Król Maciuś Pierwszy

Kr l Maciu Pierwszy A child king introduces reforms to give children the same rights as adults

  • Title: Król Maciuś Pierwszy
  • Author: Janusz Korczak
  • ISBN: 9788374355
  • Page: 193
  • Format: Hardcover
  • A child king introduces reforms to give children the same rights as adults.

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      193 Janusz Korczak
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    About "Janusz Korczak"

    1. Janusz Korczak

      Janusz Korczak was a Polish Jewish children s author, pediatrician, and child pedagogue, also known under the pseudonym Stary Doktor He was born Henryk Goldszmit in Warsaw on July 22, 1878 During his youth, he played with children who were poor and lived in bad neighborhoods his passion for helping disadvantaged youth continued into his adulthood He studied medicine and also had a promising career in literature When he gave up his career in literature and medicine, he changed his name to Janusz Korczak, a pseudonym derived from a 19th century novel, Janasz Korczak and the pretty Swordsweeperlady.In 1912, Korczak established a Jewish orphanage, Dom Sierot, in a building which he designed to advance his progressive educational theories He envisioned a world in which children structured their own world and became experts in their own matters Jewish children between the ages of seven and fourteen were allowed to live there while attending Polish public school and government sponsored Jewish schools, known as Sabbath schools The orphanage opened a summer camp in 1921, which remained in operation until the summer of 1940.Besides serving as principal of Dom Sierot and another orphanage, Nasz Dom, Korczak was also a doctor and author, worked at a Polish radio station, was a principal of an experimental school, published a children s newspaper and was a docent at a Polish university Korczak also served as an expert witness in a district court for minors He became well known in Polish societyand received many awards The rise of anti Semitism in the 1930 s restricted only his activities with Jews.In 1934 and 1936, Korczak visited Palestine and was influenced by the kibbutz movement Following his trips, Korczak was convinced that all Jews should move to Palestine.The Germans occupied Poland in September 1939, and the Warsaw ghetto was established in November 1940 The orphanage was moved inside the ghetto Korczak received many offers to be smuggled out of the ghetto, but he refused because he did not want to abandon the children On August 5, 1942, Korczak joined nearly 200 children and orphanage staff members were rounded up for deportation to Treblinka, where they were all put to death.Source Janusz Korczak Communication Center and U.S Holocaust Memorial Museum

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    1. Konig hanschen (Król Maciuś #1), Janusz Korczakتاریخ نخستین خوانش: نهم ماه اکتبر سال 1978 میلادیعنوان: هنس کوچولو جلد 2؛ اثر: یانوش کورچاک؛ مترجم: بهرام حبیبی؛ نشر: تهران، 1357، در دو جلد مصور و رنگی، در 580 ص، این جلد 238 صهنس کوچولو، بر ساحل نشسته، سنگریزه به دریا میاندازد. چه خوشرنگست این آب، آرام و زیب [...]

    2. As far as I know, King Matt the First is a novel for children like no one other around. I was particularly glad to get this book as a present from my girlfriend. Being rather fond of Polish literature lately, I have to confess how I had never heard before about this book as well as its author. This ignorance of mine made the surprise even greater. And yet King Matt is apparently a milestone in children books in Poland, while Janusz Korczak himself was a famous pedagogist with an interesting pers [...]

    3. I do not understand the love for this book.King Matt the First is a story about a prince who becomes king at a young age. Obviously he has no idea what a king is supposed to do, so he starts off doing wacky things like making a huge doll for a random girl he meets, then runs off to war to play soldier. Later he creates a children's parliament, where children can govern themselves however they see fit, which of course leads to all sorts of trouble. Somewhere in the middle he befriends an African [...]

    4. King Matt the First by Janusz Korczak is one of those gems picked at random from the library. The title caught my eye and although the cover art and blurb made it sound hokey, I decided to give it a try. I'm glad I did even though it brought me to tears in a couple places. Although my library puts the book in the children's section, I'd call it an adult book that happens to have a child protagonist. The book was first published in 1923 and was one of twenty novels by child advocate Henryk Goldsz [...]

