Trinity This is the story of the defeats and triumphs of three Irish families It is a powerful and stirring look at love and hate both personal and political Told through the simple lives of its people this

  • Title: Trinity
  • Author: Leon Uris
  • ISBN: 9780552170758
  • Page: 109
  • Format: Paperback
  • This is the story of the defeats and triumphs of three Irish families.It is a powerful and stirring look at love and hate, both personal and political.Told through the simple lives of its people, this is an epic history of Ireland From the famine of the 1840s to the 1916 Easter Rising, Trinity chronicles the terrible and beautiful drama of than half a century.Leon UrThis is the story of the defeats and triumphs of three Irish families.It is a powerful and stirring look at love and hate, both personal and political.Told through the simple lives of its people, this is an epic history of Ireland From the famine of the 1840s to the 1916 Easter Rising, Trinity chronicles the terrible and beautiful drama of than half a century.Leon Uris s skill is in capturing a subject seemingly too big to handle and distilling the very essence of that struggle into passionate prose Years after his death, he remains one of the most popular storytellers of the twentieth century this is one of his most celebrated novels.

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    1. Leon Uris

      Leon Marcus Uris August 3, 1924 June 21, 2003 was an American novelist, known for his historical fiction and the deep research that went into his novels His two bestselling books were Exodus, published in 1958, and Trinity, in 1976 Leon Uris was born in Balti, Maryland, the son of Jewish American parents Wolf William and Anna Blumberg Uris His father, a Polish born immigrant, was a paperhanger, then a storekeeper William spent a year in Palestine after World War I before entering the United States He derived his surname from Yerushalmi, meaning man of Jerusalem His brother Aron, Leon Uris uncle, took the name Yerushalmi He was basically a failure, Uris later said of his father He went from failure to failure Uris attended schools in Norfolk, Virginia and Balti, but never graduated from high school, after having failed English three times At age seventeen, while in his senior year of high school, the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor and Uris enlisted in the United States Marine Corps He served in the South Pacific as a radioman in combat at Guadalcanal, Tarawa, and New Zealand from 1942 through 1945 While recuperating from malaria in San Francisco, he met Betty Beck, a Marine sergeant they married in 1945.Coming out of the service, he worked for a newspaper, writing in his spare time In 1950, Esquire magazine bought an article, and he began to devote himself to writing seriously Drawing on his experiences in Guadalcanal and Tarawa he produced the best selling, Battle Cry, a novel depicting the toughness and courage of U.S Marines in the Pacific He then went to Warner Brothers in Hollywood helping to write the movie, which was extremely popular with the public, if not the critics Later he went on to write The Angry Hills, a novel set in war time Greece.According to one source, in the early 1950 s he was hired by an American public relations firm to go to Israel and soak up the atmosphere and create a novel about it That novel would be Exodus, which came out in 1958 and became his best known work Others say that Uris, motivated by an intense interest in Israel, financed his own research for the novel by selling the film rights in advance to MGM and writing articles about the Sinai campaign It is said that the book involved two years of research, and involved thousands of interviews Exodus illustrated the history of Palestine from the late 19th century through the founding of the state of Israel in 1948 It was a worldwide best seller, translated into a dozen languages, and was made into a feature film in 1960, starring Paul Newman, directed by Otto Preminger, as well as into a short lived Broadway musical 12 previews, 19 performances in 1971 Uris novel Topaz was adapted for the screen and directed by Alfred Hitchcock.Uris subsequent works included Mila 18, a story of the Warsaw ghetto uprising Armageddon A Novel of Berlin, which reveals the detailed work by British and American intelligence services in planning for the occupation and pacification of post WWII Germany Trinity, an epic novel about Ireland s struggle for independence QB VII, a novel about the role of a Polish doctor in a German concentration camp and The Haj, with insights into the history of the Middle East and the secret machinations of foreigners which have led to today s turmoil.He also wrote the screenplays for Battle Cry and Gunfight at the O.K Corral.Uris was married three times to Betty Beck, with whom he had three children, from 1945 through their divorce in 1968 Margery Edwards in 1969, who died a year later, and Jill Peabody in 1970, with whom he had two children, and divorced in 1989.Leon Uris died of renal failure at his Long Island home on Shelter Island, aged 78.Leon Uris s papers can be found at the Ransom Center, University of Texas in Austin The collection includes all of Uris s novels, with the exception of The Haj and Mitla Pass, as well as manus

