Trumbo NOW A MAJOR MOTION PICTURE STARRING BRYAN CRANSTON Dalton Trumbo was the central figure in the Hollywood Ten the blacklisted and jailed screenwriters One of several hundred writers directors produc

  • Title: Trumbo
  • Author: Bruce Cook
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  • NOW A MAJOR MOTION PICTURE STARRING BRYAN CRANSTON Dalton Trumbo was the central figure in the Hollywood Ten, the blacklisted and jailed screenwriters One of several hundred writers, directors, producers, and actors who were deprived of the opportunity to work in the motion picture industry from 1947 to 1960, he was the first to see his name on the screen again When tNOW A MAJOR MOTION PICTURE STARRING BRYAN CRANSTON Dalton Trumbo was the central figure in the Hollywood Ten, the blacklisted and jailed screenwriters One of several hundred writers, directors, producers, and actors who were deprived of the opportunity to work in the motion picture industry from 1947 to 1960, he was the first to see his name on the screen again When that happened, it was Exodus, one of the year s biggest movies.This intriguing biography shows that all his life Trumbo was a radical of the homegrown, independent variety From his early days in Colorado, where his grandfather was a county sheriff, to Los Angeles, where he organized a bakery strike, to bootlegging, to Hollywood, where he was the highest paid screenwriter when he was blacklisted and a man with constant money problems , his life rivaled anything he had written His credits include Kitty Foyle, The Brave One, Thirty Seconds Over Tokyo, Spartacus, Lonely are the Brave, and Papillon, and he is the author of a power pacifist novel, Johnny Got His Gun.

    Mark Trumbo Stats, Fantasy News MLB Team Date Transaction March , Balti Orioles placed DH Mark Trumbo on the day injured list Recovery from right knee surgery November , Mark Trumbo Stats, News, Pictures, Bio, Videos Balti Get the latest news, stats, videos, and about Balti Orioles designated hitter Mark Trumbo on ESPN. Trumbo Rotten Tomatoes Trumbo Critics Consensus Trumbo serves as an honorable and well acted tribute to a brilliant writer s principled stand, even if it doesn t quite achieve the greatness of its subject s own classic Mark Trumbo Balti Major League Baseball Yahoo The latest stats, facts, news and notes on Mark Trumbo of the Balti Trumbo cfrt The words of two time Academy Award winning screenwriter and novelist, Dalton Trumbo, come to life in a humorous memoir. Trumbo , la enciclopedia libre Trumbo es una pelcula de drama biogrfico estadounidense dirigida por Jay Roach y escrita por John McNamara Protagonizada por Bryan Cranston, Diane Lane, Elle Fanning, Louis CK, Helen Mirren y Trumbo Movie Review Common Sense Media Parents need to know that Trumbo is a biographical drama about screenwriter Dalton Trumbo Bryan Cranston , who was branded a Communist in the s, served jail time, and was blacklisted. Dalton Trumbo , la enciclopedia libre Dalton Trumbo Montrose, Colorado, de diciembre de Los ngeles, de septiembre de fue un novelista, guionista y director de cine estadounidense perseguido por el macarthismo fue uno de los Diez de Hollywood. Trumbo La lista negra de Hollywood FilmAffinity Genio, dignidad y resistencia Bryan Cranston compone un personaje lleno de matices, creble, extravagante, admirable un buen retrato de la barbarie que supuso el macartismo Things You Didn t Know About Dalton Trumbo Mental Floss The name Dalton Trumbo might not be familiar to you, but if you like classic movies, you probably know his work This week, let s take a look at the former American Communist Party member who

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    1. Bruce Cook

      Bruce Alexander Cook was an American journalist and author who also wrote under the pseudonym Bruce Alexander He wrote historical fiction and nonfiction.Librarian Note There is than one author in the database with this name Cook s first book was a nonfiction work, The Beat Generation, published in 1971 His first novel was Chicago based Sex Life, in 1978.He wrote four novels featuring Los Angeles detective Antonio Chico Cervantes under the name Bruce Cook and also a series of novels about the blind magistrate Sir John Fielding, the real life founder of London s first police force, under the name Bruce Alexander, the last of which was published posthumously by his widow and writer John Shannon Young Will The Confessions of William Shakespeare was also published posthumously.

