Na co Alice zapomněla

Na co Alice zapomn la Kdy se Alice probere na zemi v posilovn m na hlav po dnou bouli a mysl si e je j dvacet dev t a ek prvn d t se sv m super asn m man elem Nickem Jenom e pak se dozv e se j z pam ti pr v vymazalo d

  • Title: Na co Alice zapomněla
  • Author: Liane Moriarty
  • ISBN: 9788024927299
  • Page: 364
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Kdy se Alice probere na zemi v posilovn , m na hlav po dnou bouli a mysl si, e je j dvacet dev t a ek prvn d t se sv m super asn m man elem Nickem Jenom e pak se dozv , e se j z pam ti pr v vymazalo deset let ivota a e je ve skute nosti dev tat icetilet neuroti ka, kter nejrad ji tr v sv j voln as v posilovn nebo na porad ch koln ho v boru se enamKdy se Alice probere na zemi v posilovn , m na hlav po dnou bouli a mysl si, e je j dvacet dev t a ek prvn d t se sv m super asn m man elem Nickem Jenom e pak se dozv , e se j z pam ti pr v vymazalo deset let ivota a e je ve skute nosti dev tat icetilet neuroti ka, kter nejrad ji tr v sv j voln as v posilovn nebo na porad ch koln ho v boru se enami, je kdysi nesn ela Jak se to stalo, e se jej ivot tak radik ln zm nil Pro ji jej man el nen vid Co tak hrozn ho provedla, e s n jej milovan sestra skoro nemluv A do toho si nen schopn v bec vzpomenout na svoje t i d ti ne, Alice se najednou vid jin ma o ima a ta nov ena, o kter j vypr v j , se j v bec nezamlouv Najde zp sob, aby se znovu stala t m lov kem, kter m b vala

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    1. Liane Moriarty

      Liane Moriarty is the Australian author of six internationally best selling novels, Three Wishes, The Last Anniversary, What Alice Forgot, The Hypnotist s Love Story and the number 1 New York Times bestsellers, The Husband s Secret and Big Little Lies Her breakout novel The Husband s Secret sold over three million copies worldwide, was a number 1 UK bestseller, an Best Book of 2013 and has been translated into over 40 languages It spent over a year on the New York Times bestseller list CBS Films has acquired the film rights With the launch of Big Little Lies, Liane became the first Australian author to have a novel debut at number one on the New York Times bestseller list An HBO series based on Big Little Lies is currently in production, starring Nicole Kidman and Reese Witherspoon Writing as L.M Moriarty, Liane has also written a children s book series, The Petrifying Problem with Princess Petronella, The Shocking Trouble on the Planet of Shobble and The Wicked War on the Planet of Whimsy Liane lives in Sydney with her husband, son and daughter Her new novel, Truly Madly Guilty, will be released in July 2016.

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    1. 487 pages of pure torture! What Alice Forgot was not at all what I expected. That should teach me never to read a book that hasn’t been rated by at least one of my trusted friends. You see, I thought this would be a well written, intelligent, heartwarming story about a woman who loses ten years of her life, but finds some other, maybe even more valuable things instead. Obviously, I was very wrong. Nevertheless, I wouldn’t normally mind reading the Aussie version of a Maeve Binchy novel, but [...]

    2. I don't give out a lot of 5 stars. THIS. Was worth it. Spoke to me on several levels. In fact parts were painful to read since it felt like Moriarty was describing my life, and I didn't like what I saw? I think you can describe this as Chick-Lit which I normally wouldn't be thrilled to read, but dang. I LOVED this book for so many reasons. I'm 39, I have 3 kids, my husband is in the middle of the crazy part of his career and travels a TON, I can't seem to say no to anything--volunteering at scho [...]

    3. Rating ClarificationFirst half of the book: 2.5 StarsSecond half of the book: Solid 4 StarsEpilogue: Undeniably 5 StarsFirst off, What Alice Forgot is so different from my normally preferred genres. This adult fiction covers a broad array of topics that frankly scare the shiz out of me, including divorce, death, infertility and a complete breakdown of the family unit. If I would have known the heavy topics this book grappled with, I might have called a pass, but in the end I’m glad I gave this [...]

    4. If I were to forget the last ten years of my life, and wake up with no memory of those ten yearswhat would I regret? What would surprise me? What would make me proud? Which relationships have changed for the better, which ones have changed for the worst? This book really made me think. Have I evolved into the person, wife, and mother that I envisioned ten years ago. My poor husband had to listen to my thoughts almost chapter by chapter. He is such a good sport! I liked so much about this book. I [...]

