Enemy Mine

Enemy Mine Six years ago Jennifer Sawyer survived a hellish experience Despite it all she s managed to get her life back on track she owns a successful restaurant she has good female friends and she s found

  • Title: Enemy Mine
  • Author: Marysol James
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 140
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Six years ago, Jennifer Sawyer survived a hellish experience Despite it all, she s managed to get her life back on track she owns a successful restaurant, she has good female friends, and she s found ways to enjoy her life But no men no men, not ever Well, except for Chris He s the first man that she s trusted since, and even he isn t allowed to touch her But when JSix years ago, Jennifer Sawyer survived a hellish experience Despite it all, she s managed to get her life back on track she owns a successful restaurant, she has good female friends, and she s found ways to enjoy her life But no men no men, not ever Well, except for Chris He s the first man that she s trusted since, and even he isn t allowed to touch her But when Jenny decides that she s ready to explore sex surrogacy as part of her recovery, the list of men s names to approach for help is short It s exactly one name long, actually Chris Brooker is a former Ranger, now working as a mechanic for a guy with motorcycle club connections well, maybe Chris is in love with Jenny and has been for a while, but he s never so much as touched her baby finger He may not know exactly what happened to her, but he knows it was bad When she asks for his help, he s torn between wanting to do anything at all for Jenny to make her better, and his instinct to do anything at all to avoid scaring her Slowly, carefully, Jenny and Chris fight together for every inch of intimate ground that can possibly be gained As time passes, their relationship changes, but is she ready for that Will she ever be ready for that And if she is, will Chris be the man that Jenny can turn to not just for support, but for love

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      140 Marysol James
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      Marysol James was raised in a small town in Canada and is still a small town girl at heart She s a cancer survivor, cinnamon bun lover, and hardcore caffeine addict Marysol crosses genres in her writing, happily and enthusiastically To date, she s published 24 steamy, sexy, slinky Contemporary Romances spread over four different series, including the best selling Unseen Enemy and Dangerous Curves series Besides her romances, Marysol also writes crisp, clever, Contemporary Literature It can be dark and provocative at times, and magical realism features heavily in her books She loves moving between the worlds of magical realism and glorious romance, and she s grateful every day to be able to do both.If you d like to stay on top of her news, please visit her official author s website at marysoljames

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    1. Get it here: US * UKThese characters have sucked me in and I just can't stop reading this series. Jenny and Chris had a great relationship and I liked that Chris was so patient and caring with her. She had a horrible trauma she was trying to move on from and I thought the author handled that really well. My only complaint is that we saw so much of the past characters, like full scenes of just them and it got a little annoying when I was chomping at the bit to get back to Chris and Jenny.

    2. In the third book in the Unseen Enemy series, the story continues right after the last one and features Jenny, who was brutally raped six years ago and is still dealing with the aftermath and its effect on her interactions with men. Chris is closest to Jenny and she asks him to be her sexual surrogate. And then, romance of course.The Good, The Bad and Everything In Between-Kindle Unlimited book-Good leads: Jenny’s been through alot, and this is the type of insecure heroine that doesn’t irrit [...]

    3. Free 23/8/15 - No longer free but is on KU UK Link - Enemy Mine (Unseen Enemy Book 3) US Link - amzn/B00OPMC0DY

    4. While a nice addition to this series, I feel like I missed the chemistry between Jenny and Chris. I felt his protective side towards Jenny but not the "romantic" feelings. (view spoiler)[It felt more like he was an older man who was a close friend and protector. I missed the 'heat' between the two as their relationship progressed.(hide spoiler)](view spoiler)[Considering Chris was mooning over Jenny with his inner monologue, Jenny crossing paths with Chris's ONS as she's leaving and Jenny's show [...]

    5. A SOLID 4 STAR READI absolutely love this series, this book was Jennifer's and Chris's story which was as heartbreaking as it was heartwarming, it also involved the previous couples a lot more and how each couple were still dealing with their own personal traumas, it was good to catch up with them. It also laid down the foundations for Kat's story, which has me totally intrigued.Onto the next!

