The Morbid and Sultry Tales of Genevieve Clare

The Morbid and Sultry Tales of Genevieve Clare I m a professional mourner Caskets drag queens and dirty old men are all in a day s work But I m no stranger to loss and that s what makes me good at my job Something is missing though and that somet

  • Title: The Morbid and Sultry Tales of Genevieve Clare
  • Author: J.B. Hartnett
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 271
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  • I m a professional mourner Caskets, drag queens and dirty old men are all in a day s work But I m no stranger to loss and that s what makes me good at my job Something is missing though and that something goes by the name of Ahren Finnegan When faced with the idea of losing one person from my life, I pushed him away, my one true love.Now he s back and this time II m a professional mourner Caskets, drag queens and dirty old men are all in a day s work But I m no stranger to loss and that s what makes me good at my job Something is missing though and that something goes by the name of Ahren Finnegan When faced with the idea of losing one person from my life, I pushed him away, my one true love.Now he s back and this time I don t think he s going to take no for an answer.

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    1. 4 morbidly fascinating starsDeath is the devil you know. The better you live, the more you piss him off, and he just hates that.Genevieve Clare has lost too much too soon, now facing the world alone. While she may have friends to surround herself with it isn't the same as having family, knowing unconditionally that they will love you forever and always. Her savior came in the form of her childhood crush, Ahren, he knows what it is like to loose the ones you hold dearest and it is him that saves [...]

    2. "I’d never been afraid of death, and, after my family died and the man I loved almost had, I embraced death in my own strange way. I made it my life’s work, I guess."After Gen’s parents and grandma died during car accident, she got an idea - to set up a business as a professional mourner. She has always been a little "dark", so why not helping and comforting people who have no one else and don’t want to feel alone in their grief? Why not plan their own funerals to their liking? If only s [...]

    3. Humorously morbidorrbidly humorous??I loved this story, but I find it hard to describe why and how. We have a woman who was devastated by the death of her family and to cope she decides to be a professional mourner. There is a lot of death in this book and it deals with it in a very refreshing way. Some of it was really sad and brought a tear to my eye but in others it was just a see ya later, catch up with you soon feeling. I was actually laughing at a few of the funerals and the requests peopl [...]

    4. 3.75-4 morbid starsYou could definitely call this an unusual book. I was always a bit partial to the morbid and macabre in life and this seemed to fit right in. I was never goth or emo but boy did I want to be Morticia Adams when I grew up. I felt like the author and Genevieve were my kindred souls with the same somewhat dark sense of humor.For some reason there are 2 different editions of this book and both have slightly different blurbs and covers.Blurb 1:My name is Genevieve Clare, profession [...]

    5. This was a combination of heartbreak, sadness, hope, love, sweetness and sex with a handful of quirky. (view spoiler)[When they got their second chance so early on in the book I wondered what the other 65% of this book could possibly be filled with. I shouldn't have worried because, though there wasn't anything major going on all the little happenings leading up to their HEA kept my attention right to the end. (hide spoiler)]

    6. Not at all what I was expecting in a read, but I really liked it! Quirky, different, endearing, heavy, lovely, and kinda sexy in the right places.Genevieve stole my heart: the little girl who grew up next to a graveyard and loved the boy who was four years older. She suffers great loss and is unsure if what she feels is normal or just part of this quirk to her nature that others think is a bit off. It’s an amalgam. I have never read anything like this before. To be completely honest, some of t [...]

    7. 3.5 - 4 GLITTERY GRIM IN A TOTALLY GOOD WAY STARS!!Talk about something a bit different, this book wasn't what I was expecting at all. The h and her obsession with death and cemeteries was interesting and a bit concerning, but entertaining none the less. But the H shocked the hell out of me, he was a dirty buggar in the best possible way though. It made me cry and it made me smile, always a plus in my book, the only negative I had was it gor a bit repetitive in some places especially regarding t [...]

    8. ★★★★★★6 Morbid and (very) Sultry StarsARC received for an honest reviewReview also posted on Mara's BookshelfGenevieve and AhrenI found my new J.B. Hartnett favorite. This is so, so, so good!*****FULL REVIEW NOW POSTED*****6 Morbid and (very) Sultry StarsARC received for an honest reviewWhen I first learned the title of what J.B. Hartnett was working on, I believe my exact words were: "You had me at morbid and sultry". Given, there was no synopsis or teasers yet, just the title was e [...]

