How Dolly Parton Saved My Life

How Dolly Parton Saved My Life Dolly Parton once said If you don t like the road you re walking start paving another one In the bustling city of Atlanta four very different ladies take her advice to heart and open a catering bus

  • Title: How Dolly Parton Saved My Life
  • Author: Charlotte Connors
  • ISBN: 9780767926560
  • Page: 101
  • Format: Paperback
  • Dolly Parton once said, If you don t like the road you re walking, start paving another one In the bustling city of Atlanta, four very different ladies take her advice to heart and open a catering business that will cater to them successful, independent women who put their families first.But flouting the traditions and expectations of Southern society turns out to be moDolly Parton once said, If you don t like the road you re walking, start paving another one In the bustling city of Atlanta, four very different ladies take her advice to heart and open a catering business that will cater to them successful, independent women who put their families first.But flouting the traditions and expectations of Southern society turns out to be complicated than they ever anticipated Even as the pressure of running a business bonds them together, the realities of managing real life threaten to tear the whole thing apart As financial woes, personal hurts, and family troubles test the strength of their business and their friendship, they discover that sisterly support and lots of heartfelt prayer just might be the only way to survive.Full of sass, grit, and good old fashioned faith, How Dolly Parton Saved My Life is a hilarious and poignant look at friendship with a distinctly Southern flair.

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    1. I got this out of the library because the name and because I have been reading a lot of serious books lately and thought it might be a palate cleanser. However, it ended up being strangely Christian themed and tiresome. Cute concept but I don't really appreciate having a novel with religous overtones that isn't up front about it on the cover. Every character went to church (well, one didn't but thought she should) and talked about it endlessly. I can accept a character being religous but this wa [...]

    2. This was a cute book, mostly because it was set in Atlanta. I did find it to somewhat lacking in depth. It's a good quick read that won't require much thinking, maybe something that will entertain you on a rainy day.

    3. This was not a great book, but enjoyable enough. The characters were relatable and I always enjoy stories about the important role of women's friendships. I would read a sequel without hesitation.

    4. This is another one of those novels that are so popular about women’s friendships. Four women in Atlanta join together, hoping to build a catering business that will be successful, while allowing them to put their families first. The women are very different; a Junior League wife and mother, the daughter of a prominent African-American family, a single mother who is a renowned pastry chef, and a woman who just broke up with her boyfriend of eight years. This is one of the weaker novels of the [...]

    5. I have yet to find anyone else who is as amazed as I am that there is a Dolly Parton song for my every heartache and triumph. No matter the situation, Dolly has been there and wrote a song about it: new lust that might be love, humiliation by a lover, or fighting off the blues. So, I adored the character who quotes Dolly likes she's Dali Lama. Other than the Dolly-adoration, I'm not sure I can recommend this book. It likely has a limited audience: southern christian women trying to balance work [...]

    6. This book was cute and the characters were endearing. It's about 4 women who start up a catering business. Each chapter switches in point of view, which I tend to like. Some of the stuff was a little mushy, and some of the comments made me (a stay at home mom) feel like I wasn't living up to all that God had intended for me, according to one of the characters. But I liked the premise of the book. And I loved all the references to Dolly Parton. It's a fast and enjoyable read that doesn't make you [...]

    7. I would give this book 1 1/2 stars if possible. It's poorly written Christian chick lit (I hadn't realized this was a genre until I accidentally chose this book from the library) about 2 dimensional characters and YET I felt the need to skim the whole thing to find out what happened. Good for a plane ride or vacation, if you're into constant references to God and Christianity. just not my cup of tea. or jelly jar or tea.

    8. I would probably give it 3 1/2 stars - cute book about 4 women who start a catering company in Atlanta - interesting because it actually is also a lot about them being Christian women - which they act like is some big coincidence they're all Christian which is ridiculous since about 75% of Americans are Christian - thought that was dumb, but other than that, a cute book

    9. I really enjoyed this book! I thought it to be a nice departure from the usual chick lit, and I needed something light to polish off after The Count of Monte Cristo. The one thing I wasn't a huge fan of was the Christian undertones, but I suppose that's to be expected when talking about Southern chick lit.

    10. Complete and total fluff. I would have put it down, but I couldn't go to sleep and I kept hoping that reading it would put me to sleep.Instead, I stayed up and read the whole book in one night.This is not a sign of it's readability, more a sign of my own insomnia.

