Declan + Coraline

Declan Coraline You Don t Find Love It Finds You Declan Coraline takes place two years before the start of the Ruthless People Twenty three year old Coraline Wilson is fresh out of college and just wants to experien

  • Title: Declan + Coraline
  • Author: J.J. McAvoy
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 151
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • You Don t Find Love, It Finds You Declan Coraline takes place two years before the start of the Ruthless People Twenty three year old Coraline Wilson is fresh out of college and just wants to experience life to the fullest for the first time On her journey towards self discovery, she ends up meeting twenty seven year old Declan Callahan They fall for each other hardYou Don t Find Love, It Finds You.Declan Coraline takes place two years before the start of the Ruthless People Twenty three year old Coraline Wilson is fresh out of college and just wants to experience life to the fullest for the first time On her journey towards self discovery, she ends up meeting twenty seven year old Declan Callahan They fall for each other hard and fast but their families may prove to be problematic A Ruthless People Prequel Novella about 46,000 words

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      I m a twenty year old something born in Montreal, Canada but currently living in Virginia for school I would tell you want my major is however after two years I still have no idea what I m doing.So I m a writer duh that s how you found me , movie enthusiast, and self proclaimed chef I love music even though I can t sing or dance to save my life That doesn t necessarily stop me but you ve been warned I started Ruthless People the summer of 2013 in hopes of giving myself a new type of love and crime drama I never knew so many people thought like me I feel truly blessed to have fans like you all Writing is my true love and having you all enjoy my words is a dream come true.I m onFacebookTumblrInstagramand Youtube

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    1. ★★★★★! Declan + Coraline, book 0.5 of 4. Declan & Coraline’s romance 2 years prior to Ruthless People!“Do you hear yourself? This is what an amazing fuck sounds like.”Released by popular demand Declan + Coraline is a prelude to the Ruthless People trilogy. It can be read first, but might be even more enjoyable if read afterbook 3.Book 0.5: Declan + CoralineBook 1: Ruthless PeopleBook 2: UntouchablesBook 3: American SavagesBook 4: A Bloody Kingdom“We were the standard, the h [...]

    2. 4.5 "PS I will always love you" stars“Protect, live, and die for her.” It was the Callahan way.Declan Callahan"My name is Declan Callahan, and I enjoy fine wine, finer women, and sex.”Declan was literally struck deaf, dumb and on his ass. From the moment he saw her, he knew it was her the one he's been looking for, the one he's been warned about, the one who would make him fall Coraline Wilson"Be this happy all the time, Coraline.”Fresh out of college, she returns home that doesn't feel [...]

    3. 5 Steal My Heart StarsYou have to love when an author gives you a novella about extra characters in a series. Well, after reading American Savages, I was happy to jump straight into the novella Declan + Coraline. These two are together when Ruthless People begin. We know their love and commitment towards each other but we don't know their story. They play an important part in the trilogy and they forage themselves into your heart. Everything about Declan- his loyalty, his strength, and his deter [...]

    4. I knew I would like their story but I was not expecting this feel so connected to Declan and Coraline and to love their story sooooo muchhhh :DI only wish that I could have read their story before starting this series because I would have definitely looked at the differently throughout the books.What to expect?Well if you haven't started the Ruthless People series expect to fall in love with the Callahan clan an their story and to keep reading until you've burned through all the books and keep w [...]

    5. ♦ 4.5 "PS-I Love You" Stars! ♦So, the other day I was re-reading McAvoy's Black Rainbow (which I loved) and then I remembered I still had this series to read. I wanted to write a review of the whole series (as I normally do) but after reading this, Declan + Coraline deserves a single review because this was A-MAZING! Also, because I have seen that the other three books are about Liam (Declan's brother, so exciting!!!) and it is better to have the other three together in the review.This is th [...]

