The Virgin in the Ice

The Virgin in the Ice Winter Brother Cadfael s tranquil life in the monastery gardens at Shrewsbury is once again interrupted by violent mysterious happenings Raging civil war has sent many refugees fleeing north fr

  • Title: The Virgin in the Ice
  • Author: Ellis Peters
  • ISBN: 9780708825839
  • Page: 166
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • Winter, 1139 Brother Cadfael s tranquil life in the monastery gardens at Shrewsbury is once again interrupted by violent, mysterious happenings Raging civil war has sent many refugees fleeing north from Worcester, among them two orphans of a great family and their companion, a nun But they seem to have disappeared somewhere in the wild winter landscape of frost and snowWinter, 1139 Brother Cadfael s tranquil life in the monastery gardens at Shrewsbury is once again interrupted by violent, mysterious happenings Raging civil war has sent many refugees fleeing north from Worcester, among them two orphans of a great family and their companion, a nun But they seem to have disappeared somewhere in the wild winter landscape of frost and snow and Cadfael sets out to find them.

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    About "Ellis Peters"

    1. Ellis Peters

      A pseudonym used by Edith Pargeter.Edith Mary Pargeter, OBE, BEM was a prolific author of works in many categories, especially history and historical fiction, and was also honoured for her translations of Czech classics she is probably best known for her murder mysteries, both historical and modern Born in the village of Horsehay Shropshire, England , she had Welsh ancestry, and many of her short stories and books both fictional and non fictional were set in Wales and its borderlands.During World War II, she worked in an administrative role in the Women s Royal Naval Service, and received the British Empire Medal BEM.Pargeter wrote under a number of pseudonyms it was under the name Ellis Peters that she wrote the highly popular series of Brother Cadfael medieval mysteries, many of which were made into films for television.

    809 thoughts on “The Virgin in the Ice”

    1. This is a mystery/historical fiction of the Cadfael Chronicles. I read it some time ago but somehow neglected to share my deep and insightful views with everyone here at .How remiss of me.If you are familiar with Cadfael and his "history" then you know that our monkish mystery solver is never allowed a peaceful life for long. (sad considering he lives in Shrewsbury Abbey [a real place by the way]). Here the love "interests" (Cadfael seems to draw "star-crossed lovers like honey does bees) are a [...]

    2. I'm not doing plot spoilers. Instead I want to talk about Ellis Peters' impeccable ear for dialogue, and the way she evokes her period with seeming effortlessness. There are also wonderful characterisation and intricately woven plot lines.If you have never attempted a Cadfael story, now would be a good time to take the plunge.

    3. (After fourth reading, June 2016)“Never go looking for disaster. Expect the best, and walk so discreetly as to invite it, and then leave all to God.”Among the most popular of the Cadfael chronicles, this tale heralds the first appearance of Oliver de Bretagne. (You’ll have to read the book to discover his significance.)“In a land at war with itself, you may take it as certain that order breaks down and savagery breaks out.”By this sixth volume, Peters has reached her stride. Firmly set [...]

    4. This is one of my favourite of the Brother Cadfael series. The evocation of England during the Little Ice Age is precise enough to make me shiver and the images of the land under the blanket of snow are beautiful. The first appearance of Olivier is worth the price of admission all by itself. It is well nigh impossible not to fall head over heels for that young man on sight. As usual, the plot is impeccably tied up with no annoying straggling ends. Peters has her story well in hand again. We come [...]

    5. Confession: This is my absolute favorite Brother Cadfael story! (although The Sanctuary Sparrow and Dead Man's Ransom follow closely)In the middle of a harsh winter, a band of marauders is on the loose, killing, raping and pillaging the countryside. Also on the loose are a pair of noble children and the nun that is their guardian, refugees from the sack of the town of Worcester to the south. Hugh Beringar and Cadfael are called in, the hunt is ond Cadfael is destined to find that which he never [...]

