The Good Greek Girl

The Good Greek Girl The Good Greek Girl will make you laugh cry gasp and smile written with the honesty Maria s story deserved and the elegance and craft expected from such an inspiring public intellectual Maria Kats

  • Title: The Good Greek Girl
  • Author: Maria Katsonis
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 183
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • The Good Greek Girl will make you laugh, cry, gasp and smile, written with the honesty Maria s story deserved, and the elegance and craft expected from such an inspiring public intellectual Maria Katsonis is the good Greek girl who grew up above her parents milk bar and shared a bedroom with her yiayia That is until university where she discovered her rebellious side, rThe Good Greek Girl will make you laugh, cry, gasp and smile, written with the honesty Maria s story deserved, and the elegance and craft expected from such an inspiring public intellectual Maria Katsonis is the good Greek girl who grew up above her parents milk bar and shared a bedroom with her yiayia That is until university where she discovered her rebellious side, realized her true sexuality and abandoned nine tenths of an economics degree for a career in the theatre Furthering her studies later in life, Maria attended Harvard University and left with a Masters of Public Administration Little did she know, in five years time, Maria would be alone on a bed in a white psych ward fighting for her life In the space of five years, I went from graduating at Harvard to becoming a psych patient I overcame the stranglehold of depression and chose not to die Instead, I embraced life only to discover I am a good Greek girl at heart, albeit an unconventional one This is my story.

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    1. Maria Katsonis

      Maria Katsonis is the author of The Good Greek Girl, a memoir about her experience of mental illness and rebellion against a traditional Greek upbringing Described as a stunning book and generous, intelligent and loving , it has been published in the UK at The Mind Thief Her latest book is Rebellious Daughters, an anthology of true stories from Australian female writers as they find their place in the world.A vocal mental health advocate, Maria is a beyondblue Ambassador and a consumer representative with Mental Health Australia You can read about Maria at mariakatsonis and follow her on Twitter mariakatsonis.

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    1. I seem to have been on a bit of a kick for reading about mental illness and it has been great to find some great work done by Australians, for me it resonates so much more when I can picture where they are and understand the environment the Good Greek Girl we meet Maria Katsonis, she is dynamic, smart and engaged in her world. She has worked in theatre and the public service and because of her desire to really contibute to policy and the work she does she finds herself studying for her Masters a [...]

    2. I read The Good Greek Girl in a couple of days. I was interested in how Maria Katsonis would write a book about her chronic mental illness. I enjoyed reading of her traditional Greek childhood in Melbourne. Later on the fractured relationship with her father as she didn't reach his expectations in her life choices.

    3. I believe this book deserves 5 stars because the author describes her bouts of depression and her stay in hospital so honestly and in such detail. Katsonis is a beyondblue ambassador and a consumer representative with Mental Health Australia. The book also contains a list of mental health resources and assistance that readers can refer to if they need to. I also really enjoyed Katsonis's descriptions of growing up in suburban Melbourne in the 60s and 70s.

    4. Absorbing, well-written memoir. I didn't laugh, cry, or gasp (as predicted by the blurb) but I smiled in recognition, frowned, empathised, and cared a lot about Maria and her friends and family. I was struck by how similar and also how different Maria's story and mine are. We're about the same age, Australian, have both been carers for our mothers after they had a stroke, both did mid-life study, both experienced major depression. but we are different in many other ways I recommend this book to [...]

    5. I liked it, and finished it because it was my book club book for this month, but found it a little bland. While I admired the honesty and vulnerability of the author, I thought it lacked something. Tension maybe. Drama? I found her insights into depression and the treatment of mental illness interesting. And the Greek culture too. I found it hard to believe that she could forgive her father though, after the physical and psychological damage he caused her.

    6. A very honest book about growing up in multicultural Melbourne, about the highs of career and academic success and the lows of mental illness, about fighting against and succumbing too the demands of family. It's a narrative rather than an analysis of the life that is lead and to some degree lacks depth because of that. but it's still a highly admirable story and one worth reading.

    7. Maria Katsonis's story of growing up in Melbourne will resonate with many children of migrants. She details her life from childhood, being an overachiever, a student at Harvard and her struggle with mental illness. Well written, though provoking and a really good read.

    8. Compelling, well structured, great writing and a very moving story. And the family and food! Nicely done.

    9. Maria Katsonis is the child of Greek migrant parents. She spent her whole life being a high achiever, for herself and to make up for her parent's sacrifice in coming to Australia. At 39 she decides on a public service career and is accepted into a prestigious Masters program at Harvard University. Fast forward five years later and she is diagnosed with clinical depression and is a psychiatric patient.Maria's story is particularly poignant as it shows everyone is vulnerable to being a victim of a [...]

    10. Hmmm, I really wanted to like this book, I appreciate the writer's attempt to "smash the stigma" and tell a no holds barred story about her own experience with depression. The descriptions of growing up in Bambra Road Caufield in the 70s and going to Melbourne Uni in the eighties, coming out to her parents all of that resonated with my own experiences. I found it interesting but only the facts of the telling, not the style of writing, it lacks sophistication.I smiled later on in the book as I re [...]

    11. A fascinating story of overcoming so many challenges - after reading this very well written story I feel I have learnt so much about the challenge of going thru mental illness (although I started from a very ignorant position), and the challenges faced by children who live very different lives to their traditional parents, but still feel the strong pull of family and duty. An ultimately uplifting story but hard going at times as Maria confronts tough times. Fantastic and brave book. Definitely g [...]

    12. Intelligently written, raw and emotionally honest. Maria Katsonis' memoir breaks the stigma of mental illness and the suppression that surrounds it, especially in multicultural backgrounds, in her case, Greek. That she has survived the many highs and lows in her life, bears testament that her story is one that needed to be told to help not only those with mental illness, but those from traditional backgrounds that follow an unconventional path in life.

    13. A lot of people will have different opinions on what this book is truly about. For me It was relatable. Maria's memoir of her struggles through mental health is a true reminder to us all that the "darkness does not define you" as a person and "from vulnerability comes strength". Overall well written and a good insight to the struggles as she mentioned 1in 5 people face.

    14. A good ability to laugh at herself after her ordeal, and time in a psychiatric hospital after hitting rock bottom with depression. Then Maria decided to be honest with her work colleagues, and nearly every one had a story about someone they know who's experienced a condition like it.

    15. This book held me spellbound from beginning to end. Well written and thought provoking, Maria's experience resonates with me, both as a child of the European diaspora and a person struggling with family expectations and depression. I will definitely be reading her next book, can't wait!!

    16. A very readable book. I read this on the recommendation of a friend saying it was a great example of a well written memoir. And it was. Maria Katsonis takes you to the deeps of her depression and back again. She is an exceptionally talented writer.

    17. What an emotionally consuming read! The Good Greek Girl is moving and edifying. Finished it in two sittings. Loved it. #smashthestigma

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