I Am Atlas

I Am Atlas Powerful wealthy wildly handsome Atlas has it all successful company stunning penthouse and all the women and fun he could want But when he meets the brilliant graceful and mesmerizing Gwen he i

  • Title: I Am Atlas
  • Author: Ella Emerson
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 399
  • Format: None
  • Powerful, wealthy, wildly handsome Atlas has it all successful company, stunning penthouse, and all the women and fun he could want But when he meets the brilliant, graceful and mesmerizing Gwen, he is thunderstruck and wants to go to great lengths to have her, even if it means breaking his own rules and baring his secret soul.When his livelihood is threatened by a compePowerful, wealthy, wildly handsome Atlas has it all successful company, stunning penthouse, and all the women and fun he could want But when he meets the brilliant, graceful and mesmerizing Gwen, he is thunderstruck and wants to go to great lengths to have her, even if it means breaking his own rules and baring his secret soul.When his livelihood is threatened by a competing rival, he must prepare for a corporate battle But, with Gwen at his side he knows he will not lose.But, what if she isn t who he thought she was What if nothing is as it seems Will Atlas lose everything How far is one man willing to go for the woman he loves This is a standalone novel, which can be read by itself It is part of the PLAYING GOD series and some of the characters will appear in JUST AN ECHO releasing soon 18 , Not suitable for persons under the age of 18 STRONG SEXUAL CONTENT, MATURE CONTENT, and STRONG LANGUAGE.

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      Ella Emerson lives in Florida with her husband and three wonderful children When she isn t writing you can find her watching movies or playing games with her children She loves to read, write and eat pizza A true lover of the beach, she enjoys the sun, surf, sand and sea She also is a huge fan of the cinema and enjoys crazy 80 s chick flicks She was raised a military brat, and has seen her fair share of the world She loves using her own experiences and turning them into lovely romantic tales In high school she discovered her love for reading, and even had one of her poems published in a national magazine She continues to read, write, review and hopefully she can become an inspiration to her own children, as well as others.Sign up for Ella Emerson s newsletter eepurl 1DTeX

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    1. 2.5 stars ARC kindly provided by Booktrope via Netgalley in exchange of an honest review. This is a very unusual story. I won’t say anything about the plot since I don’t want to ruin it for anyone. The idea of the plot was really unique and it could have made a beautiful book if it was differently written.On the positive side, the author took a great risk with this book. The story is unusual and unique and not for everyone. It’s the kind of story that it will either blow your mind or it wo [...]

    2. I was honored to receive an ARC of I Am Atlas direct from the author.This is one of those books where you want to tell everyone how wonderful it is but are afraid of writing a review for fear of giving anything away. I can safely say, I loved this book. I can safely say, Ella Emerson, you knocked it out of the park. And I can safely say, this is a must read by all.

    3. I was gifted with a arc of this book. I have to say I did think this was a good book. I enjoyed the twist of the story. I think for me that in order to really enjoy the story is to not look at it as a romance but a journey a man is on that has romance in it. I think for me I didn't get into the romance as much as I did the story of the hero and how that story unfolds. I would recommend for those who like a good twist.

    4. I was honored to receive this ARC by Ella herself.This is the first book I have read of Ella's and I was pleasantly surprised by how much I LOVED this story It was HOT, dark, and had so many twists and turns that threw me off in a very good way. It had me questioning everyone's motives and reasons for their involvements in the plot. I highly recommend this book when it comes out. Well done!

    5. I don't know what to say Firstly I love the cover, doesn't fit the life of a ceo which is Atlas or the plot but it drew me in.The prologue grabbed me, I felt for Gwen there was emotion and I understood the delemma of the couple, sadly this was the first chapter and after this the story began from Atlas's pov and wasn't the same. I struggled with this book, I like getting into the head of the character and I felt some things were missing maybe it was the lack of romance from both characters among [...]

    6. This book is absolutely brilliant! The story is so well thought out and executed that it keeps you hooked until the very end and leaves you blindsided with the twists and turns it takes.The characters are fun and mysterious, sexy and breathtaking, and some are horrible and ruthless; but together they make this story come alive.I highly recommend this book to anyone who likes some intrigue with their romance.

    7. This is the first and probably last book that I will read by Ella Emerson. Crappy way to start a review, huh. Well, it is what it is at this point. I was really excited to read I Am Atlas because I get a kick out of these billionaire romance novels. But this one wasn't like the others that I've read and that can be a good thing. But not when they are different in a non-flattering way, like this one was for me. The romance in I Am Atlas was one of those insta-lust type situations. Insta-lust is g [...]

