Lost Soul

Lost Soul When a Soul begins to ask questions she expects answers Aanchal wanders the lonely haveli Indian mansion at night navigating her way to each room and turning the lights on The villagers become aware

  • Title: Lost Soul
  • Author: Malika Gandhi
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 401
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • When a Soul begins to ask questions, she expects answers.Aanchal wanders the lonely haveli Indian mansion at night, navigating her way to each room and turning the lights on The villagers become aware of a presence and fear a girl never seen in their midst.Who is she and where did she come from Who turns the lights on in the old ruin every night Aanchal is not afraid oWhen a Soul begins to ask questions, she expects answers.Aanchal wanders the lonely haveli Indian mansion at night, navigating her way to each room and turning the lights on The villagers become aware of a presence and fear a girl never seen in their midst.Who is she and where did she come from Who turns the lights on in the old ruin every night Aanchal is not afraid of the villagers who want her banished, but she is afraid of her mother s yearly visit from the Other Side Aanchal wants to be forgiven for something that happened by accident a hundred years ago, and she is willing to make things right.When Kunaal arrives with Jennifer, Aanchal sees the chance to right what went wrong, but she will need help Will her friends help her Will her mother s spirit forgive her Will she finally be ready to cross over

    Signs You re A Lost Soul Power of Positivity Lost souls can easily get sucked back into negative thinking patterns, and would rather stay put in this state of misery than work on creating positive habits Lost souls hold onto their pain dearly, because they fear what would happen if they let it go. Signs You Might Be a Lost Soul and How to Find Your Way There are several ways you can tell if you are a lost soul More importantly, there are also many ways to get back in touch with your intuition, receive guidance from your higher self or soul and find a way to live your life joyously Low mood Low mood can be a sign of many things from health problems to grief and loss.However, experiencing a persistent low mood for no apparent reason Lost soul Idioms by The Free Dictionary Definition of lost soul in the Idioms Dictionary lost soul phrase What does lost soul expression mean Definitions by the largest Idiom Dictionary lost soul Lost Souls Lost Souls Lost Souls Forever Lost Souls of Darkness Lost State Writers Conference lost stream Lost Strike Force lost temper lost temper lost temper Urban Dictionary Lost soul A lost soul may frequently exacerbate their life with their choice of intoxicating habit, but this only delays reflection they need to restore Only a pure and patient heart can accommodate a lost soul, but it is ultimately only the lost soul who can pull themselves out from under their dark world, and learn to let go Lost soul is someone Lost soul Doom Wiki Fandom Lost Soul YouTube The story of a father unable to control his grief after the death of his son A mother and daughter struggle to cope with the fathers suicide, and are left to grieve two dead family members. Symptoms of a Lost Soul and How to Help One Does a lost soul in Hell cease to exist at some point

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    1. Lost Soul is a beautiful and heartbreaking Indian ghost story.This is not a horror style ghost story, but a much more mysterious and touching tale of a teenage soul who has lost her way. The tale of a young girl named Aanchal, who perhaps went through a little too much while alive, and continued to suffer even after death.Prepare to be drawn into Aanchal’s experiences both in life and death, as the author takes you on a journey of Aanchal’s life many years in the past, leading up to her deat [...]

    2. I was given the opportunity to read an advanced copy of Lost Soul.I found the first chapter heavy going with many names to remember. However this is imperative to the story.There were Indian phrases used, which had the English meanings in brackets. This was a clever idea as it kept the book as authentic as poss without losing the reader. it didn't affect the flow of the reading either. The book wouldn't have been one I would have read. it is an extremely enchanting tale with amazing description [...]

    3. I love to broaden my reading experience and reading Lost Soul by Malika Gandhi has certainly done that for me.The story is set in India and the authors description of the sights and sounds that the characters are experiencing make you almost feel like you are experiencing it for yourself first hand. This book is very beautifully written and swaps between the main characters past to the present day.As the book is set in India there are quite a few words that I wouldn’t have a clue what they mea [...]

    4. Aanchal is a lost soul looking for peace. She haunts her childhood mansion, lonely and confused. Some local residents talk of a ghost in the havali, but not everyone is frightened of Aanchal. As events conspire to change her existence forever, Aanchal must decide if she is ready to move on.This is a hauntingly beautiful story that takes place in the present day and back in time. As I learned about Aanchal's past, I developed a great deal of sympathy for her. She's no ordinary ghost. For Aanchal, [...]

    5. Though I've never stepped foot in India, after reading this hauntingly beautiful story I feel as though I have. The author uses such wonderful imagery you feel as though you are there standing with the lead character. I enjoyed the back and forth between current day and the past. I feel like it allowed you opportunity to get to know the characters and worked to draw you into their world. There were many words I didn't recognize, and admittedly most likely pronounced wrong, but the author does a [...]

    6. True love can make you do some odd things. And being afraid of what our mothers think can make time feel as if it has stopped. For Aanchal the time has stopped for what seems like a hundred years. Aanchal finds herself looking for answers and wanting to make things right. Her friends visit the haveli (Indian mansion) and find more than they have bargained for. The villagers are fearful and scared of the happenings at the haveli. Knowing that there is nothing really to fear Shri befriends Aanchal [...]

    7. Beautiful story interweaving the modern tale of a market seller in India, a local girl, an expat Indian, his girlfriend and the spirit of Aanchal.Well crafted and sympathetic story, weaving modern scenarios and ancient superstitions. Shared insights into Hindi culture and customs, including castes and local councils. The story behind Aanchal's tale slowly unfolds and provides context for Kunaal's visit to his parents in India.Lovely story with characters you can warm to. Easy reading, with a fas [...]

    8. Just a lovely, lovely book. Its a gentle sweet story of a spirit girl and her journey from a young girl to being trapped in her family's former home.At times you can almost smell India and feel Aanchal brush past you. I enjoyed the story very much. There were many interesting relationships and dynamics between the characters. It made reading a simple pleasure and a bit indulgent.The one thing I struggled with was the necessary but annoying explanations of what the Indian terms were. But its a mi [...]

    9. I was lucky enough to read an advanced copy of this book. The book features a young spirit girl who is on earth and is struggling to pass over because of her past. She befriends some villagers as she is dreadfully lonely in her mansion. This book is filled with beautiful imagery and allows the reader to experience ancient and modern Indian customs, you felt as a reader as if you were transported to another world. This is a wonderful book which I enjoyed throughly.

    10. I loved this book It was very spiritual, and I felt every emotion for poor Aanchal. This book gave me a huge insight into the culture of India, and their beliefs. I was devastated when I finished this book. It is a truly beautiful read, full of pain and tragedy I thoroughly recommend this book for a beautiful read

    11. while i did enjoy this book i think it could be a bit confusing with some of the time switching and flipping from different characters

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