Spy Night on Union Station

Spy Night on Union Station Spy Night on Union Stationis is Book of the EarthCent Ambassador series The story picks up less than a year after the events of High Priest on Union Station with Kelly coming to the conclusion that

  • Title: Spy Night on Union Station
  • Author: E.M. Foner
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 455
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Spy Night on Union Stationis is Book 4 of the EarthCent Ambassador series The story picks up less than a year after the events of High Priest on Union Station, with Kelly coming to the conclusion that EarthCent needs an intelligence service Of course, EarthCent has no institutional knowledge of what spies do, or how they work, so the new agency gets off to a slow start.Spy Night on Union Stationis is Book 4 of the EarthCent Ambassador series The story picks up less than a year after the events of High Priest on Union Station, with Kelly coming to the conclusion that EarthCent needs an intelligence service Of course, EarthCent has no institutional knowledge of what spies do, or how they work, so the new agency gets off to a slow start Then Kelly and the Union Station crew come up with a brilliant idea.

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    1. E.M. Foner

      I wrote Date Night on Union Station while taking a break from work on a science fiction epic I ve been struggling with for years The goal was to cheer myself up and to find out if there is still an audience for a science fiction comedy that gets its laughs from dialogue and funny situations rather than from gross outs and shocks As many readers have pointed out, the EarthCent series could be rated PG under the old fashioned system, no bloodshed, no graphic sex, no four letter words And after years of imagining a galaxy for my epic in which multiple human civilizations are at war with each other, it did me a world of good to write about a galaxy where most people are just trying to make a living and find some joy in life I received so many requests to extend the Date Night universe into a series that I put aside my epic for an extended period to write a sequel, Alien Night on Union Station The events take place five years after the conclusion of Date Night, and the plot involves a mix of business, diplomacy, gaming and family relations As a bonus, we finally get to meet Kelly s mother After the positive response to Alien Night, I wrote a third book for the series, High Priest of Union Station, which is currently in the editing stage and due out in mid October I just started a book that extends the EarthCent galaxy with a different mission and cast of characters, though they may intersect at some point.

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    1. What if spying was low stakes? What if it was just another job, just another part of business and commerce, with no torture or killings? Everyone happy to share information?The 4th in this sci-fi series is comedy version of the Bourne movies, a G-rated version of the Bond films, all of the spy troupes happily torn up and tossed into the air as confetti. The humans realize they are a little behind the rest of the universe in the galactic spying arena and set out to set up their agency and spies. [...]

    2. I really enjoy these books. They are clean and really well written. In reading them, you an clearly see that Foner has a great grasp or science, socio political circumstances, psychology and a lot more. There is a lot of humor and wit in these books. I've read four of his books this year and E.M. Loner has yet to disappoint. This was a really interesting. This is not your basic science fiction but it hits in all the right places. Can't wait to crack open the fifth book.

    3. Another fun EarthCent book Foner continues to deliver his short, sweet stories of Union Station. Though I didn't enjoy this one quite as much as the last, it was still a lot of fun and he managed to wrap up all his various plot threads concisely at the end (as he usually does). I really do enjoy Foner's slightly zany sense of humor which lends a sort of fun chaos to his stories. If you like the series, you'll enjoy this book, if you haven't read any of them, is highly encourage you to start with [...]

    4. I love this series but I wish the books flowed together better. While it is very important to read the books in order, I feel as if there is too large of a gap between books. The characters are wonderful and easy to relate to. The plot lines are always engaging and funny.

    5. These books are very lightweight in so many ways, and that is exactly why I love them. Sort of like a delightful sitcom in space. I'm certain to be diverted without being grossed out or angered and that is a nice change of pace from all the too serious stuff I can't avoid.

    6. Wasn't too badOut of all of the books in this series, I have read, this one isn't my favorite. It was still cute and funny.

    7. Fun series to readThe bureaucracy of space is an interesting setting for a sci-fi series that is well done. Nothing Nobel worthy but a fun read.

    8. Quick, funny readsThese are great books for when you need a light-hearted, entertaining escape. I usually devour a book or two in one sitting when I read them.

