Irresistible Forces

Irresistible Forces One week of mind blowing sex on a beautiful Caribbean island Of all the business proposals financial tycoon Dominic Saxon has heard Taylor Steele s is definitely the most tempting All Taylor wants in

  • Title: Irresistible Forces
  • Author: Brenda Jackson
  • ISBN: 9780373860647
  • Page: 317
  • Format: Paperback
  • One week of mind blowing sex on a beautiful Caribbean island Of all the business proposals financial tycoon Dominic Saxon has heard, Taylor Steele s is definitely the most tempting All Taylor wants in return is for Dominic to father her baby No strings, no commitments, just a mutually satisfying arrangement Make that very satisfying For a man with no intention of marrOne week of mind blowing sex on a beautiful Caribbean island Of all the business proposals financial tycoon Dominic Saxon has heard, Taylor Steele s is definitely the most tempting All Taylor wants in return is for Dominic to father her baby No strings, no commitments, just a mutually satisfying arrangement Make that very satisfying For a man with no intention of marrying again, it sounds ideal Taylor wants a baby, not a relationship And sexy, intelligent Dominic seems like a man with perfect genes Turns out, Dominic has perfect everything Their procreation vacation is a whirlwind of sensual ecstasy But when it s over, will either of them be able to say goodbye

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    1. Brenda Jackson

      In 1994, Brenda Jackson s first novel, Tonight and Forever, was released Since then she has had than 100 novels and novellas published the first African American author to accomplish such a feat and has over 3 million books in print A native of Jacksonville, Florida, Brenda is the first African American author to have a book published by Harlequin Desire and the first African American romance author to make the New York Times and USA TODAY bestseller lists within the series romance genre In 2012, Brenda received the Romance Writers of America s Nora Roberts Lifetime Achievement Award one of the highest literary awards a romance author can receive In 2013, she was recognized by the mayor and the city of Jacksonville as being a Trailblazer in the literary field In 2010, she collaborated with Five Alive Films to turn her Truly Everlasting title into a feature film Brenda s 2011 novel A Silken Thread is scheduled to be filmed with Debbie Allen attached as director in 2015.Email Brenda at authorbrendajackson gmail or visit her on her website at brendajackson.

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    1. I read this book because it was a free Kindle download. I know the romance genre is sometimes a little dramatic, but this was ridiculous. Nothing was even remotely real. The characters were beautiful, rich, successful and incredibly talented in bed--the man so much so, in fact, that he made the woman PASS OUT during sex. Wow. The premise was also silly. The woman decides she wants to have a child and raise it on her own, so instead of going to a sperm bank, she picks a man she knows and spends a [...]

    2. For a change heroine decides to use hero to get pregnant! Poor guy was tortured throughout the whole book thinking he was used as a prized stud. Even though he kept stubbornly declaring he doesn't want marriage pour guy was devastated when heroine agreed! LMFAO!

    3. I should stop reading these kind of books for a while because they are annoying the **** out of me. This book, the story and its main characters annoyed me numerous times, and I should have stopped reading it after the first chapter, but I really wanted to give this book a chance. I guess I should stick with my original idea in the future.What bothered me the most? Taylor has a killer body but no friends (or none that are ever mentioned, in contrast to Nick who has a lifelong best friend), she h [...]

    4. Irresistible Forces" is the first novel I've read by Brenda Jackson. She's an African-American author whose characters are AA. There aren't that many AA authors who write romance novels where the main characters are non-white. I was shocked that I hadn't discovered Brenda Jackson's books before. Taylor Steele is a 25 year old sucessful financial advisor. She has everything she wants in life except for one thing - a baby. She decides that the perfect "father" for her baby would be business associ [...]

    5. This book is terrible! The premise was interesting, but honestly, the main character needs to be older than 25 for us to believe she's as uber-successful as we are repeatedly told and that she needs to find someone to get her pregnant because she's not married. It's ridiculous. What's also ridiculous is that Dominic has sworn never to marry again at the tender age of 34 because his wife died 4 years earlier--however, he also mentions that he never really loved her in the way that his parents wer [...]

    6. **2.5 stars**Under normal circumstances this silly plot would have annoyed the hell out of me but I was in the mood for a simplistic and hot romance and this one delivered. There's a lot of info dumping and cliches galore so at first I thought this had been a debut novel but a few chapters in, like a million cousins and sisters were mentioned with a rehashing of their HEAs, so I figured this must be part of a series.No way I'm reading this author again but at the price I got this book (free), it [...]