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    1. When I was in high school, during the Vietnam War, I read Johnny Got His Gun, a book that changed forever the way I thought about war. The author was Dalton Trumbo, a name I had never heard of before that time. I’ve heard a lot about him in the decades since. Trumbo was arguably the best and certainly the best know screen writer in the history of Hollywood. His screen credits include Kitty Foyle, Thirty Seconds Over Tokyo, The Brave One, Roman Holiday, Exodus, Papillion, and Spartacus. What he [...]

    2. I'm very happy I read this book after seeing the movie. It made me appreciate this man all the more. A true human that was meant to be a literary inspiration, and fought! He didn't back down from homeland enemies that wanted to diminish him and his talent. This story of his life honestly made me realize that as a writer I'll never be finished telling my stories, and I would improve each time I told one. I would never stop growing and choosing writing as a chosen profession I would always be in a [...]

    3. Trumbo was born in my hometown of Montrose, CO, but no one ever mentioned him there once during my childhood or schooling- though he unquestionably accomplished more than anyone else from western CO. As a part of the "Hollywood Ten" he was blacklisted as a communist in 1950 & thus removed from conversation in his conservative hometown. A very interesting person, Trumbo wrote one of my favorite books: And Johnny Got His Gun.

    4. Un libro que se asienta con un gran realismo en una época, los años 50 del siglo pasado, en la que el país asentado sobre un principio de libertad, realizó su propia caza de brujas. Trumbo, protagonista indiscutible y conocido en nuestro país como novelista más que como guionista, fue uno de los perseguidos.Un libro sumamente interesante

    5. A very good book solidly written and overflowing with quotes and first-hand information. It didn't rise to a 4 or 5 star book simply because it rarely surprised me or gave me more than the basics. While I got a lot of details and particulars about events and many secondary sources and people, I didn't feel I got to know Trumbo or his wife nearly as much as I expected.

    6. "Trumbo" is the story of Dalton Trumbo, one of the Hollywood screenwriters targeted by the House Committee on Un-American Activities, headed by Joseph McCarthy. The 1950s were a very tenuous time politically for the United States of America. The country was still reeling from everything that happened during World War II and the Red Scare was making waves around the world. An overzealous Congress attacked many innocent people in the name of trying to figure out who the communists were in Hollywoo [...]

    7. I found this book when I was looking for something new at hoopla. Dalton Trumbo was a favorite of mine when I was a lot younger than I am now. Saw Johnny Got His Gun when it came out back in 1971 and was blown away by it. Of course the movie never did anything, but because of the movie I read the book, and became a fan. Of course, back then I didn't know anything about the Hollywood Ten and the blacklist. I knew about McCarthy and his "Red Hunt" and I knew that some actors left Hollywood because [...]

    8. I received this audio book as part of the Early Reviewers program from LibraryThing and upon listening to it had to wonder why, since this book was written in 1977 and its author is now dead. I guess it's because the movie based on it is being released in November, so they are hoping to generate interest in the book.Dalton Trumbo is a seminal character in the Red Scare of the late 1940's and early 1940's. As pat of the original Hollywood 10, he went before the House Un-American committee in 1947 [...]

    9. This was a solid, well-researched biography. It feels a lot like it's written by someone who remembers the Cold War a lot more palpably than I do, and so veers towards the hagiographic. That said, it probably presents the best case for that as possible--it sounds like, ego and all, Trumbo was legitimately brave in the face of inappropriate Congressional inquiries, and phenomenally persistent and productive during his years on the blacklist. That said, while I'm glad I read it, I think that it wo [...]

    10. This biography is a look into the compelling life of blacklisted, Hollywood screenwriter Dalton Trumbo. It's intriguing and gives you insight into the whole blacklist history and how Dalton's life was effected by it and those around him. I found the audio book very interesting and thorough in covering his life. I would recommend this book to anyone who wants to see the new film about Trumbo, writers, people in the film industry, and screenwriters. I received this book for free through First Rea [...]

