Her Best Mistake

Her Best Mistake One drunken night Shoshanna Clarke let her inhibitions go and said yes to Toby Mason Sleeping with the town bad boy ends up completely changing her life Toby finally got the girl he wanted despite t

  • Title: Her Best Mistake
  • Author: Jenika Snow
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 214
  • Format: Paperback
  • One drunken night, Shoshanna Clarke let her inhibitions go and said yes to Toby Mason Sleeping with the town bad boy ends up completely changing her life.Toby finally got the girl he wanted, despite the fact she doesn t know it yet She s a good girl, and Toby is known for being a bad boy But before Toby can tell Shoshanna he wants her for than that one night, he haOne drunken night, Shoshanna Clarke let her inhibitions go and said yes to Toby Mason Sleeping with the town bad boy ends up completely changing her life.Toby finally got the girl he wanted, despite the fact she doesn t know it yet She s a good girl, and Toby is known for being a bad boy But before Toby can tell Shoshanna he wants her for than that one night, he has to leave town due to his father s death.When Shoshanna finds out she is pregnant, she has no way to tell Toby he s the father It isn t until Toby s return that she must finally face reality and tell him everything.Can Toby put his bad boy ways behind him and give Shoshanna and his baby what they both deserve

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    649 thoughts on “Her Best Mistake”

    1. DNFH knows h all his life but he's never noticed her in high school and had a steady GF from ninth grade. In the last year of HS he makes a move on h( while still not breaking off with head cheerleader GF) but she is scared of his reputation and runs.H pines for h for next 5 yrs - he does it in style actively manwhoring his way across the town and never once making a move on h(!!) h predictably dated 1 guy and it was not memorable.So after they have a ONS, H thinks this:(view spoiler)[“He want [...]

    2. 2.5 "Meh" starsI found this book rather boring. I kept waiting on something happen. These two have known each other their whole lives but never really interacted - they traveled in different circles. Their only interaction during high school was three small conversations over a 12 hr period that went something like this:1 - Hey, we're in X class together right? No, we're in X class2 - Hey, there's a party tonight and I want you to come That's not really my scene, I don't fit in there Well, I wan [...]

    3. This started out a great book, and then when I got towards the end it felt very rushed almost like the author had a specific page count or word count she had to stick to and most was used in the beginning and middle leaving the end to be short changed. I'm not saying the book was bad, in fact up till the end(and the end wasn't horrible) this was one of my favorite Jenika Snow books but I needed more from the end. I feel like had she spend more time on the end and given us more pages to properly [...]

    4. VERY DISAPPOINTING! This is not what I've come to expect from Jenika at all. The best thing about the book was the sex. Halfway through the book after Sashonna and Toby were out of college and living there lives their conversations were very childish, like they were in high school. Only 93 pages. I'm so disappointed with this book. I'm sorry Jenika but I do not recommend this book to anyone.

    5. Shoshanna Clarke hated highschool, every day was just another check towards being done with they bullying she was subjected too. Her only highlight was secretly watching her crush, local bad boy, Toby Mason from afar. Shoshanna had no idea that Toby was harboring an attraction as well but he did not feel worthy of her at the time.Five years later and a drunken moment, they both fall into bed with one another. When that one night ended with an unexpected pregnancy, Shoshanne will find out Toby ha [...]

    6. I needed more.While I do have a weakness for Jenika's books this one seemed to be missing something, I know it's a short book but I never really connected to the characters and in a book this length I really begrudged the time spent on Ace and Lauren and while I appreciate their book is probably next Toby and Shoshanna didn't have enough pages of their own anyway.The scenes when they're together are lovely but for this to work for me I needed more.

    7. I will get out on a limb and say it was cute but short. Too short. What's more, I don't get the whole idea of pining over a guy, for years, only to be irresponsibly knocked up by said man on the very first occasion.

    8. 2.5 stars.I always look to JS when I want some light-hearted smut but I didn't much like Her Best Mistake. The chemistry seemed forced and it's my fault for not checking the length but it was barely long enough. As it was it felt like they had sex and lived happily ever after - no story in between. I agree with another reviewer where she said it felt like an outline but with no story to flesh it out. It is pretty pricey for the length too. I'll be sure to check next time.

    9. Rating: 4The story was great, but it just was not enough. I really feel like this could've been a full length novel and it would've made this story a little more believable. Other than that, the sex scenes were amazing and I really loved Toby.

    10. So 70 % was just sex , not that i complaining . But if book would be little longer would be much better ! But easy , fast read!

    11. It was a quick read and a steamy one at that but something felt amiss. Said connection between the MCs felt out of the blue and pretty much like it was just written but not felt. In the end it was an ok read but I'm sure it will be forgotten in the next few hours nothing too deep or worth thinking about re-reading this, perhaps the next one in this serie would be better.

    12. great story I really enjoyed this very well written and romantic book. It has a good blend of romance, drama and sexual chemistry. It is a short yet sweet story.

