Prince of Foxes

Prince of Foxes A swashbuckling tale of Italy in the s

  • Title: Prince of Foxes
  • Author: Samuel Shellabarger
  • ISBN: 9780316784672
  • Page: 315
  • Format: Hardcover
  • A swashbuckling tale of Italy in the 1500s.

    Prince of Foxes film Prince of Foxes is a film adapted from Samuel Shellabarger s novel Prince of Foxes The movie starred Tyrone Power as Orsini and Orson Welles as Cesare Borgia. The Little Prince Chapter Angelfire It was then that the fox appeared Good morning, said the fox Good morning, the little prince responded politely, although when he turned around he saw nothing. Prince Albert Hockey Website by RAMP InterActive This is not the login for the RAMP Registration System To find your Association Registration Login, please see the Site Menu. Calendar Home Sony Centre for the Performing Arts Sony Centre for the Performing Arts calendar of concerts, shows, special events FoxesTalk Leicester City Forums The largest Leicester City forum Leicester City transfers, rumours and LCFC matchday discussion. Foxes in popular culture This article may require cleanup to meet s quality standards The specific problem is The sections about Video games, movies, popular music, and young children s books are not yet supported by any references, and need additional citations Please help improve this article if you can. The Little Prince Le Petit Prince Born in in New York , The Little Prince is a worldwide Publishing Phenomenon The Little Prince is philosophical tale, with humanist values, shared from one generation to another for than years. Rabies confirmed in dogs and foxes in Taloyoak CBC News The government of Nunavut issued a warning for residents in Taloyoak after finding dogs and foxes that tested positive for rabies. What Do Foxes Eat What Do Red Foxes Eat Animals Time Read More Do Foxes Eat Cats What Do Red Foxes Eat Like all fox species, red foxes also exhibit varied diet pattern A survey conducted in Russia which concluded that these foxes have consumed than animals and plant. Oinari, Fox Spirit, God of Japan, Photo Dictionary of Inari in Shinto Lore Inari lore is quite complex and confusing In early records, Inari is identified with Uga no Mitama no Kami, the Shinto goddess of agriculture, and also with a male counterpart named Uka no Mitama no Mikoto the deity of grains, who was perhaps fathered by Susano o.

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    1. Samuel Shellabarger

      AKA John EstevenPeter LoringSamuel Shellabarger was an American educator and author of both scholarly works and best selling historical novels He was born in Washington, D.C on 18 May 1888, but his parents both died while he was a baby Samuel was therefore raised by his grandfather, Samuel Shellabarger, a noted lawyer who had served in Congress during the American Civil War and as Minister to Portugal Young Samuel s travels with his grandfather later proved a goldmine of background material for his novels.Shellabarger attended private schools and in 1909 graduated from Princeton University, where he would later teach After studying for a year at Munich University in Germany, he resumed his studies at Harvard University and Yale University Despite taking a year off to serve in World War I, he received his doctorate in 1917 In 1915 he married Vivan Georgia Lovegrove Borg whom he had met the year before during a vacation in Sweden They had four children, but the two boys died one as an infant and the other serving in World War II Shellabarger himself died of a heart attack in Princeton, New Jersey, on 21 March 1954.Having already published some scholarly works and not wanting to undermine their credibility by publishing fiction, Shellabarger used pen names for his first mysteries and romances John Esteven and then Peter Loring He continued to write scholarly works and to teach, but his historical novels proved so popular that he soon started using his own name on them Some of them were best sellers and were made into movies.

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    1. Prince of Foxes is a rare book that succeeds both in creating a dramatic story with compelling characters as well as perfectly capturing the tone of the age. The author's background as a historian shines through his work, and his love of Renaissance Italy is palpable. More interesting to me was how it contrasted with his treatment of more medieval thoughts and practices that Italy was leaving behind- so evenhanded and oblique is Shellabarger's approach that at final analysis he does not seem a c [...]

    2. An old-fashioned adventure story, this book features a Marty Stu who may be implausibly gifted, but is vastly entertaining to watch. Andrea Orsini can do absolutely anything--paint, sing, duel, command a military force, seduce anyone, brawl, even negotiate politics with the Borgia Pope and his conquering son. He starts as a cynical captain/politician with an assassin sidekick who may be even more fun to watch than he is. There are faked miracles, possibly real miracles, saints, politics, romance [...]

    3. Epic is a great word to describe this piece of literature. It sort of reminded me of The Three Musketeers, only less bravado and sword play, with more mind games and politics.Watching the development of the main character was never boring, and the plot had so many little (and sudden) twists and details that I was constantly entertained. The characters were well developed, as were their motives and corresponding actions. I will warn that this is one of the stories that might bore some readers, so [...]

