Phantom Lover

Phantom Lover Previously published in the anthologies Midnight Pleasures and Dark Bites Phantom Lover is now available as a standalone e novella Haunted by recurring nightmares of terrifying beasts Erin McDaniels

  • Title: Phantom Lover
  • Author: Sherrilyn Kenyon
  • ISBN: 9781250095763
  • Page: 149
  • Format: ebook
  • Previously published in the anthologies Midnight Pleasures and Dark Bites, Phantom Lover is now available as a standalone e novella Haunted by recurring nightmares of terrifying beasts, Erin McDaniels is afraid to sleep until a hero arrives in her dreams to save herd makes erotic, incredible love to her But can she find him again when she is awake

    Phantom Lover Dream Hunter, . by Sherrilyn Kenyon Phantom Lover is a novella set in the Dark Hunterverse from Sherrilyn Kenyon Since this was a novella the story is pretty short and to the point Since this was a novella the story is pretty short and to the point. Phantom Lover by Susan Napier Phantom Lover is the story of Honor and Adam A love story, filled of confusions, accusations and subtle deceit involving some love letters, attempts on life, identity mixups, gorgeous sisters, fragile mothers, vile OWs, meddling daughters and magnetic chemistry. Phantom Lover Sherrilyn McQueen PHANTOM LOVER originally appeared for free on the website It is now in print in the anthology DARK BITES And is available as a stand alone ebook V Aidan is not quite what he seems In the realm of the Dream Hunters, he has no equal. The Phantom Lover The Phantom Lover Chinese is a Hong Kong film starring Leslie Cheung and Jacklyn Wu.It was directed by Ronny Yu and is a remake of the film Song at Midnight.The film itself is a loose adaptation of the classic Romeo and Juliet romance where love between two passionate lovers were ultimately doomed when parental opposition was the major obstacle. Urban Dictionary phantom lover phantom lover unknown Imaginary lover of the mind he she doesn t exist Hey why is that patient here in the asylum he asked She said her boyfriend killed a man but Phantom Lover MyDramaList A talented singer named Song Dan Ping arrived on an island with his small theatre company During his stay, he fell in love with Tong Ruo Fan, whose family sponsored the building of his new theatre Their love grew stronger as the construction moved forward. The Phantom Lover Directed by Ronny Yu With Leslie Cheung, Chien Lien Wu, Xiaolin Geng, Lei Huang In s China, an opera troupe arrives at an abandoned theater, haunted by the spectral figure of it s previous owner a once great opera singer who now seeks to turn the company s young leading men into Phantom Lover Dream Hunter Novels eBook Phantom Lover Dream Hunter Novels Kindle edition by Sherrilyn Kenyon Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets Use features like bookmarks, note taking and highlighting while reading Phantom Lover Dream Hunter Novels. Phantom Lover Kindle edition by Susan Napier Honor had foolishly fallen in love w her Phantom lover via letters and the real flesh and blood man isn t like that so far Eventually Adam wants Honor to speak of her feelings first He appeared to be unsure of himself even though Honor thought of him as being arrogant. PHANTOM LOVER YouTube Feb , This feature is not available right now Please try again later.

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    1. This was an okay short story, although I wasn't impressed by the line about her coming because he kissed her so passionately. I mean really?6 out of 10

    2. Erin McDaniels (human) and V'Aidan (Dream-hunter and (view spoiler)[Skoti (hide spoiler)])Erin is tortured by nightmares. She cannot sleep peacefully and at the same time she cannot wake up most of the times. Things will start getting weirder when she starts falling asleep without wanting to sleep.In one of her nightmares, she will meet a scaly horrifying dragon and she cannot escape him:You're not going to leave me so soon, Erin.I need the light inside you. Your thoughts. Your feelings. Your go [...]

