Perdita Granted Arielle has a vast excitable imagination But she s not imagining how strange and out of control her life becomes after the death by drowning of her older sister s best friend Perdita Not on

  • Title: Perdita
  • Author: Faith Gardner
  • ISBN: 9781440588112
  • Page: 105
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Granted, Arielle has a vast, excitable imagination But she s not imagining how strange and out of control her life becomes after the death by drowning of her older sister s best friend, Perdita Not only does this death echo the death of Arielle s own older brother, ten years before, it leads to dreams and visions in which Perdita seems to be reaching out to Arielle, askiGranted, Arielle has a vast, excitable imagination But she s not imagining how strange and out of control her life becomes after the death by drowning of her older sister s best friend, Perdita Not only does this death echo the death of Arielle s own older brother, ten years before, it leads to dreams and visions in which Perdita seems to be reaching out to Arielle, asking for her help The only other explanation that Arielle s high strung emotions have finally caused her to break with reality is even terrifying A story that builds to greater and greater heights of suspicion and fear, Perdita is also a multi layered literary achievement that leaves no emotion untouched.

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    1. Faith Gardner

      Faith s short fiction has been featured in literary journals, online magazines and anthologies Her YA novel Perdita Simon Pulse was published in 2015.

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    1. Is it ghosts? Or has young Arielle lost her mind? It's a question that haunts Arielle every day. This book will draw you in from page one. The characters are realistic and if you're not currently in high school, you'll reminiscence about it simply by reading this book. Hopefully, however, your high school experience was nothing like Arielle's, but the truth is, most of us have experienced some of the same emotions, even if we don't personally experience losing someone we admire. The problems Ari [...]

    2. This review can also be found on A Thousand Lives Lived, check it out for more!This book is life, honestly. I seriously could not believe that I loved it so much! You know when your expectations blow you away and you discover that a book was just so freaking amazing when your initial reaction was down the toilet? Yeah, that is what happened with Faith Gardner's Perdita. It's mesmerizing, but not full of fantasy as I expected it to be. Sure, our main character, Arielle, sees ghosts, but it is not [...]

    3. This mystery is off to a promising start. Part ghost story, it tells of the drowning of one of Arielle's sister's best friends. Arielle had just seen Perdita the day before at their house, talking to her sister and her sister's newer bff, Emily. Perdita hadn't been around much since Casey started to spend all of her time with Emily, and the raised voices, stomping and door slamming made Arielle think that she would be seeing even less of Perdita.In the morning, a gruesome scene awaits. Perdita h [...]

    4. I really enjoyed this book. I liked the characters and how the book started with a bang. Although, I feel as if the ending was too rushed. Other than that the book was great.

    5. Honestly, I have mixed feelings about this book. It's well-written -- Faith Gardner gives Arielle, the main character, a unique and plausible voice, and that works. But at the same time, problems with the plot hamper a story which could have been much better. I enjoyed Perdita, but I'm not sure I would recommend it to others.The non-spoiler, tl;dr version of my review is: this is a very sad book. It goes beyond grief, and into total hopelessness. Without rising moments to counter the downward mo [...]

    6. My Thoughts – Arielle is an interesting teenager. She seems to have an overactive imagination that at times terrifies her. She has concluded that she has the ability to see ghosts, but she doesn’t understand why those ghosts are wanting to hurt her.The main plot of this book is about the death of Perdita, Arielle’s sisters best friend. Arielle killed herself or was killed by someone’s hand – she drowned in the lake not far from Arielle’s house. Arielle sees her body being taken out [...]

    7. Arielle is a teenage girl living in a suburb a few doors down from the best friend of her sister, Casey. Perdita is someone Arielle, and her own best friend, Chloe, admire - she's friendly and pretty and dresses in her own style, wearing a leather jacket with an anatomically-correct heart patch and a matching necklace. Emily, Casey's other best friend, and Casey are going off to Harvard and Perdita's staying in town. But before Casey can leave, something happens. Perdita's found in the nearby la [...]

    8. "Maybe change isn't always bad. Without change, there'd be no beginnings."Arielle Delaney is your typical sixteen year old, spends all her time with her best friend, argues constantly with her older sister who’s about to leave for Harvard, and encounters with what she believes are ghosts. Arielle’s semi-normal life is upturned when a body is discovered in the lake by her house. The corpse is her sister’s long-time best friend, Perdita, the girl Arielle wished her sister was like, with her [...]

