Holding You Series: Holding You / Releasing Me

Holding You Series Holding You Releasing Me This series contains explicit language and sexual content HOLDING YOU Deep breath I am peaceful I am strong Free spirited Addy Brecken is Milwaukee s most talented vegan chef and co owner of Sage

  • Title: Holding You Series: Holding You / Releasing Me
  • Author: Jewel E. Ann
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 500
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • This series contains explicit language and sexual content 17 HOLDING YOU Deep breath I am peaceful, I am strong Free spirited Addy Brecken is Milwaukee s most talented vegan chef and co owner of Sage Leaf Caf She has a genius IQ, a padded savings account, an amazing view of Lake Michigan, and a heart that won t stop beating Deep breath I am peaceful, I am stron This series contains explicit language and sexual content 17 HOLDING YOU Deep breath I am peaceful, I am strong Free spirited Addy Brecken is Milwaukee s most talented vegan chef and co owner of Sage Leaf Caf She has a genius IQ, a padded savings account, an amazing view of Lake Michigan, and a heart that won t stop beating Deep breath I am peaceful, I am strong An early April morning finds her drowning in the seductive fragrance of lilacs and the warmth of the morning sun when she s nearly hit by a car in front of her caf The peaceful existence she s desperately tried to maintain after the horrific loss of her family is suddenly shaken by the Range Rover driving, arrogant, sex on legs Quinn Cohen Deep breath I am peaceful, I am strong A successful, Latino businessman from New York, Quinn has a taste for the finer things in life A typical playboy, he has the money, the houses, the cars, and the women Quinn is everything Addy avoids Where she lives simply and prefers to help the less fortunate, he has no problem spending an obscene amount of money on a briefcase Their opposite personalities lend to several heated encounters, and Addy finds herself propositioning Quinn for the one thing she never imagined needing sex Offering only her body, Addy tries to keep Quinn at a safe distance from her heart and a world away from her past Their passion filled connection makes Addy feel something unfamiliar, alive But with passion comes feelings anger, jealousy, love When Addy surrenders to the unimaginable and lets go of her past, she s faced with the impossible holding on to her future Deep breath I am peaceful, I am strong RELEASING ME A tragic accident A hidden past An unbreakable love Never goodbye I thought Addy stole my soul Her beauty blinded me Her heart called to me Her touch healed me She gave everything and asked for nothing Then I broke her The depths of her pain were veiled by the reflection of my own I didn t deserve her, but I wanted her I needed her In my darkest hell, I heard her voice That s when I knew Addy was my soul Deep breath I am peaceful, I am strong Quinn was worth the risk He took away the numbness and gave me unfathomable pleasure Every emotion felt magnified, every moment felt like the last My heart found purpose My body came to life My soul returned His weakness gave me strength, and his past held my future He saved me by releasing me.

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    652 thoughts on “Holding You Series: Holding You / Releasing Me”

    1. 4.5 Stars"It’s you, only you, always you.”If nothing else, this duet is proof positive Jewel E Ann is a sadist in the rawest form. This poor heroine and my poor heart! What you'll find in this duet- one hot hunka Latin man-meat who's an alpha, insatiable with the stamina of a damn bull, and loves the heroine fiercely. The heroine is the hero's exact opposite. Wealthy in her own right but gives most material things away, minimalist, vegan, tree-hugging and so very, very wounded by multiple tr [...]

    2. Pippy4.5 huge starsThis author is becoming one of my favorites. Her books contain so much emotions, all the feels come out as you engrossed in the story. The characters are witty, smart and the banter between hero and heroine is fantastic not to mention the love scenes are smoking hot. Quinn is an arrogant ass millionaire but my kind of ass, Addy is a down to earth good person, a vegan (I want to feed her a piece of any meat) lol. She's keeping a secret that I know will be gut wrenching. The end [...]

