On The Edge

On The Edge In the conclusion of the Jagged Lovers series With raiders on his heels and Addison long gone Griffin must find a way to lead his clan while desperately searching for the only woman he s truly ever

  • Title: On The Edge
  • Author: Catherine Vale
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 228
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • In the conclusion of the Jagged Lovers series With raiders on his heels, and Addison long gone, Griffin must find a way to lead his clan while desperately searching for the only woman he s truly ever loved He failed to protect her once, and if he doesn t move quickly, he just night never get the chance to hold her in his arms again.Note To Readers The Jagged Lovers In the conclusion of the Jagged Lovers seriesWith raiders on his heels, and Addison long gone, Griffin must find a way to lead his clan while desperately searching for the only woman he s truly ever loved He failed to protect her once, and if he doesn t move quickly, he just night never get the chance to hold her in his arms again.Note To Readers The Jagged Lovers series is my first ever cliffhanger series, meaning that each part ends with a cliffhanger.

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      NEW YORK TIMES and USA TODAY bestselling author Catherine Vale writes urban fantasy and paranormal romance.

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    1. My Thoughts - 5 out of 5 Unicorns - I loved it!!! ***Received the ebook for an honest reviewThe cover is steamy and shiftery and just beautiful :)Okay I’m starting with the usual, this is a 3 part novella serial series. This means you must read it in order, or you may become utterly lost in the jungle…okay not really but you won’t understand this fabulous world of Addison and Griffin’s :) It is a quick read and over much too quickly, but I’m trying not to whine that I want more…but I [...]

    2. Griffin must find a way to lead his clan while desperately searching for the only woman he’s truly ever loved in this spellbinding conclusion to the Jagged Lovers serial romance.The story is full of emotional turmoil that flows from the pages capturing the heart as Griffin is torn between keeping his clan alive and safe from the Raiders and finding Addison and Addison’s emotional turbulence regarding her sister with lots of passion to keeps things spicy. These strong compelling characters de [...]

    3. The 3rd book in the series just was amazing. I so loved how it ended. I love what she did with Daniel and Grace. Catherine Vale is such an amazing author and I so love her work. Addison is now away from the raiders and is longer for her love, Griffin. She finds herself at a motel waiting for Daniel her best friend. She is surprised and overwhelmed to see her twin sister Grace. It worries her that she smells sickness on her sister and has to fear of losing her. The village of Griffin’s clan is [...]

    4. Final installment in the Jagged Lovers Series - Great EndingThe ending was spectacular. Addison had been kidnapped from the shifter village by tomb raiders. They hurt her, not caring about her well being, not caring about where she said she wanted to be. Addison managed to get a message home. And now the book has come full circle. Addison was in the jungle to find a cure for her sick sister. Now Addison's colleague, Daniel, and Addison's sister, Grace, have arrived to rescue Addison. But Grace i [...]

    5. HOME IS WHERE THE HEART LOVES !!!Wow! I love it! On The Edge is the third book in the amazing new series, Jagged Lovers, by Catherine Vale and it totally blew my mind. I thought the first and second books were good but the third book is even better! Vale's astonishing talent, incredible skill and mind blowing imagination shine brightly in this incredible tale of paranormal romance and adventure. This is not your typical "wham bam" shifter story. This has depth, substance and power. It grabs you [...]

    6. HONEST REVIEW REQUESTEDSo this is the final book in the series, and it is a fast one. Addison has been kidnapped by raiders from her clan while she and Daphne were on a dig, oh and did I mention they are both about 3 months pregnantEXCITING. Anyway when I read that they were kidnapped I though Daniel may have something to do with it but come to find out no one reported her missing at all. Griffin is totally upset because this is the second time he has lost a loved one and not to mention tow love [...]

    7. *I received this ARC from the author for a honest review*On The Edge #3This book continues where part 2 finished. Griffin is frantic and overwhelmed when Daphne returns without addison and says she has been kidnapped. But the villiage is then attacked and he has to move his people even with been devastated. Addison is strong and won't accept been taken by raiders. She manages to get hold of Daniel who flies out straight away with her sister Grace in tow. But Grace has got worse so Daniel leaves [...]

    8. Gifted copies provided by author/publisher for an honest review.I am so not a fan of serials. Thank goodness all three installments were available at the time I was reading this or this would be a very different review. Part 1 - On The Prowl - Addison is desperate to find a cure for her twin sister. Desperate enough to travel to Peru with her ex to find a flower that will provide the cure. Part 2 - On The Move – It is time for Addison to live up to her end of the bargain. Just when she becomes [...]

    9. On the Edge, the best of the Jagged Lovers SeriesI loved this book most of all of the trilogy. The first book 'On the Prowl', began the story of Addison, who works at the National History Museum, and is on a quest to find a cure for her critically ill sister in the jungles of Peru and Griffin a dangerous, arrogant, sexy alpha male jaguar shapeshifter. How they meet and how they come to an arrangement that will lead Addison to the cure she seeks in exchange for a favor to Griffin. The second book [...]

    10. Addison as we last saw was kidnapped and Griffen is beside himself what to do . now i wont say what happens but give you a few questions that can be answered if one you have read 1 and 2 of jagged edge . and if you are in to shifters and so much more . . one we all know who is pregnant two people to be exact question is though i know the answer to he he . anyways also raiders are involved . also Grace her sister and her friend Daniel are in this book as well and so many changes happen to the cla [...]

    11. OMG what an ending to the series, I read through this book just as fast as the others I couldn't put it down. This is book 3 of the "Jagged Lovers" series, DO read these books in order, otherwise you will miss out on alot of very important information. I will say that I'm very thankfull to have all 3 books on hand at once. Raiders strike the clan village & Addison is kidnapped & taken to the local consulate in hopes of getting money from 'saving her' Griffin is trying to keep the clans s [...]