    3. It was just a dream.”The Beginning gibi bu novella da zamanında arayıp bulamadıklarımdandı. Onu bulunca hemen diğerlerini araştırdım ve benden mutlusu yok. Çünkü çok tatlı bir novellaydı.Üst başlıkta Hunter Legends Series sıralamasına göre okuyorum ben seriyi o nedenle Dark Hunter’ın yanında Were Hunter serilerinden de okuduğum kitaplar vardı. Bu kitapların içinde Dream Hunterlara dair bir şeyler okumuştum ama kafamda tam olarak şekillendiremiyordum. Bu novella [...]

    4. Sinceramente no lo disfruté.Es muy apresurado, muy directo y muy superficial. Pasa todo tan rápido que no le agarras la onda al amor entre ellos. Y pues, creo que pudo haber sido mejor.

    5. Me ha aburrido un montón y solo deseaba que se terminara. No he conseguido simpatizar con la historia ni con los personajes. Además de que me ha parecido demasiado empalagoso.

    6. Phantom Lover by Sherrilyn Kenyon is a short and quick read and an introduction to the Dream Hunter.This is my casting:HOT. HOT. HOT.This is my Erin. Erin McDaniels has been haunted by some really awful nightmares lately. Then she met V’Aidan. She found herself wanting to spend more time with him because just being with him made her happy and contented.V’Aidan is a hot-smokin’ dream-god who rescued Erin from a nightmare and brought her to a happy place. Another of Sherrilyn Kenyon's tortur [...]

    7. Phantom Lover is the story of V’Aidan, a Dream-Hunter, and Erin McDaniels.The plot is smartly built. The odd, discursive dreams turn into some volatile reality. The human world and the supernatural one exist closely each other. There are interesting twists and turns, nothing is what it seems.I was bored a little by V’Aidan’s whining about his true nature and his feelings, around the middle of the story. It was exaggerated, and unnecessary. The end is too easy, some kind of reverse Sleeping [...]

    8. A short story of a woman meeting the man of her dreams in a nightmare. (he-he!)Not everything is as it seems and Erin will have to finally be true to herself if she wants to survive, and dare to reach for her happily ever after.A nice glimpse into the dream hunter side of the dark-hunterverse. I'm curious to read more about them later in the series.Previous book reviews:✦ Night Play (Dark-Hunterverse #6)✦ Kiss of the Night (Dark-Hunterverse #5)✦ Dance with the Devil (Dark-Hunterverse #4)(v [...]

    9. I really liked those, it was fun and very different( I haven't read the series this is based(?) on). Fast read but really worth it.

    10. I read this from SK's Dark Bites:A Short Story Collection. This story is about V'Aiden the supernatural/dream hero and his desire for the human Erin McDaniels. As much as I wanted to rate this higher, I really couldn't. I felt no real connection with Erin. Her role was toomm, trying to think of a word that fits."fake". She goes from having sleep issues due to the nightmares to forcing herself to stay asleep, just so she could be with her McDreamy V'Aiden. As for him, there were moments I felt re [...]

    11. Es un poco bueno, no gran cosa sin embargo, como todos en esta saga, un poco demasiado pasteloso para mi gusto Te amo, oh yo también te amoeeeeehPeligro SpoilerEsta es la historia de un demonio de sueños que después de darle muchas pesadillas a una mujer, luego se aparece ante ella como un hombre (fantasma pues ella sólo puede en sueños) y se enamoran!

    12. 2.5/5 I was kind of distracted whilst listening to this so that’s probably why it really didn’t catch my attention. I find that I don’t enjoy the shorter books as much because she introduces new characters and a whole plot in a novella and everything happens so quickly!

    13. I was disappointed in this story. It was the first introduction to the Dream-Hunters and I was left feeling very confused about what they really are. I was under the impression that they were another group of "good guys" but in the story it was briefly explained that they feed off of other people's energy/creativity in their dreams - that is not my idea of a good hero (even though V'Aiden did turn out to be a good one). I'm hoping that the next story featuring the Dream-Hunters go in to more det [...]