    6. It’s 1139 and England is in the midst of civil war. Brother Cadfael is called to Bromfield Priory to care for a visiting brother, victim of a brutal attack by a band of marauders roaming the countryside. He also seeks the whereabouts of a sister and brother of noble birth who fled their village to find refuge in Shrewsbury, but never arrived. When Cadfael finds the body of a young woman frozen in the ice at the edge of a stream, it's the beginning of an investigation that will force him (and H [...]

    7. I enjoyed this one more than the other two I've read, but I still guessed the murderer and surprise ending well in advance of the reveals. I've just read too much. What I did enjoy was the "voice" of the book, the dialog, and the beautiful descriptions of the countryside under snow. I find myself getting these books as a palette cleanser. They are fun, fast reads and this one does not disappoint.

    8. Ist recorded reading: September 2002I had forgotten just how good this particular Brother Cadfael mystery is; I had read it in September, 2002, and remembered, as usual, very little of the book. But this is indeed one of the best ones, and is the one I would recommend to anyone who wished to read just one Brother Cadfael mystery.In November of the Year of our Lord 1139, word comes to the Abbey of the sack of the town of Worcester. King Stephen is in possession of the Crown, but the Empress Maud [...]

    9. I love all of Ellis Peters’ Cadfael mysteries and this is no different; I would actually go so far as to say that this is one of the best. While for much of the novel it it feels more a historical fiction thriller than mystery, Peters bring the story around very nicely and finds a very Cadfaelian mystery: a tragic injustice that is overlooked in the chaos of the age that only Cadfael can unravel. What makes these novels is not the stories nor the characters (although they are frequently wonder [...]

    10. All of the Cadfael books move at a decent pace, but this one really sped along. The murder mystery, and the quest for its clues, was just one strand in a much larger plot. All the strands working together meant a lot of action occurred, without much pause. This made for quite an enjoyable read. Peters has created a lot of enjoyable and memorable characters, and they keep coming back! While the enjoyment of the story might be slightly less if you haven't read the other books, it could still be en [...]

    11. Another fine installment in the Cadfael saga. This one is set outside the normal setting of Shrewsbury. This has always been one of my favorite epiosde from the PBS television series but is better in printed form. As usual the storyline for the TV adaptation is simpler and not as rich and where Ms. Peters uses new characters freely the TV series recycles some of the cast regulars.

    12. In the Sixth Chronicle of Brother Cadfael, The Virgin in the Ice, it is the winter of 1139. This chronicle is one of the first ones I read and still a favorite. Three refugees of the feud between Maud and Stephen are missing. While Brother Cadfael is on another mission, he discovers clues to the fate of the missing travellers.

    13. Probably one of the best so far in the series as it brought a certain reality to the period along with more connections to Cadfael’s past. There was also more action to this plot that livened things up for the series

    14. I have to be honest. Throughout most of the book I thought it was just OK, two stars, even though from the very beginning I did really like the atmosphere of the cold and snowy winter; it was perfectly depicted. It wasn't until the last chapter that I understood the importance of this book. It too is a must read! These books hold together; to get the most from them they must be read as a group. Each builds upon the other, and in a beautiful way! Ellis writes beautifully, with humor, descriptive [...]

    15. No. 6 in the Brother Caedfel series.[return][return]In the late fall of 1139, the civil war between King Stephen and the Empress Maude for the throne of England flares up and engulfs the city of Worcester which lies close to the Welsh border and not far south of Shrewsbury. As a result, a tide of refugees washes over Shrewsbury Abbey and the town itself. To the abbey comes a messenger from a brother house in Worcester, seeking the whereabouts of two children of a noble family, Ermina and her you [...]

