My Brother's Secret

My Brother s Secret A fascinating new perspective on World War II a fictitious personalized take on the real life rebel German youth group the Edelweiss Pirates Karl Friedman is only twelve but like all boys his age i

  • Title: My Brother's Secret
  • Author: DanSmith
  • ISBN: 9780545771559
  • Page: 367
  • Format: Hardcover
  • A fascinating new perspective on World War II a fictitious, personalized take on the real life rebel German youth group, the Edelweiss Pirates.Karl Friedman is only twelve, but like all boys his age in Germany, he s already playing war games, training to join the Hitler Youth Stefan, Karl s nonconformist older brother, wants nothing to do with it Then their father is kiA fascinating new perspective on World War II a fictitious, personalized take on the real life rebel German youth group, the Edelweiss Pirates.Karl Friedman is only twelve, but like all boys his age in Germany, he s already playing war games, training to join the Hitler Youth Stefan, Karl s nonconformist older brother, wants nothing to do with it Then their father is killed, and what had been a game suddenly becomes deadly serious Karl s faith in the Fuhrer is shaken Is Hitler a national hero or a villain What is the meaning of the flower symbol stitched inside Stefan s jacket, and what is the mission of the shadow group he belongs to Karl soon finds out as he joins his brother in a dangerous rebellion against the burgeoning threat of Nazism.

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      Dan Smith is the author of Dry Season, Dark Horizons, The Child Thief, Red Winter and his first book for children My Friend The Enemy.Growing up, Dan led three lives In one he survived the day to day humdrum of boarding school, while in another he travelled the world, finding adventure in the padi fields of Asia and the jungles of Brazil But the third life he lived in a world of his own, making up stories which is where some people say he still lives most of the time Now settled in Newcastle with his wife and two children, Dan writes his stories down to share with both adults and children.Dan Smith s Official WebsiteDan Smith s Official BlogDan s TwitterDan Smith on FacebookDan Smith s Orion Pages

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    1. 4.5 "exciting, well-crafted, meaningful" stars!! 2016 Honorable Mention Read This is one of the best children's novels I have ever read!!!Karl Friedmann is 11 going on 12 and is extremely proud to be part of boys Nazi youth group where he is being groomed to be a "Good German for the Fuhrer". In the next few months events occur in his life that teach him what Nazism is really about, devastating losses and the extreme love his family have for him.Throughout this book I had a consistent lump in my [...]

    2. Another great young Adult ww2 novel. I read it in two days, it was okay, not quite a 5 star novel, it lacked emotion for me. It is very similar to the Edelweiss Pirates novel,where the Pirates have an on going battle with the Hitler Youth and a sibling is a secret member of the group. Some parts seemed dangerously similar! I will say no more on that.I hope to read more of author; Dan Smiths novels, very good characters and storyline. Easy to read and follow!

    3. E ARC from Edelweiss Above the TreelineKarl Friedman is active in the Deutsches Jungvolk, reveling in winning badges and in participating in the paramilitary exercises. When another boy's father is killed, and the other boys give him a hard time for crying rather than being proud that his father died for Hitler, Karl does feel bad for him, but still defends the Jungvolk to his older brother, Stefan. Stefan is a troublemaker-- he quit school so he wouldn't have to join the Hitler Youth, and seems [...]

    4. My first Audio Book as part of the 2017 Reading Challenge. An interesting tale of a small boy in World War 2 era Germany and his scrapes with the Nazis.Interesting enough and a good YA story.I didn't really like the Audiobook format though as my mind tends to wander. I would probably have enjoyed it more if I had physically read it, perhaps.

    5. I love this book. If you are thinking about buying the book read page 58 for a sneak peak. (On the actual book not kindle/iPad/iPhone) I love the time period it is set in. I found out about a certain group of people that I never knew existed before.

    6. Единственный вопрос - откуда у этой книги такой рейтинг?

    7. Breathtakingly beautiful. This author is amazing; each sentence is like an icicle - perfect, chilling, beautiful, burning a memory in your brain that you will not soon forget. A raw, gut-moving look at humanity in an impossible situation - and the amazing God-given ability for humans to survive the unthinkable and still reach, despite all odds, for Truth. Content: This book is a very moody and intense just because of the setting. Several characters have family members who have 'disappeared'. A f [...]

    8. I loved this book! When ever I read a world war II book it was usually in a Jewish perspective, and this book was in a Nazi's perspective. The other thing I liked is that someone in the youth actually realized that Hitler was not doing a good thing, he was doing something horrible.

    9. This is a great book. Really held my 12 year old son's attention. I read it along with him and we've had lots of great discussions about history and making choices for yourself. A real coming of age story in a sad, sad time.

