With Vics You Get Eggroll

With Vics You Get Eggroll Interior Decorator Madison Night has her hands full with a demanding client and a product endorsement but when the news shifts from reports of recently abducted women to the discovery of a dead body

  • Title: With Vics You Get Eggroll
  • Author: Diane Vallere
  • ISBN: 9781941962435
  • Page: 271
  • Format: Paperback
  • Interior Decorator Madison Night has her hands full with a demanding client and a product endorsement, but when the news shifts from reports of recently abducted women to the discovery of a dead body, she can t deny the danger Evidence from the scene links the flirtatious Lt Tex Allen to the crime, putting him off the case As abductees are either released or killedInterior Decorator Madison Night has her hands full with a demanding client and a product endorsement, but when the news shifts from reports of recently abducted women to the discovery of a dead body, she can t deny the danger Evidence from the scene links the flirtatious Lt Tex Allen to the crime, putting him off the case As abductees are either released or killed, he struggles with his suspension, on the brink of turning vigilante Madison s own life is complicated by the return of her hunky handyman, Hudson James When seemingly unrelated events lead back to the abductions, she exposes a secondary agenda, a copycat crime, and a vengeful plot to destroy someone she loves.

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    1. Diane Vallere

      I grew up reading both Trixie Belden mysteries and Vogue magazine and learned how to spot a counterfeiting ring and accessorize a wardrobe Now I use that knowledge to dream up plots for the Samantha Kidd, Madison Night, Material Witness, and Costume Shop mystery series I still love accessories, only now some of them are accessories to murder.

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    1. Madison is an interior designer specialising in the retro look. She dresses like Doris Day and you can just imagine her turning up to houses with the whole look.There is a murderer on the scene and some evidence points to Lt Tex Allen. She wants to help him. Whilst he is suspended, he can’t investigate the case. Madison uncovers things that suggest someone is trying to implicate Tex.A charming combination between 50’s charm and shady stories- keeps your reading.Many thanks to the publisher a [...]

    2. Someone has been abducting women in Dallas, and Madison Night gets involved in With Vics You Get Eggroll by Diane Vallere. Madison, a retro interior decorator, has been busy on a job remodelling a house for a couple who work in film when Dallas erupts over the kidnapping of a couple women, and the family of one accuses Madison's friend Lt. Tex Allen of the crime on live television. Knowing that while Tex has his baggage, he would never commit such a crime, Madison reaches out to Tex, who is now [...]

    3. With Vics You Get Eggroll continues the fun and the good quality of writing that I've enjoyed in the first two books of this series. It also gives us growth and development of the characters. That's a pretty good thing in the world of today's cozy mysteries. It's a win with me.Madison Night, the ultimate Doris Day fan and mid-century modern designer, barely has time to recover from her last detective adventure when women start being abducted in the Dallas area someone is try to implicate her fri [...]

    4. This might be considered a "cozy mystery" but to me, it was mighty well thought out & I had absolutely no idea " who dunnit" until the ending!This is #3 in the Mad for Mod series, mad being Madison, & mod for modern. Madison Night is a mid-century remodel/interior "fix it up" girl & she uses items from the 1960's & part of 70's also. She likes to dress like Doris Day yet she can demo walls & remodel homes Her friends are Lt "Tex" Allen & Hudson James, who she has feelings [...]

    5. This is the second book in this series that I've read and I loved it.I love design and the fact that Madison Night is an interior designer that specializes in mid century modern design just makes this series one I really enjoy. I think it's so cute that she dresses like Doris Day and I love the descriptions of her outfits.This time, there is a killer on the loose in Lakewood and Madison wants to help Tex, someone she has somewhat of a relationship with as he is the police lieutenant who is impli [...]

    6. I loved watching Doris Day movies as a kid, definitely not as much as Madison Night, ha! Her but, that just made me like the character so much better. This was my first book by Diane Vallere and it won't be the last. So many suspects and the fact so many were related or the Kevin Bacon thing going made me laugh that this took place in Dallas, not some Podunk town. The story definitely kept me entertained and interested. I think I got a headache trying to figure out for myself who was abducting t [...]

