The Rainbow Serpent

The Rainbow Serpent In the time before humanity as we know it there was a garden a tree of knowledge and a serpent who sought the truth A re imagining of the fall from the snake s point of view this unique novella is

  • Title: The Rainbow Serpent
  • Author: Lyra Shanti
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 419
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • In the time before humanity as we know it, there was a garden, a tree of knowledge, and a serpent who sought the truth A re imagining of the fall from the snake s point of view, this unique novella is a spiritual fairy tale by Lyra Shanti, author of The Shiva XIV Series, and features the stunning cover art of Jennifer Juniper Varon.

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    1. Lyra Shanti

      Lyra Shanti is a novelist, poet, playwright, and songwriter who currently lives in Florida with partner and spouse, Timothy, and their two insane cats A lover of nature, animals, anime, music, theatre, movies, myths, and of course, great books, Lyra seeks inspiration from everywhere possible Author of the award winning sci fi series, Shiva XIV, Lyra is a dreamer of worlds far away Further information about Lyra s stories, music, and can be found at lyrashanti.

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    1. The Garden of Eden from the point of view of the serpent. How can you not fall in love?This is a very beautifully told tale of love and loss and longing.It will melt even the hardest of hearts.

    2. I found this story to be both spiritual and very personal. At first, I took it as an adult fairy tail. It's very well-written and imaginative. The snake is likable and not at all sinister. He's genuinely kind and caring. I was touched at how he brought water to the pregnant woman and sang to her to calm her fears.As I continued reading, I began seeing how this tale compares to real life. Sometimes we wish we could be different when, though we are not perfect, we are truly better off the way we a [...]

    3. A Touching and Imaginative Retelling of the Story of Eve and the Serpent Truly Exceptional!One would think that the numerous and myriad tales already generated by the Bible’s Genesis story have been completely played out—exhausted. Yet, Lyra Shanti’s touching and imaginative retelling of the tale of Eve and the Serpent is truly an exception. Sometimes winsome, sometimes serious, and sometimes truly heart-breaking—this enchanting fable of unattainable love and the search for one’s true [...]

    4. This is not the sort of book I would usually read but I enjoyed it. It´s well written, not pretentious, interesting, mystical yet human. My guess is that readers with a soft spot for myth and spirtuality would love it.The book tells the story of Adam and Eve and the garden of Eden from the point of view of the snake, although the author takes great liberties in the retelling. The dreamy, languid atmosphere makes her reimaginings work. Adam is there, so is Eve and Eden and Cain and Abel, and the [...]

    5. This is an interesting spin on the whole Genesis story. Back in the day the animals and man could understand each other. Eve was having a baby and was sent into the woods to do so, alone. During the birth, she and the snake become friends as he helps keep her calm. A bit of magical change, infidelity, unrequited love, murder and mayhem. Maybe Cain was not as guilty as everyone believes. Well written.

    6. This beautiful, magical tale is very loosely based on the characters and events of the ancient Hebrew stories of the Biblical Garden of Eden, but is both original and dynamic enough to neither require nor call for comparisons. It would be a great disservice to the author to expect this story to mirror or mimic the other.'The Rainbow Serpent' is a mystical story in which Shanti has woven an intricate tale of love in many forms, and of the complications that arise when loyalties and commitments ar [...]

    7. Divine!Categorized by the author, this novella is a spiritual fairytale re-imagining the “fall” from grace as told by the serpent. The reader does not need to be well-versed in the Bible to appreciate a story of biblical magnitude whose divine messages are imparted by the author who narrates with all the wisdom and clarity of an elder shaman. One of the most profound and powerful divine messages revealed by the snake is his astute interpretation of the rainbow—“The sky had always known, [...]

    8. Lyra Shanti has spun a delightful gem in her retelling of the "Fall". Highly recommend. Told from the snakes point of view Shanti's tale is touching, spiritual and much more.

    9. The Rainbow Serpent is a vaguely Biblically inspired fantasy tale. It is hard to explain the story without spoiling it entirely. It is not that long but much happens in it. It is a complete narrative that references classic Biblical events but it is not at all a fantasy spun reselling. Some things are the same and do not change, but the tone is different. The themes are distinct from the 'original' so to speak.I didn't know what I was expecting from The Rainbow Serpent, but I enjoyed it. The cha [...]

    10. The Rainbow Serpent is a timeless and wise re-telling of the creation myth of The Garden of Eden, dodging all dogmatic blame, highlighting instead the consequence of human jealousy and the connectivity we have with the natural world. In the eyes of Alon, we see the promise of hope in the world, despite the darkened shade of humanity's painful existence.Although it is quite a short book, it is powerfully poetic in its narrative. It reads like a parable or faerie tale of Western tradition, yet it [...]

    11. An interesting re-telling of Adam and Eve's story.In fact, I like this one much better as no one was really 'bad'. The serpent, by far my favorite character, is a very likeable in both forms, serpent and human. I also loved the way the world was described.Retellings do not usually appeal to me but after reading a few pages, I was drawn to it and I needed to learn how it would unfold.

    12. What an interesting tale of Cain and Abel. A refreshing take on an old story.Shanti's imagery of the tree of knowledge, life mixed with love and courage was a nice touch keeping me turning the pages. All elements of the original story are there but twisted and altered, in such a way I almost forgot there was an original story. There was enough description to allow the reader to visually picture the story, but was in no way boring to the reader. Nice work, Mrs. Shanti.This short is well written w [...]

    13. This is a quite different take on the age old story of Adam and Eve and the snake. In this story Eves' name is Eden and the snake is Alon, Adam is still Adam, but most of the rest of the story is much different than you may have read in the bible. I was a bit torn on this story. Maybe I was thinking it would be closer to the story I know, but the author is a great story teller and readers are gong to find the story and the authors' take on the biblical story compelling.I would say to someone who [...]

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