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    1. Jedna od meni najdrazih knjiga o Irskoj a Leon Uris je jedan od deset meni najdrazih "engleskih/americkih" pisaca imala sam cast da pre nekoliko godina u Londonu budem pozvana na veceru s njegovom nekadasnjom agentkinjom i prijateljicom i s njom podelim svoju ljubav prema njegovim knjigama Mislim da svako treba da procita barem jednu od njegovih knjiga (a najbolje sve)

    2. This is one of the select few on my bookshelves that I've bothered to read more than once (quite a feat, as the book is roughly 800 pages or so) and has got to be one of my top five, if not my absolute favorite book of all time. This is the first Uris book I read, and I became an instant fan. Leon Uris is a masterful story-teller who irrevokably draws you in to his tales, and this one is about 19th century Ireland in which several decades of Irish history are woven into the stories of three fami [...]

    3. I loved this book and have read probably six times. Great love story and great historical fiction at the same time. The first review on really panned this book and all of Leon Uris' books in general-- do NOT believe that review or his comments about other Uris books, in particular Exodus. This person's comments were basically that the situation was presented one-sided, without any shades of gray, and the book was little more than propaganda.I disagree with that assessment, but also want to ask [...]

    4. In all of Leon Uris's books, the schema is very simple. There are good guys, and there are bad guys, and nowhere is there room for even a shade of ambiguity. This kind of cartoonish view of the world leads to books which might be better classified as propaganda than as historical fiction.This was certainly the case for "Exodus", which amounted to thinly disguised propaganda. "Armageddon", dealing with the Berlin airlift, also tended toward crude 'good guy/bad guy' categorizations, but didn't bot [...]

    5. This book was a very hard read at times filled with so little hope, but I learned so much. I knew very little about the Protestant/Catholic struggle in Ireland in the late 1800's and early 1900's. Another tragic time in history where ignorance caused hatred fueled by religious fervor. One of my favorite quotes came from my favorite character in the book, Conor Larkin. He is an Irish Catholic rebel who spends his life fighting for his implausible causeThey sat across from one another and Atty wai [...]

    6. When I first read this book over twenty years ago, I knew very little of the history of the Home Rule conflict between Ireland and England, and found it to be a moving and often shocking history lesson.Reading it this time, I found that even though I remembered many of the main events, the book had lost none of its impact, and I quickly became immersed once again in this powerful story.It's difficult not to become emotionally affected by the characters in this novel, especially when you realise [...]

    7. Having come to "Trinity" after a break of some twenty years since reading the Uris classics "Exodus," "Mila 18" and "Armageddon," it was a very pleasant surprise to be able to discover that old zest for life, that lusty undercurrent which marks his work and fills it with an unmistakable energy. At the same time, "Trinity" enabled me to discover something about my own Irish background, and put the perspective of history into a new position for me altogether. In fact, so tainted were we, some of u [...]

    8. Let's begin by stipulating that Uris is a pulp fiction writer and should be read and reviewed on those terms. There's absolutely nothing wrong with pulp fiction - it's a great and wonderful genre full of entertainment value. With Uris' books the formula is pretty simple: Our hero is noble, well-read, and self-sacrificing. He's closed himself off, but is waiting for the right woman. The right woman is also noble and self-sacrificing, but strong-willed and beautiful. He sets these folks down in th [...]

    9. I don't know how I forgot to record this bookI just found it in my garage, one of the few that escaped garage sales or Goodwill! I keep it around hoping to one day re-read it. I recall running late for work, or returning from lunch, during the time that I read this book because I simply had to wrench myself away from the story (often making a bathroom stop to dry my eyes and reapply mascara). My dull review could never do it justice. It's a story about a family in Ireland, following their lives [...]