    10. Historical fiction from the Hitler Youth and Deutsches Jungvolk perspective during WW II, this suspenseful novel reveals life in western Germany in wartime through a child's eyes in 1941. Karl loves war games, but after his papa is killed on the Russian front, they go to live with Opa & Oma. When Karl finds a small white flower on his brother Stefan's coat, he doesn't know it symbolizes the Edelweiss movement against Hitler, Nazi cruelty, & the war. There are more than one brother's secr [...]

    11. Well, I've just realized I'm a heartless bitch - I was well aware of what I should feel, and I often thought things were awful - but in a detached way. If it's a book on nazi Germany, I really should be left weeping, searching the internet and textbooks, that is the way of the traditional ww2 books, filling you to the brim with rage and tragedy - but the emotions were really background noise in this one, it was so 'meh.' That, or I'm evil

    12. Good story about a German boy who is very into Hitler Youth until a series of events causes his to reconsider.

    13. This Nazi Germany novel is not widely known in America because the author is British. However, it's an excellent addition to the WW2/Hitler/Holocaust genre of historical fiction.Karl is a 12-year-old German boy who is a exemplary member of the Deutsches Jungvolk, the organization for German youth age 10-14. All of the young boys admire Hitler and can't wait to join the Hitler Youth organization when they are older. Stefan, Karl's older brother, is the exact opposite. He is revulsed by Hitler and [...]

    14. Karl Friedmann, age twelve, is caught up in the glory of being a good German for the Fuher and is even proud his father died in battle on the Russian front. But when a fellow upcoming Hitler Youth friend is taunted because he cries over his father's death on the war front, Karl steps back to ponder the behavior of his mother, grandparents, new neighbors, and older brother Stephan.Stephan isn't involved with Hitler Youth and has secrets which involve using a flower as a code. Then Karl sees signs [...]

    15. A great read how what's right is not always easy. Karl Friedmann is playing war games with Hitler's Youth, and is recognized for having potential the same day the family finds out their father was killed on the Russian front. Karl then realizes that his brother, Stefan, is going out at odd times, and has a flower stitched on the inside of his jacket. The questions continue to mount inside him: was this a just war? Was Hilter a hero or a killer? What were they fighting for? And his brother's grou [...]

    16. In this book, there is a boy named Karl and he is excited to join the Hitler youth like all the other 11-year-old boys in Germany. But his dad is killed and he realizes that Hitler is using people to kill innocent people. He meets a girl and they become close friends. He was kept inside his house and he could not go out. But one day he snuck out and he drove away on his bike. He was riding and he saw signs on walls saying, " Hitler is killing our fathers". Karl thought about that and decided not [...]

    17. in this book you have Karil. he loves Hitler. but then there is his brother. he is exactly the opposite.when their father is killed they move to their grandparent's house. when they are living there Karil learns what Hitler is really doing. This is an amazing book that tells the German side of the story.

    18. Exciting and suspenseful! A different take on WWII than many others. Karl starts out as a perfect example of the Hitler youth. As the story moves forward, he begins questioning his beliefs. The plot is a roller coaster of suspense.I could not predict what would happen on the next page.

    19. Fantastic. This book focuses on the other enemies that Nazi Germany faced in their own country: rebels in their streets that did not believe in Hitler and his ways. It is fast-paced and intriguing and even better than I thought it would be.

    20. I really liked the whole plot to this book I am really interested in every chapter because the characters where interesting and the climax was good

    21. My thoughts on this book is its very interesting and the concept of this book is creative. It takes place during WWII where the younger brother admires and looks up to Adolf Hitler while the older brother despises and hates him. The older brother has a secret that he keeps to himself and the younger brother is curious and finds out his brothers secret. I recommend this book.

    22. -----------------CAUTION SPOILERS--------------- This book was very inspirational. Karl is a remarkable boy who is very into Hitler and war in general. This book to me impacted my life because his father was killed by his brother. This made Karl very angry and he did not know what to think about the world.Throughout the story, Karl and his family start to realize that not everything is going to go the way you want it to. Hitler is beginning to form his troops and kill the jewish. Karl is only tw [...]

    23. For more of my reviews, go to: litlaughlearnThis suspenseful historical fiction covers WWII Germany from the perspective of Karl, a boy in the Hitler Youth. At first, he is really excited to be training for Hitler and is proud of his father fighting in the war. But then little things start to happen. A boy in his class is humiliated because he cried the day he was told his father died in the war effort. He misses his father, but the other boys taunt him and the leader of Karl’s group tells Kar [...]

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