    14. Phantom Lover is a novella set in the Dark Hunterverse from Sherrilyn Kenyon. Since this was a novella the story is pretty short and to the point. What’s removed is all the emotional turmoil, and consideration of a thought process, and a lot of the minutia needed for the story to actually work in reality. But I’m not saying that like it’s a bad thing! In the end I actually liked the story even though it was pretty light on thought. What I mean is that this novella was short enough that all [...]

    15. Not surprisingly given this story is called Phantom Lover, it has such a mystical, mythological feel to it. It read like a Greek myth set in modern times.(view spoiler)[There was a great twist in the story as well, which made me love V’Aidan even more (hide spoiler)]Looking forward to reading about more dream hunters!

    16. Historia corta que ni había leído antes!! Es bueno descubrir algo nuevo jejeje. En pocas páginas se logran apreciar todos los elementos que marcan a SK y a pesar de que todos tienen la misma base, no me decepcionan.

    17. Another novella from the dark hunter verse that slipped beneath my radar.Ok story but I always did prefer the actual dark hunters and other charachters compared to the skoti and oneroni dream gods.

    18. Si estoy loca por leer esto en un día pero no pude evitarlo es tan atrapante es tan bueno poco a poco voy sabiendo mas pero he de decir que los oneiro y los skoti son quienes mas me confunden.

    19. Contained in Dark Bites, short story compilation.Because it is a short story it lacks some of background details but it is still a nice, fun, with a bit of steam short story.

    20. This novella is a part of the Dark Hunter universe, the first book to focus on the Dream Hunters, who were first mentioned in Night Pleasures.Erin is plagued by nightmares of a dragon until she is rescued in her dream by V'Aiden, who appears as a heroic knight. Intrigued by V'Aiden, who keeps appearing in her dreams, Erin starts to fall in love. V'Aiden, we learn, is dream hunter tries to protect her from Skoti, dream predators who are drawn to her creative imagination and vivid dreams. All drea [...]

    21. The novella is interesting and smolders with heat, but it should have been a novel. I was left scrambling the entire time to absorb all the information tossed my way so I'd understand this new world and how it worked. How V'Aidan's people worked. Overall, it's pretty good but I still can't give it better than 2.5-3 stars due to fact I really don't like novellas. Especially when the author doesn't have a novel before it that introduces this world fully. We were introduced to the Dark-Hunters and [...]

    22. Muy apresurado. Sherri intenta introducirnos a la otra fase de la serie, la de los Dream-Hunters con esta historia corta, pero siento que lo hace de una manera violenta. Muy pocas páginas para ser un amor creíble. Y no solo eso, sino que V'Aidan es malvado, y se obsesiona con Erin al punto de casi matarla por la falta de sueño. Para mi no es amor, sino una obsesión. Y la manera en que se resuelve todo al final fue un clásico de Disney. No me lo creo.~Very hurried. Sherri tries to introduce [...]

    23. It was a little different TBH. It started off good, with a normal woman being plagued by nightmares, and with a Kenyon classic, a tortured Dream Warrior. For some reason I got confused by this story. I didn't know who was the actually villain, what was the problem and how these events were supposed to tie into the rest of the DH world. To talk about this I will have to list book events so SPOILER WARNING relatively close to the end Erin discovers that V'Adian was the one to help plague her night [...]

    24. THE GOODV'Aidan: as a hero, V'Aidan was interesting enough. A man who walks in dreams and saves people from the Soktos but thankfully there was a surprising enough twist where he was concerned to give him a bit more solidarity as a character.Erin; Erin was decent and that's about all I'll give her. She was just a little too bland for my tastes.M'Ordant; While we saw him only briefly, his unfeeling coldness was enough to intrigue me. Hope he gets a story in the future. THE BAD Chrissy: While a go [...]

    25. I was totally lost with this one. I know, from reading blurbs about the Dark Hunterverse, that Dream Hunters are part of that. But I was confused about why we should care. This is possibly due to the fact that up till now Dream Hunters have not played a part in any of the books. I thought the mythology surrounding the Oneroi and the Skotos was interesting. But I fail to see the interest in Dream Hunters as they don't really fit well with the rest of the Dark Hunter cast. But this was just a teas [...]

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