    6. 4.0+ RATING Enemy Mine is the third book in the Unseen Enemy series and this is a series I recommend reading in order. Now on the third book, I know and care about these characters and that made Enemy Mine a more satisfying read. I actually thought the "sexual surrogate" storyline was a bit unique and certainly one I haven't read before. Was the hero too good to be true? Yep. Still I'm all for a fantistic hero and this series is filled with them!Overall, I thought this was another solid story in [...]

    7. Jenny is such a sweet shy person. In the earlier books, when she with her girl friends Emma Olivia & Kat, she's just one of the girls. When one of the guys came near her, she was extremely tense and obviously fearful. The reason for Jenny's guarded attitude was revealed in the first 2 books. In this book, it is explained- though fortunately, not in too much detail. Jenny has been determined to get over her fear() of men. The unusual thing to me, is that almost every event is discussed betwee [...]

    8. Ah I loved this one! It picked up right where the previous book ended, and although this is Chris and Jenny's story we still get more on the other couples ongoing stories too. I really love a series that keeps on dipping into earlier characters and stories, and seeing how they are doing and where they're at now.Jenny was so very damaged after the most horrific attack that happened several years before. She was beyond petrified of men and although Chris did not know her story he still knew that s [...]

    9. So many things to love about this book, but I think I'll just focus on one, namely, that I love how James uses time. I know this is weird, but let me explain.Characters in romance books seem to exist in some kind of parallel universe where everything is 'insta'. Insta-love, insta-sex, insta-crisis which is then insta-resolved. James doesn't go for any of that. Her characters take time to heal (look at Olivia, who was so badly hurt in Book 2 and doesn't even show her scars to Dallas until Book 3, [...]

    10. What a difficult subject and it was handled perfectly. James has quickly become my favorite romance writer, because she tackles hard topics without flinching and somehow manages to include some humor and tons of character development. And I find her writing SO romantic and emotional. Best of all, though, her female characters are STRONG WOMEN. Yes! Women who don't play the victim! I can hardly believe it, myself.

    11. Another cracking book in the series!!, Jim you are the loveliest, sweetest most patient man ever!!!, Jenny, you couldn't have been in safer hands, loving this series, need more stories stat!!

    12. FIVE 'I WANT TO BE LOVED' STARS!!When I read the first book of this series, Enemy Within, I immediately read the blurbs for the rest of the series. I was looking forward to reading all of them, but this book is the one I was most anticipating. I'm very much a fan of the highly talented Marysol James. I've read 12 of her books within the last 3 weeks, and I have enjoyed each one. This story, however, was exceptional, and I believe it is the finest depiction of her abilities that I've read so far. [...]

    13. Another great series from Marysol James. I'm not one that normally reads romances but James has an knack for making her books, characters and the lives they lead incredibly believable and real to life. The themes of trust and consent are refreshing in a world where consent seems to be assumed by male leads and the female leads tend to be written like they should be grateful for any attention thrown their way. Marysol James allows her women to take charge of their experiences while not relegating [...]

    14. Wow, I think this is my favorite of the series (without having read the fourth yet). I didn't think Ms. James could top the relationship and interaction between Dean and Emma from #1, and I adored Dallas and Olivia's relationship, but Chris and Jenny are amazing. It's such a sensitive subject, and the author handles it well. I'd never heard of a sex surrogate before, and I like that we learn about the process along with Chris. He's such a sweet man, and he loves Jenny so much. And Jenny is tough [...]

    15. Loved this book. Loved the love within this book. It was nice to have sweet and gentle after the angst of the other two books in the series. I really love this series and look forward to the next release. It is also nice to see the real life ramifications of violence against women. So often it I just skimmed over and all the hurt nd agony goes away with the love of the right person. This showed the struggle and I respected that.

    16. The book was well written. But the heroine trying to get over her trauma just made me sad. I'm glad she found someone who loves her.

    17. Wonderfully written book. Plot was totally interesting and full of character. Major issue of rape recovery was handled in a positive way. Romance was done in an outstanding fashion. Sex scenes were complicated but worth all the effort to both write and read.