    5. I put "What Alice Forgot" on hold so many times that I felt like a receptionist at a medical center. It's so unfair to do this to a book, but I'll blame life, because it just happens. I was also a bit hesitant reading my second novel by Liane Moriarty. I had loved "The Husband's Secret," and sometimes it's difficult for an author to write another equally successful novel. Thanks to this author, Alice was always amazingly fresh in my mind, every time I would start reading again. There are not a l [...]

    6. Pedestrian. The writing, the story, the characters all just too pedestrian. There was nothing that lifted this book in to the realm of interesting, or even 'mildly interesting'. It's the sort of book I keep in the glove compartment of my car. I know I'm never going to read it but there is always the possibility (view spoiler)[especially with the vehicles I drive (hide spoiler)] of being stuck with a broken-down truck or a road block with nothing to read. That sort of book.Not one star because I [...]

    7. Alice appears to be a popular name for book titles: Alice in Wonderland; Go Ask Alice; Still Alice; and now, What Alice Forgot. Luckily, none of them are the same Alice. This one fell on the wayside as I thought I had already read the “Alice" book. Moriarty has a talent for weaving emotional themes into a story and still have them appear light and playful. This novel was no exception. The premise was enticing - Alice is in her regular Friday spin class and falls off, bumps her head and loses 1 [...]

    8. I found What Alice Forgot to be a humorous, uplifting and an enjoyable book with the right balance of heartache. The concept was interesting with a little mystery to it as well.Alice has a fall at the gym and loses her memory of the last 10 years. I really enjoyed how the story was told through Alice's eyes as I learned how she has changed and also the people around her as she pieces the events of the last 10 years together. She remembers the people around her and their situations as they were 1 [...]

    9. Aussie Book challenge 2011 #7What Alice Forget, tells the story of a women who thinks it's the year 1998, about to have her first child and is happily married to her husband, Nick. But a bump on the noggin changed all that.What would you do if you lost 10 years of your life and all the wonderful moments you were looking forward to already happened, but you don't remember? How would you feel waking up to emotions that were still very much alive in your heart and thoughts, only for the true realit [...]

    10. Find all of my reviews at: 52bookminimum/4.5 Stars and rounding up.^^^^^ I know, right? I bet you never would have expected that out of me! I’d blame it on my period, but I wasn’t buddy reading with Aunt Flo. Maybe I hit my head like Alice. *shrug* Whatever the reason, I just loved this story.What Alice Forgot is about . . . . “The day Alice Mary Love went to the gym and carelessly misplaced a decade of her life.”Actually, it happened in spin class but Swifty eating it on the treadmill m [...]

    11. What Alice Forgot by Liane Moriarty was not and enjoyable or satisfying read for me.I found this book over written and very repetitive and to be honest I struggled to finish it.There was so many times in this book that I wanted to scream as Alice just seemed to round and round in circles and I felt this book could have been wrapped up in 250 pages. Everything about this book was OK apart from the ending which I found dreadful. I couldn't believe the Epilogue and that really left me frustrated.I [...]

    12. Before my review, here's what Liane has to say about writing this book (which is in lieu of me composing my own synopsis, haha):I had always wanted to write a story about time travel but I found the logistics made my head explode. Then I read a story about a woman in the UK who lost her memory and behaved like a teenager – she didn’t recognise her husband or children. I realized that memory loss is a form of time travel. So I came up with the idea of a woman, Alice, who loses 10 years of her [...]

    13. I found this to be a thought-provoking book. It highlighted just how complex are the factors that contribute to the dissolution of a marriage, how easy it is to become caught up in the fixation on the negative, how terribly difficult it is to forgive ("[Forgiveness] was such a lovely, generous idea when it wasn't linked to something awful that needed forgiving."), and how the pain we experience forms our characters ("It wasn't just that her memories of the last ten years were back. It was that h [...]

    14. Thirty nine year old Alice has had an unfortunate fall at her gym and ‘lost’ ten years of her life. When she comes around she’s convinced she’s a slightly over weight twenty nine year old with a severe exercise aversion – what’s going on!What happens from this point is told from several points of view: 1) We see it from Alice’s point of view, experiencing recollections and revaluations as she does.2) We hear extracts from a journal compiled by Alice’s sister, Elizabeth, in which [...]

    15. Liane Moriarty has done for Australia, what Maeve Binchy did for Ireland. They both brought the ordinary people of their countries alive on an unprecedented scale. Liane Moriarty is an international bestselling author. Look at her impressive bio on GR. With Maeve Binchy's passing, a nation mourned. It was the first time an author received that kind of funeral attendance in living memory. Liane Moriarty has the world in an even bigger state of devotion. And the mystery is that you cannot pinpoint [...]

