Why Trust the Bible? (9Marks)

Why Trust the Bible Marks The Bible stands at the heart of the Christian faith But this leads to an inescapable question why should we trust the Bible Written to help non Christians longtime Christians and everyone in betwee

  • Title: Why Trust the Bible? (9Marks)
  • Author: Greg Gilbert
  • ISBN: 9781433543463
  • Page: 208
  • Format: Hardcover
  • The Bible stands at the heart of the Christian faith But this leads to an inescapable question why should we trust the Bible Written to help non Christians, longtime Christians, and everyone in between better understand why God s Word is reliable, this short book explores the historical and theological arguments that have helped lead millions of believers through the ceThe Bible stands at the heart of the Christian faith But this leads to an inescapable question why should we trust the Bible Written to help non Christians, longtime Christians, and everyone in between better understand why God s Word is reliable, this short book explores the historical and theological arguments that have helped lead millions of believers through the centuries to trust the Bible, from Genesis to Revelation Written by pastor Greg Gilbert, author of the popular books What Is the Gospel and Who Is Jesus , this volume will help Christians articulate why they trust the Bible when it comes to who God is, who we are, and how we re supposed to live.

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      Librarian Note There is than one author in the database with this name.Greg Gilbert MDiv, The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary is senior pastor at Third Avenue Baptist Church in Louisville, Kentucky He is the author of What Is the Gospel , James A 12 Week Study, and Who Is Jesus , and is the co author with Kevin DeYoung of What Is the Mission of the Church.

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    1. This is the third book of Gilbert's trilogy (What is the Gospel? and Who Is Jesus? are the others). Like the others, this one is short and clear. Therefore, it's introductory. Given the complexity of the subject, one can expect a book like this to plumb the depths of issues such as textual transmission, textual criticism, historicity, and so on. But it's a good start. Within this short book, Gilbert addresses questions such as why there are so many translations, how the text of the Bible was tra [...]

    2. Don't let the size or the cover of the book fool you - while small and seemingly simple, Gilbert uses this book to encourage Christians to recognize why we can and should trust the Bible. I was challenged to think through why I trust the Bible rather than simply saying something to the effect of, "I have faith it's true" or "I go to a church that tells me it's true". I probably would benefit from reading this book again and will keep it handy as a reference and even see it as a beneficial recomm [...]

    3. I thoroughly enjoyed this book and it's handling of the Bible, and how we can trust it's message. I really enjoy that Gilbert pushes the reader to not default to a circular argument but instead lays out a grid to determine the New Testaments reliability as the word of God.I plan to use the appendix to further my own study. I also plan to move this book to the front of the line for a resource for staff, lay people, and seekers to work through as an introduction to answering common objections surr [...]

    4. Approachable. Readable. Very solid. A great introduction to the authority of the God-breathed word. This is intentionally not written to address tedious, academic arguments (check out some Michael Kruger, John Frame, or E.J. Young if you want more in-depth argumentation). It is clear that Gilbert has read a great deal of academia, though he is writing this book as a brief, approachable introduction for anyone wondering about the Bible’s claim towards being a book that truly is inerrant, infall [...]

    5. This is a great little introduction to Bibliology topics such as translation, transmission, canonization, authorship, and historicity. Christians who are unfamiliar with any or all of these topics should read this book. However, there is a slight anti-presuppositional sentiment that would make it very hard for me to give this resource to a non-Christian in good conscience.

    6. Pastor Greg Gilbert does a wonderful job explaining why the Bible is reliable and trustworthy. When someone asks why believers trust the Bible, he goes beyond that simple response that says, "You just have to accept it by faith" even though that answer is not incorrect; it's just incomplete. Pastor Gilbert helps the reader understand why Christians trust the Bible.

    7. Why should anyone place their full faith and trust in the Bible? After all, there are numerous other self-proclaimed spiritual works available that are viable options for connecting with God, right? How do we know that the Bible is correct and all other choices are not? As a believer, I regularly refer to what is written in the pages of Scripture as the source of authority in my life. But for those who might question that approach, what makes the 66 books of Scripture stand out above the crowded [...]

    8. Many believe that the Bible is God's Word because: 1. It claims to be God's Word and if that's true there is no higher authority to appeal to in order validate that claim2. The Holy Spirit gives an inward assurance to believers that it is true and truly God's Word3. The beauty and majesty of the message proves that it is true and truly God's WordThere is much written about the reasons/arguments above and I think each are valid. However, the accusation can be made, especially of #1, that these re [...]

