Under His Discretion

Under His Discretion Their legends have haunted the history books for hundreds of years dating back to when the White Rose ruled majestically over England On Nov rd a country divided in secret watched as King He

  • Title: Under His Discretion
  • Author: Stacy Von Haegert
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 322
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Their legends have haunted the history books for hundreds of years, dating back to when the White Rose ruled majestically over England On Nov 23rd 1499 a country, divided in secret, watched as King Henry sat from atop his red velvet throne They watched with baited breath as the pretender, Perkin Warbeck, nodded his regal head and smiled towards his beautiful Irish wife.Their legends have haunted the history books for hundreds of years, dating back to when the White Rose ruled majestically over England On Nov 23rd 1499 a country, divided in secret, watched as King Henry sat from atop his red velvet throne They watched with baited breath as the pretender, Perkin Warbeck, nodded his regal head and smiled towards his beautiful Irish wife No cheers rang out it was said when the scaffolding was kicked out from under his feet Not a word was muttered when the body of who most of the world believe to be Richard, the only living son of Edward of York was cut down The last of the passionate, mysterious and chivalrous Plantagenet s bloodline fell to the ground with a thousand dropped white roses from loyalist hands on that cold winter s day It was then said, the carriage carrying the young widow on her way home was called to a stop by a stream The beautiful raven haired woman exited the rig, bowed her head and dropped a single white rose into the babbling brook As the delicate petals drifted down and into their watery grave she recited a poem, her palm laid to rest on her abdomen It fell with no thought at all It landed with a graceful, yet deliberate nod So accepting was its fate So brilliant its sacrifice Trusting with knowledge that its loss would be felt and eventually its death, avenged It fell with no thought at all, save one My son Ireland 1840 Perkin Kingston has lived his life making the right decisions He was the eldest to the Kingston line and has always taken the role seriously He had coupled his skills and natural talents into the perfect example of what an advisor to the royal crown should be He held lands, tiles and money than he could ever have need of Most importantly, Perkin had the love of his cherished family But Every star does eventually fall Shay Gallagher is used to being disappointed but when the new Laird on the hill shows up and robs her of her already dwindling household staff she has had enough She was prepared to call the new Laird out She was ready to slander his name and was than willing to hate him However, she was not prepared to find him unreasonably attractive, dangerously intelligent and slightly broken Shay was definitely not expecting to want to know How could something so beautiful have so many scars Secret upon secrets threaten Perkin and his family at every turn Will he avenge his father Will he restore his name after of his past mistakes crawl out to challenge him Will he end up like his namesake did 400 years ago Or will the rightful heir finally take the throne

    At someone s Discretion Definition of At someone s At someone s discretion definition is done if, how, when, etc someone chooses to do it. How to use at someone s discretion in a sentence. Under His Discretion The White Rose Trilogy Book Under His Discretion The White Rose Trilogy Book Kindle Edition by Von Haegert, Stacy Author What does at your discretion mean Quora Oct , The phrase at your discretion uses the first of these meanings This meaning is illustrated in the sentences below Viewer discretion is advised a common warning on TV shows that contain profanity, violent or sexual content, or other material some viewers might find offensive. Under His Discretion The White Rose Trilogy Volume Under His Discretion The White Rose Trilogy Volume Stacy Von Haegert on FREE shipping on qualifying offers Their legends have haunted the history books for hundreds of years, dating back to when the White Rose ruled majestically over England On Nov rd a country At the discretion of someone definition and meaning at the discretion of someone If something happens at someone s discretion, it can happen only if they decide to do it or give their permission We may vary the limit at our discretion and will notify you of any change Where there are no service charges added to the bill, tip at your discretion. Use discretion in a sentence discretion sentence examples discretion Sentence Examples which he might publish at his own discretion and the discussion as to how far his appointment by Mr Wyndham had prejudiced the Unionist cause was reopened in public with much bitterness, and perhaps under his veil of discretion, Discretion Definition of Discretion at Dictionary Discretion definition, the power or right to decide or act according to one s own judgment freedom of judgment or choice It is entirely within my discretion whether I will go or stay See . Discretion definition of discretion by The Free Dictionary Define discretion discretion synonyms, discretion pronunciation, discretion translation, English dictionary definition of discretion n The quality of being discreet circumspection the almost unknown young man who lived in the upper room coming and going with discretion word choice In or At sole discretion English In or At sole discretion Ask Question Asked years, months ago A cursory google search shows in the discretion as being preferred for courts themselves and at the discretion being preferred for classroom instructors virmaior Feb at user contributions licensed under cc by sa . with attribution required. Discretion Definition of Discretion by Merriam Webster Discretion definition is individual choice or judgment How to use discretion in a sentence individual choice or judgment power of free decision or latitude of choice within certain legal bounds See the full definition SINCE Menu JOIN MWU

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      322 Stacy Von Haegert
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    1. Stacy Von Haegert

