The Two of Us

The Two of Us Falling in love is the easy part What matters most is what happens nextFisher and Ivy have been an item for a whole nineteen days And they just know they are meant to be together The fact that they kn

  • Title: The Two of Us
  • Author: AndyJones
  • ISBN: 9781471142444
  • Page: 433
  • Format: Paperback
  • Falling in love is the easy part What matters most is what happens nextFisher and Ivy have been an item for a whole nineteen days And they just know they are meant to be together The fact that they know little else about each other is a minor detail Over the course of twelve months, in which their lives will change forever, Fisher and Ivy discover that falling in loFalling in love is the easy part What matters most is what happens nextFisher and Ivy have been an item for a whole nineteen days And they just know they are meant to be together The fact that they know little else about each other is a minor detail Over the course of twelve months, in which their lives will change forever, Fisher and Ivy discover that falling in love is one thing, but staying there is an entirely different story.The Two of Us is a charming, honest and heart breaking novel about life, love, and the importance of taking neither one for granted.

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      Andy Jones lives in London with his wife and two little girls During the day he works in an advertising agency at weekends and horribly early in the mornings, he writes fiction.

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    1. When we first meet Ivy and Fisher they have been together for 19 days and are in that honeymoon period – the one where you see your partner through rose coloured spectacles, count down the minutes you spend away from each other, endlessly drop your loved one’s name into every single conversation you have and where you just cannot keep your hands off each other. We have all been there! We follow them over the course of the next year because when Ivy discovers she is pregnant, they are going t [...]

    2. Eu sei, devia voltar ao formato opinião antigo, mas a verdade é que acabei mesmo agora de ler este livro e veio-me o impulso de escrever logo umas linhas sobre o mesmo. Virei a última página e fiquei tão confusa que às tantas parecia que ia chorar a rir, ou rir a chorar, não sei bem, ao mesmo tempo que me apetecia mandar uma quantidade imensa de palavrões cá para fora. Não foi uma leitura tão linear como ao início estava à espera e, embora não tivesse expectativas nenhumas, a verda [...]

    3. I initially picked up this book because I thought it was filled with sappy love stories of two people falling in love.But it's not. It's even better than that. It's the story of how falling in love in the most unconventional of ways and how it makes you love the person you're with even more. The story was practical and realistic, reminds me of Jeffrey Euginides' The Marriage Plot Only this is a little less depressing. I learnt how adult relationships are sometimes vulnerable and romance isn't wh [...]

    4. Peguei neste romance porque queria uma coisa leve, que não fosse YA e que me permitisse ler em períodos de pouca concentração e com a duração máxima de dez minutos (o tempo que, ultimamente, me tem sido possível dispensar a leituras de ficção). Mentira! Pequei nele por causa da capa. Mas, em todo o caso, desejei que satisfizesse as anteriores exigências e, nesse sentido, penso que se adequou à função. Não é um livro extremamente lamechas, como muita ficção ligeira tende a torna [...]

    5. Ik hield van 'me before you' en van 'us'. En dit hoort in hetzelfde rijtje thuis. Gelachen en gehuild met een boek (vooral dat laatste was lang geleden)

    6. I recieved 'the two of us' by andy jones (my all time favorite author) from for free in a Giveaway and im sooooo glad and i feel soooo blessed for that reason. Its worth reading and keeping in your bookshelf. It's a lovely read. It's not a sappy love story or a typical chick lit romance, it's much MUCH better and much more different than any other love book that I've ever read. If I could give it a 4.5 star rating,I would. It's that great. The story is narrated from a male POV and I think that' [...]

    7. Three stars: A book that explores the complications in a relationship.For Fisher and Ivy, it has been an unforgettable three weeks. They have fallen head over heels, hopelessly in love. Their passion is unbridled until everything changes. Then the wheels fall off, and the two are faced with some big decisions. Can their relationship survive all the hardships and uncertainties that life has to offer? Does their relationship have what it takes to stand the test of time? What I Liked:*The Two Of Us [...]

    8. Oh zo mooi. En echt. Het is niet aan te bevelen de ontknoping te lezen in een drukbevolkte wachtzaal wegens veel te groot risico op onbedwingbaar snotteren. Ik heb dat voor u getest.