    3. Edited - yet again - upon completion of sequelThis has to be the most toxic and juvenile relationship I've ever come across and both MC are in their 30s! I had high hopes that book 2 would be a turn around but the games these 2 adults played were unreal. I think Addy might have left Quinn 20 times already then after a break up she sleeps with someone else as a distraction then he does the same then she wants him back but he doesn't want her and she still stays. Then she tries to make him jealous [...]

    4. This was an awesome love story. The h had a horrifically tragic past and H was perfect for her. The first book lacked action but I did enjoy their story. Book two read much faster. After all the time author took developing their story I would have loved to read more of their HEA.

    5. HOLDING YOU“My soul is injured. My heart is shattered but won’t stop beating. You see the person I want to be, not who I am. I don’t fear death, I fear the pieces of my heart could be further shattered and it will still be beating.”Oh my! My heart. What a breathtaking story. And full of so much heart! There were so many quotes and touching moments throughout this story and I was captivated from the start.“Most people think of sex or making love as the ultimate form of intimacy, but for [...]

    6. Although I've become a fan of Jewel since reading Only Trick, these books just didn't do it for me. First, the story was going so good but then the H slept with another woman or women as the case came to be. Yes, there was no commitment between the H and h but they already slept together and giving the excuse of it just distraction isn't right. Then the on again off again they've got going on. And second in book 2 the h slept with another man. But what really turned me off was the H was willing [...]

    7. 5 what in the hell stars!!! I don't know how to rate these two books I was addicted couldn't put them down but mostly because it was a damn train wreck! Quinn Gawd I wanted to love him But his actions infuriated me!!! Not sure why Addy stayed except I think she may have been a masochist She was a martyr through and through which infuriated me too!!! Both characters were so flawed and like I said before so frustrating at times! The ending was beautiful and came both books came full circle It was [...]

    8. 5 HOLDING YOU STARS!! This story swooped me up a beautiful vegan chef and a rich business man run into each other and sparks fly. I was like watching Pretty Woman the movie. Neither one is looking for anything more than sexy times and oh what fun they have. The story is full of drama, angst, secrets sexiness and things you don't see coming. Jewel E. Ann's writing is beautiful and flawless, I can not get enough of her words.5 RELEASING ME STARS!! Wow, the conclusion had my heart pounding and took [...]

    9. Another on my favorites listloved this bookI've been on a quest to read all Jewel's books after reading her most current one after a recommendation from a friend a couple months ago I've yet to be disappointed! In devouring all her books, my only regret is that there is only one more of hers in my library left for me to read. She has quickly become one of my favorite authors. Will be waiting with bated breath for the next new book!

    10. I was spellboundWow! I read both books in two (2) days! I was spellbound. Now I only have 2 hours to nap before getting ready for work. Awesome story in every way. Jewel is gifted at plot twistsin a way that makes you keep flipping the pages.

    11. DNF at 49%. I've enjoyed previous books by this author but this series was not for me. MCs were very immature and certain story points were extremely repetitious.

    12. Overall a truly wonderful read. The love story of Addy and Quinn. Brought together by chance, they go through plenty of ups and downs that I almost thought fate wouldn't set things straight. Let's just say it was all worth it. 4 stars.Holding You:The beginning for our couple. We watch as Addy and Quinn decide to be simply friends with benefits. Both having their own secrets to keep, it's just easier this way. But of course they have such a strong chemistry, it's hard to maintain that arrangement [...]

    13. Reading this book is so painful but worth every gut-wrenching minute! The story of Addy, the gorgeous, broken hippie and Quinn, the sexy manwhore millionaire is captivating. While there are a few unresolved red-herring issues, the way these two love, hate and punish each other is brilliantly juxtaposed with the care and love they each get from their friends and family.

    14. By the time I learned Addy's devastating historyI just didn't like her anymore. She came across as beyond arrogant. Just because you volunteer doesn't make you a good person and mean you do it for the right reasons. According to everyone around her she practically walked on water. I just didn't see that. I saw a very self righteous judgemental person. Halfway through the second book, I realized. I don't really like the characters. I love stories with a strong heroin and Addy came across as stron [...]

