisters looking to connect with the Wife of the Prophet s.w.s more and in doing try to benefit from her beauty,wisdom and elegance.

    14. Interesting, simply written, quick read about Muhammad's first wife, Khadija. She is described as "one of the most dynamic and vital personages of the Islamic history." Khadija was older than the Prophet, had been married twice before and was a successful international businesswoman. "She was wealthy; she was a capable, smart, attractive, mature woman whom everyone held in high regard."

    15. Little did I know about her before I read this book. Thankfully now I know a little bit more. Prophet's first wife, his solace, his beloved ones, his first loyal follower. And her uncle Waraqa, who guides her and told her about the last Prophet's trait. She has been longing for the Prophet long before her successful career. Great book.

    16. Khadija's life deserves more academic attention and scholarly research. While I was happy to find this book, one solely devoted to the life of an incredible woman, I was not satisfied with the length of the book. A life like hers needs to be told in a 500+ page tome. My rating of 3 stars is for the writing not the subject matter.

    17. A nice short concise description of the life of Khadija, first Muslim and wife of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). Explains a lot which is left out of most, like multiple children other than Fatima, and her marriages before she married the Prophet.

    18. First book of its kind, full of emotions and faith. I highly recommend it for Muslims and non Muslims. one word to describe the book : Enlightening.

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