Tabitha From the author of the groundbreaking series A Prairie Heritage comes the compelling story of fiery haired fiery tempered Tabitha Hale Rescued from a life of depravity Tabitha gives her heart to G

  • Title: Tabitha
  • Author: Vikki Kestell
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 354
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • From the author of the groundbreaking series, A Prairie Heritage, comes the compelling story of fiery haired, fiery tempered Tabitha Hale Rescued from a life of depravity, Tabitha gives her heart to God and her life to nursing As this tenacious, redeemed woman perseveres toward her vocation, her temper and stubborn independence threaten to derail her aspirations Will TaFrom the author of the groundbreaking series, A Prairie Heritage, comes the compelling story of fiery haired, fiery tempered Tabitha Hale Rescued from a life of depravity, Tabitha gives her heart to God and her life to nursing As this tenacious, redeemed woman perseveres toward her vocation, her temper and stubborn independence threaten to derail her aspirations Will Tabitha pass the trial by fire that is necessary for God to truly use her And what is Tabitha to do with her feelings for Mason Carpenter, the man who simply refuses to give up on her Is it even possible for God to ordain a shared future for two such different people, both with fervent callings upon their hearts When the Great War erupts in Europe, Carpenter leaves for England to train British pilots to fly reconnaissance missions over Belgium and France Soon after, Tabitha hears God asking her to nurse the war wounded However, because America has not joined in the fight, Tabitha has few options Will the elite British Nursing Service make a place for her Will they accept the services of an American volunteer And will Tabitha and Mason overcome the differences that stand between them Revisit Palmer House a most extraordinary refuge for young women rescued from prostitution Renew your acquaintance with Rose Thoresen, Joy Michaels, and the others who live at Palmer House Glimpse the years between Stolen and Lost Are Found Girls from the Mountain Book 1 Tabitha A Prairie Heritage Book 1 A Rose Blooms Twice Book 2 Wild Heart on the Prairie Book 3 Joy on This Mountain Book 4 The Captive Within Book 5 Stolen Book 6 Lost Are Found Book 7 All God s Promises, Spring 2016

    Tabitha Health Industry Leading Senior Care in Nebraska Nonprofit Tabitha is Nebraska s industry leading and quality award winning Senior Care expert Serving friends and neighbors for over years and encompassing Nebraska counties, Tabitha offers results driven rehabilitation, accessible at home health care, innovative living communities and compassionate hospice services. Tabitha TV Series Apr , Tabitha Stephens is the daughter of Samantha and Darrin Stephens Like her mother, she s got natural witchly powers, but now she s all grown up. Tabitha in the Bible Biblical Archaeology Society Apr , Luke s account of Tabitha focuses on her ministry to use a modern term to two groups the poor and widows In Biblical times, the designation widow meant a woman whose husband was dead and who had no means of financial support therefore, she needed both protection and physical, legal and financial assistance. Tabitha Name Meaning, Popularity, and Similar Names The name Tabitha is a girl s name of Aramaic origin meaning gazelle Though never as popular as the name of her Bewitched mother, Samantha, Tabitha has its own quirky, magical charm The name of a charitable woman who was restored to life by Saint Peter in the Bible, it was a popular Puritan choice. Meaning, origin and history of the name Tabitha Behind Tabitha in the New Testament was a woman restored to life by Saint Peter Her name is translated into Greek as Dorcas see Acts As an English name, Tabitha became common after the Tabitha Name Meaning, What does Tabitha mean What does Tabitha mean T abitha as a girls name is pronounced TAB i thah It is of Aramaic origin, and the meaning of Tabitha is gazelle Biblical the Aramaic name of Dorcas, a kind woman noted for her good works, who was resurrected by Peter.

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    1. Vikki Kestell

      Vikki Kestell s passion for people and their stories is evident in her readers affection for her characters and unusual plotlines Two often repeated sentiments are I feel like I know these people and I m right there, in the book, experiencing what the characters experience Vikki holds a Ph.D in Organizational Learning and Instructional Technologies She left a career of twenty plus years in government, academia, and corporate life to pursue writing full time Writing is the best job ever, she admits.Also an accomplished speaker and teacher, Vikki and her husband Conrad Smith make their home in Albuquerque, New Mexico.To keep abreast of new book releases, visit her website, vikkikestell , or find her on Facebook, facebook TheWritingOfV.

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    1. I just finished Tabitha, spirit-filled romance by Vikki Kestell. Of course, I don’t like romances or historical tales, but I actually enjoyed this book. It’s the first of a series of stories about women talked about in her 8-book A Prairie Heritage series.I assume that the original series is excellent—but it’s no temptation to me [a 73-year-old curmudgeon]. However, this book is too good to come out of nowhere. The Palmer House is a wonderful setting for Christian living.I say that becau [...]