    8. Funny story…I love it when books have male POVs, especially when a book is a dual POV. However, I have a friend that loathes male POVs and I’ve always found that odd because I love them. But she’ll always tell me how she hates how the guys only have one thought in their heads, with very little emotional growth. I’ve never had that experience…until now. The book starts out with Gwen’s POV then transitions exclusively to Atlas’ POV. And from the moment he laid eyes on Gwen, that was [...]

    9. **FULL REVIEW**Okay, I'm going to first say the ending is what saved the rating, if you're reading and want to give it up, don't. The outcome is worth getting to the end.With that said, I was less than enthused with the book as a whole. I know I'm a minority here,(don't crucify me) but honestly it just didn't do it for me. I've read many debut novels, and while the idea behind this one is great, original, and like I said, the ending worked for mee whole body of it just fellflat.I felt Atlas was [...]

    10. Atlas is on top of the world. He is a billionaire. He owns his own weapon manufacturing company. Nothing bothers him. Till she walks in the room. Atlas is blown away by Gwen the first time he sees her, knowing nothing good will come of a relationship Atlas offers her a job. He has a strict rule about dating employees. So he's safe right, wrong when his need to be with her becomes so strong he feels he can't breath, he gives up and goes to Gwen. Every thing is perfect he has the love of his life [...]

    11. I am Atlas is an amazing read. It’s a crazy wonderful read. There are a few mind blowing twists in it. There is a major twist that I couldn’t believe and I was glad I was sitting down with my kindle because if I was walking around I probably would have dropped my kindle. Ella Emerson did a wonderful job with surprising me in this one. When we meet Gwen her life is falling apart. She’s lost her job and her long time boyfriend, Matthew has left her. It’s a heart wrenching time for Gwen. Th [...]

    12. I am Atlas by Ella Emerson is a dark yet fun, sexy and twisty ride. It is not your typical love story. This book is shrouded in mystery and intrigue. Ella will keep you on your toes. Questioning and guessing at every turn, as you try and piece it together. Atlas is a billionaire playboy, that seems to have the world at his finger tips. He appears to be cool, confident and totally in control. That is until he meets the woman of his dreams, Gwen. Then we get to see his softer more vulnerable side. [...]

    13. 3.5 star's. An ARC was received for and HONEST ReviewReviewed by LeeI'm in a bit of a tizzy about how to review this book without giving away any spoilers. So ill try my very best at not giving too much away. I Am Atlas is about a man who runs his own company building weapons for the government. He is mega rich.Has the world at his feet and can have any woman he wants! Yet he is lonely and wants someone to share his life with.Atlas meets Gwen at a Gala Ball and it's like the wind has been knocke [...]

    14. Link: collectorofbookboyfriends/ Book Review: 3.5 Stars!!! “I know now that death mirrors life. And with death comes new life.”Well, the review of this book has me totally all twisted up inside since it has two equally strong elements which battle in me and makes me unable to set the right rating for it. The first is this unique, mind-blowing story with the 200%-unexpected twists that make you want more and the second is the fact that almost the ¾ of it is written in a way that doesn’t sh [...]

    15. OK. Yeah. So for starters I immediately was drawn to the cover of this book. The sight of a shirtless dude with his arms outstretched is great and all but the lines of his actual body and the symmetry of it is what caught my eye. Whoever took the picture for the cover is a BA.So on to the good stuff. This book is written primarily from a male perspective. The lead, Atlas, is a hot, young, wealthy CEO that started from the bottom up and now is in control of a massive company that designs weapons [...]

    16. **Received an ARC in exchange for an honest review** This book left me in awe because it has so many twists and turns and is full of surprises that you never expected and left you wondering "wait.what!!!!"​Atlas was a powerful and wealthy man who got whatever he wanted when he wanted it. But when he meets Gwen, he is blown away by her beauty. He knows instantly that he has to have her. Gwen is a woman who has been hurt in the past and she's not looking to jump into a relationship and definitel [...]

    17. I Am Atlas. I swear once I saw the title and cover I was drawn in and I knew I had to read it. And I'm so happy I did. The whole storyline, the name, the cover and just the characters. I was hooked immediately and I wouldn't have it any other way. Atlas. His name alone oozes power, appeal and passion. He is now one of my book boyfriends. I claim him. He was an example of working hard for what you want and just appreciating everything you have earned alone. And here comes Gwen. The shy, and lovea [...]

