The Windchime Legacy

The Windchime Legacy In the early s the mysterious A W Mykel came out of nowhere with a brilliantly inventive espionage thriller that became an international bestseller astonishing readers with its daringly imaginati

  • Title: The Windchime Legacy
  • Author: A.W. Mykel
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 458
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • In the early 1980s, the mysterious A.W Mykel came out of nowhere with a brilliantly inventive espionage thriller that became an international bestseller astonishing readers with its daringly imaginative plot, larger than life characters, and outstanding action becoming one of the most entertaining and beloved spy novels of the century THE WINDCHIME LEGACY America has a sIn the early 1980s, the mysterious A.W Mykel came out of nowhere with a brilliantly inventive espionage thriller that became an international bestseller astonishing readers with its daringly imaginative plot, larger than life characters, and outstanding action becoming one of the most entertaining and beloved spy novels of the century THE WINDCHIME LEGACY America has a secret our espionage operations are run by Sentinel, an intelligent super computer that communicates with spies through an implant in their brains that massively expands their intellectual capabilities But the power comes with a price The implants are also explosives that Sentinel can ignite at its whim Now one of Sentinel s creators is defecting to Russia with plans to create a red Sentinel twin and must be stopped Superspy Justin Chaple is assigned to the mission, pitting him against the KGB s top assassins and, as a shocking conspiracy is revealed, the all knowing, explosive killer hiding in his own skull A smashing tale This cleverly plotted and twisting first novel compares to the best of Robert Ludlum, Publishers Weekly Bouncy, unbelievable thriller action, Kirkus Reviews Move over, Robert Ludlum A.W Mykel has arrived, Akron Beacon Journal A.W Mykel wrote two global bestsellers The Salamandra Glass and The Luxus Conspiracyd then disappeared as suddenly as he d appeared Until Now Acclaim for THE WINDCHIME LEGACY An intricate high tech thrillera solid and often exciting yarn, The Rap Sheet THE WINDCHIME LEGACY is recommended as a notable and until this reissue, a regrettably hard to find example of how the rivalries and anxieties of the world s major governments provided the inspiration for much of the popular fiction of the time, Bookgasm This novel actually feels like six put together, making for a fun rollercoaster ride The book splices the styles of Ian Fleming and Robert Ludlum and adds a dash of Michael Crichton Don t over think the over the top fun and just enjoy the wild ride Writers Bone

    • Unlimited [Horror Book] ✓ The Windchime Legacy - by A.W. Mykel ✓
      458 A.W. Mykel
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    1. A.W. Mykel

      Pseudonym of Michael Andaloro

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    1. I was invited to read and review this title by my friends at Brash Books and Net Galley; it was one of half a dozen that I could check out. I appreciate the invitation, and the other books in that batch have been read by me already and happily reviewed. This one is different; it has not stood the test of time.So in other words: no, no, no, and no.Usually I say it is essential to stick with a book till at least the 20 percent mark in order to get a sense of where it's going and whether it might r [...]

    2. Didn't actually finish this, but there's no other way to take it out of "Currently Reading" than to mark it read (that I could find). It's dated (seriously, an inept spy is found out due to a plot point involving a pay phone. A PAY PHONE!) and rather laddish for my taste. The fact that in 2015 we have computers in our pockets that, while they do not reason as the human brain does, they can imitate it to a high degree (Google Now, Siri, etc.) really dated it considerably. The plot was somewhat in [...]

    3. This was the first novel by AW Mykel and was originally written in 1980. Unfortunately this shows in a number of places. If it had been updated - just a little - I would have given it 4 stars but it just fails due to being out-dated.When it was written the spy world described with Russia and the US and the UK were very true. But unfortunately for this novel we all know that the Russians were very good at trapping people through sexy spies and no-one would be fooled by that these days - after Chr [...]

    4. The greatest secret of America’s intelligence agencies is SENTINEL: a computer intelligence, a thinking intelligence, far advanced and in control of American intelligence operations. Only the president and a select few know it even exists, other than the men and women who run it. Its agents are modified with special neuro-implants, allowing them to communicate directly with the computer and giving them increased intelligence; they are never aware that they are speaking to a machine more capabl [...]