    7. Bubby: The mystery involving our heroine Madison is a little more sinister this time, and there are some excellent convolutions to the plot. Sissy: Excellent convolutions--brilliantly said, Bubby. Life is full of excellent convolutions, right? Also present are controlly creepers and shady shysters. This edition of Mad for Mod is fully satisfying! Read our full review of With Vics You Get Eggroll by Daine Vallere

    8. I thought this book was really fun to read. Amazing chick-lit with a twist. I love how I could get into the character and I'd definitely want to read more by this author. It didn't hurt when I got this book in the mail through Goodread's First Reads that the book came all wrapped up in wrapping paper and ribbon. If the author could get so excited about her work then I could too!! Can't wait to continue the series!

    9. Madison Night is a 48-year-old interior decorator/contractor who not only shares a birthday with Doris Day, she dresses like her too. Her business specializes in retro style, and right now she is redoing a home for Cleo and Dan Tyler, California transplants to Dallas.One night when Madison is driving home, she is pulled over by a police officer, but waits until she reaches a well-lit area before stopping. The reason? A man masquerading as a police officer, known as the Lakewood Abductor, is kidn [...]

    10. With Vics You Get Eggroll is a superb addition to Diane Vallere's Mad for Mod series.Madison Night is an interior decorator inspired by the irrepressible Doris Day. Like many of the characters she played, Madison Night is a mature, capable, independent woman. Madison's love for mid-century modern shines through in her clothing and in her beautiful home restoration work. The novel is littered with fascinating description of mod fixtures, furniture and fashion. It is easy to relate to Madison's ex [...]

    11. What a great read. With Vics You Get Eggroll is the third book in Diane Vallere's Mad for Mod series, but it's my first introduction to her writing. I'm kicking myself for not having read this series from the start; I really enjoyed it. A string of abductions has everyone in town worried and on edge, including designer Madison Night. She's no stranger to murder investigations but she's shocked to find that her friend, police lieutenant Tex Allen, is a person of interest in the crimes. Madison ca [...]

    12. There’s a killer on the loose in Lakewood, and Madison Night, owner of an interior decorating firm, is totally involved in the murder mystery. After all, the killer is posing as Madison’s close friend and potential friend with benefits, to pull off the murders. Follow this unlikely sleuth and her friends as they work to uncover the person behind the abductions and murders. The story pulled me in from the very beginning and kept me glued to the story as it wove its way through a myriad of twi [...]

    13. WITH VICS YOU GET EGGROLL by Diane Vallere (A Mad for Mod Mystery #3)4 STARSFor a decorator Madison Night sure gets involved with a bunch of murders. This is a charming murder mystery with a Doris Day influence. I did not even pick up on the name until I went looking for information about the book. With six you get eggrolls. So I am sure I missed a whole bunch of references.Madison Night is a decorator who specializes in the 60's. She is a big Doris Day fan. She is single. Her dog is named Rocky [...]

    14. This turned out to be the perfect third book in a series that's both fresh and well crafted. Perfect in a lot of ways: Continued good plotting, fascinating characters who morph and grow, and just a great story in general. Cozy yes, fun yes, but also dark. Something about Madison Night, her plucky spirit, her perseverance in both ordinary and extraordinary circumstances, her humanity her WARDROBE, has endeared her to me over three books. I'm almost afraid to review Vics because I worry anything I [...]

    15. What's good about this book? The mystery itself is really good. It kept me guessing until the end. And as it says in the last paragraph of the synopsis, there is more to it than just a simple solution. The romance is good. It doesn't feel like a love triangle to me even though there are 2 love interests. She is drawn to both of them for different reasons. It becomes apparent as the book progresses which one she is being drawn to more. The guys don't really compete for her. There is also humor to [...]