    18. While I was reading I thought this was just another billionaire who has everything but love. There is more to him than just that. Atlas has the money to have and do whatever he wants. He doesn’t lack for female attention, has friends, a successful business, but Atlas feels like something is missing though, not quite sure what that is. While at a business function he sees Gwen. There is something about her that makes him want to get to know her, to have her for his own.Everything seems to alway [...]

    19. I received an advanced copy for an honest review! Ella really has outdone herself on this one!!He is enved by everyone, all women would die to be with him and the men would kill to be in his shoes. His name is Atlas, he is a very powerful and wealthy CEO of Chimera, Inc. He normally doesn't do relatuonships, they get too messy but for some reason he has been wanting more. Gwen is there with a friend, this fundraiser isn't where she wants to be but she told her friend she would come. Atlas sees h [...]

    20. I loved this book.It was wonderful and had everything hotness, humor, twists, and passion.It was definitely an emotional book. While reading this I felt many emotions as happiness, satisfaction, surprise and fear. Atlas is a sexy, wealthy, very successful billionaire who meets Gwen at his office. He is immediately intrigued by her as she is stunning, smart, and oh so sexy. But there is a little problem: he has a no dating his employees rule. Darn rules!!!! But how long will this controlling hot [...]

    21. COPY RECEIVED THROUGH NETGALLEYI am on the fence about this story. I wouldn't classify it as a true romance. Granted, there is a lot of sex but the main point of the story was not only about Atlas and Gwen's relationship. It was more about Atlas and his actions. It is really hard to explain without giving away the big twist of the story. I was not really liking Atlas's character. However, once you find out what is happening, then you understand it a little better. There is a lot of mystery and u [...]

    22. Atlas is a man that exercises control in all aspects of his life. He is driven, successful and does not let anything deter him from the path that he has forged for himself. That is until the beautifully captivating Gwen comes into his life. He is drawn to her unlike any other woman and cannot figure out why. It is almost like she is a charm that holds the key to him unlocking a destiny that he had no idea existed to him.New, different and sensational, I was captivated by this book from the begin [...]

    23. A suspenseful tale of love and discovering what truly makes you happy.Atlas is wealthy, powerful, and whatever he wants he gets it. But is that what life is really about, or what makes you truly happy? Are you complete with all the money and everything you want? Gwen who's lost everything walks in and turns Atlas's world upside down. And when that happens hold on because the twists and turns will have you on the edge of your seat. Without giving too much detail and spoiling anything for you I ju [...]

    24. I received a copy for an honest reviewWhat the hell just happened? Omg i was thrown for a loop, I did not see that coming.I started to get mad i was getting so confused then BAM holy crap.I thought i knew what was gonna happen, man was i wrong. there were so many twists to this pointing in all different directions. there's so much mystery and angst and the sex holy hotness. I don't even know what to say this book threw me for sure. I think it's Ella's best work to dateke i said what the hell jus [...]

    25. I really enjoyed this book, there was romance and sex as well as a thrilling mystery. I don't want to give any spoilers but I knew there was something strange going on when Atlas would have pain episodes and some deja vu. I honestly wasn't really expecting the ending. This book was a quick read and it was very good. There is explicit sex so it's for adults only, but I'd recommend it for sure.

    26. I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review - so here goes Buy this book!I Am Atlas was like no book I've ever read before. It will blow your mind. Atlas has it all - he's the CEO of his own company, wealthy, good looking, respected by his peers, and he met a woman he loves. The attraction between the two of them is powerful. More powerful that Atlas himself. But does Gwen love him?I can't say anymore, you just have to read this book.

    27. HOLY WOW!! This book, these characters, the storyline.WILL BLOW YOU AWAY! I was sucked in from the first page. I could not stop reading. I had to know what was going to happen next. My mind raced in a million different directions and I couldn't get enough. I felt a part of the story and I loved it. The writing is incredible, the sex is HOT and the storylineWOW! One of the best books I've read in a very long time. I highly HIGHLY recommend this book.

    28. Well, I definitely seem to be in the minority on this one! I just didn't like the writing style, I didn't feel like the story-line flowed well, some of the descriptions seemed off in the wording, and it was hard for me to get through. The twist is a very interesting one and I liked the twist. It explains, somewhat, why I felt like some things were written weird, but to read all the way to the end to get that description was challenging for me.

    29. I absolutely loved this story. There was so many twists and every time I thought I knew what was happening it would go in another direction. The moral of the story touched me personally and even put tears in my eyes. This is the first book of Ella's that I have read and I can't wait to read more from her.

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