    6. 3.5 that was nice STARS“You have always thought of the family before anything else, even yourself. Now all you want is a woman? I don’t care if she’s black, purple, green, Irish or not. You should have what you want.”Well, that was quite interesting. You guys probably know how much I love the Ruthless People series and going back to before it all happened and seeing how Declan and Coraline came together was very entertaining.Both characters were already on my favourites list, but having [...]

    7. 4 StarsIf you've read RUTHLESS PEOPLE, then you've already met Declan and Coraline (Cora). But if you haven't then you're in for even more of a treat. RP was released first. And even though the main characters were Liam and Melody, you still got to meet the entire family and get some of their story. This included Declan and Cora. In RP you saw them as a broken married couple. They clearly love each other very much but somewhere along the way they disconnected. This book is a prequel to RP. You g [...]

    8. 4 STARSSo enjoyed this novella! Loved getting to see Declan and Coraline meet, get to know each other and fall in love. This could be read before the Ruthless Peoples series however, I think reading after is better. It makes their struggles and victory all that more sweet in the Ruthless People series.This was a sweet gift from Ms. McAvoy for those of us lamenting the end of this series and the Callahans. This takes place 2 years before Liam and Melody unite. Being able to meet Declan, a very ar [...]

    9. I loved spending more time with Declan and Coraline Callahan.Getting to know them better and finding out how their story began and what shenanigans they both got up too and the car sex HOT :) and Declan has his own brand of sexiness going on "a man in black on s Harley" sigh, makes me want to re read the Ruthless People trilogy so I can get to know Declan again.It was great getting more Liam as I loved the banter between Declan and Liam, I would go as far as to say they were cute together.

    10. Okay, I'm gonna ride herd on the bad trope fail. The filters are so off now, so if cursing bothers you, don't bother reading further. Why? Read on:"While I was tall, dark, and all boobs, she was short, caramel skinned, and had an ass for days. Last time we’d gone out, I was literally pushed to the curb while two guys tried to ask her out."I am so fucking SICK of this "dark-skin equals not good enough/sad sack/pity party" trope that is just as bad as the seeming preference for 'caramel-buttersc [...]

    11. My first choice –always- will be Liam Callahan but somebody just slap me please cause I need more Declan Callahan in my life! Wow, I FREAKING LOVED THIS BOOK SO MUCH!!! And I wish this book were longer cause I just can’t get enough of him… I really loved Declan & Coraline's story. I devour it and I really enjoyed every minute :)If you already read the 3 books of Ruthless People series then you definitely should Declan & Coraline story too. And if you haven’t read the Ruthless Peo [...]

    12. *sigh* ah jj I love you! ;) review to be posted on Tuesday if not most definitely Wednesday. I feel generous *Nutella moment* here's a sneak at declan

    13. Oh my. I love the diversity in this novella and I swooned over it. This is a great start and I can't wait to dive in to a new mafia / assassin stories. Declan Callahan and Coraline Wilson have an awesome chemistry and I'm drawn to them. Overall, it's a great short read. <3I'm surely gonna look forward to read Ruthless People. Bring on the assassins!

    14. 2,6 Instalovey STARS"There´s nowhere you can be that isn´t where you´re meant to be" So I´ve keep an eye on Ruthless People for at least a month now, since I´ve seen so many people rave about this series I decided to read it now, because Mafia books are one of my fave things ever. I was actually going to skip this novella and just start with the 1st book, but I decided that 170 pages was short enough. But oh, how I wish I had just listened to myself. I´m just gonna say that it was not enjo [...]

    15. To say I loved this would be a grave understatement. I liked Declan and Coraline, but after reading this and seeing just how they fell in love, it made me to fall in love with them. This series is not one to be missed and if you haven't started it yet, I highly suggest you drop everything and read it ASAP.

    16. 4.5 starsit's so much easier to read about the horrors - and joy - of the past when you already know the conclusion.