    9. I have heard so many great things about The Two of Us by Andy Jones and I was excited to delve into his book because I love my romance books which more often than not are written by women so I was looking forward to seeing how Mr Jones compares.Our main characters are Fisher and Ivy and the book starts off after the pair only having known each other less than 3 weeks, they seem to have had a heady whirlwind romance up until this point but suddenly Ivy has changed, something is a little off but l [...]

    10. After reading the description of this book I thought it would be a nice read involving two people who have got involved quite quickly and all the trials and tribulations that go with it, which yes in a way it is, but then it is also so much more than that.I'm not really used to reading many books from the male perceptive so it actually made a really pleasant change to see what goes on in a mans head and I think if anything it made this book even more poignant.I really liked Fisher and Ivy. Ivy i [...]

    11. This is not a fluffy chick lit romance, it is much deeper and quite moving. It is told from Fisher's point of view, centered around his whirlwind romance with Ivy and through their first year together. Their highs and lows had me laughing and crying. From giggles at silly one liners, to body wracking sobs. The writing style is honest and simple, not overly descriptive or emotional. The characters are not perfect, but I found them likable.We also meet Fisher's best friend, who has Huntington's di [...]

    12. The story of Ivy & Will who met and get together very quickly. Through Will's eyes we are told the story of them meeting and their first year. This story is like no other, it will have you sitting at the edge of your seat, laughing and even crying. Its raw and emotional, it cuts to the core and takes the reader on a journey that will leave you wanting more. Fantastic first book and cant wait to read more of Andy's work.

    13. Echt een schoontje! Het verhaal van een vers koppel dat na een paar weken per ongeluk zwanger raakt en wat een impact dat heeft op het ontwikkelen van hun prille relatie. Niet klef, maar realistisch, een fijn boek.

    14. Fisher está loco por Ivy, y, para su suerte, ella siente lo mismo. Han pasado unas semanas increíbles practicando sexo, dejándose llevar por la pasión y embarcándose en una aventura sensual e inigualable. Pero ¿qué pasa cuando ese primer brote de pasión se acaba y vuelven a la vida real? ¿Es esa atracción inicial un inicio para el amor? ¿Sobrevivirá su historia cuando Fisher descubra que Ivy es casi diez años mayor que él y escuche la noticia que ella tiene que darle?Me llamó la a [...]

    15. Fun, honest, addictive, and heart-felt describe this story of the struggles and vulnerabilities found in all relationships. The Two of Us is more than romance and far from sappy; this book and its characters are believable and one that is definitely worth picking up.Andy Jones has delivered a delightful and touching story that I’m sure many can identify with. The Two of Us is a great recovery book that is fun, light-hearted, and touching, while introducing characters you’ll count as long tim [...]

    16. The Two of Us by Andy Jones is published by Simon and Schuster in ebook format on 12 February 2015, the paperback version is published on 7 May 2015. The Two of Us follows on from Andy Jone's previous novel; Girl 99, which was published early in 2014.Although I've not read Girl 99, this really does not matter, for The Two of Us is easily read as a stand-alone story, in fact it wasn't until I'd finished reading it that I discovered that it was a sequel.The Two of Us is recommended for fans of One [...]

    17. Three weeks into their relationship, William and Ivy go away for a week. After a visit to William's home, Ivy then becomes distant. William is waiting for the end but there is a totally different reason why 41 year old Ivy has pulled back and they find themselves making decisions on where they're going to live and although a future isn't discussed, it's there in their lives.We get to meet not only their families (Ivy's brother Frank turns up with a suitcase and although William tries to control [...]

    18. «Então, diz, como é que os dois pombinhos se conheceram? Na última semana, já nos devem ter perguntado pormenores sobre o nosso romance uma dúzia de vezes. Nas outras ocasiões, fomos contando cada vez mais pálidos cambiantes da verdade: Trabalhamos juntos; Encontro às cegas; Cortei-lhe o cabelo; Clube de leitura. Mas agora, encorajada pelo vinho e a rotina, Ivy debruça-se para a frente e diz, numa voz conspiratória: É terrível; sou a melhor amiga da mulher dele.»E se não fosse pos [...]

