Alguém para tomar conta de mim

Algu m para tomar conta de mim Um jovem adulto com s ndroma de Down foi condenado por ter ateado fogo s instala es do lar de cuidados continuados em que vivia provocando um inc ndio que causou cinco mortos Por m um dos ocupantes

  • Title: Alguém para tomar conta de mim
  • Author: Yrsa Sigurðardóttir
  • ISBN: 9789897222092
  • Page: 300
  • Format: Paperback
  • Um jovem adulto com s ndroma de Down foi condenado por ter ateado fogo s instala es do lar de cuidados continuados em que vivia, provocando um inc ndio que causou cinco mortos Por m, um dos ocupantes da ala psiqui trica de seguran a em que agora se encontra vai contratar Th ra para provar que Jakob est inocente.Mas se n o foi Jakob o autor do crime, quem ser E de queUm jovem adulto com s ndroma de Down foi condenado por ter ateado fogo s instala es do lar de cuidados continuados em que vivia, provocando um inc ndio que causou cinco mortos Por m, um dos ocupantes da ala psiqui trica de seguran a em que agora se encontra vai contratar Th ra para provar que Jakob est inocente.Mas se n o foi Jakob o autor do crime, quem ser E de que forma que o m ltiplo homic dio estar ligado morte de uma jovem mulher por atropelamento e fuga

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      300 Yrsa Sigurðardóttir
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    1. Yrsa Sigurðardóttir

      Yrsa Sigur ard ttir is an Icelandic writer, of both crime novels and children s fiction She has been writing since 1998 Her d but crime novel was translated into English by Bernard Scudder Yrsa Sigur ard ttir graduated from high school in 1983, finished a B.Sc in civil engineering from the University of Iceland in 1988 and M.Sc in the same field from Concordia University in Montreal in 1997 Yrsa now works as a civil engineer for the company Fjarhitun, as well as being a writer.In 1998 Yrsa published her first book for children, ar l gu Danir v The Danes Were in Trouble There She has since published books for children and teenagers, as well as a number of internationally successful crime novels for adults In 2000 the Icelandic department of IBBY International Board on Books for Young People awarded Yrsa for her book Vi viljum j lin j l We Want Christmas in July Yrsa lives in the Reykjav k suburb of Seltjarnarnes She is married with two children.The central character in the crime novels so far is Th ra Gudmundsd ttir ra Gu mundsd ttir , a lawyer.Series ra Gu mundsd ttir

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    1. Against the backdrop of Iceland's fiscal crisis, this multi-faceted novel provided a literate and very suspenseful read. A fire in a home that sheltered those unable to look after themselves, an autistic boy, a paralyzed girl, another girl with locked in syndrome and a young man with limited intelligence, kills all including the night watchman and the young man charged. But did he do it?Asked to re-open the case, Thora sets out to uncover evidence that this young man of sub mental abilities did [...]

    2. A special thank you to St. Martin's Press, Minotaur Books, and NetGalley for an ARC in exchange for an honest reviewMEONE TO WATCH OVER ME,Yrsa Sigurdardottir’slatest complex crime thriller (Thora Gudmundsdottir #5 Series) reminding you of the classic, One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest, with this multi-layered dark spine-chilling psycho- Nordic noir. Set in Iceland,a fire, an arson eighteen months earlier. A young man, Jakob with Down's Syndrome had been convicted of burning down a residential a [...]

    3. The spookiest of the Sigurdardottir books that I have read so far, this is a crime story full of twists and corruption; as well as some genuinely chilling moments. Reading this makes me all the more convinced that I will need all of my courage to read Sigurdarddottir's actual horror novel I See You. This also serves as an interesting look into how Icelandic society views disabilities, I realise that it is a work of fiction; but I very much doubt that the majority of the attidudes displayed here [...]

    4. The crime novels of Yrsa Sigurdardottir get better with each outing and this one is destined to be a Nordic Noir classic. It begins with a hit and run and then an even more horrendous crime is committed - a deliberate fire at a residential home which results in the deaths of 5 people - 4 of them disabled.The lawyer Thora Gudmundsdottir becomes involved in a bid to free a young man with Downs Syndrome who was found guilty of setting the blaze. The latter followed a highly suspect investigation by [...]

    5. This is my first book by this author, but definitely won't be my last! (In fact, I already have another one to read!) I can easily see why Yrsa Sigudardottir is known as the Queen Of Icelandic Fiction, but I'd say she's more accurately the Queen Of ScandiNoir. I will write a roper review shortly, but be assured - I'm definitely a convert to this highly talented author. As for guessing "whodunit"? No chance! She's way too smart for me! An utter triumph of a crime novel, with a small touch of the [...]