    16. Diane Vallere has added another successful mystery to the Mad for Mod series. In With Vics You Get Eggroll she delivers her most suspenseful story yet. Her friend, Lt. Tex Allen tries to uncover the person who has kidnapped five women and murdered two while impersonating him. Unfortunately this is difficult as he is officially off the case and on leave from the police department. Meanwhile Madison’s friend and number one handyman, Hudson is back in town. He has resolved his issues with his pas [...]

    17. Great Series!This is a great series; this is the third book in the A Mad for Mod Mystery series by Diane Vallere. Madison is an interior decorator who specializes in the old retro look. She is a huge fan of Doris Day and even dresses like her. There is a madman who is abducting and killing women and he is getting closer to Madison. The madman is leaving clues trying to frame Lt. Tex Allen with the police department. Madison is determined to help Tex solve the case and find the madman before ther [...]

    18. Madison Night is back and I am very glad to catch up on her hi-jinks. After reading the first two books in the series, I was happy to find it on Net Galley for review. If you have read only one of the books so far, I don't understand how you could possibly not run out and get the other two. I am a big fan of Diane Vallere, and look forward to meeting up with her and Madison again. For those of you who haven't read the books, they are Pillow Stalk, That Touch of Ink and the latest With Vics You G [...]

    19. An easy to read cozy mystery featuring Madison Night. She is working on restoring a mansion and naming 3 paint colors. Woman visitors to Dallas are being abducted. There is evidence that points to Lt. Tex Allen and he is suspended from the investigation. Madison tries to help him. Just when you feel you know the it takes an a different way that well keep you guessing about the end. Another year to wait for the next adventure.Full Disclosure: I received a free copy from HENERY PRESS through Netga [...]

    20. Charming and delightful, like the rest of the seriesI try to not be too repetitive, but I can't find another word that fits this book (this series) other than "charming".I love the 60s Doris Day flavour, I love the stories, and with every book my opinion on who Madison should date gets stronger. In this book, the relationships with Hudson and Tex change and get deeper, but not necessarily in the way I was thinking. So I found plenty of surprising twists and was well and truly hooked from the fir [...]

    21. I received an ARC from the publisher via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.This was my first book by Diane Vallere, and happens to be the third in the Mad for Mod Mystery series. You don't have to be a Doris Day fan to enjoy this series, but it couldn't hurt. Madison Night is a decorator that specializes in mid-century modern designs and has modeled her look after that of Doris Day. I really enjoyed this book and all of the characters, the killer kept me guessing until the very end. I c [...]

    22. "Loved, loved, loved this book and this series! Madison Night is the bomb-diggity! This series is very different from most cozy mysteries and it always keeps me reading well into the night. Madison's two love interests also keep me guessing and provide for a very interesting romantic scenario. This is a very interesting, well rounded series and I cannot wait until Book 4. Diane Vallere is a very talented author." -Lynn Brady, Netgalley Reviewer

    23. I'll be honest -- after seeing the cover -- I wasn't so sure I was going to like it but what a good book! Guess it just shows that you can't judge a book by it's cover! The main character, Madison Night, is a mid-century modern interior decorator who gets involved in abductions and murders. To complicate matters, her hunky handyman, Hudson, and good friend, Tex, are both making her heart yearn for love. I'll be looking for others books by the author, Diane Vallere.

    24. Not as good as the first two books, but for those that have read them, this one is definitely worth the time for the character development. I guessed the killer really early on in the book, and alternative suspects lacked the logic and rational to make them viable. The love triangle gets sorted out in this one, though.Full review: jennoklikes/post/116295

    25. RECEIVED FREE THROUGH FIRST READS.I have never met a character like Madison Night. I so enjoyed her and her adventures. MAD FOR MOD, her business brought me back to the 70's. What a nice visit we hadFunny, cute, dangerous and oh so fashionablePlease read.

    26. Diane Vallere's Madison Night books continue to be my favorite cozy mystery series. Having read the fourth book first, I bought the first three and am happy to say that I'm all caught up and ready for book five, The Pajama Frame, which will be released at the end of February. These books have given me a new respect for Doris Day, the actress Madison Night models herself after. If that sounds too cute for words (along with the book covers), think again. Most people, if they are aware of Doris Day [...]

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