Before the Wind

Before the Wind Following The Highest Tide Border Songs and Truth Like the Sun Jim Lynch now gives us a grand and idiosyncratic family saga that will stand alongside Ken Kesey s Sometimes a Great Notion Joshua Joh

  • Title: Before the Wind
  • Author: Jim Lynch
  • ISBN: 9780307958983
  • Page: 237
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Following The Highest Tide, Border Songs, and Truth Like the Sun, Jim Lynch now gives us a grand and idiosyncratic family saga that will stand alongside Ken Kesey s Sometimes a Great Notion.Joshua Johannssen has spent all of his life surrounded by sailboats His grandfather designed them, his father built and raced them, his Einstein obsessed mother knows why and how theyFollowing The Highest Tide, Border Songs, and Truth Like the Sun, Jim Lynch now gives us a grand and idiosyncratic family saga that will stand alongside Ken Kesey s Sometimes a Great Notion.Joshua Johannssen has spent all of his life surrounded by sailboats His grandfather designed them, his father built and raced them, his Einstein obsessed mother knows why and how they work or not For Josh and his two siblings, their backyard was the Puget Sound and sailing their DNA But both his sister and brother fled many years ago Ruby to Africa and elsewhere to do good works on land, and Bernard to god knows where at sea, a fugitive and pirate Suddenly thirty one, Josh who repairs boats of all kinds in a Steinbeckian marina south of Seattle is pained and confused by whatever the hell went wrong with his volatile family His parents are barely speaking, his mystified grandfather is drinking harder, and he himself despite an endless and comic flurry of online dates hasn t even come close to finding a girlfriend But when the Johannssens unexpectedly reunite for the most important race in these waters all of them together on a classic vessel they made decades ago they will be carried to destinies both individual and collective, and to a heart shattering revelation Past and present merge seamlessly and collide surprisingly as Jim Lynch reveals a family unlike any other, with the grace and humor and magic of a master storyteller.

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    1. Jim Lynch

      Jim Lynch is the author of the novels The Highest Tide, Border Songs and Truth Like the Sun, all of which were performed on stage and won prizes, including an Indies Choice Honor Book Award, a Pacific Northwest Booksellers Award and a Dashiell Hammett Prize finalist His next novel, Before the Wind, will be released in April 2016 As a newspaper reporter, Lynch has won national awards, including the Livingston Young Journalist Award He lives in Olympia, Washington, with his wife and daughter.Lynch s book tour with his next novel, Before the Wind, will begin in mid April 2016 and will feature visits to east and west coast bookstores and venues Dates and locations will be available soon.

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    1. "Families split over money, betrayal and abuse, over resentments, infidelities and misunderstandings, over people being jackasses. Most anything can rattle the fault lines. Yet I know of only one family torn asunder by a sailboat race."Joshua Johannssen has sailing in his blood. It's virtually all he and his siblings have known basically since birth. His grandfather designed sailboats, his father designed and raced them, and the two passed down this fever to Josh, his older brother Bernard, and [...]

    2. I love books about dysfunctional families and while I enjoyed that aspect of the book, the boating references dominated the story. I love the water but mostly from the beach or balcony or walking along the beacht from inside a boat. After owning two boats (my husband's idea, not mine), I can say with certainty that I dislike boating. So why did I read this book? I read it based on a recommendation and had hoped the quirky dysfunctional bits and the humor would be enough to overshadow the actual [...]

    3. I'm throwing in the towel. Too expletive heavy and sailing technical for my tastes. It seems much better suited to a manly man entrenched audience and/or obsessively passionate sailors. The writing, in general, seems quite good. Just not a good fit for me.

    4. Lots and lots of boat and sailing terminology in ‘Before the Wind’ which for me was dull. (Once longtime ago and far away, my husband and I owned a boat for three years. I discovered boating really sucks by the end of the second year.)There is a story too, about a family - a father, a boating enthusiast, who wants his three kids to love boating too, and I liked it as far as I got because there was a lot of humor and irony. However, there also are lots and lots of racing boats, boating accide [...]