    7. I was satisfied at every turn of the page. Taylor Steele is no ordinary woman. She is an intelligent Wealth and Asset Manager who wants nothing more than a baby, sans the husband!Taylor is the epitome of fearless. I mean, how else can you describe a woman who proposes a "procreation vacation" to Dominic Saxon, a big time financial tycoon (She even hands him a brochure!)? She is nothing but true to herself when she lays her cards out on the table up front and tells Dominic that all she wants from [...]

    8. this is probably the worse book i've ever read. If I could give it negative stars, I would. Horrible dialogue, no plot, flat characters, etc. Usually I don't regret the time I spent in reading a book, but I would actually like to have this time back. It's good, I guess, that it was a free download for Kindle, so I didn't lose any moneyjust my time and some self-respect.

    9. Once there was a woman named Taylor Steel who wanted to get pregnant with a man named Dominic Saxon. Taylor wanted Dominic to be the father of her baby since he had pretty good genes and yes, that body! It was supposed to be a "no-strings attached" relationship, and Dominic was just as happy to oblige. Taylor came up with a plan to have a baby--supposedly the only thing that's missing in her life. And she already knew she wanted Dominic to be involved, so she proposed a getaway for the two of th [...]

    10. I've been on a Hot Romance Novel tear of late. I think I need a Harlan Coben mystery or something to break the trend.I actually read Irresistible Forces, by Brenda Jackson, about a month or so ago. It is nothing if not an extremely Hot Romance Novel.Taylor Steele (gotta love that name) is a successful professional woman who has decided that her career is not all she wants in her life. She wants a baby. And in typical take-charge fashion, she knows who she wants to father her baby: Dominic Saxon [...]

    11. I knew what I was getting into when I decided to read this book (cheesy romance novel) but wow! This was laughably BAD. The plot was just plain ridiculous, and the writing I rolled my eyes so much my head hurt when I was finished and yes I finished because I feel like in order to make a full judgement I had to finish. Horrible. Even for a freebie. I might just charge the author for the time it took for me to read it. I leave you with some of the the most laughable quotes as mentioned by another [...]

    12. TOTALLY reading these out of order, but I really enjoy this author's books. My only problem with this one was how quick they came to an agreement - but I suppose you could put that down to sexual chemistry. Also, reading out of order ;-(

    13. This looks like a hopeless romantic harlequin-type book, that sometimes you just get in the mood forsparked my interest from the start

    14. Downloaded this book because it was offered for free on Kindle. I've never read a romance novel before, so I'm not sure if the entire genre is meant to be as cheesy or if it was just this particular book. Despite the cheesiness, though, I finished the entire book and actually found myself looking forward to reading more as I neared the latter portion of it.For it to be a Black romance novel, I expected it to have culturally Black characters. How anyone reading this interprets my statement is fin [...]

    15. Like my other recent DNF, what put me off this one was the writing. All telling, no showing, infodumpy, head-hoppy, heavy-handed, and suffering from "character looks in the mirror and assesses self" syndrome, except without the mirror. For example, we meet the hero, who is surprised to be asked to come to the heroine's office. Let's take a peek inside his head, shall we? "[The heroine:] had been assigned as his financial advisor when she had worked for a bank in Manhattan. From the very beginnin [...]

    16. Slick's review posted at Guilty Pleasures Book ReviewsI remember reading this book a very long time ago and I've read it a few times since and what also made me giggle is two highly successful and intelligent people planning to make a baby together without feelings or attachment just for the simple reason they both want a child. Now, that might work if there wasn't any attraction or mutual admiration but in this case they have both for each other in spades. Needless to say things don't work out [...]

    17. This was the third book that I read of the 16 free books from Harlequin. As of this writing, these books are still available at harlequincelebrates.I have read several of the Westmoreland Series books by Brenda Jackson, mainly because my budget draws me to cheap and free books. I was able to score a bundle of her books for very cheap on ereader/ a few years ago, and I was moderately pleased with them.However, this book is in no way up to par with Brenda Jackson's other books. The story, which ce [...]

    18. Taylor Steele, a professional wealth and assets manager, knows she wants to have a baby. She just doesn’t want a husband. She also doesn’t want to take the adoption route, or be artificially inseminated. But who could she convince to help her conceive the natural way, with no strings attached? Taylor knows the only man that would make her plan work would be Dominic Saxon, one of her millionaire clients. Dominic is single, wealthy, and gorgeous. Taylor convinces him to go on a “procreation [...]

    19. This novel was not poorly written and the characters were not shallow. However, the storyline was ridiculous and quite unrealistic. The story of a beautiful, intelligent, and highly successful 25-year old young woman who comes from a wealthy family desires a baby with no strings attached? That does not make any sense. Additionally, the portrayal of beauty and romance in this novel was completely Eurocentric. Moreover, I was a bit bored with the sex scenes - Jackson definitely overdid it. Chapter [...]