    15. WOW!! Just wow!! This book is the Holding You Series,written by Jewel E Ann. I feel like I have been strung out, wrung out and run overbut all in a good way! Just when you think you see a HEA headed your way, Ms Ann would throw you down a flight of stairs and run over you with a tractor, figuratively, of course. There were so many things that I didn't see coming and so many more that I cried as I wished I could stop them from coming. This series will cause your laughter, and your tears, and even [...]

    16. 4.75 Never Goodbye StarsOkay, these two books took me on an emotional rollercoaster that I wasn't expecting. One minute I am smiling then the next I am shaking my kindle in frustration. I loved Addy's character and how giving she was. Quinn frustrated me a bit, especially in book 2 but he redeemed himself in the end.Jewel E. Ann is a relatively new author to me, thanks to my bestie and book buddy. She is fast becoming a fav author of mine. I am now putting all of her books on my TBR.

    17. An unbelievable emotional rollercoaster!Wow! I stumbled upon this beautiful story and discovered an awesome new author to add to my favorites. The journey of Quinn and Addy was spectacular, steamy, fun, steamy, angst filled, steamy, heartbreaking, steamy did I say steamy? Panty melting steamy! As the story progresses you learn the heartbreaking truth of Addy's past, get a box of Kleenex out you will need it! Also get a few extra pairs of panties to change into! This book is in my top 5 reads thi [...]

    18. Okay.Let’s start with the cover. I love it. I also loved the way the story started too and was excited i was going to enjoy a book that is not similar to what is trending today. The excitement was short livedghe book was all about bonking's nice when it leads to it, not just straight to it. It overpowered what should of been the main focus'the story'.I guess that's just me and my taste in the book world.

    19. God I love this author. All her characters go through a battle to get what they want and I love that I totally cheer for them to get to a happy ever after because if anyone deserves it it's Quinn and Addy and I loved their story. It isn't easy to read at times. And that's what keeps you engaged to the very end. This author can do no wrong - she bloody kicks arse. Completely.

    20. Wowabsolutely loved this series! Such a great storyline that will take you on a emotional roller coaster. Read both books in just a matter of days because I could not put them down! Love the dynamics between Addy and Quinn. If you are a fan of hot, sexy reads that are also witty and humorous, then you will definitely want to read this series!

    21. I cannot say enough about this author. She's a good one for sure. I could not help but be pulled into these characters and the seemingly endless number of surprises around every corner. The depth of the love they have for each other is beyond immense. I look forward to reading everything she has and will write.

    22. Tearjerker! I'm glad I got these two together, because I absolutely needed to start the second one IMMEDIATELY.I gave it four stars because it was a gripping story about two very flawed, damaged people. I am in no way idealizing their relationship - it was pretty f-ed up most of the time - but the story definitely held me in its claws and gave me feels.

    23. :') Absolutely Amazing!I purchased the Holding You Series, by Jewel E Ann, through my Kindle Unlimited. I have became quite a fan of Jewel E Ann's writing. I binged read both books. I loved Addy and Quinn's story it was beautiful, tragic, hopeful, and unpredictable. Every book I've read by this author I could read again and again.

    24. I heart Quinn & AddyA fantastic roller coaster of a book. A little bit of mystery surrounding their past made me keep reading. They love just as fierce as they argue. I'm looking for that happy ending. Good read!

    25. WowBeautiful. Powerful. Agonizing. What a crazy ride. I can't believe this strong woman put up with this mans antics. She is a saint and although a genius she is a fool for love. I can't wait to see what happens next!!

    26. Emotional journey What do you do when you lose your heart, you fall apart and hide it from the world until chance encounter brings a man crashing into your world. Follow this heart raking story and be drawn into amazing journey the author takes us on

    27. Oh my goodness, this was fabulous! Talk about a book hangover. I adored Addy & Quinn and their story totally sucked me in from the beginning.

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