    2. This may be the first time I've read a book about a seriously sad life that I came away satisfied with how the author presented the character's healing and redemption. God was glorified without it either being hokey, super pious, or developed to where I just didn't buy it. This young girl's life was horribleis side of hell, and she came to Christ without the bitterness usually associated with their confusion about why God allowed this to happen. So many of the books develop a character as hating [...]

    3. I know that reviews are subjective, but I can't see how anyone could read this story and not see that it just surpasses sooo many of the novels available.The one thing I did feel was that this story felt almost like journaling, the daily happenings over the course of a specified time period, rather than the telling of a problem and how it was eventually resolved. But then again, I'm not sure it could have been told any other way.It was just beautiful and Christ was an ever-constant presence, cha [...]

    4. I have to admit that this book kind of threw me off at first. The writing was very good but the subject matter was very hard for me to get through. God's grace and love came out in Vikkie Kestell's writing and drew me in to this wonderful story page by page.Tabitha was my favorite character throughout. Even though at times she had such hard circumstances, I admired her for drawing her strength from our loving God. She waited on the Lord.After finishing this book last night the pictures that were [...]

    5. This is the first book I have read by Vikki Kestrell, and I did enjoy it. I liked the characters and the plot was interesting. My only issue was that it was a bit preachy. Happy reading!

    6. Must read!I highly recommend this book, it is so good. I love historical novels! The story was interesting and beautifully written, detailed etc. I found my self not being able to put this down and wanting to read it from start to finish. I found myself laughing, my felt inspired and heart broken by the events in this book. Especially towards the end, when an amazing/surprise reunion happens ( if you have read the book you'll Know what I'm talking about!)Anyway, consider reading this book!

    7. I found this book for free on Kindle, and couldn't resist because, wellNurse. Tabitha is about a young girl who leaves her impoverished family to be with the man she believes she loves. The problem is, during their travels, he sells her to slavery. She winds up abused and working in a brothel at a very young age. The story has strong Christian themes of redemption, grace and forgiveness. Tabitha is taken in by a Christian Women's Home where she becomes a part of a new family, and learns to follo [...]

    8. I enjoyed this book, it reminded you that everything you have and own is because of God. A lot of times we get hung on material things. We can ask God for things, pray to God to fix our lives, but to pray and thank him everday for being alive, and all that we have, gets lost . This book makes you stop think and to be grateful. I enjoyed Tabitha, her struggles, her life of being angry for so long. How God helped her through first believing and prayers. I just wished the author would have had a be [...]

    9. I loved this book! Very well written, great storyline and characters! Will be hard to wait for the next books to come out. If you haven't read his series, do it! lots of faith, solid Bible lessons, great stories!

    10. There's something lacking in this book that I cannot put my finger on. I am not sure if there was too much detail on the day to day nursing, or war stuff or lack of romance. I read through it but wasn't captivated or dying to know (in truth I suspected the ending anyhow.)Just kind of a myeah book.

    11. I loved this story, at first I wasn't sure about it, Tabitha was treated so badly by a lot of people, but I kept on reading. Then Mason came on the scene, he was wonderful. I sure was not expecting the ending, I cried a little when Cliff came to see Tabitha and then at the end. I read this on my Kindle and I'm sure I be getting the physical book.

    12. Lots of characters at it in at the beginning because the little bit of confusion and I feel like I missed something when they were talking about a child being kidnapped and I didn’t know anything about it. But overall the book it was really well written and I enjoyed reading and I could hardly put it down great story of redemption

    13. Great story with unexpected turnsI loved this story. The author weavers her characters so very well you feel you know them. She also artfully displays how everyone's past can have Skelton's yet we have a God who is all forgiving and who has plans for each of us.

    14. Very interesting story.I'm a fan of this author. He stories are quite riveting and it's hard to put the book down. Her characters sweep you away and before you know it you can't wait until the end! Can't wait for the next adventure.

    15. Loved this bookThe author keeps it so interesting i couldn't put it down. I read late in the night. I like the twists and turns and always Godly principles are the characters main thoughts on all that transpires in their lives

    16. A master story tellerThis was written by a master storyteller. It pulled me in from the first page and kept me there until the last page

    17. TabithaThe beginning was a bit confusing with the amount of characters introduced. it felt like I missed some part of a series although this is booked one of a series

    18. As I was reading Tabitha's story,it became clearer who this lady was and where she came from. It explained how she got into the situation she was in and how she became a Christian. It was heart wrenching to read her story, and it was a tear jerker at times. I love that the author brought it all together and kept me riveted to my seat( in my case in my bed) I never wanted the story to end, I never wanted to put it down. Spent hours reading it and lapping up every nuance,every word of the story. I [...]