    20. Seriously, this is the book Harlequin chose to be free to represent this line? I was looking forward to trying a Kimani book, and may have actually had the patience to slog through it if the lead character hadn't been 25 years old. 35 and I could have bought that she was running a multimillion dollar business that she started herself after dropping out of college and that she was so desperate for a child that she would proposition her main client and ask him to spend a week with her in paradise [...]

    21. Taylor comes up with a plan to have a baby--supposedly the only thing that's missing in her life. And she already knows she wants Dominic to be the father, so she proposes a getaway for the two of them, specifically to make a baby. The whole premise is over the top--basically how can I get these two people into bed in the least amount of time possible, and then keep them there. Yes, there is a lot of sex in this book. So much so, that I swear the main characters must be superhuman. The physical [...]

    22. well at least it was a freebie.Silly story about a beautiful, rich woman who wants to have a baby with a gorgeous, rich man. They go to an island and have unbelievably hot, perfect sex, a baby is conceived (and they both it's conceived like the FIRST time they have sex). Likely the baby will be perfect too. Obviously they both fall madly in love with each other and plan to live fabulously happily ever afterYawn. At least one fault or something would have been nice.

    23. There were so many things irritating and stupid in that book that I faced soon the question of whether I stopped there immediately or went on my reading, trying to guess all the additional cliches that might be added on to make the whole even less realistic than it already was.I chose that option feeling lazy at the time to try to find another book and feeling there was a good potential of future jokesAnd I was not disappointed. It just feels like everything is fake and not even attempting at an [...]

    24. I hesitate to call this a 'romance novel' because there is virtually no genuine romance (and by romance, I mean 'love') at all. At first I thought the premise was interesting. Okay, so a 25 year old woman wants a baby, but no husband. So she asks her super hot client to help her with this task. Cue super hot 34 year old man who just so happens to want a baby and no wife, and off they go to a tropical island paradise for one week, to do the deed. Now, I have to admit that by this point, I was alr [...]

    25. A rather short (80 pgs?) freebie for Kindle. In the grand scheme of things this book deserves a 1/5. But to be fair, it really doesn't claim to be more than a fluffy sex romp and doesn't fail in that area. The first half of the book focuses on the characters while the last half is dedicated to their weekend tryst. The worst part of the book by far is the first half- full of info about the main character's friends and associates who never really come into relevance. It was starting to remind me o [...]

    26. It became way too obvious to me that this book is part of a series. I hate that. I don't want to be diverted from the story (even a shallow Harlequin series plot) to read all kinds of out-of-place details about other characters and complicated backstory that does nothing for the current plot (or even a secondary plot) but connect the characters of the different books. Aggravating. And there was a lot of repetition and stating of the obvious, as far as the writing in general is concerned. I had t [...]

    27. I read a lot of the negative reviews of this book and because of that managed my expectations about what it would be like. But, I have to say, I thoroughly enjoyed it. I think the author intended it to be titillating, fun, engaging and to leave a smile on readers' faces. It did all of those things for me. I gave it four stars for two reasons: the sex scenes were great (and considering there were so many of them, not at all repetitive which is quite a feat, let me tell you) but I think they may h [...]

    28. One week of mind-blowing sex on a beautiful Caribbean island. Of all the business proposals financial tycoon Dominic Saxon has heard, Taylor Steele's is definitely the most tempting. All Taylor wants in return is for Dominic to father her baby. No strings, no commitments…just a mutually satisfying arrangement. Make that very satisfying. For a man with no intention of marrying again, it sounds ideal. Taylor wants a baby, not a relationship. And sexy, intelligent Dominic seems like a man with pe [...]

    29. 1.5I'm always happy to come across a romance with main characters who are Black, but I'm not adding Jackson to my list of go-to romance authors.As other reviewers have pointed out, it is really implausible to have such a young woman swearing off marriage and concoting a scheme to get pregnant. Some back story or reason why would have helped. And how is everyone a multi-millionaire before the age of 30? Where do I sign up? And the idea that a woman could decide to get pregnant, go on an island va [...]

    30. I started reading this book since, when I'm in the mood for something frivolous, I usually enjoy this set-up but in the end I was really disappointed of the way this story turned out.t of all: I'm pretty sure (but please come forward and put my mind at ease) I'm not the only one that, while reading this book, often found herself to think "or my sex life is really pitiful or this is a bunch of bulls***!!"and if that wasn't enough one of the main character was a 25 years old woman with a super suc [...]

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