Bind Only one man can help her Is she willing to pay his price Faced with the potentially overwhelming loss of her family s fortune Lara Bertrand turns to the one man who can help her the gorgeous and po

  • Title: Bind
  • Author: Sierra Cartwright
  • ISBN: 9781784305895
  • Page: 422
  • Format: ebook
  • Only one man can help her Is she willing to pay his price Faced with the potentially overwhelming loss of her family s fortune, Lara Bertrand turns to the one man who can help her, the gorgeous and powerful Connor Donovan.She knows he s dangerous to her on every level Only desperation would drive her to make such a risky proposition After all, she knows all about his ruOnly one man can help her Is she willing to pay his price Faced with the potentially overwhelming loss of her family s fortune, Lara Bertrand turns to the one man who can help her, the gorgeous and powerful Connor Donovan.She knows he s dangerous to her on every level Only desperation would drive her to make such a risky proposition After all, she knows all about his ruthless nature and relentless determination to succeed.When the classy, elegant Lara walks into his office with an outrageous proposal, Connor is stunned and than a little intrigued Ever since he first met her, he s been attracted to the cool beauty, but she s than kept her distance.Connor is absolutely willing to help her out For a price He not only wants her hand in marriage, but also her total submissive surrender Reader Advisory This book contains scenes of anal play.

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    1. Sierra Cartwright

      Sierra is a USA Today, International Best Selling author who wrote her first book at age nine and hasn t stopped since.Sierra invites you to share the complex journey of love and desire, of surrender and commitment Her own journey has taught her that trusting takes guts and courage, and her work is a celebration for everyone who is willing to take that risk.

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    1. 3.75 starsReview @ Vanilla & Spice BooksI'm quite picky with BDSM books as some authors of the genre usually push my boundaries too much when there isn't a healthy balance between the sex and enough story, humor and romance. And this is what we have here.Lara Bertrand is a business woman, heiress to her father's empire. Unfortunately said empire is in dire straights: her father's way of leading a company is archaic, he struggles adapting to modern times. Lara's solution? A proposal of marria [...]

    2. Loyalty and love for the family can make people do things they wouldn't normally do.Lara Bertrand is for all intents and purposes Daddy's little girl. She loves her father and remembers fondly as he takes her to work with him when she was little. Now, all grown up, she works for her father in their family business. The rose-coloured glasses are off as her father persists and clings to the old ways. Unfortunately, the business world is changing in rules and speed. With no other choice, she decide [...]

    3. This was ridiculously sexy and a whole lot of fun! Which leads me to ask. where has Sierra Cartwright been all my life?!?!?!

    4. I just finished Bind today and have to say that I love Sierra Cartwright's writing style. Bind was sexy (very) and sweet (awww inspiringly so). I adored the connection between Connor and Lara and they paired together perfectly. I cannot wait to see what else she has in store for the other sibs in the Donovan Dynasty.

    5. A sexy and masterful start to a fantastic new series! This has to be Ms. Cartwright's best work yet! Stimulating, sensual, and just a whole lot of fun, BIND is sure to keep you on your toes! Connor Donovan will take over your dreams and walk away with your heart! I fell in love with him instantly! How can you not fall in love with Sierra's heroes? Gorgeous, powerful, possessive, all the workings that are sure to make you blush, shiver, and swoon! Connor Donovan's name alone just screams sex to m [...]

    6. 4.5 starsSome of this book was emotionally superb, the rest was predictable and boring The plot could have been better. Also, it felt like I could input any two people into Connor's and Lara's places. They were so Un-unique? The bdsm scenes were the best part of the book; they were really well written and HOT! Think Inferno.Verdict: Worth a read.

    7. *Complimentary ARC provided by the publisher for the purpose of an honest reviewND ruined me for future book boyfriends/husbands, and it was probably the best book I’ve read by Sierra Cartwright to date! I loved Connor and Lana individually and as a couple for their maturity despite being under thirty. The beginning was reminiscent of Fifty Shades, but where Fifty seemed reliant on “shock and awe”, BIND was more pleasing in all aspects. The smattering of humor throughout did a great job of [...]

    8. Reviewed by AngelaBook provided by the publisher for reviewReview originally posted at Romancing the BookWow. Just wow. I wasn’t sure what I was getting into when I got this book. It started off a little slow for my tastes but once I got about 50 pages in the book started to take off. The attraction between the two lead characters, Connor and Lara is unbelievable. They both want the same thing but getting there is half of the problem. Lara knows she has real feelings for Connor but isn’t sur [...]

    9. I found this book to be sopolite. Lara Bertrand is CFO of the family business and is worried her dad's antiquated ways are going to run their company into the ground. When she runs into Connor Donovan, brother of her BFF, leaving her dad's office and she discovers her dad turned down an offer Connor made to buy their telecom division, she's furious. In trying to find a way to counter her dad, she makes an offer to Connor - marry her for 2 years and she'll get him the telecom division and a seat [...]

    10. I enjoyed this book so much. So exciting, so emotional a great book with just the hints of BDSM at it best. I really loved it as I just adore all Sierra Cartwright books. This one in particularly. Set in family business, Lara Bertrand seeks out the gorgeous, Dom, the ever powerful man, Connor Donovan. She wants assistance for her family business . I loved the excited of these two people. This book creates a totally bound excitement. Just so sexy I just couldn't put this book down. Such a great m [...]

