The Flesh of War

The Flesh of War Forged for combat the rock trolls have no equal They train from birth endure brutal conditioning and mark their skin with every kill They have become the very flesh of war but their history of hon

  • Title: The Flesh of War
  • Author: Ben Hale
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 337
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Forged for combat, the rock trolls have no equal They train from birth, endure brutal conditioning, and mark their skin with every kill They have become the very flesh of war, but their history of honor has been forgotten Now a bounty has been issued, one which calls for the extermination of their race To survive they must awaken to what they have lost, before their enForged for combat, the rock trolls have no equal They train from birth, endure brutal conditioning, and mark their skin with every kill They have become the very flesh of war, but their history of honor has been forgotten Now a bounty has been issued, one which calls for the extermination of their race To survive they must awaken to what they have lost, before their enemies begin to gather Born in the midst of a bloody conflict, Tryton bears a heart of peace His talent will command respect, but his nature is the true weapon To wield it he must rise to lead them all without sacrificing his soul The fate of his people lies with him, but the seeds of destruction have already been sown And the harvest has come.

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    • ☆ The Flesh of War || ✓ PDF Download by ✓ Ben Hale
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    834 thoughts on “The Flesh of War”

    1. I was describing this book to a friend, and no matter how I tried, I could not make it sound cool."Well you see there's this race of trolls, but they look like humans except nine feet tall. They take the babies away and give them to the Blademaster and train them for war""Some of the trolls have like, wind magic, and some of them are just fighters, and they are all sad because they don't have real families""Tryton hides how good he is, but he is slaying tigers and stuff when he is five years old [...]

    2. The birth and childhood story of Tryton, a troll growing up among his people.A race who's tradition is fighting and war, each one raised and trained by a blade master from the moment they can walk and hold a weapon.While they resemble humans, they are much taller, 9 feet in fact, stronger and with skin tough as armor.Fast-paced and action-packed from beginning to end.However, this is not just a coming of age story, one of fighting. This is a story about family, a story about love, friendship and [...]

    3. It's been a long time since a fantasy novel has intrigued me as much as this one. Recently many of the better fantasy novels are more young adult orientated. Good stories, but quick reads without large concepts. Not so with this series. I got this book free off of BookBub, but it was good enough I bought, and am reading, the second, The Age of War. Not LotR sophisticated, but very good.

    4. I've read all of Ben Hale's books and that is mostly due to starting with this book. The Flesh of War grabbed my attention from the beginning and never let me go. There are many familiar classes & races but he put a new spin on all of them. The writing is clean, fresh and doesn't have the new age obscenities that seem to be prerequisite in current fantasy. I won't get into the details but will say that The Warsworn series is one of my favorites of all time.

    5. I haven't enjoyed this book quite as much as I had hoped. It was very difficult to sympathise with most of the characters for me and the fight scenes, I guess one of the most important parts of this book, have been boardedline boring for me. That said, I liked the idea of the book and it still hasn't left my mind.

    6. Stopped reading not because it was bad, I stopped because the book is not for adults. Targeted at kids and I think would be a hit in the young adult/teens area. Its simple, very simple mary sue with swords. Nothing bad about it, just not for me.

    7. Quite an interesting book. Tryton's character reminds me of Naruto, someone who is capable f or changing others mind by his action and words. (view spoiler)[I was expect the dwarfs to join the finally should in favor of I guess the path of the story will be visited in the next book. (hide spoiler)]

    8. Great adventureAlmost epic In itself, the first book in the series a magnificent adventure. The story draws the reader into th life of a young troll and continues through to his first rite of passage.

    9. Great taleThis was a great heart felt tale of what is lost when love and family is forsaken for hate and bigotry. Can’t wait to read the next in the tale.

    10. Of all the characters in Hale's books, Tryton the Rock Troll king has probably been the one that I wanted to hear more about the most. He played a huge roll in the original "Second Draeken War" series and his history was teased briefly in "The List Unseen", but Hale has, thankfully, made Tryton the focus of a new trilogy (?), about which I'm very excited. Indeed, this book starts at the very beginning as Tryton is born and his mom dies in childbirth. Through genetics or something else, Tryton is [...]

    11. A great read, taking a look at a race that has long been overlooked Trolls, these Trolls are bad ass and you seriously wouldn't want to get on their wrong side! A classic fantasy book with all races and elements counted for, including some bone crunching fight scenes. Well worth a read and I most definitely will be checking out the next in the series.

    12. I really enjoyed seeing things from the troll's point of view. Can't wait to read the next book in the series.

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