    9. * A special thanks to Merit Press for this advanced review copy!To put this review simply, I'm bringing you a round of likes and dislikes. Likes: The writing--it was easy going, sarcastic, and sort of witty. I think Gardner really brought the characters and this story to life with how she writes. Everything just flowed, and I really enjoyed the book for it. The MC: Arielle. She was average, not overly pretty, not overly dramatic--she was pretty run of the mill, in a good way. She was never over [...]

    10. Arielle is seeing things. Is it ghosts or is she just gong insane? She lost her brother to drowning when she was young and now she is tormented by the recent remembrance of Perdita, her sister’s best friend’s body, being pulled from the lake near her home. Arielle wonders if the dead girl is haunting her or if she’s just delusional. Perdita’s brother Tex is also going through a tough time and he befriends Arielle, finding her a kindred soul. But there are questions about the girl’s dea [...]

    11. First, I was not expecting much from this book but man was I surprised. This book is amazing! I feel like this is an inadequate description but, the book was really real. Yes there are mentions of ghost for a fantasy element. Aside from that the reactions by the characters, the characters themselves, and the plot was super realistic. None of the characters were perfect. They screwed up sometimes and succeeded sometimes. The characters were believable in their flaws, dreams, and actions. They wer [...]

    12. Perdita by Faith GardnerI would recommend this book to people who enjoy reading dramatic, mysterious, and emotional books because this book is mostly based upon all these three topics. The most important characters in this book are Arielle, Tex, Perdita, Chloe, and Casey. Tex and Perdita are siblings Perdita being the older one and Tex being the youngest. Arielle and Casey are also siblings and Casey is the older one and Arielle is the younger one. Arielle and Chloe are best friends while Casey [...]

    13. Arielle has a best friend called Chloe and a sister who is more of a rival than a confidante. Just before her sister’s departure for Harvard, Arielle starts getting haunted by what she thinks may be her sister’s dead friend Perdita trying to reach her. The girl dies under mysterious circumstances even though the police initially believe the girl committed suicide. Arielle continues to encounter what she believes to be Perdita’s ghost throughout the story while she falls in love with Perdit [...]

    14. I won this book from a giveaway. "Perdita" is about a girl, Arielle, who has visions of ghosts, or rather a ghost in particular. After her sister's best friend was found drowned in a lake by her house, her life flips upside down; her best friend changes, her sister moves away to college, and she moves out of the house that she spent her childhood in. Something seems to be haunting her at every turn, and doubts arise that Perdita's death was an accident. I found that this book was a very easy re [...]

    15. The writing was very realistic which was kind of refreshing for a YA novel, but in some ways it could pull me out of the story. That is the only reason I dropped a star and gave it three instead of four. It wasn't bad, it just had me focusing on the language instead of the scene at certain points. Like I said though, it was very realistic for a teenage girl and I was impressed by that.The story itself was captivating. I really enjoyed it. The ghost element was creepy and riveting. The relationsh [...]

    16. Great voice! I kinda expected that since Gardner has the literary bona fides - credits in McSweeney's Internet Tendency and PANK and a Pushcart nomination.I thought I'd guessed the villain about midway through, but I was wrong. I like the way Gardner keeps the reader guessing, the emotional complexity, and the edgy vibe. I noticed some other reviewers were unhappy with the ending, but I thought it was fine, leaving room for hope.

    17. Arielle and her sister Casey have never gotten along, but she adores her sister’s best friend Perdita who always has time to talk. The last time Arielle saw her, she had gotten into an argument with Casey and slammed out of the house. The next time she saw Perdita, she was dead. Read the rest of the review on my blog: shouldireaditornot.wordpress.

    18. Best book I've read in a while. It had an amazing layout from the characters to the plot to the settings. The only disappointing part was the how short the ending was. I only had that one complaint. Anyways Great book. You should definitely read this if you like the Grisha Trilogy, The book The Wrath & The Dawn, Or even The Divergent Series.

    19. Great characters, edgy/creepy feel, teeters between psychological thriller/ghost story/mystery without tipping solidly into any of those categories, but a rather abrupt ending. Borrow rather than buy.

    20. This was another wins, I enjoyed the book great for high school aged readers. Arielle's life was what it seems a high school life would be like, but throw in was a murder, ghosts - maybe maybe not. The ending I thought was a little up in the air, But all and all an enjoyable read.

    21. I liked it but there were some mistakes in writing that could get confusing. This book had mystery and suspense but I did not like the part where the main girl out herself down. Overall: 3.75

    22. Mystery with a paranormal feel. Quick enjoyable read that was great until the last page. HATED the ending. I understand it - it makes sense, but I hated it.

    23. An amazing read! Well written and excellent plot. Keeps you on the edge of your seat until the very last page!

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