Shahabnama / شہاب نامہ

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  • Title: Shahabnama / شہاب نامہ
  • Author: Qudratullah Shahab
  • ISBN: 9693500253
  • Page: 296
  • Format: Hardcover
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      296 Qudratullah Shahab
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    1. Qudratullah Shahab

      Qudratullah Shahab Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Shahabnama / شہاب نامہ book, this is one of the most wanted Qudratullah Shahab author readers around the world.

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    1. I'm short of words right now but if I didn't say anything now I wouldn't be able later too.Phenomenal just Phenomenal!The most honest autobiography ever written. One of the finest book in Urdu history and one of the best books of my life yet. This is so close to my heart, my heart weeps and laughs while reading. Such people are true assets of our country. A must read for every Pakistani. It encompasses heaps of information which is never mentioned anywhere. The whole book is brilliant & my f [...]

    2. FINALLYI've finished the book after one year. It's not like I didn't like it but it was hard to swallow and difficult to digest. The only lines I can recall from the book are: "Jab mujhy Chandrawati say mohabbat hui, tou usy mary huy teesara roz tha" <3 And I'd never forget the horror part and the chapter he wrote for his wife. <3

    3. This book is one of its kind. Its an autobiography of an ordinary Muslim Kashmiri boy, who is intelligent enough to get into the prestigious ICS before Partition. We are treated for a rich journey which ultimately lands him into the president's office as one of his trusted officers, blessed by the Sufi mystics of the time. I loved the narrative style and the free flowing of information in the book. It represents a time when patriotism in Pakistan was still pretty raw and people believed. I would [...]

    4. One of the finest autobiographies I've ever read. Too much gained from it which depicts the inner circles of power and the events happened in Pakistan during his era as Civil Servant. I'd recommend everyone to read it. There is no boundary of age for it.

    5. It's again one of those books that I wanted to review (Though they aren't many).Read it more than once in intervals of months to years. May be that's why some parts of this are carved in mind. First time read it in my teen years and can remember buying three copies to give to some people from my next salary.It's very important book in my life as it introduced me with sheer beauty of quality Urdu Literature. Before this book cheap crime magazine(They are with different name in market though, whic [...]

    6. Read it when I was a kid I still remember that I had an important exam in coming days so my mother hid the book Yet I found it and finished it in I guess 3 days or so.

    7. Unarguably the most amazing autobiographies I've ever read. It's a pity that this book never translated in English. It tells the life story of a senior bureaucrat who spent his early professional years in Indian civil services, remained in the top echelon of Pakistan's bureaucracy from 1947 until Yahya Khan's presidency and witnessed the political developments of that era first-hand. If I'm not exaggerating, I've read this book more than 10-12 times and still love to read it.

    8. One of the best book ever I have read in Urdu Language. Because of this i will lead more literature in Urdu language. Simple wow Autobiography Some time you will be sad, sometime laugh over all amazing Book Thank Sir Qudrat Ullah Shahab for writting amazing book By the My father name is Shahab and My Name is Saqib :) Same like Author and his son :)

    9. Shahabnama is one of the best selling biographies.e style of the writer is so eloquent that it kept me in its charm and enchanted me for days

    10. I am going to give a short review of this book, because well its nearly 1300 pages and no way i can justify this masterpiece(bear with me, he is one of those people i wish i can get 20mins with) so here it goes.The reasons this one of the best written book:1.If you read this book you know what kind of man the writer is, his writing really reflects him no hold backs no cover ups you really know who you reading, that is; a person who is intelligent, a little proud, is honest, and really sees for t [...]

    11. If any witness can define the struggle of independence, British influence over Indian mindset, post-independence fate of Muslim struggle, reason detere of political instability in West Pakistan, sentiments in 1965 war, Dhaka fall of 1971 and Pakistan's hapless political leadership after the demise of Quaid-e-Azam; I would call him Qudrat Ullah Shahab. In an autobiography that is unputable, with an exception of last few chapters, Shahab describes his journey from a jovial school boy to a mature s [...]

    12. Shahabnama is a mesmerising voyage of a brilliant man who makes it to the highest echelons of Pakistan's elite bureaucracy. Entering the colonial service of the British rule was the highest distinction for a native. The British administrative set up, the interplay of Hindu-Muslim divide, the partition, the beginnings of Pakistan in a perilous stage, the riots, the refugees,the tribal uprising in Kashmir,the shenanigans of the politicians, bureaucracy and military all are encompassed in the story [...]

    13. A remarkable autobiography by Shuhab, I'd undoubtedly say he wasn't a common man what he disclosed about his tragedies, triumphs,killing his ego,writing words that can be harmful for him a common man can't write this book is also a good source of Pakistan history lovers, good for sufisim good for philosophy, good for killing own ego,good for achieving goals, good for Islam related knowledge a very good book this should be translated in english though this is a very good book but while reading I [...]

    14. An autobiography of a Pakistani Civil servant who was at helm of affairs in country for many long years during his service with Govt. of Pakistan It explains the workings of a civil servant and their influence in the decision making!

    15. I read this book so many times and every time, when I read, I sink into past of Mr shahab. This book made me smile as well as cried. Must read it.

    16. Eternally magnificent!!!I must say Shahabnama is a great autobiography. His way of writing is very simple, It enables us to glimpse the richness & liveliness of his mind. It's a journey of writer from childhood to adulthood. Qudratullah Shahab served as civil servant before partition and later as ambassador of Pakistan.There is a touch of humor in the start and then there's his career struggle, and finally the best part which is his spiritual journey. Everything is beautifully elaborated in [...]

    17. amazing book for knowing the history of pakistan .qudratullah shahab sahab has described the history so beautifully that its clear like crystal. this book has the importance because of the experiance of beaurocrat ,i don't think that some one can write about the earlier phase of pakistan with so much efficency

    18. It seemed boring for me on some occasions because of the topics and events covered in this book are of a vast variety but it is an amazing book. This is the kind of book that raises ones hope in humanity, spirituality, love, and righteousness. I remember when I was first introduced to this book by my late father some years ago, since then, this book has become a significant part of me.

    19. One of the best autobiographies ever. Also, It is a must-read for youth and so-called liberals of our society. Truly an eye-opener, and the way he details the historic incidents; feels like venturing a time-travel.

    20. I have read this book 8 years before, some chapters from this book should be introduce in our academic syllabus, every child should know that how our ancestors have been sacrificed to get this part of Land for our freedom.

    21. I don't find myself qualified enough to comment on the masterpiece Qudratullah Shahab has produced. It surely is the type of book I'll read many times in the coming years.

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