    4. Mio Dio! What a book! My heart is so full right now, I can't stop smiling. It feels like quite some time since I've felt compelled to write a review, but I simply must talk about Prince of Foxes.This was sublimely entertaining. From start to finish. I devoured it, page after page. My fingers have been glued to the cover. (Honestly, I nearly gave myself eye-strain over this one. It was that bad.) The pace is wonderful, the writing is just so exquiste that I had to caress the pages. And it has, as [...]

    5. Oh , you know me so well. This book appeared on my Recommendations over and over again because of "Your Interest in Historical Fiction" so I finally said OK, OK, I'll read it. Stop nagging. Italian Renaissance. Strong, inspirational, and independent-minded heroine. Courageous and dashing hero who fights on the side of right. Sidekick who appears to be a bad guy but deep down is a good guy. What could be better?You were right, . I loved it.

    6. One of the best books I have ever read! Written by the Author of "Captain From Castille" and set in Italy in 1500. A swashbuckling adventure filled with twists and turns that keep you guessing. The main character, Andrea Orsini, is a brilliant man, whom I grew to love as he transformed throughout the novel. It wasn't a book I was able to read in a day or two. It was wonderfully long - so that you really feel a sense of the people's lives. I was sad when it ended.

    7. This reading experience is one for the ages. I found the book without a back or cover page, had NO idea what it was about, and sat down and read, enthralled. Throughout I was amazed by the writing and the story, but I kept on waiting for the disappointment. I thought that I found it at the end, but instead it was a beautiful tweak that brought everything together perfectly.

    8. Love this book. I found it in the 25 cent rack at the local public library about five years. This book is an intelligent adventure read set in the time of Borgias. Lots of intrigue. After reading this book I went and hunted down all of his other works. :)

    9. Prince of Foxes is an excellent historical novel set it Italy during the time of Cesare Borgia. This is even better than Shellabarger's The Captain of Castile, another great novel.

    10. This is a book I read many years ago when I was in my early teens. I remembered liking it then, but I wanted to reread the book and see if I liked it now. Prince of Foxes is a fairly easy read. I really enjoyed the writing style. Shellabarger has a gift for description and making scenes come alive. It made the overall reading experience better as sometimes the plot felt a bit slow at times. This story is your typical rags to riches, swashbuckling hero story. Andrea Orsini is a talented talker, [...]

    11. An enjoyable read, while providing a lot of "information" about Borgia-sean Italy.I found this book on my niece's book-shelf. I don't know why I started reading it but it was probably because I read Mario Puzo's dreadful pornographic version of the Borgias (and sometimes I still struggle to forget that read it) and as I scanned the intro I thought this might prove to be an antidote.The book was originally published in 1947 and I was reading a new edition in 2002. The Intro was by Jonathan Yardle [...]

    12. I really enjoyed reading Prince of Foxes by Samuel Shellabarger. (Thanks Semicolon for the recommendation! It wasn't easy to track down, but it was so worth the search!) This historical novel was originally published in 1947. It is set circa 1500 during the Italian Renaissance. It features glimpses of four Borgias: Pope Alexander VI, Cesare, Lucrezia, and Angela--a cousin. The hero is an ambitious but not ruthless young man initially in the service of Cesare Borgia. His name is Andrea Orsini. He [...]

    13. This is an amazing book! Definitely one of my all-time favourites, and there wasn't even any magic in it (!). So this is a historical fiction that follows the charming Andrea Orsini in 16th century Italy during the time of Cesare Borgias. Andrea really made the story shine: the other characters (notably Mario Belli and Camilla Baglione) were great too, but Andrea was the real mind behind everything. Yes, Orsini could be quite the flatterer with his mellifluous words, but he's an actor (not as a [...]

    14. There are two things I like about this book: the many "YES!" moments when something great is about to happen and the wonderful language. Published in 1947, it contains tons of words that in today's literature are uncommon, making it like unto a fun read AND a language lesson.While a good tale, I found a few moments to be on the dry side. That isn't enough to ruin the overall narrative (which is a fabulous yarn) or characters, though, and many moments, even those of immense dialogue, are told in [...]

    15. This book was great fun. It was written in a very different style than today's books - once I adjusted to that, I really enjoyed it. Written in 5 sections, each based on the setting, the book follows 2 years in the life of Andrea Orsini, a man pursuing fame and fortune in Renaissance Italy. Orsini is a master at plotting and serving the various princes of the squabbling cities of Italy, changing sides to his best advantage. Remember, this was the age of Machiavelli - and Andrea seems to follow h [...]