      Stacy Von Haegert is the international best selling author of three genres Historical romance The White Rose Trilogy , dark fantasy The Forged Series , and historical fiction Lords Stacy grew up in Nashville TN, daughter of a singer songwriter and an equestrian enthusiast When she was not tagging along with her father into music city staples like the Blue Bird or riding her mother s Arabians at breakneck speeds over the Tennessee countryside she was writing short stories and poems Her passion for words grew and in 2013 Stacy released her first book, Under his Protection, that raced up s charts landing at 2 in the US and 1 in the UK Stacy currently lives in historic downtown Franklin TN with her husband, son, two unruly cats, and Belgian Tervuren puppy She writes by day and teaches ballroom dance in the evenings Stacy is obsessed with old houses, good literature, and every sport her son plays Website stacyvonhaegert To be the first to know of any new releases, sign up for her newsletters at eepurl csTHcb You can also follow Stacy on Instagram, her website stacyvonhaegert or will automatically email you a link every time she publishes a new book Just click the yellow FOLLOW button under her author picture azon Stacy Von Haeg

    843 thoughts on “Under His Discretion”

    1. Under His Discretion (the White Rose Trilogy Book 3)By: Stacy Von Haegert5 stars (10 stars if I was allowed)I was given an ARC book for an honest review free of persuasion from the author or anyone else affiliated with this book. CONTAINS SOME SPOILERS ; WARNING: CONTAINS MATURE AND ADULT CONTENT This story has several different peoples POV. These are my favorite type of books to read, simply because you get to see what is happening from all angles. Under His Discretion picks right up where Unde [...]

    2. Under His Discretion (the White Rose Trilogy Book 3)By: Stacy Von HaegertI was gifted a copy for an honest review.This is Perkins story, one of the handsome Kingston children. Perkin is blinded by his need for revenge after his father's death. He unknowingly frees Shay from the hands of her touchy step-father, but that leaves her with no funds and no protection. Since he put her in that position he extends his protection to Shay. Shay and Perkin are drawn into a mystery that may wreck them both. [...]

    3. Great storyThis was a great story and series. I was very happy to read this historical romance. I love even though the hardships family is prominent in these stories. Love ,hope,adventures,family,honor, and life. A must read.

    4. In book one of the White Rose trilogy we meet Sir Perkin Kingston, Duke of Dessmark, by book 2 he becomes the Duke of York, now he is Laird McGreggor. Whatever you want to call him one thing that matters is he is not the same man that he was. Perkin's bestfriend, Lord Dalton Ashlown, has fought by his side as he makes sure justices gets served, in whatever means necessary. Shay is the product of unfair love. Her life started that way and just kept going. Now her life is unfair so will love be th [...]

    5. Oh, I knew that Perkin would be my favorite!!! I don't know which love I loved the most, Shay or Dalton. As I've found in all three of the White Rose books, I want to know more about the supporting characters when I've finished! My heart raced at the end of Edward's book wondering how Perkin's story would turn out. Victoria made me proud ;) However, my heart absolutely broke at the end. I had high hopes for Henry. He and Dalton, truly, deserve their own stories. I hope they get them! Excellent s [...]

    6. I was greatly anticipating Perkin's story but this one was a disappointment for me. I really think it would have been better as a contemporary rather than a period book. Perkin is hell bent on revenge and is so self absorbed that he comes across as no gentleman to the h IMO. The first half of the book I had literally worked myself into a headache and I wasn't sure if I'd even be able to finish. Shay is written strong, and self sufficient but there was also a side to her that disturbed me. I don' [...]

    7. What a seriesOne of the best series I have read in a long time. This is Historical at its best. Great reading.

    8. The finalI knew it, I just knew that this was going to be brilliant and it most certainly is. Brilliantly written, and full of intrigue, another can't put down read

    9. The Last Kingston This was the last book in the White Rose Trilogy and it did not disappoint. Perkin, the Duke of York is on a mission to revenge the death of his father, Richard Kingston. His obsession takes him to Scotland to kill one who killed his father takes over over his castle. In doing so, he meets his fate in the form of Lady Shay Gallagher and becomes her protector. The story that follows is filled with strong emotions, suspense and intrigue that will keep you turning the pages as qui [...]

    10. This is the third book in the White Rose Trilogy, and what a read! We have Perking, he's not in a good place, murder is in his mind and nothing can replace it until he meets ShayWow! Fireworks from the start, you won't be bored or want to put this book down!Skullduggery, deceit and secrets revealedI hope one day Staceyoes back and writes Henrys story, and maybe one other? A great read!

    11. This story has it all, suspense, betrayal, love that conquers everything and powerful and hot main characters! You will fall in love with the Duke of York and the story will keep you on the front of your seat!

    12. Best of the seriesThis is my favorite out of the series. The first two were amazing but Perkin and Shay won my heart.

    13. What am I going to do now that I've finished this trilogy? The tale of the Kingston family and the danger that follows them came to a great conclusion in Perkin and Shay's story. Perkin was in such a dark place when he comes across fiesty Shay, and that she was able to draw him out to become his better self was just so swoon-worthy to read. I had wondered about how Perkin's past "indiscretion" would come back to bite him; but nothing came between the love that blossomed between he and Shay. Addi [...]

    14. WOW! Ok, wheeww, this is an awesome read. If you like love, suspense, rubbing elbows with royalty, well, that's just a few to look forward to. I loved this book. Truthfully I loved "The White Rose Trilogy". Again, awesome read. Well worth the time. These books will keep you captivated. Just a side note; I look forward to read other books by Stacy Von Haegert. Very talented writer.

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