The Secret Garden & A Little Princess

The Secret Garden A Little Princess More of literature s finest works completely unabridged Irresistible prices make these books great for any classics library

  • Title: The Secret Garden & A Little Princess
  • Author: Frances Hodgson Burnett
  • ISBN: 0140381872
  • Page: 296
  • Format: Paperback
  • More of literature s finest works completely unabridged Irresistible prices make these books great for any classics library

    The Secret Garden A young, recently orphaned girl is sent to England after living in India all her life Once there, she begins to explore her new, seemingly isolated surroundings and its secrets. The Secret Garden The Secret Garden Vintage Children s Classics Buy The Secret Garden Vintage Children s Classics Reprint by Frances Hodgson Burnett ISBN from s Book Store Everyday low prices and free delivery on eligible orders. The Secret Garden by Frances Hodgson Burnett One of the most delightful and enduring classics of children s literature, The Secret Garden by Victorian author Frances Hodgson Burnett has remained a firm favorite with children the world over ever since it made its first appearance. The Secret Garden Designer Jewellery The Secret Garden is a UK Retailer of Designer Silver Jewellery and Watches We Specialise in Unique Jewellery and Designer Brands. The Secret Garden film The Secret Gardenwas initially published in serial format starting in the autumn of ,and was first published in its entirety in .

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      296 Frances Hodgson Burnett
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    About "Frances Hodgson Burnett"

    1. Frances Hodgson Burnett

      Frances Eliza Hodgson was the daughter of ironmonger Edwin Hodgson, who died three years after her birth, and his wife Eliza Boond She was educated at The Select Seminary for Young Ladies and Gentleman until the age of fifteen, at which point the family ironmongery, then being run by her mother, failed, and the family emigrated to Knoxville, Tennessee Here Hodgson began to write, in order to supplement the family income, assuming full responsibility for the family upon the death of her mother, in 1870 In 1872 she married Dr Swan Burnett, with whom she had two sons, Lionel and Vivian The marriage was dissolved in 1898 In 1900 Burnett married actor Stephen Townsend until 1902 when they got divorced Following her great success as a novelist, playwright, and children s author, Burnett maintained homes in both England and America, traveling back and forth quite frequently She died in her Long Island, New York home, in 1924.Primarily remembered today for her trio of classic children s novels Little Lord Fauntleroy 1886 , A Little Princess 1905 , and The Secret Garden 1911 Burnett was also a popular adult novelist, in her own day, publishing romantic stories such as The Making of a Marchioness 1901 for older readers.

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    1. The secret Garden is probably the most amazing and thought provoking children's book every written. Such a profound insight into the hearts and minds of the main characters Mary, Colin, Dicken etc- a little romanticised perhaps but still amazing.The story is set in Yorkshire and it starts off with a kind of dark Gothic atmosphere with Mary stuck in this monstrous and spooky house and her only comrade of sorts is the servant girl Martha - Dicken's elder sister. The house at night is filled with a [...]

    2. One of my most beloved novels. The Secret Garden has the first real great female character of children literature: Mary Lennox. She is the first heroin girl is realy human described with hard-temper, opinion. She is the garden: sick, alone, almost dead, forgoten by men/adult people. The lonely and sad girl grows with the garden and became a better person learning with nature and real friendship be a person for the first tim since she born one decade before.Reminds me Charles dickens as Pip, Stel [...]

    3. I just finished reading a little princess, and it was a finaminal book. It is about a girl who looses her father (Captin Crewe) and has to go from being treated like a princess, to being treated like a scullery maid. I suggest it to all poeple who love to read and just eat up books as fast as they get them.Wintermint

    4. a little garden is a good book is about a gurl and her father they were rich. her father had to go to work he worked at the diamond minds. so she had to go to this school that you live in. because she was rich she got everything she wanted she had a person that does everything for here person that owned the school did not like her because she got everything she wanted. she got everything she wanted because her father paid for it they had alot of moneyen her father died and she was soo poor she h [...]

    5. Not many books that I've read and reread, but this one is definitely one of them! One of the first books I read when I was growing up and for sure one of the more memorable ones. There are so many movie versions of the book as well, but you definitely can't go wrong with this one:/title/tt0108071/The book is simple, clean, and easy to read, but it's very easy to love the characters and the book. I would definitely recommend this to anyone, young or old. A classic and one of my favorite books of [...]