    16. Samuel Shellabarger var en amerikansk författare som gav ut denna historiska roman i USA 1947 med titeln "Prince of foxes". Den filmatiserades 1949 med Tyrone Power och Orson Welles i huvudrollerna.Shellabarger var lärare och akademiker, gift med en svenska. Han gav ut ett antal romaner och fackböcker från sent tjugotal fram till mitten av femtiotalet. Boken utspelar sig i Italien under renässansen, i början på femtonhundratalet. Flera verkliga historiska personer spelar huvudroller i ber [...]

    17. Ambientato negli anni dell'effimera gloria di Cesare Borgia, detto il Valentino, figlio di Papa Alessandro VI, il romanzo di Samuel Shellabarger ha per protagonista Andrea Orsini, valente e poliedrico uomo di fiducia del Valentino che tuttavia, innamoratosi di Camilla Baglioni, signora di Città del Monte, prende via via le distanze dal suo signore, ne diventa acerrimo nemico e sposa la causa di chi lo avversa e lo combatte. Il romanzo alterna pagine d'azione ad altre più introspettive proponen [...]

    18. This is my favorite ‘cloak-and-sword’ book, in the spirit of Zorro and the Three Musketeers. The story is set in Renaissance Italy and concerns young and handsome Andrea Orsini, captain in the service of the evil and powerful Cesare Borgia. Borgia intends to advance on the independent cities of Italy in the spring and unite Italy under his banner. One particular city stands in his way, and because of its location, would be a difficult and expensive object to take by force of arms. Borgia ass [...]

    19. I love this book.If you love classic swashbucklers, be prepared to miss some sleep--Prince of Foxes is hard to put down.This is historical fiction at its best, in the vein of Rafael Sabatini. Set in the time of Machiavelli's The Prince, it tells the story of a peasant who passes himself off as an aristocrat and sets about making his way in Renaissance Italy--but some complications change his plans.A great read if you like classic historical fiction.

    20. I remember a few years ago this book was obtainable for free. The publication date was years and years ago, the author was long dead so there shouldn't have been a copyright issue.Now a lot of the free ebook site that used to be around have folded or have SFA content and i cant find a copy anywhere on the web. Pretty disgusted with greedy companies getting extensions on copyright which should have run out years ago. Unless it's going to fund a children's hospital, would never ever purchase such [...]

    21. Good Story #13. ========I absolutely love this author's historical fiction and this is my favorite of his books. This description doesn't do it justice but it is a beginning.Set in Renaissance Italy, this classic of American popular fiction is the story of Andrea Orsini, a peasant boy who rises to perform delicate political, military, and romantic missions for Cesare Borgia.

    22. This was one of the best books I have ever read! If you are a fan of historical adventure stories (think Hornblower, Beau Geste, Northwest Passage, Ivanhoe, to mention but a few) you will love this book. The historical detail was completely correct and compelling, but the true strength of the book is in the characters and the rollicking good story. It does not flag for an instant and is great up through the very last line, which is really saying something. The movie with Tyrone Power was very go [...]

    23. While this book is older than I am, I found it a most enjoyable story!It follows Andrea Orsini through old world Italy. I enjoyed the intrigue, planning and plotting. The characters are rich and realistic. It was interesting to see the ties and repeated associations between characters wonder who were truly allies, and who would stay or become enemies.Well worth finding a copy and reading it!

    24. Just reread the Prince of Foxes by Samuel Shellabarger, one of the best historical fiction novels I have read. It is set in the Renaissance period during the time of Cesare Borgia. Andrea Zeppo, an Italian peasant masquerades as Andrea Orsini from the highly respected Italian noble Orsini family and becomes a captain in Cesare’s army as he attempts to unify Italy and thwart the French and Holy Roman Empires attempt to manipulate Italian politics.

    25. For an OLD book, it was VERY interesting. Set in the era of the Borgias, it was told from the standpoint of Andrea orsini, which was actually an alias he used, his true name being Andrea Zoppo, son of a humble blacksmith, who rose to become the man who defeated Cesare Borgia & helped pave the way for a united Italy. FULL of twists & turns, it's an entertaining, if bloody at times, tale.

    26. What a great book! The author was a genius at placing his characters in history and having it follow real events, -down to the month they happened. It has a great love story, but also twists and turns with government and relationships between different kingdoms and people. There is a lot of excitement and wit. You must read this!

    27. This book started me on the history of Italy, at least as fascinating as that of Germany to those interested in the development of nation-states in Europe. A good look at the Borgias, too. All Shellabarger's books are written a little too much on the surface for me, but they all illustrate the culture and era they're set in quite adequately.

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