    5. წიგნი წიგნად ხომ საოცარია, მაგრამ ყველა დამწყებმა მთარგმნელმა და მწერალმა უნდა წაიკითხოს ეს სრულიად გადასარევი ქართული თარგმანი - ლოლა ქადაგიშვილის. ნამდვილი სასწავლო საშუალებაა, როგორ [...]

    6. One of the most fascinating things about this book is that it was written by a Polish paediatric doctor and educator who introduced many orphanages into Poland. The sad and courageous thing is that during WWII, he refused to leave his orphans as they were being sent to their deaths in a gas chamber. The book has great aspects and interesting characters, but it ends in a very strange way for a children's book. I love the characters of the African Cannibal King Bum-Drum and his daughter Klu-Klu.

    7. This book is AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!! This book is about a little boy Matt and his father is sick. His mother is dead and his father dies. Matt becomes king at a young age. He has to go to a lot of meeting with his ministers and he secretly goes to war with his friend Felek, and he wins the war. And later on two more wars. Everyone loves King Matt. He goes on lots of adventures but later on he comes to an unexpected surprise that no one would ever want to encounter.

    8. Beautiful and sad; a portrait of a child monarch attempting to found a utopia on a world too politically similar too our own. An amazing and neglected work of fiction.

    9. I find it quite interesting that there seems to be more made of the author of this book than of the book itself. The description of the book here in GoodReads begins with a paragraph about the author, and while it can be interesting to know the author's background, and it can explain a little as to why s/he should write about a particular topic, I believe that any blurb about a book should first and foremost be about the book.Then, the introduction to the book (written by a person I personally h [...]

    10. Gorka i tužna knjiga. Siroti Maćuš, taman što je, sticajem okolnosti, dospeo u svet u kome je sve dozvoljeno, surova stvarnost ga uči pravoj istini, a to je da je dečji san o apsolutnoj slobodi lišenoj autoriteta laž, da ne možeš idealima protiv sistema, protiv ljudske prirode Još jedna potvrda da su međuratni pisci za decu apsolutni kraljevi mračnjaštva i subverzije.

    11. came to janusz korczak via something graeme wood tweeted and while korczak's bio is awesome: this book has not aged well. there are some cool things here: the slow maturation of matt from naive orphan king to increasingly tragic young adult, sort of like _the little prince_ but actually about you know, about being a ruler. but the antique racism/stereotyping that keeps coming up makes this hard to appreciate. there is something here but i'm not going to do the work of excavating it and washing a [...]

    12. I am about two-thirds finished with this book. I love it and would give it five stars - but need to warn my peers out there. There are a few swear words worth editing if reading aloud but it doesn't go on through the book (one chapter that I have read needed editing.)As I read I imagine a kindly aging man reading this story aloud to the orphans as the Author is said to have done. I am touched at how well he weaved the trial of times into the story without actually talking about it. (the Holocaus [...]

    13. Wow - this book is poingant and beautiful. It is much a coming of age story as Matt discovers the challenges of being a true leader and tries to navigate the precarious balances of doing it justly and compassionately. It is easy to sympathize with a character who is not a capable, evenhanded rules, but a brave, honest child making many mistakes as he faces the great unknown.The characters are rich and complex - there are few in this book that you can either place on a pedestal or wholeheartedly [...]

    14. I wish they had the Russian edition on here, which is what I read [and am too lazy to update right now.]This book was one of my favorites when I was little, although I remember it being really sad. I was very affected by melancholy when I was small.Anyway, often think about this book and am about to re-read it for inspiration for something - that's got to be worth something, no?I'll update the review once I am done with the book.

    15. This was a book made for kids. Yet by the time they could read this large book they would have outgrown it. I think it would make a great read aloud book to second graders. It had no grown up appeal to it and my older kids would be bored by page 5. I did think the most interesting part of the book was about the author and how he would not leave his kids from a Warsaw orphanage to save his life and was killed in a camp during WWII.

    16. I've read this book decades ago and only knew by its Turkish name: "Çocuk Kral"(Child King). I'm glad I found it. It tells the story of a child prince who becomes king at a very early age.The now king does many absurd and funny reforms such as banning girls from the parliament and sending the grown-ups back to school.Even if the book doesn't make you laugh out loud,it will put a grin on your face.