    11. Challenge #10.1 327 pagesI enjoyed this book very much! Four women from very differernt backgrounds begin a catering company and find they are very much alike.It must be #1 in a series - The Jelly Jar Sisterhood. I hope the author writes more!A Christian women's book, but not preachie.

    12. This book was an average story, but its charm lies in its setting. It has honest characters stuck like yolky centers in Egg in a Basket breakfast - framed by toasted Christianity and social expectations. I'd recommend it for a beach read.

    13. I just finished this book. It was not an action book by any means, but a book about friends and family and priorities. Just an ordinary book about life's struggles, but I liked it. The Dolly Parton quotes scattered throughout were cute also.

    14. Nice enough easy read but no substance whatsoever- the author isn't sure whether she wants to focus on the importance of working mothers who are trying to create a "family comes first" company or if she wants to focus on the importance of God in one's life.

    15. This was a good quick read about a diverse group of 4 women who try to start a catering business in Atlanta. I have a feeling that it is the beginning of a series, since it kind of ended with a beginning of sorts. I would probably read the next book when it comes out.

    16. I loved this book. It's about 4 very different women who become friends & start a business together. I hope there will be more in the series.

    17. This book was cute, about 4 southern women starting a catering business. It was a nice light read. Makes me want to open a catering business though.

    18. Like I'm NOT going to read a book with that title! I read it in a day ummm basically"Designing Women" running a catering company instead of a design firm.

    19. This was such a funny book. All because of Daisy and her love for Dolly Parton. It's southern girls loving Jesus. Cute fast read. Loved it!

    20. Good, quick beach read. It's the usual prescription of 4 unlikely characters coming together to start a catering business. It's predictable in places but that's ok. I found myself turning pages impatiently waiting for a showdown between Jo and Ellie. It's a faith based book but not heavy on the topic. Cute read. If there was a sequel, yes, I'd read it.

    21. Four women in Atlanta come together to start a catering firm. Jo, whose idea it is, reluctantly accepts a partnership offered by African American Ellie, who doesn't know that Jo thinks she has reason to dislike her. Cate is an interior designer with a broken heart, who needs a changhe. Daisy is a single mother with a shy, brilliant teenaged daughter. Only one of them is not a regular churchgoer, and she's the one--surprise!--with most of the problems, though it may not seem that way at first. Al [...]

    22. Okay- we were in the library last night and pretty much Brian and the kids were hunting me down to leave, and so I grabbed this seems like it will fit my bill of light-hearted for summer anyway.Well I'm in the process of reading this one I'll see it through, but this wasn't what I thought it be, and I guess I'd called it Chick-Lit for the Southern Christian set.I finished this one some of the little religious comments I found pretty funny (when I'm fairly certain they were not intended to be) [...]

    23. It wasn't the continual Christian overtones that irritated me in this book, it was the constant "women can have it all" pounding. Men are worthless (most of them), no one can care for the home or children except the women, and those same women can also run a "family-friendly" business where the kids come in and and constantly underfoot when business meetings are going on. The Grandmas (one is the mother, another the mother-in-law are caricatures of the worst sort. Not everyone in the South is th [...]

    24. I picked up this book because the title made me laugh, and read it in one afternoon because the story kept me fascinated. It's a great book about four woman who become business associates and unlikely friends. What I wasn't expecting was that the book would have some religion thrown into it, but I didn't feel preached at or overwhelmed by it, it was just a couple of the characters were religious people. I would definately read this book again, or better yet, further adventures of the same women. [...]

    25. Chosen because the title caught my eyee, this book turned out to be a sweet sometimes-hokey, sometimes-holy story of four very different women in Atlanta who start a catering business. It's a friendship novel, with each woman being very different and having problems with marriage, kids, career, family, and faith. It's got Southern charm and is laced with Dolly Parton lyrics and sayings, but overall it is a light sisterhood novel that makes you laugh and feel better when you are done reading it. [...]

    26. A story about 4 women that try to establish a catering company and their different paths in life. Nice book and easy entertainment, the only thing I couldn't stand at all were the countless religious references. All those women are apparently very religious, and it's mentioned numerously that God leads the way. I would have liked it way more if Dolly Parton would have been the only 'role model' here, but she isn't mentioned nearly as often as the title would suggest.

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