Deadlocked When life gives you brownies make coffee Angharad Harry Russo has had a busy week She s fended off a swarm of pixies battled blood thirsty redcaps and put an end to a maniacal Fae prince hell bent o

  • Title: Deadlocked
  • Author: LisaEmme
  • ISBN: 9781988117003
  • Page: 403
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • When life gives you brownies, make coffee.Angharad Harry Russo has had a busy week She s fended off a swarm of pixies, battled blood thirsty redcaps and put an end to a maniacal Fae prince hell bent on eradicating the entire werewolf population She s also decided to open a coffee shop Is it too much to ask for things to settle down so her life can go back to normal ApWhen life gives you brownies, make coffee.Angharad Harry Russo has had a busy week She s fended off a swarm of pixies, battled blood thirsty redcaps and put an end to a maniacal Fae prince hell bent on eradicating the entire werewolf population She s also decided to open a coffee shop Is it too much to ask for things to settle down so her life can go back to normal Apparently it is As if being metaphysically bound to Cian Nash, the most aggravating yet desirable man she s ever met, isn t enough, Harry s just found out that the Magister, the scariest, most powerful vampire around, is her father Talk about your daddy issues Harry just wants to concentrate on getting the coffee shop open, but between the freaky ghosts that keep haunting her and rogue vampires terrorizing the city, it looks like normal is a thing of the past.This is a stand alone adventure with no cliffhanger It is intended for a mature audience.

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      Lisa Emme is a Canadian who proudly ends her ABC s with zed A self professed book a holic, she has spent the last few years trying to stem her book hoarding tendencies by writing her own stories and by avoiding the bargain table at the bookstore like the plague.A bit of a thrill seeker, Lisa has tried such death defying activities as bungy jumping off a bridge and rappelling down the side of a 17 storey building She s also single handedly raising a teenager Lisa has worked as a veterinary assistant, playground instructor, bank teller, store clerk, waitress, telephone solicitor, research writer for an environmental think tank, computer programmer, and systems analyst Her passion however, is writing What else is she going to do during the long, cold prairie winter

    744 thoughts on “Deadlocked”

    1. This book picked up almost exactly where the last book left off. Harry is still on the hook for dinners with the Magistrate, the head vampire guy, and has some interesting personal issues to resolve. Sadly, I can't say what they are without giving spoilers and this book is too fun to not read.Harry has a few surprising revelations tossed at her that make me hope for another book in the works. Or perhaps one with her friend Tess. ;)Cian Nash, the werewolf who can't keep his hands off Harry. He's [...]

    2. Loved it! Reading this series is like catching up with good friends. I laugh, have a great time and I'm sad when its finished and I have to wait for the next book to catch up with them again. I just adore Harry and her friends. And Cian is so sweet, charming and sexy when he woos Harry. I can see why she finds him hard to resist! This great series is on my auto-buy list.

    3. I have enjoyed this series so much that I pretty much listened to them back to back. Now I must wait for the next one! Sighs.So Harry has a lot going on as she has found out who her father is, and is still dealing with all her new powers. She is still trying to get used to Nash being around all the time.She just wants to open her new coffee shop, but of course, things can never be all nice and calm when your a powerful necromancer and people want your powers. Then you find out your mother is ali [...]

    4. PerfectionI love this book and the entire series. Nash and Harry are perfect together and I love all the other characters as well. I will be voraciously reading anything this author puts out, as she paints a fantastic picture with all the good elements of passion, intrigue, and lots of humor!

    5. I've become hooked on this series. While the writing is a bit simplistic, the characters are engaging and the story flows well. I really like Harry, she's more down to earth than most heroines you find in UF. Nash is the typical, growly alpha male but that's how I like em. I can't wait for the author to write more about Harry and her misadventures.

    6. Great third installmentI loved this story! I loved all of them, but this was a great addition. Harry is so funny and and story was full of action. I love how her relationship with Cian developed along the way and this story really sealed the deal. Highly recommended!

    7. I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.This is the third novel in the Harry Russo Diaries series. Lisa Emme brings us back to a world filled with werewolves, witches, vampires, and more. I was extremely interested to find out what happens in this installment after learning that her father is none other than most powerful vampire in town. Lisa did not disappoint in bringing the suspense and action found in the last two novels.Angharad "Harry" Russo just wants to live a no [...]

    8. Can't decide if I should make this a full four or a three and three fourths. Officially its four of course. so that would only matter to those who read my reviews. Good writing: descriptions and action scenes both well done, the plot went along as it should, the characters stayed in character. It is part together well. I was a little surprise by how it ended but that is good. Don't want it to be predicable. That knife was a "oh yeah of course" moment. A good one. One item that could be a defect [...]

    9. Fun, quick readThis book is a pretty good evening reader. It was easy to read, entertaining, there was drama, love, romance and action. The book is in the perspective of the heroine Harry who is a last of her kind necromancer/ telekinetic/ hedge witch/ vampire/ werewolf mate. She is loved by all who meet her, except Tomas- I hope that gets explained soon, and the antagonists, the Mariposa and her evil, world dominating and mistreating crew. Harry is a natural shot with a gun, can throw knives, i [...]

    10. Another fantastic Story!Oh how I love this series and I always hate it when I finish another book because I never want it to end. Harry is such a great character, she has a kind heart but can kick butt at the same time. You'll get a lot of her and Nash in this one and I just love their relationship and the way it's progressing. Harry deals with a lot of familial revelations and does a good job of it. The ending was great and I will never think about putting up shelves the same way again!!!!!

    11. This series gets better with each new book, with its quirky characters and strong lead female character. Harry is in the surprise of her life when a new powerful vampire comes to town. Secrets revealed and a fight to the death rounds out Harry's day. You can't help but laugh out loud at times and shake your head at other times. The perfect summer read.

    12. Great series!Enjoyed the series. Harry is an interesting blend of all the influences that made her who she is. The plots were interesting. The reveal about her parentage thrilling. The relationship between Harry and Nash scintillating,complex and fun. I hope there will be more additions to the series. ZMMR

    13. OMG AMAZING!!!!!I absolve this series!!!! PLEASE. PLEASE. PLEASE. Let there be more to Harry's story. And if so could the next book probably have a pregnant Harry or maybe where she finds out she's pregnant???? Also I love how all the secondary characters are absolutely FANGTASTIC. This series is a must read.

    14. Fast paced, knock down adventure!!Ms Emme writes a great book. The characters are intense, but you know there is more to learn about them. It leaves me wanting to read more. The action is fast paced and nonstop. I love e support characters and how Shea created a family, I want to be a part of. What fun!!

    15. This is a note to myself. It's not, nor is intended as, a review.The first wasn't that good, the second was worse, the third is cringe worthy aready in the few pages of the sample. I made the mistake of buying it anyway and I had to DNF it at 20%. Not for me.

    16. Another great instalment. Loved seeing Harry and Nash together and it was fun to see Harry try and be 'normal'. When's the next one? Can't wait.

    17. Book 3Great edition to the series. Highly recommend for 17years or older who enjoys urban fantasy with werewolves, witches, vampires and ghosts.

    18. Must Read!If you like Laurell K Hamilton early books than you will love Lisa Emme. Love this series and can't wait for more.

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