    6. In the Secret Garden Mary has to move to Misselthwaite Manor after her parents died. During her stay she met a boy named Dickon. After awhile she found a garden and she and Dickon replanted it. One day she heard someone crying, when she found the crying she also found a sickly boy named Colin. They became great friends, and after awhile Mary and Dickon took Colin to the Secret Garden. A couple months later Colin's father came home to find Colin healed and the Secret Garden in full bloom.I would [...]

    7. I remember watching these movies as a child, and though I remember A Little Princess as being more dramatic in the film than what the book actually portrays, these two stories are adorable and I can only hope to have a son as soft and caring as Dickon and a daughter as smart and kind and poised as Sara

    8. This is hands down one of my favourite books ever. The writing is descriptive and magical, reflecting the story of this book. We met our main character, and are immediately aware of how the author knows her faults, and we see Mary Lennox go throughout the book, becoming the person she once envied.

    9. Enjoyed reading this with the kids. Great descriptive writing which helps with envisioning the characters and secret garden. A lovely book.

    10. Read almost any review of The Secret Garden and nearby you will see the words ‘Christian Science’. It is believed that Christian Science may have inspired Burnett to write The Secret Garden, emphasizing the healing powers of nature (over medicine), and the notion that one can negate dark thoughts with joyous thoughts. Unfortunately, while the connection between Burnett and Christian Science could very well be true, I think it potentially hinders a large audience of readers who would apprecia [...]

    11. (This is the book I read this summer)The main character Mary Lennox is a young child living in her mother's brother, Archibald Craven's huge mansion in England, after Mary's parents die from a disease. Mary's parents couldn't pay attention to Mary well, due to their jobs, so Mary almost grow alone. After she moves in to Archibald's house, she faces new journey. Uncle Archibald's wife had died, so he is not coming to his house often, leaving his son at home. Mrs.Archibald died in the garden, so M [...]

    12. In my opinion I thought this was an average book. The plot and characters were interesting. One of the reasons I didn't enjoy reading this book was because of the way the dialogues were written. The book wasn't written in modern English--which made it difficult for a reader to understand. This book reminded me of the process of reading Romeo and Juliet. As I am reading this book I didn't feel it was right for others to treat Mary that way. They say she isn't as pretty as her mother, but they ne [...]

    13. Read with my daughter who was 8 at the time. We loved it. Loved the dialect and the mystery of what would happen. Remember reading the book as a child and still love it as an adult.Even though my daughter didn't understand a lot of the language and we spent a lot of time discussing the book, she did understand the whole concept of "Magic" and how your thoughts control your life. Love the message for her at this age.

    14. 1.Oxford Level 32.11/6=25min, 7=45min, 10=20min3.Mary,Yorkshire, Martha, Garden, Dickon, Crying, Father4.a)It was the loveliest, most exciting place she had ever seen.b) Mary talked everything crossly, and she was disagreeable girl at first. However, after coming to Yorkshire, she became a kind girl and said such a word! I like her changing!5.Mary was disagreeable, but finally she helped a boy and his father's mind. I really like this story.

    15. The film adaptation of this book is one of my favourites and the book also is amazing and just as good. It was one of the very few books I took to university as it means a lot to me and I have read throughout my childhood, teenage years and still today (I'm 21 in two months) HIGHLY HIGHLY RECOMMEND.

    16. This book is about a girl that is born stubborn and a garden that shows the true meaning of friendship. And soon the stubborn that is in her went away. Read this book to know more what a little secret garden could do to this girl and her future.

    17. This book is incredible; it's my favourite book of all time. It's a wonderful rags to riches story but in reverse. I totally recommend this book to anyone aged 10+ because the language can be tricky for younger children.

    18. A little girl makes new friends in England and introduces a crippled boy to a life he didn't know he could haveA little girl goes to an all-girls school when her father is shipped off to war, and learns lessons on being rich and poor.

    19. I really liked the these two stories. I really enjoy fairy stories with lots of magical things happening in them. And these were a couple of old-timey classics. A nice book to read while sitting on my chaise lounge in my own secret garden.

    20. When I was little, I had the double sided dvd for these books and I loved them so much, but when I found out they were books, I made it my mission ot read them both. Love the books, incredible amazing!!!

    21. One of my most found reads as a child. A classic treasure and still dear to me. I will read it again in my adult hood.

    22. #NCOwn in paperback.FS: "Mary Lennox was a sour little girl."LS: "Everything she had hoped for them had at last come true."

    23. We recently read this as a family and I enjoyed it just as much as my kids! We are excited to plant a garden now!

    24. I think that the movies are much better than the books. Maybe because I watched or because that i saw the movies before I read the books I do not know

    25. it is so boring at the begining but when you really get in to the book it is a little interesting

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