    10. In Trinity, Leon Uris takes history apart and allows readers to look beyond events as taught. So that we might truly understand what history feels like.Important, when we study or talk of our past history Before my Nan passed away, I would walk into the kitchen & she would lie back in her chair, mumbling poetry to herself of the black and tans, of the famine She mumbles because it's a tale, not a story. It was my history, her history, a peoples history. That I stop to listen to her tale is n [...]

    11. Uris is a Jewish author who gets the Irish perfectly. This book is essential reading to understand the Irish culture- Uris creates characters that travel through the famine, works with the Fenians, and into the Irish Republican Brotherhood, who become the IRA of the Easter Rising, Michael Collins, etc. I was handed the book and ordered to read it at 13 by my father. I will refrain from typing about this book ad nauseum, and say only these two things: 1) there is a literary device used in this bo [...]

    12. (view spoiler)[Bettie's BooksThe rating, any status updates, and those bookshelves, indicate my feelings for this book. (hide spoiler)]

    13. I'm going to try and keep this real simple.What I liked: the well-executed compression of Irish history into a thirty-year period from 1885 to 1915, with echoes of the prior thousand years. The whole theme of no present, no future, only the past happening over and over again. The ultimately fatalistic message, that the best Irish Republicans could hope for was a "glorious" defeat. The quality of Uris' writing which I've come to expect, in that he can seamlessly weave together scene and summary. [...]

    14. I loved the Leon Uris of Battle Cry, Exodus, and QBVII. Not so much the Leon Uris of The Haj and Mitla Pass. Of all he wrote my favorite is Trinity. Thirty years of Irish history, the intersecting lives of three families, and Conor Larkin. Trinity is a long book that flies by. Action, love, suspense and characters you'll care about long after you finish the book. The summer that Conor and Seamus spent at the Booley House is one of the most idyllic sections of any book I know; especially as it st [...]

    15. Leon Uris is a fantastic storyteller. This book follows the events of an Irishman named Conor Larkin who, by nature, was larger than life. Larkin needed the 19th century as much as the 19th century needed him. The end is a crashing, tragic, dazzling explosion of nonstop events. It makes me wish I was Larkin. (The sequels are embarrassing, I would start and stop your Uris experience with this book.)

    16. STILL NO SPOILERS!Done. Not one of my favorite books. I think lots of other people might like it. The history clearly chronicled in ythe last 100 pages was a plus. For me the characters had no depth. What you get is a story of Ireland's history through the 1800s and up to the beginning of the Great War. The tone is negative from start to finsih. The troubles will not end, the battles will continue forever. That is the message. I DO understand Irish history better after reading the book. That is [...]

    17. Written during a time of sectarian violence in Northern Ireland between the Irish Republican Army (IRA) and the Ulster forces, Leon Uris sought to portray and define the history behind the strife. The complexity of the hatred between the two groups, the Protestant Ulster Orangemen, the Roman Catholic Irish (green) and the British crown (White) can be rivaled by the violence in the Balkans in the 1990's after the dissolution of Yugoslavia.The tension between the groups dates back to 1690 and the [...]

    18. FANTASTIC NOVEL! This was a bestseller in the mid seventies - and I never read it! Finally decided to tackle the over 600 page Irish historically based fiction of Ireland under British rule and abuse.Made me feel sorry for my distant Irish relatives, and I was disturbed how horrible the English were to the Irish people, and how brave and nobel they were in spirt of starvation and abuse and lack of freedom.There were some real heros that changed the course of history ---this is a fascinating read [...]

    19. Happy Saint Patrick's Day, ladies and gentlemen. As you are aware, anybody with greater than 1/32nd Irish descent in the United States is able to participate in today's festivities, which includes pretty much everybody here. So have at it.Partly due to the upcoming festivities, and partly because I had a long plane trip, I breezed through this. It makes for a fair airplane read, but not much else. I did enjoy the snippets of historical background and news clippings scattered near the end, but it [...]

    20. Sectarian violence in Ireland before partition. Like any so-called terrorist activity, it ended up with there being little to choose between the protagonists but the origin of this one was certainly down to the British, in the first place, and the Protestants in the second - and mainly down to the brutal treatment of the Catholic Irish during the potato famines. We think it's all over now; but sectarian hate takes a long time to fade.