    16. What DID Alice forget? Well, after a fall at the gym, apparently everything! I'm beginning to truly adore these amnesiac stories - really! I am! How many ways can it happen? How long will it last? Will the husband be a baddie or a good guy? But I digressis is about Alice. Why did she forget? She even forgot her own kids!! And none of the people from her past like her anymore including her sister or husband! Hmmmm.While this all seems a bit trite when written this way, the book itself actually is [...]

    17. Set in Australia during 2008, What Alice Forgot tells the story of thirty-nine year old Alice Love. She is a single mother of three and is going through a messy divorce. One day at the gym, Alice has an accident, bumps her head and forgets the past ten years of her life. Alice wakes up thinking it's the year 1998 and she's 29 years old, she's madly in love with her husband Nick and they're about to have their first child! I really loved this novel! The plot was very intriguing, compelling and we [...]

    18. My favorite Moriarty book so far. Smarter and more thought provoking than the later novels I have read. It really made me think about who I was and who I've become. If you could have a do-over for the last ten years of your life, what would happen? What would you decide? An enjoyable, lighter read for me at the right time.

    19. Great story, great characters, great plot! What an enjoyable page-turner that made me think. Liked this one more than Moriarty's two recent novels. 4.5★stars!

    20. I read this book! Its fun!!!!!!!! Where is the 'missing' review --(haha--again). Help, Iris?? lol (Iris has found at least 3 of my past reviews)I was looking another GR's member's review --when I noticed this book again!Don't you think its a 'little' funny that a person could get hurt on a SPIN bike in the gym?I mean -my husband had a serious accident -Mountain biking last year --(but I think its safe to say --he would not have had a head concussion from a spin bike) --hm??? but you never knowTh [...]

    21. This book and I just had a very lovely afternoon together. Lying in the sun reading there's nothing better.

    22. I loved aspects of this book and I really wanted to love this book because the premise was interesting, but it fell short for me in a few ways. This was a highly readable book, it flowed fast and you really did not have to stop and think about it too much. This was just the type of book I needed right now because I was not in the mood for a text that would make me think. As a result, I actually quite enjoyed the book initially until I thought more about it. What bothered me about this book was t [...]

    23. What Alice Forgot by Lianne Moriarty is a 2010 PanMacMillian Australia publication. With so many books out there, there is bound to be an author that slips by unnoticed, and for me, sadly, Lianne Moriarty falls into that category. I knew her books were well received and popular, but I could never seem to find the time to fit one into my schedule. But, my local overdrive library heavily promotes her books, so finally, I took the plunge and put a couple of them on hold. This book turned out to be [...]

    24. I tore through this over 400 page book in about 4 days. Okay, so I got a little obsessed. The main character Alice gets a bad bonk on the head while working out at the gym and loses 10 years of her memory. She comes to thinking she is pregnant with her first child when in reality she is already in the thick of it with three kids and a marriage going bad 10 years down the road. I love a book that makes me reflect about my own life, and love my own life as much as this book did. It had a very, "It [...]

    25. I love this book. Another terrific page-turner with well-drawn, interesting, and sympathetic characters. I get the idea that this is considered chick lit, but maybe it’s just that it doesn’t have enough U.S. exposure (the writer is Australian). Anyway, it’s not chick lit; it’s more of a well-written psychological thriller with all loose ends tied up nicely. The author seamlessly juggles and exposes the past and present lives of several characters, and does so with ease and talent; it’s [...]

    26. What Alice Forgot is a standalone novel from author Liane Moriarty. I have only read one other book written by Ms. Moriarty (The Husband's Secret) and I enjoyed it a great deal. So I was excited when this title became available at my local library. When I first starting reading it, I wasn't sure about this one because it got off to a pretty slow start. After looking at how many pages were in the novel and the pacing, I was a little worried. However, by the 50% mark I was fully engaged. Even thou [...]

    27. The story's device is that the main character bumps her head and forgets the past ten years of her life. She does not know her own children and does not know why she and her husband are about to get a divorce. Mostly she doesn't understand the way people expect her to behave. It's a bit cheesy and certainly very light but it's well done. I had a lot of fun reading it.

    28. Yep, it's chick-lit alright, but also a delightfully light and easy read with an interesting plot and characters. Really enjoyed it!

    29. Sometimes we all need a bump on the head to wake us up to what is right there before our eyes. Alice has bumped her head badly at the gym and as she wakes up in the hospital somehow has forgotten the passage of ten years, her three children, her impending divorce, and her family and friends. She thinks herself to be twenty-nine and as memories slowly come back to her she sees what her life, her marriage, her children, friends, and family mean to her.This was a sweet story as the author also deal [...]

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