    9. Continues to be a fantastic series -- though it occured to me late in the book that Kelly and Joe could truthfully claim to be part of a Eugenics program organized by an Alien superintelligence. 8)

    10. My favorite one so far. Not to mention it is the funniest as well. I couldn't count how many times I burst out laughing.This time we get to have fun with a new character in the form of a spy. A few past characters (Kelly included of course) get the next steps in their storylines. And we also get a glimpse into other worlds and other ambassadors. Yep yep, this is a great book, I recommend it.

    11. Not as good as the previousIt's basically just a story about setting up a spy agency with some humorous parts but I didn't enjoy it as much as the previous books because it didn't really have too much of a plot to it. Good for the most part but not my favorite one of the series.

    12. These are fun sci-fi. A new reading experience, a change of pace. Being the new kids in the universe it's a learning curve for the humans. They're fast learners. The kids have set up a baby setting service that is making them rich. The aliens love the service, why didn't anyone think of it eons ago? The Stryx are sending their youngsters? does that work for intelligent artificial life? to school with the human kids, it seems to jump start their creativity and imagination. In fact, although it's [...]

    13. One of the things I particularly like about these stories is the complex ideas that they explore. Rather than starting from the assumption that government and spies exist, the book explores the whole reason why you might have them to begin with and by so doing, delves into the irrational and hilarious. If an actor hits on redheads for a group named EEK, will the ambassadors get to resign? No, well then obviously they need better intelligence to swing better deals and finally get some respect! It [...]

    14. Fun being a spyA young woman is asked to be one of the first of intelligence collectors for the Earth's off world ambassadorial government . With a twist that bring her in with the characters from the earlier stories the plot thickens all sorts of miscommunication keep you immersed in hilarious situations , and the spy equipment, though funny is not far off track. It was a wonderful story keeping you page swiping to the end!

    15. #4. It's hard to be a SpyWithout money, military, and high enough tech, Earth and it's humans can't compete with the various senior alien species in intelligence gathering. Ambassador Kelly takes steps to fill this void, but everyone knows everything she's doing because she's being spied on. Earth hires a couple of actors to play the role of Spy Director and agent so they can enlist a couple of real agents. Pretty funny.

    16. This serie is really something else. A light funny universe, with a series of wonderful characters, funny situations and a perfect balance of storyline and humor. it builds and grows on the previous, making it even better and more enjoyable. I found myself laughing out loud more than one time. This fourth is probably the funnier book for me. The whole spy thing was just hilarious

    17. Funny and captivating easy-readAll the books in the series are from the beach & train reading category. Do not expect character depth or a new top for sci-fi literature.Expect to be entertained by most amusing characters and situations brought together by a well designed plot. I look forward to a new story.

    18. Engaging fantasy worldThis installment added some great new characters I look forward to seeing again, but the ending didn't have quite the same umphh as the last three books. I was looking for more resolution. Nonetheless I'm still quite engaged with this alternate universe and looking forward to more

    19. Interesting new charactersI like this series. I like the new characters introduced in this book. However, I thought the ending a little flat. Still an enjoyable read, but I did not like it as much as the preceding volumes. Probably just a matter of taste.

    20. One of my favorite seriesI call it lighthearted but not lightheaded. All the books are great fun, but this one is a fave. Where else can you read about a convention for spy equipment sponsored by an intelligence agency?

    21. Good but not the bestI love this series, but since this book didn't have as much action with the main characters, it wasn't quite as good. Still plenty of laughs and Stryx manipulation of humans, though.

    22. Fun,fun ,funA good light hearted read. I am hooked on this series, and I can't wait for the next installment to come out.

    23. Foner's Union Station books are a romp, with enough social satire to add just the right amount of intellectual depth for a quick reading "snack".

    24. Spy gamesThis book was ok compared to others in the series. In thought it to be a little dull. But, it did have some good moments.

    25. Laughed so hard I cried. Want to read more of the series but it's 1230am. if I sleep now I get six hours!!!! That would be so wonderful.

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