    11. A very interesting and lengthy study of a very talented man in a very unusual situation. Very illuminating, as I had no real knowledge of the Hollywood blacklist and the people involved. Given that it's very prominent now because of the movie, it's important to remember this was written almost 40 years ago, since it's written in a very present tense.

    12. I've always been fascinated by the Hollywood blacklist and the lives affected. The fact that this is about the author of Johnny Got His Gun, a heartbreaking and all too true story, is a bonus.And yes, I'll say it, the cover. Bryan Cranston can get it.

    13. Trumbo, written by John McNamara, based on the book by Bruce Cook8 out of 10Notes and thoughts on other books are available at:- youtube/playlist?list and realini/Trumbo is a very entertaining film.Considering that the hero was a communist, many people would reject it.Having lived under a communist regime, I also have qualms about the protagonist and his wrong sympathies.They used to say, and this is apparently an anecdote, not one of the multitudes of jokes we exchanged to make hell more livabl [...]

    14. This is the 1977 biography of screenwriter Dalton Trumbo, the most famous of the "Hollywood Ten" who made headlines in the late 40's and early 50's for refusing to name names or admit to being communists when called to testify before congress, which was the basis of the film Trumbo. The book was an interesting look at the blacklist and the people involved. The author, Bruce Cook, interviewed almost all of the principal people affected. He also had access to Trumbo and unrestricted access to his [...]

    15. The technical detail here makes this a tedious read in portions. However, the details are very necessary since Trumbo's life loops and twists and returns to people he knew twenty or thirty years before. Many of his stories lay open-ended for years. Much of his intent and the intent of those who tried to help or hurt him were unknown until after the Black List of Hollywood Writers was broken. Much of the historical importance is documented well. There are only a few references to this being a cau [...]

    16. Bruce Cook has written a very well researched biography of Dalton Trumbo, a screenwriter who was blacklisted in the late 40's lasting until 1960, when his name was finally back on screen. Mr. Cook outlines how Trumbo's life influenced his writing and thinking. The Blacklist was a sad time in our history and we are just now learning the scope of it.

    17. A very good biography of a complicated man. Makes a good pairing with Elia Kazan: A Life, particularly since Trumbo, toward the end of his life, seemed to forgive the people who named names against the Hollywood Ten. His attitude certainly doesn't absolve them (and Trumbo's view wasn't shared by everyone who served time) but it was interesting. Anyway, this is an easy recommendation for those interested in the history of film. Trumbo may not have been the greatest screenwriter in terms of output [...]

    18. In this biography, Cook delves deep into the life and career of Dalton Trumbo. Trumbo, one of Hollywood’s great screenwriters, became the key figure in the “Hollywood Ten,” a group of Hollywood writers who were blacklisted and subsequently jailed after being convicted for contempt of Congress following an investigation by the House Un-American Activities Committee (HUAC) against communist subversion. Following his ten month stint in a federal prison in Ashland, Kentucky, Trumbo continued t [...]

    19. Trumbo is a biography of Dalton Trumbo, the man who broke the blacklist of Hollywood screen writers, actors and others who worked in the movie industry. I did not know who he was before listening to this audio version of the book. I am old enough to remember the tail end of era. I can remember the flash of bulbs when they took pictures and the questioning and responses. Dalton Trumbo’s character and the events of his life are portrayed by interviews with him, his friends, relatives and a few t [...]

    20. I had no idea what this book was about going into it. I have definitely gotten a lesson in insanity regarding American politics of the 40s and 50s. Dalton Trumbo (author, screenwriter and one of the Hollywood Ten) is familiar to me because of his book Johnny Got His Gun. (the book was so interesting that I decided to read Johnny Got His Gun- it is amazing and horrific) I had no idea he was the screenwriter of such mega-hits as Spartacus, Papillon and Exodus. I also didn't know that he went to ja [...]