    6. Thora is an attorney in Iceland who has been hired by a heinous pedophile named Josteinn Karlsson, to prove that a young man with Down Syndrome named Jakob, who has been convicted of starting a fire that killed five residents of a care facility and a security guard, is actually innocent. Thora is very puzzled by this. Her services cost a lot of money and she can't understand why Josteinn wants to clear Jakob's name. Josteinn says that he came into a huge inheritance from his mother and that he h [...]

    7. This was a pretty good book. Lots of little details went into this book and you feel like you are really there. If that makes any sense.

    8. Είναι το έκτο βιβλίο της -αγαπημένης μου- ισλανδής Yrsa Sigurðardóttir και ένα από τα καλύτερά της. To ''Someone to Watch Over Me'' φέρει όλα τα ιδιαίτερα χαρακτηριστικά της συγγραφέως και παράλληλα αφηγείται μια από τις πιο ενδιαφέρουσες ιστορίες της. Παρά το γεγονός ότι, κατά την προσωπική μου [...]

    9. Excellent allegory for how elites manipulate the institutions they're embedded in for personal gain. 'Someone To Watch Over Me,' could just as well be a sardonic, cynical reference to the people's democracy of Iceland that utterly failed to 'watch over' its citizens. This is s story of deep disillusionment with democracy's promises of prosperity, social justice, and equality. Essentially an indictment of democracy and in particular its invisible machinery, the deep bureaucracy, which by its shee [...]

    10. This is a difficult review and reaction to describe. First, my sense of interest and being imbedded within the story was a 5 from the get-go. And on the other hand, the translation context (from Icelandic), duo plot transitions, and a few senseless introductions of yet another character- all three of those- went more towards the 2 star direction than the 3. The first 1/2 of the book was a solid 4, not the last quarter at all. It was as if Yrsa had to finish and get it under so many pages and did [...]

    11. Jak mi detektivky od Yrsy přišly vždy více thrillerem a plně originální, tady už jsem měla pocit, že ztrácí dech (šestka mi přišla už hodně jinde, než vše předchozí): více linií, které se propojí, veletoč v celém příběhu proběhne opět tak v poslední čtvrtině, pětině to vše jo, ale pachatele šlo vytypovat mnohem rychleji, než v předchozích dílech, ten twist také není tolik šokující a už mi přišlo, že zbytečně ze začátku nacpe tajuplné "duch [...]

    12. Short review for me as tis a tecchie crime mystery & any review normally = spoilers so"I really liked it" There yer go, done. A good series of reads by an author of the Nordic Noir genre, all the crimes as expected are dark & very 'orrible for the most part but the stories & characters are amiable enough although her german fellah & their interactions really get on my wick tbh & would much prefer she took Bella on more cases as she did in one of the prior books - far more ent [...]

    13. After reading The Girl On The Train, I was happy to receive another Mystery from a GoodReads Giveaway.Unfortunately, this was a difficult one for me to connect to, most likely due to the fact that I was not able to relate to Thóra.Also, I found myself distracted by the oddly placed hyphens in the middle of random words throughout the book.With that being said, the final 100ish pages held me, all mysteries solved, and tying up nicely.

    14. 4,5 SterneYrsa never disappoints! Spannender Fall mit überraschender Auflösung und dem üblichen kleinen Schuss Mystery. Auch den Humor liebe ich ja; Doras chaotische Familie, den pingeligen Matthias und Bella, die Sekretärin aus der Hölle. Leider hab ich jetzt alle Dora-Bücher durch und auch die anderen auf deutsch erschienenen Bücher. Bleibt mir nur noch, mich ganz bald auf mein Lex von "DNA" zu stürzen

    15. Se há coisa que me fica deste livro é o que aprendi sobre as deficiências que alguns seres humanos têm e que lhes proporcionam vidas tão diferentes e tristes. Fez-me sentir abençoada.É um livro longo e a autora opta por parágrafos longos, descrevendo o que se passa, o que não é tão bom como ler os acontecimentos a desenrolaram-se e com diálogos. Acho que é o ponto principal que me faz não dar mais estrelas na minha avaliação final.

    16. Once again an interesting story and a good insight into how another country deals with the mentally, emotionally or physically handicapped population. The intrigue and the eerie quality of the story were well done and kept the pages turning along altho the fact that I was distracted by the fact that I am currently traveling made me take longer than usual to finish the book. I do enjoy Thora and her interaction with Bella and wish there had been more of that in the book. Maybe next one.

    17. più che la storia (la riapertura di un caso giudiziario che sembrava risolto e il cui svolgimento viene affidato all'avvocato thora gudmundsdottir) è interessante l'ambientazione di questo romanzo- durante la crisi che ha messo in ginocchio l'islanda. l'autrice, nel raccontare una vicenda di corruzione e intrighi che emergono da un misterioso incendio, dà al libro una forte connotazione sociale, nel raccontare una realtà a noi poco nota e per certi versi di disarmante arretratezza. interessa [...]