    19. Loved this quoteWe are, all of us, held captive by the thoughts and judgments we—and others—hold against us. But no one can keep you a captive if you choose instead to be free in Jesus.Tabitha faced many obstacles but learned to love God in the midst of her circumstances. She accomplished her goal of being a nurse and used it to be Jesus' hand and feet.

    20. Tabitha is an amazing woman. She ran away from home at age 14, was sold into sex slavery, escaped that life, struggled in an extremely demanding nursing school, and succeeded in her career during World War I. Every author makes choices on what to include and what to leave out. These decisions are particularly challenging when a novel encompasses decades of a life like Tabitha's. The early part of her life is told to the leader of the rescue mission, avoiding too much attention on prurient events [...]

    21. Title: Tabitha (Girls From the Mountain #1)Author: Vikki KestellPages: 278Year: 2015Publisher: Faith Filled FictionMy rating is 5+ stars.Author Vikki Kestell has written a story that readers will be able to identify with as well as be so captivated as to stay up reading until the wee hours of the night. Tabitha’s story takes place between Stolen and Lost Are Found in the Prairie Heritage series; however, I have yet to read the Prairie Heritage series. You can read Tabitha and follow the heart- [...]

    22. I love it so! By the last quarter of the book, my heart was torn between wanting to see Tabitha and Mason be miraculously reunited and the horrible fact that history had not been as kind. Knowing that the two would still meet in Heaven had felt so unsatisfying to my romantic sensibilities, which couldn't help but prompted me to a round of self-reflection - to continue reminding myself to trust in His timing for He works for the good of those who love Him, and that only He is the all-knowing. I h [...]

    23. I thought this was a great story, here she runs away and forces into prostitution learns about Jesus at Palmer House use about Jesus, layer on she become a head nurse thanks, Nurse Ramsmussen which was not her intention.How the lord changed her; great story.

    24. TABITHA (GIRLS FROM THE MOUNTAIN BOOK 1) is the story about a young woman and her tragic life-story which starts when she is only 14 years old. The book could have ended when she was rescued from her horrible life at the age of 27, but it continued as she worked tirelessly to become a nurse and then worked hard to save the soldiers of World War 1.Tabitha’s story takes place before and during World War 1 in Denver, Colorado in a house where women who were lost could be cared for, loved on and t [...]

    25. Tabitha is definitely a Christian work first and foremost--there is a lot of ministry in its pages. Some readers may find it refreshing or it may cause them to ask questions about the Christian faith--all good results. On the other hand, this believer who is solid in her faith found the story compelling enough that I just wanted to get to the plot to find out what happened next!Tabitha's voice is strong, and she tells the story of her early years and her training to be a nurse with the viewpoint [...]

    26. Tabitha, Girls from the Mountain, recounts the story of Tabitha Hale from the age of 14 when she leaves home to see her fortune with Cray, a man older and prone to selfishness. She finds herself in terrible circumstances and over the course of many years in must come to the end of her anger and hatred for Cray and for her life before her life can be changed for the better. She begins to make better choices and meets a good man, Mr. Carpenter.Tabitha completes her nursing education at the beginni [...]

    27. Wonderful bookThe decision of young Tabitha to follow Cray to search for gold led her to years as a prostitute. She was able to break free when she accepted the Lord as her Saviour. Her life had wonderful and horrific twists from nursing school in Bolder, to living and helping at Palmer House in Denver, back to nursing school and ultimately to England during the war. All intertwined with Mason Carpenter and his respect and love for her.This is the first book of a series and is very well written. [...]

    28. I wanted to read this book because of the beautiful cover and because I had read another book by this author and knew she was a great writer and storyteller. At first I was alarmed, because the first section was not what I expected from the cover or blurb, but the author wrote about shocking and terrible things in a way to reveal exactly what has happened to young women and still happens without going into horrible detail, making powerful spiritual lessons from it. Knowing Tabitha's past made th [...]

    29. Once you get into this story, it is captivating. The pain one young women has to go through because of her immaturity in making a decision to leave home with a man, become so overwhelming, only the grace of God could help her overcome. Through the guided help of a committed woman, her compassion and showing God's love, does Tabitha come to know the Lord. She still has bitterness and unforgiveness to battle, but in time as she plows through circumstances that do not seem fair at the time, God use [...]

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