    21. I've first came across Dalton Trumbo via Chuck Pahlaniuk's Facebook page, where he shared an article titled "Dalton Trumbo: who he was and why we should care". The article was interesting enough for me to start researching more. I must admit that my knowledge of the history of post-WWII USA isn't great, so I welcomed an oppportunity to learn more about the Hollywood Ten.Trumbo is an interesting read, it definitely sheds some light on the whole affair of the 'swimming pool communists', it also te [...]

    22. Overall, this was an interesting bio about a man for whom I had little knowledge. It made me dig up the copy of Johnny Got His Gun that has sat unread on our shelves for years. Though not exactly related to the "Hollywood 10" or McCarthyism, one of the most interesting passages that I found was about race:(spoken by Charles White)"His relationship with blacks has been mostly with intellectual blacks--artists like myself, or with Carlton Moss, the director. At times I have felt he had an astute k [...]

    23. I got this as an audiobook Early Reviewer win, as the book has been re-released to accompany the movie that's just come out recently (which looks great). Interestingly, to me, there don't seem to be any revisions to the book which was originally published in the 1970s. The audiobook was generally well done, though the reader is very slow (I sped mine up and that worked fine).Cook is forthcoming about his admiration for Trumbo, and tries to bring this up when it would appear to be coloring the bo [...]

    24. Dalton Trumbo's story and the story of the rise and fall of the Hollywood blacklist is a particularly interesting one. It's also particularly relevant nowadays. The only thing that is a bit strange about it is the organization of his story in this book. While it is great, the organization of the story just kind of wanders about, which is the only reason I'm not giving this a five out of five. But still, even with the slightly strange organization, the story and his perseverance is wonderful. Def [...]

    25. What an excellent read! I was vaguely aware of the name Dalton Trumbo previously, but once I saw he was going to be played by Bryan Cranston, and then saw this book on display at the store, I knew I would be into this. OH YEAH. Bruce Cook wrote a very engaging biography with the help of Trumbo himself and his family, detailing his early years, his start in film, HUAC and the blacklist years, and how the blacklist especially affected his work and work relationships after he helped to break the bl [...]

    26. This was a very interesting book about a fascinating guy and a shameful time in our history. I was entertained and educated at the same time. Trumbo was really an interesting guy. I was amazed at all the films he wrote. The tale of the blacklist is heartbreaking. Bruce Cook is clearly a fan of Dalton Trumbo and so the narrative feels slanted, but Cook does acknowledge this as he writes. This is an older book re-released to coincide with the movie. The material doesn't feel old. Much of it was ey [...]

    27. This biography of Dalton Trumbo serves as a chilling example of what many creative Americans went through when Congress targeted Communists in Hollywood. Trumbo, a famous screenwriter and many others had to work underground with no credit for their work during the days when they were blacklisted. A colourful, outspoken and fearless character, Trumbo and others went to prison because they would not sell out friends. I have read about this before, but the issue really hits home when you can visual [...]

    28. Interesting in that it tells a story I have read about for many years ands it seems unbiased and gives a good chronological history. I just found it a bit bland ands almost hagiography tho I don't think the author intended it to be so. Would have loved more detail of the films he worked on and insider info of the details of some of his most famous films and how he arrived at the scripts he did, the details of his changes as the film was made and the inside conflicts in the making of these films, [...]

    29. This book is a nice portrait of screenwriter Dalton Trumbo, one of the “Hollywood Ten,” and a good reminder of how awful the McCarthy-era blacklist was. It is staggering to think that not only could Trumbo go to jail for his leftist beliefs, but that, even after he had paid the price, he could in essence be barred from work in his profession. That he was permitted to ghost write – though only for a fraction of the salary – speaks to just how hypocritical and preposterous the whole witch [...]

    30. I saw the movie and wanted more in depth information. The Ten on the Hollywood Ten blacklist actually were blacklisted before the McCarthy era. The pervasiveness of the persecution and the impact on individual lives is staggering. Dalton Trumbo was the hero/antagonist and also the rabble rouser of the group of 10. A fascinating story told primarily by Trumbo to a biographer with the rest gleaned from his voluminous personal and professional writing/network.Interesting read at this time in our hi [...]

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