    19. O takiej zwyczajnej, codziennej miłości, bez fajerwerków, bez żaru płomieni literatura często zapomina. Uczucie dwojga dojrzałych ludzi, pozbawione bajkowych złudzeń, wraz ze wzlotami i upadkami, raczej wymyka się poezji, czy sztucznym miłosnym uniesieniom.Andy Jones opisał taką miłość w niezwykle czuły, wrażliwy sposób, nie pozbawiając jej jednak ciętego, brytyjskiego humoru. Gorzko-słodka historia Fishera i Ivy zaczyna się tak jak wszystkie romanse – od szaleństwa hor [...]

    20. I loved this unconventional love story of Fisher and Ivy who after only nineteen days together are thrown into a lifetime of emotions and circumstances that would put a strain on any relationship. We met them as they spent their early days in a love-induced a coma that would be shattered as soon as they ventured out and their love is revealed to others in the outside world. The cracks were soon exposed on their first road trip to meet Fisher’s family when they realized they didn’t even know [...]

    21. 3,5 starsillekitap/2015Alışılagelmişin dışında, yormayan, entrikasız, olaysız, sakin ilerleyen bir kitap arıyorsanız ve her şeyden önemlisi "mutlu sondan sonrasını" merak ediyorsanız size bu kitabı tavsiye ederim.Akıcı, sıkmayan, sakin ilerleyen okurken sizi dinlendiren bir kitaptı. Çeviri güzeldi, imla hatasına denk gelmedi. Kapak zaten bambaşka bir şey olmuş, tam olarak kitabı yansıtan bir kapakKitap, William'ın Ivy ile beraberliğe başlamasından sonrasını kon [...]

    22. Fisher and Ivy have had a whirlwind romance. Nineteen days of spending every minute possible with each other but their intimacy comes to an abrupt end when they spontaneously meet Fishers' family. Fisher can't quite understand why this has happened, was it too much too soon? After a standoffish few days, Ivy finally reveals the issue and suddenly the relationship has to be re evaluated.What I really appreciated in this novel were the ages of Fisher and Ivy, 32 and 41 respectively. It was refresh [...]

    23. This book had the feel of a good Brit film, like those by Richard Curtis. The characters were real, messy and awkward at times. The backdrop of London as a setting for the book worked well with description that took you right there.This story is narrated exclusively from the male point of view and to me this is the key strength of the book. William and Ivy have an intense, passionate three weeks together before real life kicks in with a bang and a pregnancy. Hearing all this from William's persp [...]

    24. Konusunu ve olay örgüsünü sevemediğim boş diye nitelendirebileceğim bir kitap daha. Başladığım ilk andan itibaren kitabın yazılış amacını ve vermek istediği mesajı anlamak için çok uğraştım ama maalesef ortada ne bir mesaj ne de bir amaç car bana göre.Adından da kolayca anlaşılacığı gibi konusu ana karakterimiz William'ın Ivy'e aşık olması ve sonrasını konu alıyor kitap. Fakat ben ortada okumaya değer bir konu göremedim. Hikaye o kadar bilindik ve tahmin [...]

    25. If you loved One Day and The Rosie Project, you will fall head- over- heels for The Two Of Us by Andy Jones. I have read The Rosie Project, and I can relate to the same kind humour in The Two Of Us. This funny warm story takes us through Fisher and Ivy who have been an item for a whole nineteen days. People ask them questions like How long have you two been together? and how did you two lovebirds meet? What ever the reason, when Fisher met Ivy there was something about Ivy that immediately made [...]

    26. The most heartwarming, heart wrenching book I've read. Ever. I fell in love with the characters in this book so much that I felt part of their world, and I didn't want it to end. The two of us tells the story of Fisher and Ivy, who are meant for one another but have to face up to more than their fair share of challenges in the early stages of their relationship. It is written with wit, humour, sensitivity and an intelligence that goes far beyond the genre. It's easily in the same league as One d [...]

    27. Perhaps not the book to read when 23 weeks pregnant. However, because I just didn't really gel with the characters and found the writing to be quite unemotional, I wasn't as affected by the death as much as you would expect. In fact, I kind of found myself getting a bit fed up with Ivy. Name your baby. Name it something you maybe haven't named your dead baby. I don't know. Probably closer to 2.5 stars than 3.

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    29. 3.5 Estrelas mais concretamente.Opinião completa no blogue: flamesmr/2016/02/l

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