    9. “I'm scared," I whispered and put the fork down."Yeah, I know ya are. We're all gonna die, Cookie. Death is the devil you know. The better you live, the more you piss him off, and he just hates that. Right now, you're lettin' him get his way.”Genevieve Clare loses her parents and grandma in an accident . The love of her life and her childhood crush Ahren Finnegan becomes her solace at the time of need only to meet with an accident three months later , losing his dad in an accident . Gen deci [...]

    10. 4 1/4 Stars!!This book was so unique in my opinion. It was so morbid, but I absolutely loved it. We all have to deal with death at some point. It was also very heartbreaking and sweet and beautiful. I really got where Genevieve was coming from. I loved her character. She was sweet and sad, but trying to make it though. Ahren, I loved his character too. He was a sweet filthy boy. They both went though so much. I'm happy for them both. Happy reading!!

    11. 4 to 4 1/2 starsThere is a solitude in grief that very few people can comprehend, unless they, too, have experienced it. Ahren understood all too well what that felt like, so, as he sat there and held Gen in in his arms, the warm autumn breeze picking up as the night wore on, he realized, for the first time ever, that solitude had been extinguished.Glad I took this rather unique journey with Gen, Ahren, and their whole crew.(Both the living and the dead. And nope, this isn't PNR.)It was sometime [...]

    12. This book took me a few days to finish. Not the author or book's fault. It was due to my schedule lately. I also wanted to take my time reading all the "details". I JUST LOVE BEING IN THE MIDDLE OF A GOOD BOOK!The book starts off with Gen's parents and Gran's funeral. This is on page 1.Genevieve's family's home is next to a cemetery. From the time she is very young, Gen is exposed to funerals. She had very loving parents and Grandma. The story unfolds as Gen- in her early 20s is dealing with goi [...]

    13. Sweet, tragic, sad, funny, sentimental but without being sappy or maudlin, and joyful. This book is unique. The main characters have real issues and have to work to overcome them. (view spoiler)[ There is a long separation,(hide spoiler)] but it's necessary and part of the characters' growth. And there are wonderful, developed supporting characters. And the heroine has a life and internal angst that is not all about the hero. Such a refreshing change from contemporary books. I'll never approach [...]

    14. Real rating: 2.5Ugh,I thought that this would be much better.The characters,except Gen,were kind of 2-dimensional,there wasn't much about them or their past.Ahren was great but I still don't understand why the hell did he waited so long to (view spoiler)[find Gen again.Also,he became a little bit creepy. (hide spoiler)].There's nothing morbid about Gen's stories,to be honest.There's a lot of unnecessary sex scenes and not enough cool stories about Gen's job.Also,I was kind of bugged by the way A [...]

    15. 5 Morbid Stars for Gen and Ahren. Something different from my MC romance to Billionaire CEO tie me up romance;D “You remember,” he said, squeezing my hand and whispered, “I chose the right girl.”“It’ll be called, ‘I took precautions to protect my wife so I could fuck her hard on our honeymoon and nothing bad would happen.’ For instance, if the ceiling falls or a freak tornado rips through the Russian River area of Northern California.”

    16. A hilarious and inspiring book. Though it's sometomes dark it teaches you that you have only one life which will definitely shit on you. But no matter what you should live to the full without fears and doubts. Loved it greatly!!!

    17. 2.5 starsWhen Genevieve Clare loses everyone dear to her in a tragic accident, an idea is born to help those who need support when it comes to dealing with death. So begins her career as a professional mourner, providing an array of services, some more interesting than others. She has one best friend, Rocky, and Ahren, the boy she's secretly loved for years. At her time of need, Ahren returns home to provide support, and to tell her that he's been in love with her for years. As they begin their [...]

    18. I read the title and thought , Oh I’m not sure but rest assured I have absolutely castigated myself now because my reticence was completely unwarranted, The Morbid and Sultry Tales of Genevieve Clare by JB Hartnett was not only uniquely different, it swept through my hands like a breath of fresh air and was everything that I hadn’t been expecting.So don’t let that dark cover fool you because hiding inside is the most endearing tale of love and loss, told with humour and sensitivity and jus [...]