    13. Loooved it!!! Jenika never dissapoints me!!! Loved this one soo much!!! Can't wait for Ace and Lauren's story!!!!

    14. 2.5 stars.I was disappointed, it just didn't have the same flair as the other books Jenika Snow writes. Couldn't connect with the characters at all and the sex scenes weren't very good either.

    15. 4 stars. This was a cute story. From the beginning. Some parts were Get a back bone girl. but I guess some females it takes a while to build. Kudos to the author

    16. The good,the bad, and the love.Toby Mason was the typical, bad boy ,all-star jock, male slut of high school. He had the typical high school cheerleader, snooty, girlfriend. They were part of the popular. Shoshanna was not in the popular crowd. She was a quite, reserved, and nerdy type of girl. She excelled in all her school work. Because she was quiet, dressed different and her family had money she was labeled as being snobbish. Toby had demons he was dealing with. His attitude was changing. All [...]

    17. Short smut. We didn't really get a chance to connect with the characters, they had hardly any time to get to know one another before she ends up pregnant and then bam - happy ending. The sex felt very repetitive fact, this story reminded me almost exactly of her story Hard (although I don't know which one came first) right down to the heroine having a nagging thought about contraception. And I kept trying to figure out why Toby, who presumably had Shoshanna's cell phone number since he called he [...]

    18. The beginning until it said "5 years later" was POINTLESS. Because that whole beginning was reiterated over and over throughout the book. Toby wasn't a bad boy to me. He just a had anger issues (not really) and had sex a lot. When I think of bad, I think of really bad, to the point of illegal bad. Idk. Although this book was short, the story dragged and I think the only reason why it did because things were repeating over and over. I found myself reading a sentence twice and drifting. This book [...]

    19. While this wasn't one of my favorite books by Jenika, I still found it to be an enjoyable read and freaking loved the cover. Storyline is short, fast paced and steamy. Shoshanna and Toby get a second chance at a relationship or truly a first chance since really the first time as teenagers was over before it actually began. After a drunken night spent with Toby, Shoshanna has to tell him she's pregnant never expecting him to want to be with her. She's shy, sweet, not super thin and nerdy. He's a [...]

    20. Her Bad BoyThis was a fantastic read from start to finish. Shoshanna has always had a crush on the delectable Toby unfortunately she didn't know that the feelings were returned until they meet up at a party and Toby reveals how he truly feels. Shoshanna who is scared, runs off because the feelings between the pair is too intense. Fast forward years later and the two are still explosive when their together and one night leads to a life changing moment for the two. Once again Jenika's got a way of [...]

    21. Toby and Shoshanna. This was a sweet, angst-free, quick read. Not much to say about it really. It starts in high-school where Toby is the big football hero dating the b*tchy cheerleader, but with a secret passion for the nerdy girl, Shoshanna. Then fast forward to several years later when they meet again in a bar. One drunken-wild-night stand, leaves them both with more than just good memories. But Toby is called out of town unexpectedly for a month. The book goes into his difficult childhood an [...]

    22. This book was fabulous! I loved that it was a love story and not full of angst and a bunch of obstacles that kept them apart. There was no jealous ex, no strife and fights. There was tragedy in Toby's family but it only added to letting their feelings for each be known. I love how Shoshanna grew into herself, and didn't stay stuck in the past. Toby has a touch of the dark side in his sexuality and I loved it! Nothing I love more then an Alpha more! And Jenika delivers on that 1000% in every one [...]

    23. Give me a bad boy any day.This is book 1 of the new series and it is better than the excerpts teased me about. Toby is the bad boy in high school, football jock and one of the popular kids. Shoshanna is a big girl and a geek. She just wants to get out of high school and start her life. This is their story, how they meet and what it took to get that happy ending. I recommend this story to all romance readers. Tried to read in one setting but took two. Looking forward to book 2 in the series. ;)

    24. 3.5 starsShort, fast moving, start of the series. The first book in a series is always the hardest. You are introducing new characters, as well as introducing upcoming characters. I think the set-up of this one actually makes the next book look more exciting. I really didn't think much of this couple and felt let down on how they finally got together after highschoolnd of took the romance out of it by stating several times how inebriated they were. I am looking forward to the next book in the se [...]

    25. Another JS winner!This was a great book. I really love how Toby is finally moving forward on his feelings for Shoshanna. It took him a long time to overcome his doubts and grab her with both hands. She's been secretly in love with him for a lot of years and not quite believing he's really standing in front of her with that sexy grin on his beautiful face.One incredibly wild night changes everything. If Toby can convince her, Shoshanna will be his.I love it when the right people find each other. [...]

    26. This was not one of Jenika Snow's best books.The characters are cliche to the point of boring. There is a lot of repetitive explaining about her image and their relationship in high school. Depth and emotion are lacking and I just couldn't connect. Too many grammatical errors and some other editing mistakes just makes this a low rating read for me. The one thing that made this book a 2 star instead of a one was Toby himself. He is hoooottttt and oozes sex appeal and he is really good a the sex t [...]

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