    21. I loved this book - I had to finish it by checking it out of the library because my particular edition was missing about 100 pages in the middle of the novel. I can't say enough good things about this book. What I learned in public school and on the news about the conflict between Catholics and Protestants in Ireland was spare and more from the Protestant's perspective. Reading this book gave me a rich context for understanding the issues from the Catholic's perspective. Although it is fiction, [...]

    22. This book was incredibly eye opening, heart wrenching and inspring for me to read as I learned more about the tragic history of Ireland. The author did amazing amounts of research for this book and tried to portray accuracy in what life was like and what was going on there in the late 1800s and early 1900s. It was a fascinating, depressing, moving and very thought provoking book for me. I have to give a HUGE warning about the language though! I only read this because my Dad loved it and still ta [...]

    23. "We are all absurd actors on the stage of the diabolical." Spoken by the character who provides the backbone of the novel, Conor Larkin. This isn't just a book of historical fiction, it really is quite good literature as well. Parallel's for analyzing abound, and feel a second reading would do it justice but at nearly 900 pages I don't knowI would even say it belong's in required reading in any Irish Lit class. The story catapult's the reader into the lives of the Irish from mid-1850's to the Ev [...]

    24. Excellent historical fiction about Ireland's struggles with England and the fight to declare it's independence. Trinity is based on actual events and takes the reader on a journey throughout Ireland and tells the heartbreaking history of a country that longed to remove itself from the tyrannical rule of the British and Britain's never ending schemes to keep the Irish poor, hungry and so desperate that Irish countrymen and women had no other choice but to flee to other countries, never to return [...]

    25. A masterpiece on Irish story, telling the saga of Conor Larkin, showing his principle of non-recognition of British institutions on Irish soil and disobedience to British authority became a universally accepted cornerstone for breaking the yoke of the colonizer.

    26. The most wonderful thing about Leon Uris' books are his testament to the eternal indomitable strength of the human spirit. This novel explores the agony and struggles of Ireland through the story of a fictional Irish fighter, Conor Larkin. The book begins with the deth of Kilty Larkin, the father of Tomas, and grandfather of Conor. It captures the sights, sounds , smell and experiences of Iralnd in 19th century Ireland through the eyes of Conor's childhood friend Seamus. Conor is visited by a sh [...]

    27. This novel tells story of the Irish history in the last half of the 19th century up until WWI through the eyes of the Catholics and the Protestants, the traditional Irish men and women and the British-Irish landowners, the Larkins and the Weeds/Hubbles. I was captivated by many of the characters and immersed in the unfolding historical overview. The Larkins, especially Connor, represent the Catholic poor who are basically fighting for survival and fighting against the many injustices forced upon [...]

    28. November 8, 2013Finished re-read of TRINITY. Everything I want to say about the book is diametrically opposed to everything I want to say about the book. That is my best description of Ireland in that day. This book covers the civil unrest in the span of time from the latter 19th century until the second decade of the 20th century. More unrest, such as The Troubles, is yet to be played out in Ireland's history. The year 1917 is a settling down date for much of the strife in Europe and Asia, alt [...]

    29. I am in fact oscillating between 4 and 5 stars. I think the book is indeed an amazing story, well written and documented [as far as I read], with lots of suspence and critical points. It made me cry and smile, be outraged and overwhelmed, hopeless and then hopeful. What I didn't enjoy so much were the seemingly isolated parts of industrial details, but I guess if I had more patience and interest I'd have seen their proper integration in the plot and overall image.Just like in Exodus, there are s [...]

    30. This is the book to read if you want to understand the Irish Question, and the fact that there really was no answer to it. I read it when studying 19th century British political history, mainly from the perspectives of Peel, Gladstone, Disraeli, all the key players in English politics, but this novel really gave me a deep insight into the perspectives of the Irish Catholics, the Irish Protestants and the Anglo-Irish aristocracy. It's not about 'the evil English' vs the poor, oppressed Irish; tha [...]

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