    19. Four stars: A quirky book that explores the morbid.Genevieve Clare is no stranger to tragedy. On one horrible, tragic day, she loses her parents and her grandmother. Somehow she gets through the funeral. That night, she is surprised by the return of her longtime friend and childhood crush, Ahren Finnegan. Quickly, Ahren helps ease the hurt, but soon, Gen learns that she isn't able to love wholeheartedly as she constantly fears loss. Ahren packs his bags and leaves, and Gen starts a new business. [...]

    20. The synopsis for this book leaves a lot to the imagination, and I had no idea what to really expect going in to it. My assumption was that it was going to be dark and morbid and twisted and - dare I say it? Involve some necrophilia!But no. It wasn't any of those things. OK, perhaps it was a little morbid in places, but in a light and humorous way. I'm not going to expand on the plot. I honestly feel that this story is best read going in as blind as you can.What I got out of reading The Morbid an [...]

    21. You know that warm feeling that you get when you’ve finished a book that, in your opinion, ticks all the boxes? That’s what I felt when I finished reading The Morbid and Sultry Tales of Genevieve Clare.That’s not to say that I didn’t experience a myriad of emotions while I was reading this book, because I did. There were quite a few moments when I got very teary, but there were also times that I had a quiet chuckle to myself. Quiet, because I wasn’t always alone while I was reading and [...]

    22. 4.5 starsthis book took me by suprise, a wonderful suprise. it's got a great balance of quirky and heartfelt. don't judge based on the cover or it's title as it's so much more than a book about a woman grieving. it's a gorgeous love story that is imaginative, uplifting, emotional, funny and really quite sexy.i enjoyed this book so much. there is a bunch of seriously awesome side characters and even a few funny throwbacks for gilmore girls fans.i went in not really knowing much at all and i think [...]

    23. You know that the best part of this book was? It was UNIQUE.I've read many, many, MANY romance stories, and I can say with great conviction that there is a general pattern that most stories follow. Main character one meets main character two, they fall for each other around 30% in, spend the rest of the story falling deeper in love until 70% in (no joke, 70%), some major drama happens. The drama gets resolved, and the book wraps up.This story is nothing like that. What a breath of fresh air! Wel [...]

    24. Clever, warm and funny are the first words that come to mind when describing this book :)I thought the idea behind this novel was brilliant - imaginative and unique. This is not your typical romance - in all the right ways!This is the story of love and loss, sprinkled with humor and insight. The characters are real, complex, and loveable. (I absolutely LOVE Ahren!)My favorite part of this book was the romance. So, for all or you romantics out there - you won't be disappointed! I wish I could rat [...]

    25. I so love blog tours when I come across an author I've never heard of and love her book. It makes me want to go see what other books she has out which I'll be doing after writing this review. I felt the author pulled me through so many emotions while reading this book. She did a great job with this story. Slightly on the dark side I found this book also funny and sad. There is also the air of morbidness running through it. This is a really brilliant story with a fantastic unique storyline. The s [...]

    26. 4.25 starsThis has got to be the quirkiest, strangest and most tender hearted love story I have ever read J.B. Hartnett You are something special!This story is about Genevieve and Ahren And their love Their insurmountable loss, and allowing themselves to drown in that love again Live that love with their very real fear of losing that love.I really don't want to give any of the details away It is that strange and beautiful If you like different You will love this!

    27. Complimentary copy provided by the author in exchange for an honest reviewDeath is such a taboo subject when, in fact, it really should not be. Now, do not go into this book thinking that that is everything this story is about: no, this is a love story that makes you feel everything. The love story between Genevieve Clare and Ahren Finnegan is sweet, funny, life affirming, and uplifting. Add to that some great, dry wit delivered by some of the secondary characters, a bit of steaminess, and overa [...]

    28. This book is so weird and so cool. I had a ball reading it. It brought to mind all kinds of off beat, really loved things like A Series of Unfortunate Events by Lemony Snicket books, Ellen Page, Johnny Depp and Winona Ryder movies, the Addams Family. You get what I mean right? It's odd and lovable. It's so very different from most main stream reads right now. Inside it has lots of cake, friends, funerals, laughs, deep moments, some tear-ish moments, silliness, randomness, sexiness. I wouldn't co [...]

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