    5. Four generations of the Johannssen family have built and raced sailboats around Puget Sound. Sailing is the adhesive that unites the Johannssens, and it is a sailboat race that destroyed them. Now the family comes together for the first time in twelve years for the Swiftsure race. Sailing a classic Johannssen-designed-and-built Joho cruiser, they hope to salvage the futures of both their company and their family. Before the Wind is the story of a family and an obsession, crafted with the same me [...]

    6. Such mixed feelings about this book. For me, it did not live up to Lynch's past efforts and that was a major disappointment. Not sure if it was his writing style or rather that this book really appears to be written to boating/sailing aficionados instead of the general readership. I got totally lost with all the boating phraseology and to me the emphasis on the boating took away from a pretty good story - not a great story. A dysfunctional family that may or may not have received healing by the [...]

    7. I received a free copy of this book in a giveaway.Set for an April 2016 release date, Before the Wind is about the sheer thrill of boat racing, of sailing, the nautical atmosphere, the brisk wind but at the end of the day, it's also the story of a remarkable and brilliant yet very flawed and dysfunctional family. This book asks the question, "will they ever learn to let go of what can't be changed and come together again?"Creative, vividly-detailed, emotional and gripping, Before the Wind combi [...]

    8. Behind the Wind is 100% up my alley and I have no idea why I’d never heard of it until Catherine at Gilmore Guide shoved it into my hands recently. It plops the dysfunctional family element of Ann Patchett’s Commonwealth into a sailing environment with brilliant results."For years, sailing bound us. We were racers, builders and cruisers. It was our family business, our sport, our drug of choice. Yet eventually, sailing blew us apart, too."Within the first five pages, Lynch delves into the ps [...]

    9. Jim Lynch is known for novels that are fertile explorations of microcosms of humanity that blossom into reflections of the complex whole. In Before the Wind, Lynch applies this technique to a story about the world of sailing, and an examination of a family intimately involved with the sailing business, the Johannssens. Josh Johannssen, 31, going back and forth in time in alternating chapters, narrates what happened the last time his family experienced any harmony, before, as he puts it, his fami [...]

    10. I thoroughly enjoyed the book! It helped tremendously that I've sailed and even raced sailboats in a past life. It would almost take a sailor to enjoy this book I think, because of the specific lingo used. But note that I said 'almost'; the story line and the characters would hold the interest of just about anyone. It also helped me to have sailed in some of the same waters mentioned, the San Juan and Gulf Islands, etc. , and I've been a spectator of the Swiftsure from a hillside west of Victori [...]

    11. Great cast of characters and a good sense of place but the plot just didn't measure up. I expected a novel as wonderful as Border Songs but this wasn't it. It's definitely worth reading, especially if you've any interest in sailing, but otherwise adjust your expectations. Josh's dating reports are a hoot and provide needed humor.

    12. Josh's family is a sailing family. His father and grandfather designed and built a line of sailboats that was quite popular in it's time. They are now being replaced by faster, sleeker boats built out of more high tech materials. When they were little, Josh's younger sister Ruby had a magical touch with the wind and sails and was almost an Olympic contender. His older brother Bernard was the daredevil and would try anything when it came to sailing (and other things). Josh was often eclipsed by t [...]

    13. At the most basic level Jim Lynch’s new novel Before the Wind is the story of the Johannssens—a sailing family in Seattle, Washington. Or as Josh Johannssen’s younger sister Ruby liked to claim “And there’s a reason we’re so good with boats: we have a higher salt content in our blood!” A fact which his long suffering older brother Bernard would point out was based on “one misleading blood test that showed Grumps had high sodium levels.” His father and grandfather build and race [...]

    14. Do you like to sail? I don’t mean lying in the sun on a sailboat while someone else steers. I mean rigging the boat, launching it, manning the sails. If so, you will thrill to Jim Lynch’s new novel, which is set in the world of boats driven by the wind. If not, prepare to be immersed as well as entertained.Narrated by Josh, the adult middle child of the famous, boat-building Johanssens of Puget Sound, the central family story is surrounded by other quirky, sailing-related stories, such as Ei [...]

    15. Thanks to and the publisher for a free copy of Before the Wind!I know basically nothing about sailing -- I should probably start with that. So, when I picked up Before the Wind, I wasn't sure what I was going to think, or how much I was going to understand. I needn't have worred.Before the Wind immerses you in the world of sailboats: racing them, repairing them, and the [sometimes oddball] people who own them. The writing is vivid without getting bogged down in description. But my absolute favo [...]

