The House on Sunset Lake

The House on Sunset Lake Tasmina Perry is the bestselling author of The Last Kiss Goodbye and The Proposal Her new novel is a heart wrenching love story bejewelled with mysteries and dark secrets set in the Deep South If you

  • Title: The House on Sunset Lake
  • Author: Tasmina Perry
  • ISBN: 9781472208460
  • Page: 170
  • Format: Paperback
  • Tasmina Perry is the bestselling author of The Last Kiss Goodbye and The Proposal Her new novel is a heart wrenching love story bejewelled with mysteries and dark secrets, set in the Deep South If you love sailing away with Santa Montefiore s novels or unwrapping the layers of the latest Rachel Hore, you will adore losing yourself in this book.1995 Savannah, GeorgiaTasmina Perry is the bestselling author of The Last Kiss Goodbye and The Proposal Her new novel is a heart wrenching love story bejewelled with mysteries and dark secrets, set in the Deep South If you love sailing away with Santa Montefiore s novels or unwrapping the layers of the latest Rachel Hore, you will adore losing yourself in this book.1995 Savannah, Georgia, where the sunsets are long and golden and the air is hot and heavy with promise Student Jim Johnson isn t happy when he has to abandon his plans of a carefree month of inter railing to spend the summer in the Deep South with his mother and his father, a down on his luck author who has been sent to Savannah to rediscover his muse But when Jim meets the beguiling Jennifer Wyatt, the daughter of the owners of Casa Seta, the mysterious plantation house on the shores of a lake, Jim knows he has made the right decision in coming along Until an event happens that shatters Jim and Jennifer s lives for ever and sets both their lives on a different course.2015 Twenty Years later Casa Seta stands abandoned and neglected, a victim of tragic events that everyone wants to keep buried But when Jim Johnson s boss buys it as the latest acquisition to his hotel chain, Jim is forced to return to the house and restore it to its former glory Fate throws him back into the orbit of Jennifer Wyatt, the woman his heart has never truly got over, but as he tries to put the ghosts of the past behind him, he unearths a chilling secret that makes him wonder what he has ever really known about the people he loves.

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    1. Tasmina Perry

      Tasmina Perry left a career in law for the glamorous world of women s magazine journalism.She has written on celebrity and style for many national magazines including Marie Claire Glamour and Heat and was most recently Deputy Editor of InStyle magazine She has also found time to launch her own travel and fashion magazine Jaunt All of her four novels have been Sunday Times best sellers and her books have been published in seventeen countries.She lives in Surrey with her husband and son Source tasminaperry the autho She also writes with her husband John Perry under the pseudonym Mia James.

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    1. There were a number of features that caught my eye when I chose to read The House on Sunset Lake by Tasmina Perry. Firstly, I was drawn to the stunning over image of a rambling lake house that looked like it was holding whole host secrets. Secondly, I was also attracted to the title of the book itself. The House on Sunset Lake is a title that suggests intrigue. Finally, upon perusing the blurb, I was soon convinced that this was my type of novel, as I adore dual narratives and books that hold se [...]

    2. The House on Sunset Lake is a wonderfully written story about young love, destructive secrets, and second chances. I was quickly drawn into the story and I found both storylines equally interesting. Jim Johnson has never really gotten over his first love when he travels to America to oversee the transformation of Casa D'Or from a family home to hotel. But, a chance meeting with Jennifer brings the memories of a summer 20 years back to him and is there a second chance for them or have too much ti [...]

    3. Set in Savannah, in America’s deep south, Casa D’Or is a stunning lakeside mansion owned by the affluent Wyatt family; David, his wife Sylvia and their daughter, Jennifer. Jennifer’s future appears to have been set out for her with a planned engagement to Connor Gilbert, her childhood sweetheart. Bryn Johnson and his family arrive from England to rent out the Lake House. Jennifer finds herself drawn to Bryn’s son, Jim.As their friendship deepens, they fall in love, and make plans to leav [...]

    4. Boy meets girl and they fall in love. Something happens and they are torn apart.In their late 30's they meet up again. So far so good I was enjoying the story. But thenWhen guy finds something out that happened when they first met. Guy gets mad and dosn't believe girl, its not untill someone close to him says I believe her that he changes his mind and goes running after girl. Me I would have punched the guy for not believing me. Bad ending to a good book.

    5. Jim Johnson is set to return to Savannah, the place were twenty years ago he lost his heart to Jennifer Wyatt. Can he put the past behind when he has to face Jennifer in connection with his latest business venture? It is not a bad story at all, lots of passion, romance and secrets in a story that flips backwards and forwards in time from a long hot Savannah summer where we witness two teenagers fighting a mutual attraction, to the present day. On the whole I did enjoy the read but for me it didn [...]

    6. 3.5 stars. Jim Johnston was a student in 1995 and was not happy when his plans of a carefree month has to be abandoned. His father is an author who is not having much luck with his writing and has been sent to Savannah to try to rediscover his muse. Jim soon meets Jennifer Wyatt whose father owns Casa Seta. Then a tragedy happens that makes them go their separate ways.It's now 2015 and Jim has to return to Casa Seta as his boss has purchased it as an addition to his hotel chain. Jim has ti resto [...]

    7. 4.5 StarsWhat an evocative story of romance, suspense, intrigue, secrets, family and a whole lot more, in a story spanning a twenty year gap.The majority of the book is set around Casa D'Or on Sunset Lake, and is was great to see how this one house, could feature in so many key bits of two people's history. For it is central to Jim and Jennifer's story both in 1994 and now in the present too. Some of the book is set in the 90s and the rest in the present, and I loved both parts of it, as togethe [...]