    17. This is my first ever read by author JJ McAvoy, and I overall enjoyed it! From what I understand, Declan+Coraline is the prequel to her popular series Irish mafia series Ruthless People. From the way this story reads, it can be considered as a standalone as the other installments in the series focus primarily on Declan’s cousin/brother Liam Callahan.Declan Callahan and Coraline Wilson are polar opposites in every since of the word. He is a privileged, yet ruthless Irish mobster, while Coraline [...]

    18. Hell no. I'm currently reading Melody & Liam's book and we get a chapter in Coraline & Declan's POV as well. After finding out that he was secretly lusting after MELODY, his cousins wife, and picturing MELODY in his mind as his WIFE gave him a blow job. There's no fucking chance in hell I will touch this book. Fucking disgusting. And why? All because his wife doesn't enjoy killing people the way Melody does. Hey asshole, you knew that about her before you married her you disgusting pig!t [...]

    19. “We all have a past, Coraline. Get to know me first before you decide who I am.”Declan Callahan, a privileged and ruthless member of the Irish mafia, and Coraline Wilson, a meek black spoiled rich girl. Both wealthy, although by very different means and both lost their parents at a young age in a violentmatter. The attraction for each other is hot and deep. Declan and Coraline embark on a stormy relationship and when Coraline learns who Declan really is, will she let her heart or mind speak? [...]

    20. The book was great. Hot. Romantic. Beautiful. Sexy and a little bit emotional but I still don't get why the fuck Declan wanted Melody later on!? Dude she was your sister in law. Asshole.That just seems way to unfair to Caroline. I just can't understand it!

    21. I loved this book! I have been looking for a book like this it is what I imagine an interracial relationship to be like. any other books I read was just terrible this one was so good! The story starts with Coraline stepping into a diner to fix her umbrella Declan sees her and is instantly attracted when he goes to approach shes gone he vows never to let her slip by again Coraline is a college grad who has taken over her fathers company she lives with her aunt and uncle who are terrible people ju [...]

    22. I really loved Declan in the Ruthless People trilogy and I'm happy that the author decided to write a story about him and Coraline.As the author explained, this book happened about two years prior to the first book, specifically, the time he met his wife. This was their story.Declan stayed true to the Callahan traits: direct, confident, stubborn, smart and determined to go after what he wants. And he wanted Coraline. From the first time he saw her, he was a goner. Girls threw themselves at the C [...]

    23. Amazing Series I loved every one of the books and they seemed to just get better Would love to read about Neal & Olivia and Sedric & EvelynI think that would just finished the whole Series off

    24. 29/8-2016 - I'm putting this on hold at 84 pages. I just wasn't feeling it right now but I still want to finish it. I will finish this book but I don't know when.

    25. Okay, it's official. I am borderline obsessed with Declan and Coraline and absolutely in love with the fact that Ms. McAvoy gave us their story in a novella after the Ruthless People series. I mean, what better way could she have ended it? Well, maybe with a few more books (which hopefully she will still dohint, hint!), but this novella really was just the icing on the cake for me. I needed more of the entire family after finishing the series and showing us how Declan and Coraline ended up toget [...]

    26. Another great read by J.J. McAvoy. I didn't know much about Coraline so I was excited for this book. After reading I was in love with Declan who I already liked a lot. Same with Coraline who was also a likable character but this gave you so much more of their background. This book was everything I have come to know of the great writing style by McAvoy and more. I love love loved the part when the Callahan men go to South Bend. What Declan does was so awesome. Favorite Series ever!

    27. I love DECLAN!!! I love the deeper insight into Declan and Caroline. I always wanted to know they backstory, and it wasn't let down at all. Super excited for American Savages, as always J.J. you are awesome. Please keep them coming, oh you don't have to give a backstory for Olivia and Neal I'm good.

    28. 4.5 thank god Declan and Coraline got a bookars lolthis was so amazingI never would have thought that this was how Declan and Coraline started outthis was magical to readif you are a fan of Liam and Melody just freaking wait until you get a load of Declan and Coralinethose Callahan menmmmmI really hope JJ writes more of this family I can't accept that they're gone

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