    17. This is the story of a young boy who becomes king and wants to reform his country. He wants to make it a better place for children to live (a worthy goal, in my opinion), but he does not have the wisdom to know how to go about this. He makes some good laws but also some foolish ones. He is brave and he tries hard. I found the author's background quite interesting and heroic.

    18. Душераздирающая книга!!!!!!!!!!Любил эту историю, но боялся её читать (и всё равно читал много раз), потому что здесь несправедливость торжествует, но при этом это НАСТОЯЩАЯ детская книга. Януш Корчак знал, что творится в душе у ребёнка и что он сможет выдержать, а что нет!!!Навер [...]

    19. This is a fun book about a nine year old (I think) that becomes king and makes life better for kids, but also learns about all the duties of a king. He also joins the army at some pointere's a lot of cool stuff in there.

    20. I liked the bookI will read the sequel--'King Matt on a deserted island' if it gets translated in English, which I believe will happen very soon

    21. I just found this book at the salvation army and was so surprised I hadn't heard of it before. A great homage to childhood and the crazy world of adults.

    22. Książka, która pokazuje, że świat dzieci rządzi się innymi prawami niż świat dorosłych. Jednak większość ludzi, jak staje się dorosłymi, to zapomina, jak to jest być dzieckiem.

    23. Soyons claire: j'ai pas aimé. Ça sent à plein nez l'histoire faite pour plaire aux enfants, pour les amadouer. Alors ok, l'auteur fut un gars bien, qui milita pour le droit des enfants, il cherche ici peut-être à soutenir les enfants, à leur donner confiance. Très bien, mais bon, faut pas exagérer non plus.Ainsi, en intro:Les adultes ne comprendront pas.Ben voilà, hop, torché, on peut étouffer toute critique d'adulte dans l'oeuf, habile le gars! Et un peu fayot avec les enfants, si vo [...]

    24. King Matt - A Beloved Classic by the King of Children Were one to associate a book and a fictional character with Janusz Korczak, it would certainly be Krol Macius, King Matthew. His likeness appeared on a series of Polish stamps commemorating his creator, along with a German post card. He saw himself as a leader, through the eyes of the child, King Matt. This is especially true of the often-related accounts of his final march through the Warsaw Ghetto, in silent protest providing comfort to the [...]

    25. ¡Mi segundo libro favorito del año! De viaje en Polonia, en una librería, le pedí a la dueña que me recomendara a su autor polaco favorito y puso este libro en mis manos. "Es un libro infantil" - me aclaró, logrando despertar aún más mi curiosidad porque el libro era de 433 páginas y sin ilustraciones. ¡Un tesoro! Es una mezcla entre "El Principito" (por la profundidad de los mensajes) y "Harry Potter" (por la visión y adaptación del protagonista a un nuevo mundo). La biografía del [...]

    26. Maciuś has taught me most of my Polish vocabulary. It's taken me so long to finish this book that I feel like I watched him grow up in real-time (Please be aware that I read it in Polish, my first language is English). But this is a book worth your time. Korczak understands not only children but high politics, colonialism, economy. His nuanced thinking shown through the eyes of precocious Maciuś will make you forget you're reading a book that was written pre-World War II. I can't recommend it [...]

    27. Gelezen in het Nederlands als: "Koning Matthijsje de Eerste". De vertaling is uit de begin jaren tachtig en daardoor net iets anders dan het huidige Nederlands. Het was wel een verademing om een kinderboek te lezen waarin "echte" dingen gebeuren. Zeker niet alles loopt goed af en dat zijn kinderen tegenwoordig wel aan gewend! Militaire en politieke thermen te over, maar wel goed uitgelegd. De kinderen vonden het daardoor interessant en voelen hun er belangrijker door. Ik denk dat, dat juist het [...]

    28. Made it to page 106, leafed through the rest.Review 1999:Een raar, onaangenaam verhaal met een vreemd abrupt einde (maar misschien was het oorspronkelijk één geheel met het door de vertaler genoemde vervolg?).

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