    9. First of all I want to thank Net Galley and the Publisher for making an Advance Reader Copy of this book available to me for a review.Once again the 9 Marks Book series delivers to us a simple, well explained and easily readable book on a subject that many church members need to read, understand and then be able to use the information in discussion with their family, friends and colleagues.While there are many well written Theological Books on the Subject of the Bibles Authenticity, this little [...]

    10. While there are other books that deal with the reliability of the Bible, I think this book fits a need and is worth a careful read. Here are some of my favorite things about it.1. It is written in a way that anyone can understand. The author states that he relied heavily on some other books but he did a great job in making this a very readable book. It doesn’t feel like it’s geared towards scholars. It’s written for you and me. 2. It isn’t a long book. At 160 pages, I was able to easily [...]

    11. A helpful and concise overview of some apologetic arguments for the veracity and authority of Scripture. Gilbert grounds his assertions about the integrity of the Bible in the fact of Jesus' resurrection, using this as the linchpin for the rest of his apologetic.Because of its brevity the book deals in broad brush terms and fairly shorthand argument. Many of the author's claims have been dealt with in more elaborate terms elsewhere and he is quick to point readers to further reading etc. One wea [...]

    12. Greg Gilbert has written a great book here that really does a good job of breaking down key points of the Bible in a way that anyone can understand. As it says in the description, this book is written for non-Christians, long-time Christians, and everyone in between. I am pretty sure that Gilbert could have written a more scholarly book on the subject, but I am glad that he kept this one in layman's terms. In today's society we are forced to defend our stance and our principles at an increasing [...]

    13. This is a short, concise set of answers to the question of why trust the bible. It very quickly addresses the issues of different types of proof and explains that we can't have mathematical proof of historical events. It looks at key accusations which are levelled against the integrity and accuracy of the bible and in a clear manner explains why each are not true. I found this to be very readable, very helpful and I think it would benefit Christians to read it to give them answers to tricky ques [...]

    14. This book's pretty remarkable for what it is -- a quick, easy read that gives an introduction to the issues along with some basic answers. It would be worthwhile for most Christians to read this one to have initial answers to questions that come up about the Bible's historical reliability, or for curious non-Christians to get a succinct answer to these topics (along with references to more detailed works).

    15. This is a little longer than Barry Cooper's "Can I Trust the Bible," but it serves the same purpose – a brief overview of the Bible's authority and trustworthiness, designed specifically for skeptics who see the Bible as a tall tale full of contradictions, and also for Christians who want to know how to defend the reliability of the Scriptures. This is an enormous subject that warrants further reading, as Gilbert only scratches the surface, but this is a really good place to start.

    16. This is a great little book. In a very readable 150 pages he does an excellent job of explaining why the Bible is reliable. It's not overly academic, but includes a nice list of books for further reading in the appendix. This is a perfect book for people who think they learned from "The Da Vinci Code" that the Bible can't be trusted, or for Christians who aren't sure how to respond to those types of arguments.

    17. I am a Greg Gilbert fan, but I thought this particular book was lacking. I found chapters 3 & 4 on manuscripts and canon to be quite good. They were short summaries on those topics that gave a nice overview. The rest seemed a bit glib at times. Although in fairness to Gilbert, he is tackling tough subject matter that he wants to make concise and enjoyable so as to engage the average Christian reader.

    18. Good layman's overview of the rational case for believing the bible. Pacing is good, language is engaging, and the progression makes sense, though Gilbert acknowledges that he is skipping many of the nitty-gritty details of some of his arguments. Contains a decent bibliography for more scholarly works.

    19. Written in everyday language, Gilbert argues the Bible's trustworthiness and how that affects our life and views of Jesus. His arguments are solidly laid and the book is well researched. An excellent quick read to equip for engaging with skeptics, or a great launch pad for deeper research and study for new believers or seekers. Highly recommend.

    20. Accessible. Interesting. Often compelling. Argues that the historicity of Jesus' resurrection is the basis for the believer's belief and trust in the Bible. Draws extensively from various conservative evangelical scholars such as Craig Blomberg and N.T. Wright. Commend it to believers and skeptics.

    21. A good layman's book on the authenticity of scripture, particularly the New Testament. Gilbert lays out a solid evidential case for the trustworthiness of the transmission of the text, refuting arguments that non-believers continually bring. A good starting point for anyone new to apologetics.

    22. This is now the first book I'll give to someone who has questions or doubts about the reliability of the Bible.

    23. A close second to Barry Cooper's Can I Trust The Bible? Love the path Gilbert takes, layering the key questions in their logical order.

    24. Pretty good intro book for newer Christians. I'll probably continue to give away "More Than a Carpenter" though.

    25. Good quick read on reliability of the bible. I think it is good for believers, but not comprehensive enough to convince readers who don't want to believe.

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