    18. Yrsa Sigurðardóttir (pronounced Ur-suh SIG-ur-dar-daughter) has been labeled “Iceland’s answer to Stieg Larsson." She is also a director of one of Iceland’s largest engineering firms. She has written both children’s books and thrillers. Her books have achieved both popular and critical success. The “UK Sunday Times called ‘Someone to Watch’ the Crime Novel of the Year.” It has also been shortlisted for the 2014 Petrona Award for the Best Scandinavian Crime Novel of the Year. Yr [...]

    19. Yrsa Sigurdardóttir has created a superb, multi-layered plot with enough twists and turns to keep even the most devoted crime fiction fans guessing. As always, Thora's personal life intrudes on her investigation. In Someone to Watch Over Me, her parents move in her already crowded house to disrupt everyone's routine. Fortunately for the story, Sigurdardóttir touches on this situation sparingly-- its main result being to chase Thora's unemployed partner Matthew out of the house to help her with [...]

    20. Ysra is a wonderful and complete story teller. This is part ghost story, really scary at times and part crime mystery where the many layered plot reveal more crimes and incidents.Following the horrific burning down of a residential care home; parties involved seem to be happy to rush to justice and a young man with Down's syndrome is found guilty of the arson, albeit not criminally liable.He is sent to a psychiatric unit where another resident befriends him and engages lawyer Thora Gudmundsdotti [...]

    21. A fatal hit-and run seems to lead to a haunting of the house where the dead girl used to babysit. A late night talk show host is tormented by mysterious phone calls and emails from someone who seems to know him all too well.A paralysed girl who can only communicate through eye movements has a terrible secret.And Thora Gudmundsdottir receives a strange request from a serial child molester being held at Iceland's major facility for the criminally insane. He want to hire her to investigate a closed [...]

    22. I am happy to have had the opportunity to read another (#5) in the Thora Gudmundsdottir's thriller/mystery series by Icelandic author Yrsa Sigurdardottir. Thora, attorney, mother, daughter, grandmother,ex-wife, and girlfriend, is hired by an incarcerated mentally ill criminal to represent another resident of the same institution. Jakob, with Down's Syndrome, has been convicted of setting a fire and killing the residents and staff of a facility for the handicapped where he had lived. Thora quickl [...]

    23. At best two stars. The Icelandic names were difficult enough to navigate through, and on top of that, the author really dragged out every little detail - too much for me. I also disliked the small print crammed on to the pages of this book. If they were written in a normal sized text size, the novel would be about 550-600 pages! I read the book jacket, which compared the author to Stieg Larsson and a couple of other Scandanavian Writers, and I have to say that she is not even close. I have Larss [...]

    24. Book five and I feel a bit sad as I ave one more to go and there are no further Thora stories written yet. A young man with Downs syndrome is convicted of setting fire to the residential facility he stays in. Five people perish as a result and he is sent to a secure mental facility. Eighteen months later and Thora is approached by a violent convicted paedophile also held at the facility. He wants to hire her with the inheritance from his mothers estate to try and re-open the case of the young Do [...]

    25. I have really enjoyed this series not the least because they have chronicled Iceland's internal, economic and social issues as they have happened. I adore the central character and love the gentle ironic humour she uses to illustrate the cultural differences between her and her German partner. I think this is the best one I have read in the series. I found the characters and the storyline engrossing. Aye us very clever with the multiple strands she eventually weaves together. I have ordered the [...]

    26. Bit disappointed by this one after all the good reviews I read. The plot is good and interesting, I liked Thora, the investigative lawyer and I feel that unlike other Scandi Crimes I read lately, it neither quite gives enough background on culture, people involved or how everything comes together and the read herrings are a bit obvious. Although the financial crash is mentioned constantly but no real opinions given nor are the serious consequences for icelandic people really fully described. Fel [...]

    27. An excellent mystery by an Icelandic author. It is set in modern-day Iceland and has many threads that are interwoven extremely well. The interesting thing about the threads is that they are fully explored and related to the crime, but not always a critical part of the crime. The pursuit of the crime by Thora, the lawyer/detective, is steady and reasonable.The story is set in a home for disabled people of all sorts and Sigurdardottir handles a variety of disabilities with knowledge and respect.A [...]

    28. I won this Free book through First-reads. A young man, Jakob with down syndrome was accused and convicted of setting fire to his group home. Five handicapped people died in that fire. Attorney Thora Gudmundsdottir was hired to prove Jakob innocent, which she did despite all the nay-sayers. Other injustices were found out in the investigation. The fire was proved to be an accident. Jakob could now go home with his mother. There were many twists and turns to arrive at the final conculusion. Wonde [...]

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