    8. The House on Sunset Lake is a lovely, light read that is set in 2015 but takes us back to 1994 also as we unravel the mysteries of a summer gone by 20 years previous. This a wonderfully written story and I really liked the main character Jim Johnson who has never found another love in the past 20 years like he had with Jennifer. But are they able to overcome the secrets that were buried that summer? Fantastic characters and beautiful setting. I would love to be able to visit the Plantation House [...]

    9. Szeretem az írónő regényeit, és ez sem okozott csalódást. Két idősík, dráma, egy tragédia ami szétszakít, hogy később megkapd a második esélyt. Jó volt.

    10. (Thanks to Netgalley and the publisher for the ARC, the book is released August 25th).I was very close to giving up on this book during the first half. I found it clichéd and not very well-written. It had moments of something, though. Something that kept me reading. I don’t know if it was just a desire to see if there really wasn’t more to it than a generic love story, or if the writing actually holds flashes of something that could be interesting. Maybe it’s a mix of both, but mostly I t [...]

    11. I’ve read almost everything Tasmina Perry has written, but this is very different from her past books. It is much deeper and has more substance than the previous sexy bonk buster type offerings I've grown to associate with her. Set in America's deep south, Casa D'Or is a beautiful lakeside mansion owned by the wealthy Wyatt family - David, his class conscious wife Sylvia and their twenty year old daughter Jennifer. Jennifer seems to have her future mapped out for her with a planned engagement [...]

    12. Destinations Travel to Savannah with Tamina PerryTasmina Perry is fast becoming an author to really sit back and enjoy for me. I’d loved The Last Kiss and her latest one was a gorgeous journey, this time to Savannah and the mysteries of a hot and heady Savannah summer.The long lost love affair was just a great mix of how a relationship can change in the blink of an eye with events which spiral out of control and where memories of the past may not be all they seem. I wasn’t sure I liked Jenni [...]

    13. I really enjoyed this book. I love anything set in the deep south on an old plantation house . just magical! Relatable characters and a great story that slips easily between past and present. Totally unexpected twist at the end and I genuinely felt for both Jim and Jennifer . I'm so glad they managed to get where they needed to be - even if they had to go through so much to get there! Looking to read more by this author.

    14. Tasmina Perry's writing style has certainly changed since her earlier days where her stories could be termed glamorous bonkbusters packed full of characters you'd love to hate combined with a gripping storyline that would have you rapidly turning the pages. Now there is a more serious mature side to the stories she writes with much more emotion and depth as displayed in last years book The Last Kiss Goodbye. This new book The House on Sunset Lake delves into the past focusing on one long hot sum [...]

    15. This book bored me. It was weird. It was supposed to be a love story and it was, but a very weird one. Jim is a forty year old guy who is still hung up on his first real Summer love, Jennifer. They've spent one Summer together in their early twenties but something happened that has sent them on different paths. He's never forgotten Jen and compares all other love interests to her. It's really pathetic. I couldn't warm to either Jim, nor to rich gal, Jen. For peoplein their forties to be this pat [...]

    16. When Jim Johnson’s boss buys up Casa D’Or, a house with memories for Jim, he finds he is forced to face the past.I really enjoyed The House on Sunset Lake and I thought it was a perfect summer read. Reading it felt a bit like being on a long haul flight – just when you think you’re settled there is turbulence, and the plot of The House on Sunset Lake flows along with several twists and turns and secrets revealed, keeping my interest throughout. I was totally absorbed by the narrative and [...]

    17. I whizzed through this and like previous books from Tasmina I was transported into a different place . Beautifully written which creates a descriptive atmospheric read.Full of secrets and scandal this is addictive reading !We are presented with a love that’s forbidden and the drama that comes with it. But not just in the past but the present .Doubts and heartache make it incredibly difficult for jim to evaluate the situation objectivelyReading a Tasmina perry book guarantees perfect escapism w [...]

    18. I'm quite surprised by the high reviews, because although it is entirely readable, the writing is absolutely dire. I read it to give myself a break during something which was heavy going (Iain M. Banks) and for that it served its purpose, but I feel my precious and rapidly dwindling brain time would've been better spent on something more substantial!

    19. I nearly gave up on this book as the first half was soooooo boring and lacking any kind of interest or action. I did see it through to the end and there were a couple of unexpected twists but also a typically predictable outcome at the end.

    20. Az eleje nagyon izgalmas volt és érdekes, de a közepétől csalódás volt. Életemben először szerettem volna, ha a főszereplők nem jöttek volna össze a legvégén.

    21. I chose this book because of its lovely summery cover. I have marked it low as I just couldn't get into it. I nearly gave up with it lots of times. But kept going.Just OK.

    22. 3 stars is being generous. Skim read to the end and the most sick making "romantic" last sentence ever. Yuk.

    23. Reviews can also be found on my blog Escapades of a Bookworm This is a gorgeous gorgeous book, that effortlessly combines not only dual perspectives but also dual timelines. As we look back into 1995 and the making of Jim and Jennifer and 2015 and see who they have become.There is so much mystery and intrigue in this book, it is hard to think of this as a romantic story. It is more like a tale of life, showing how one small event or summer can have such a huge impact on our future selves.The rom [...]

    24. Twenty years ago, Jim visited Casa D’Or and that summer he fell in love. At the same time Jennifer Wyatt returned home from time in New York hoping for some time in the home that she loved so much to re-evaluate what she wanted to do with her life. Little did she expect how much that summer would influence the rest of her life. The missed opportunities and tragedies that summer meant that her life would take a very difference course to had the events of that summer not happened.Present day, Ji [...]

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