    11. What can I say? I loved this book. I loved all the aspects of this book. I won’t give you an entire run down of the book, you can read the synopsis for that, but I will recommend it. You know when you read a great book, but certain things make you inwardly (or outwardly) cringe? Well, there was none of that. The hero and heroine were both mature, smart, honest people. And they communicated so beautifully, except for maybe about one thing, but they come around, and that really struck me.It was [...]

    12. I don't feel love between Connor and Lana.Their relationship is too polite. Not sizzling enough.For the BDSM part is quite fine. It's more educational and sexy.This book is quite romantic for my taste.I expect for something hotter. Not kinky enough :(Sorry, it's quite disappointing and i hope the next books is better.

    13. this will be one of the hardest book reviews that I ever done cause I ended up re-reading the book when I wanted to go through the notes and quotes from it. yeah its that good !!! the book is the best cake recipe EVER put out there - you have the almost standard love story - girl likes boy, boy likes girl, both too stubborn to be honest about true feeling, enter drama and confusion. Then we add some business talk to it to make it more edgy - cause no one does business like the Donovans *hint, hi [...]

    14. As an erotic romance reader and lover of all BDSM literature, you can take full liberty to gasp at the fact that I had never read Sierra Cartwright until Bind, the first installment in her Donovan series. This series takes place in the heart of Texas, where rival corporate dynasties are vying for pieces of the pie. Lara Bertrand is a smart and shrewd businesswoman with her livelihood on the line. Her family business has been losing revenue and her father, as much as she loves him, has trouble ch [...]

    15. Bind is book one in Sierra Cartwright's Donovan Dynasty series and it's a great start! Romance and BDSM are two things that Sierra does well and Bind is just the right combination of the two. Prepare to be captivated as you won't want to put this baby down!Lara Bertrand is a successful businesswoman. CFO of her family's information technology company, she turns to the head of Donovan Worldwide, Connor Donovan, when her father's archaic ways threaten the company's existence. Her father isn't inte [...]

    16. Wrapped up and bound in his loveLara Bertrand is the CFO for her family’s company and lest you think it’s a position granted by nepotism perish the thought. Lara has earned her way up in the business world. She’s finance savvy and knows what she’s doing. She also knows exactly what she doesn’t want… CEO is NOT on her to do list. So, when she watches her father repeatedly throwing good sense out the window, she’s left with some drastic measures to reign in his mad dash to financial [...]

    17. I received a free copy of this book to read and review for Wicked Reads.This could have been the same old story -- girl seeks man to help save her father's company. She approaches guy asks him to marry her and guy saves the day, right? Right. Except this was so much more.Lara seeks a simple business arrangment with Connor but he has a few stipulations of his own. He wants Lara to explore her submissive side. When she admits that she's toyed with the idea of getting a little kinky in the bedroom, [...]

    18. I received a free copy of this book to read and review for Wicked ReadsI am a big fan of Ms Cartwright's writing, so was delighted to see a new series from her. And this is a great start to it, that's for sure. The premise is inspired, the outcome is perfect and the execution is both incredibly hot and cleverly plotted. We are introduced to two families' worth of characters, and I'm looking forward to seeing more of Connor and Lara in future episodes. I loved the interplay between them, the reso [...]

    19. The first truly authentic BDSM novels I read (after the abysmal 50 Shades of Grey series which was so unrealistic as to be pathetic) were the Shadowlands and Doms of Dark Haven series by Cherise Sinclair. A couple of the Doms of Dark Haven series books were co-written by Sierra Cartwright. This was the first solo book written by Sierra Cartwright that I've read and to say I was blown away by this book would be an understatement! It was amazing! The story held my interest from beginning to end. T [...]

    20. This was an interesting book I thought I totally knew where it was going to go only to be floored when the rug was yanked out from under me and I loved every second of it. Connor is so sexy and Lara is just perfect for him. Not to mention their scenes together are amazing, especially in the playroom. The tension that is around the business and family on both sides was interesting. I think the only thing I would've liked to see is more interaction with Erin, Connor's sister and Lara's bestie. The [...]

    21. Lara´s up against her own father when he won´t listen to reason about the management in their company. When her best friend gives her an idea about how to make him listen, she goes with it. Even if it is a hair brained one. Connor´s used to getting his way in the corporate world, but this latest deal is about to go up in smoke. Until he gets help from an unsuspected source, and the way she´s proposing to do it is even more outrageus. Can they both go for it, and get through it without breaki [...]

    22. I had the pleasure to reading an ARC of BIND and all I can say is wow . I really loved Connor Donovan and he is now my favorite book book friend :) . He's smoking hot and a awesome Dom . I really liked him and Lara . Can't wait to see what happens next in the Donovan dynasty.

    23. I'm on vacation, so I feel like reading or re-reading favorite authors of mine. Right now, I'm interested in Cartwright. This book has likable characters, there's a romantic and sexy plot and it's light enough to entertain me.

    24. A Fantastic New SeriesI love the whole story between Connor and Lana, A business proposal turned love story!! I think I have found my new book boyfriend lol This is a must read I recommend it to everyone!

    25. Rebeca is reviewing this one for us on the blog - she enjoyed this first book in an erotic romance series very mucht/2cKWpUc

    26. It was a good read but their relationship as a couple could have been more. I got a little lost with that aspect. Connor was so uptight. The right plot was there but it needed some oomph.

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