    18. I'm completely in love with this series. I've only read 3 and I don't want it to end. If you like ex military men who'll do anything for the women they care about, you can't do better.

    19. This is part of a series. I picked it because it was free, and to see if I liked it well enough to check out the rest of the series. There was a note on the purchase page that said it could be read as a standalone. I disagree, it really doesn't work. Chapter four opens with a sex scene between Emma and Dean (who?) and then proceeds to go into a boring bit about her medical bills and insurance woes (what?). Chapter six has a sex scene between Dallas and Olivia (again, who?), and then another one [...]

    20. Good addition to the seriesThis is one series that I think it really helps to read all the books in order. Luckily, I really enjoy this author's writing style, and they have all been fast, entertaining reads. There seems to be an ongoing story arc between the books, with one couple being spotlighted, but the other characters have their own moments within each book. This one has an interesting take on a VERY heavy subject matter, and I thought it was very well done. The H is incredibly patient, a [...]

    21. 3 1/2 starsJenny and Chris. So sweet and tender. I wondered how the author would play this out considering Jenny's past trauma. It was a slow progression as Chris helps Jenny. I liked how Chris was already in love (secretly) with her and admits it to himself right up front. I also love that the author didn't throw in some traumatic event just to create drama or separation of the two. It's great the way the author checks in with the previous couples and their relationships while they all still su [...]

    22. Another great installment in this series. Highlight of this story is definitely the characters. Marysol James knows how to write sweet yet sexy alphas and likeable and strong heroines. Even though this is a standalone this is one of this series that must be read in order to understand what is going on.Safety group note(view spoiler)[ There is a scene right at the beginning in the first 5% with the H talking to a OW the morning after a hookup and her leaving as h comes over. The H & h are jus [...]

    23. Free bookThis book was free on so to be honest that is the reason I read it. The book is apart of a series, which I did not read. The book is basically about a woman who was abused in a horrible way and trying to move on with her life with a male friend who is helping her. The subject was interesting, but I felt there were parts of the book that went way to slow and I kind of felt were missing. Maybe because I did not read the series it would fill in those missing parts. But the book did not ke [...]

    24. This is a wonderful book! Another great addition to this amazing series! I love Ms. James' books and although I like having the chapters about the other characters in each book as a sort of update on them, I really wish that each book was longer. I believe that the current main characters story would be so much better if developed a little more. Just my opinion though.I definitely recommend this book and series!

    25. Once again, the ending keeps the book from being five stars. For the majority of it, it's a great read, but like the other books in the series I feel like the end is rushed and kind of left hanging. But like the other books I know Jenny and Chris' story will com it he on in book four. I have really enjoyed getting to know all of these characters. Can't wait to find out who and what Kat is running from and how Jim will help her.

    26. Been waiting for this one and best one so far emotionally. Not as steamy more sweet but the build up was awesome and it wasn't true love fixed it in one day this too many months to a year probably (don't really say but mention months passing). Also again updates on previous stories a little more since too stories but it advanced this couples story too so not that upset about it.Now on to Kat and her possible mystery.

    27. 4.5 Stars Once again another great read in this series. I love that all the characters feature throughout the books so we get continuous updates on all the couples even after their own books are finished.This one was a slow burner and Chris was so gentle and patient with Jenny I adored these two together. Jenny was completely broken and it was lovely to see Chris put her back together.

    28. These are progressively getting more interesting, that's for sure.This was weird and sweet all at the same time. Poor Jenny, having gone through so much so long ago she's afraid of all men except Chris who is so in love with her that it's sweet. What was weird was the whole idea of the sex surrogate to get Jenny through this traumatizing experience.We also follow more about the gang a disappearance, an engagement, a million dollar medical bill, etc.

    29. Beautiful LoveReading Jenny's journey to recover a tragedy she went thru and finding someone like Chris to love and trust is just WOW! I have enjoyed reading their journey to discover love and forgiveness. This is the third book in this series I have read so far and I am truly enjoying these stories they are full of strong friendships with strong alpha males who find the love's of their lives I can't wait to read book four. Happy Reading!!

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