    5. “The Windchime Legacy” eBook was published in 2015 and was written by A. W. Mykel. Mr. Mykel has published 4 novels. I obtained a galley of this novel for review through netgalley. I would categorize this novel as ‘R’ as there are instances of Violence and Mature Situations. This Thriller novel is set during the height of the cold war with Russia. It was originally published in 1980. The primary character is Justin Chaple, an agent for a very secret US intelligence organization. He, and [...]

    6. Super Spies! Assassins! Super computers! The Cold War! Nazis!Wow. Gonzo spy fiction at it's finest. Over the top action with some purple prose and a couple sex scenes that are just somewhat kinky by today's standads. But it clocks right along and keeps your interest. Dated and a product of it's time - which was the late seventies. Within a couple chapters it's obvious that A.W. Mykel (aka Michael Andaloro. Where is he now?)was inspired by Ian Fleming and Donald Hamilton and not John le Carré. I [...]

    7. Americas spy agencies are run by Sentinal,a super computer. Very few know about this super intelligent computer, not the FBI or even the CIA. Only the President and some very special agents who work with the group that created Sentinal. These agents have a chip implanted in their brains which allows them to communicate directly with the computer. It is also armed with an explosive device that can be detonated remotely.No one can afford to have one of these agents captured and interrogated. Now o [...]

    8. This book will keep the reader on his or her toes with the various plots and subplots. The book is set in the late 1970s and involves Cold War intrigue between the U.S. and the Soviets, with spies, defections, and a super secret supercomputer that can radically alter the balance of power.Although the story may seem somewhat dated given the technological advances since it was written, the author has envisioned a computer system with abilities that far exceed even the best known current technology [...]

    9. Odd little book I found at work the other day. The cover looked like one of the old Hermann Hesse reprints--all 70's color and Dallas like hairdos. Turns out it was published in 1980, but has a surprising amount of colorful swear words and anatomy descriptions for what I thought were the uptight "me" decade. A convoluted spy story that actually moves rather well, the book is pretty hefty, and the final few chapters suspend disbelief. Although the book jacket itself promises "a shocking finale" I [...]

    10. Justin Chapel is a government agent for a group that doesn't exist except to the President and a few selected men. They guard and protect Sentinel, a super computer that has delusions of world takeover. Written in the 80's, this story transitions ok into today's time frame but does have some issues. It is set in the 70's it feels sluggish in some spots but the story line and main character are spot on. He's cool under fire, trusts no one and tries to control the situation while being betrayed an [...]

    11. I'm sorry to say but I just couldn't finish this book. It was originally published in 1980 and it still feels like 1980, with heavy smoking people, lots of Russian spies and far, far to many twists and turns in the plot and subplots. After 70 pages I was almost none the wiser; I really don't like books that read like telephone books (with too many names) or like a summary of things that have happened. I suppose in 1980 the idea of SENTINEL must have been very original and thrilling and of course [...]

    12. This is a cold war espionage story that has the best of the genre beat. The plot is devious and thrilling. The characters are well-formed and the best of their breed. Plot twists include deception, romance, incredible secrets, first-rate technology, an age-old conspiracy, and other wrinkles too numerous to identify. The book is filled with heart-pounding, breath-catching action. All the clues along the way don't prepare you for the truths that are revealed. Plan to read this one from start to fi [...]

    13. Windchime LegacyWindchime Legacy is a twisting, turning spy novel to keep you deeply engaged while reading it and meditating upon it after finishing it. Worth every star I have given it.

    14. A.W. Mykel came from nowhere and styed at my hose forever with this one. some many plot twists and shakeup, it will leave you mouth hangin open til the last page. everything ties together to come to a staggering halt. damn fine read. not to be missed.

    15. I enjoyed this story. It was suspenseful and did not drag. There are some parts where not all the logistics are explained, but the plot still flowed. It kind of reminded me of an old Star Trek episode.

    16. That was an amazing read from beginning to end and I didn't come close to predicting the conclusion. There were so many twists and turns which kept the anticipation high and the adrenaline following. An excellent read especially if you enjoy spy thrillers.

    17. Great readWith out a doubt one of the best thriller books that I have read. Twists and turns and many surprises all through the story. Very hard to find a stopping place.

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