    12. Faced with indecision when Addison gets the news of her sister she has worked so hard to make happen. Realizing home is where Griffin is and wanting the fresh start that she didn't realize she wanted. Griffin caught between the woman he loves and his clans well-being, tempers flying, and uncertainty on if he will ever see Addison again. Until fate surprises him and things he never thought he would consider come to light. Things unravel and knit back together making things work out better than ex [...]

    13. I received all three books in this serial in exchange for my honest review.Griffin is now clan leader but he is torn between those duties and the need to find his missing mate.Also in this conclusion we learn more about Addison’s friend Daniel and her sister Grace.I rated the previous two episodes as 5 stars but I’m a bit disappointed with this final one. Something about it felt a bit rushed to me. It wasn’t that I hated to see the story end it was more like everything just got wrapped up [...]

    14. Received this book for an honest review.On the Edge is the final book in a 3-part series.We left off with Addison being taken away by raiders in On The Move. Also, we found out she was pregnant at the end of the book. Now Griffin is beside himself with guilt that he did not protect Addison. During this book, Grace and Daniel come to see Addison. Grace appears to be better, but is she really? Will Addison make it back to Griffin or will the raiders force him to leave the area? During this book, y [...]

    15. I received this book for an honest review. The story picks up right where it left off with Addison trying to find Griffin after being kidnapped for a reward. Daniel, her ex-boyfriend and colleague, and her sick sister, Grace, go with her on the treacherous journey. Once they find each other, the healer attempts to cure Grace. After raiders have been discovered at the ruins, Daniel approaches Griffin with a plan to go on the offensive instead of running from the raiders. The HEA of this story end [...]

    16. Loved this installment of the Jagged Lovers Series. I have thoroughly enjoyed this series from start to finish. If there is another installment, I would read it in a heart beat. Catherine Vale is an amazing writer and puts you right in the middle of the action. I was glad Addison found her way back home to Griffin, but I was also glad that we found out how the orchid worked out for her sister. I love that her sister, Grace and friend, Daniel were able to help her and they found their way to each [...]

    17. 4 StarsThe conclusion of the Jagged Lovers Series is emotional and intense. Addison has been kidnapped from the ruins by greedy raiders hoping for a reward. Grace is still sick but makes the trip to see her sister anyways. I was pleased with the continued character growth, and the intense bond that formed between Addison and Griffin. This is a must read series, and should be read in order.

    18. I was sent books 1,2, and 3 and read them one after another without stopping, because I couldn't wait to see what was going to happen next.In book 1 you get introduced to all of the main characters and get a feel for the area the story takes place in.In books 2 and 3, the story twists and turns just enough that it keeps you on the edge of your seat wanting to see what is going to happen.Pure enjoyment to read.

    19. This is a lovely end to the series.Addison is kidnapped and Griffin is beside himself. Daphne and Ramos are trying to get Griffin to calm down and think rashly. Addison is thinking on her feet and trying to find a way back to Griffin. She has also to think about her baby that she is caring. She makes one phone call and that one phone calls proves to be her salvation. She just doesn't know to what extent yet.Love this ending and how it came together.

    20. On The Edge (Jagged Lovers Series) Book #3: Jaguar Shifter Romance by Catherine Vale ** I received an ARC from the Author in exchange for my honest review **Book #3 continues the story from book #2 putting me on the edge of my seat as I read to find out Addison and Griffin’s fate. This story was truly all consuming with true depth and wonderful characters. I loved this story and I hope Ms. Vale will continue to write in this series.

    21. This is the final book in the Jagged Lovers Series and after reading all three in a day (I could not put them down). I loved the way the author resolved the conflict in the story and although this series is done I hope to hear the other stories of background characters from this series. I am always on the lookout for more great authors and have found one to follow in Catherine Vale. I can't wait to see what else she comes up with in the future and will be checking out her new releases.

    22. This instalment for me was the best one, there's more action and excitement which held my interest better.Griffin's emotional turmoil at the beginning was described well and I really felt his distress at not knowing what had happened to Addison.Again, like the other two this is a quick read but as each book starts exactly where the last left off, reading them back to back give you a decent story.I was given this book by the author in exchange for an honest review.

    23. The last book of the series, the story started where book 2 left off. As Addison learned things about being Griffin’s mate and all, and things just falling into place, unexpected things will happen not just to Addison but also Griffin’s tribe.Loyalty and relationships will be tested and there will be guests that will join the club! Loved it!! Ms. Catherine nailed it!

    24. Wow lot of changes and things going on now. Well let me just say you will be very upset with yourself if you don't read this trilogy. It is so full of twist and turns that you will not expect and it will keep you turning the pages to find out what will happen next. You don't want to miss this one.

    25. Home is where your loved ones areWhat an amazing ending to the series. Kidnapping, attacks, raiders, as well as healings pregnancies, love and finding home is where your heart and love is. Well written and very entertaining to read this book. Some nice twist and turns and surprises throughout this book.

    26. On The AttackIn this final part, her sister has been cured, after she made it back to Griffin. Daniel has proven to be a good friend to the clan. This is a quick fun finale. Enjoy I did.

    27. Great Ending to a wonderful series Kindle Unlimited - 3rd and final book in series. Loved it and there where so many twist turns and additions that I could not put it down once I started it.

    28. Not as long or detailed as the first two,but still a good quick read,finished in under an hourea story. Loved the characters.

    29. On The EdgeI can only rate this with five (5) stars. I would love to be able to rate this story higher. Great story and all readers will enjoy.

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