    16. This is another fine entry in Ellis Peters' acclaimed "Cadfael Chronicles." In this book, Brother Cadfael is drawn into the adventure of three young people seeking refuge from a fresh outbreak of the war between forces loyal to the Empress Matilda and those of King Stephen as the cousins vie for supremacy in England. With only a few longeurs, the pace is good, the characters engaging and the mystery of "The Virgin in the Ice" kept me guessing until the very end. There is also the introduction of [...]

    17. Yes yes yes! Solve all the things! So first of all there's the missing Hugonin children, then there's a monk who got beaten up, stabbed and left for dead, then there's the eponymous virgin in the ice, then there are outlaws roaming Shropshire, looting and burning all of the manors. To say nothing of a tall, dark and handsome stranger just arrived in England from Jerusaleme first appearance of Olivier de Bretagne. Also the birth of Giles, Brother Cadfael's godson! This book has everything, right [...]

    18. Summoned to tend a badly injured monk, Cadfael stumbles on clues regarding a missing brother and sister, and the young nun who fled with them when war came to Worcestershire. Meanwhile the countryside is beset by pillagers who burn and steal, rape and murder. As always there is a secondary story involving romance, and the best twist of the story comes here. Moments towards the end of the book were beautiful enough to make me cry a little. Another 5 star gem by Ellis Peters.

    19. Have I mentioned that I really enjoy the Brother Cadfael novels? He is man and martyr, sleuth and simple man. This novel finds him tending a monk who had been badly beaten on the road, left for dead. As expected, this is just the tip of the iceberg and Cadfael's quiet persistence brings all the truth to the fore, even things that were a surprise to him.

    20. There was some awkward phrasing in this book, but I am glad I finally tracked it down since it does include an important puzzle piece with regard to life of Cadfael. While I may have grimaced a time or two while reading, I did end up with a big smile.

    21. Quite complex with all of the characters constantly appearing and running off, but their actions made more sense at the 'big reveal'

    22. I won't spoil it but I rated this one higher than the otherswhich I lovee of Cadfael's discovery of what he'd left behind in Antitoch!!!! Was so excited. *big smiles*

    23. "Cousins, most unconsciously, they tore each other and England between them, and yet life must go on. Here in the cloister, the sowing and tillage and harvest of souls."Let's get the tension going."The body rallied and healed. The mind wandered and shunned remembrance."The Virgin in the Ice is the best Cadfael novel yet. Each instalment increases in tension and the moral and emotional repercussions of the central mystery. This time, the English civil war brings refugees, opportunistic gangs, and [...]

    24. Format: AudioNarrated by: Vanessa BenjaminOriginal Publication Date: 1982Genre(s): Historical (Middle Ages), MysterySeries: The Cadfael Chronicles, Book 6The Civil War that has been threatening between King Stephen and Empress Maude starts in earnest, sending refugees fleeing in all directions. Three of the refugees a young, noble sister and brother and a nun have disappeared into the snowy English countryside of 1139.As with all the books I’ve read in this series there are many threads to fol [...]

    25. This sixth Cadfael novel breaks the mold set by the first five, but offers an experience that is not as delightful as its predecessors did. The middle half of the book dragged for me, as characters ran away, and other characters went in their search. That became tiresome. I found some of the situations a tad simple, as if they were inserted to enable characters to do foolish things such as running away.Not a great mystery by any yardstick, but still nice to read due to the writing style and the [...]

    26. I read the whole series years ago, and am rereading them now. This is the first one that doesn't seem familiar. Maybe because it doesn't take place in Shrewsbury, but in a nearby abbey. With the conflict between King Stepehn and Empress Maud, there's been a good bit of outlawry in the area and 4 people have gone missing. One turns up, then another, then the body of a third, and when the fourth is found, the first two are gone again. This is the most nerve-racking book so far, and the focus isn't [...]

    27. A rousing good mystery. Not as good as The Leper of Saint Giles, but very entertaining.Each of Peters' mysteries has an innocent accused of the murder. The redemption of the innocent's reputation in this book was particularly satisfying. I also enjoyed the exposition of many of the characters' histories.

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