    16. In the hands of a more capable writer this could have been a much more interesting story.I had two really big issues with this:1.) The plot was dull and predictable. As a lifelong Seattle resident it was nice to hear names and places that were familiar, but that was where the fun ends. The idea of this families dramas spanning the first 2/3 of the book only to end in the "great race" felt too "movie-of-the-week" for me. There was never a moment where I settled into the current (see what I did th [...]

    17. I love this book. It is a fictional account of a dysfunctional sailing family that lives in the Seattle area. The grandfather and father of Josh, the narrator, built sailboats. Josh has an older brother and a younger sister and they are all avid sailors and misfits. Josh’s sardonic commentary on the mystique of sailing will amuse even readers who can’t tell a jib from a spinnaker. The book builds up to a family reunion where everyone participates in a major sailboat race on a sailboat that t [...]

    18. Laugh out loud moments pepper this novel which pulls back the curtain on an American family. The Johanssons look like they have everything -- successful dad and granddad doing what they love, brilliant mom, 3 great kids. They all apparently live for sailing. Ten-plus years later, middle kid Josh tries to figure out what went wrong. Lynch has clearly hung out with delusional boaters (is there any other kind?) and dysfunctional families because with all myriad characters in Before the Wind, not a [...]

    19. The book started of super slow and kind of confusing. I think if your super into boats and sailig you would enjoy this book more but I kinda skipped over some of the boaty parts. Near the beginning I didn't think I would finish the book but I have to really not are for a book to stop reading it. As the book progressed and the reader gets to know the characters more, I started enjoying this book. I do think most of the first half of the book could have been taken out.

    20. I thought I was in the target demographic for this book. I like the Seattle area, and our family used to go on boat trips in Puget Sound each summer. We have taken boats out of the Shilsole marina, which is mentioned in this book. This is my home turf.But book never got off the ground for me. I never got excited about reading the next chapter.If it hadn't had the local flavor and been written by a local author, I would have quit on it.

    21. Easily the most boring book I have read in a long time.The family is not interesting, there is zero story or plot to the book.This book is only recommended if you really really love to sale, talk about sailing, spend most of your time around boats, or wishing you were around boats. Otherwise forget it.

    22. I wanted to like this, didn't. It took the first half of the book and there was still not resemblance of a plot. Full of sailing jargon and anticdotes about the family and friends but too slow to get to the real story i was looking for.

    23. I don't know much about sailing, so it was fun to be immersed in the complicated arcana of this world. The characters were richly drawn such that even when the plot lagged, the story was still compelling.

    24. Reading this was like watching grass grow. So tediousabandoned about 25% of the way through. Please.just tell the story!

    25. Loved it! But then again I was a boater in the Puget Sound area for years and enjoyed going through the experiences.

    26. I rated this book 4 stars because it is tough to place that 5th star on a recent work that has not stood the test of time, but this was one of the most enjoyable modern books I have read in a while. Though all of the action revolves around sailing off the coast of Washington, the real beauty of the book is Jim Lynch's ability to depict the Johannsen family, in the same way as Salinger does with the Glass brood, as both unique and endearing individuals in their own ways, but also as a family boun [...]

    27. Before the Wind • by Jim LynchOverview: The Johannssens are a sailing familyRuby, a prodigiously talented skipper, has taken off for Africa. Bernard is god-knows-where at sea. And at thirty-one years old, Josh Johannssen, the middle child, is fixing up an old family boat (for a family reunion in the Swiftsure International Yacht Race) and trying to figure out where it all went wrong.Pleasantly written with Josh narrating in an informative, self-deprecating and engaging style with some bouts of [...]

    28. 3.7 stars. This novel is about a family that has sailing in its DNA that tries to mend its differences by coming together in adult life for a sailing race. I enjoyed the characters (especially the narrator's sister Ruby who's the star) and the author's wry sense of humor. The story had a lot of charm to it and really delves into the details of sailing & boats and their maintenance -- all of which I liked. My only trouble with it is that some parts seemed slow to me like the beginning and the [...]

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