A Christmas Bonus

A Christmas Bonus What happens when business turns to pleasure Alec Compton s dream job at a Wall Street investment firm is on the line if he can t close a make or break takeover deal by the end of the year The buyer i

  • Title: A Christmas Bonus
  • Author: E.M. Lynley
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 490
  • Format: Audiobook
  • What happens when business turns to pleasure Alec Compton s dream job at a Wall Street investment firm is on the line if he can t close a make or break takeover deal by the end of the year The buyer is none other than world renowned billionaire and corporate raider Brant Linton, recently named one of the hottest and most eligible gay businessmen Electricity crackles atWhat happens when business turns to pleasure Alec Compton s dream job at a Wall Street investment firm is on the line if he can t close a make or break takeover deal by the end of the year The buyer is none other than world renowned billionaire and corporate raider Brant Linton, recently named one of the hottest and most eligible gay businessmen Electricity crackles at their first meeting, and Alec s thoughts drift far from business, despite his distaste for Brant s business practices When Brant takes off early to spend Christmas with his sister s family on the exclusive French Polynesian island of Taha a, Alec has no choice but to follow if he wants to get Brant to sign on the dotted line But Brant s sister has forbidden him from conducting business during the holidays and Alec must masquerade as Brant s boyfriend lest she find out what they re really up to Then business turns into pleasure, but neither Brant nor Alec know whether the other is there for the deal, or for something personal in EM Lynley s sizzling holiday novella A CHRISTMAS BONUS.

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      EM Lynley writes gay erotic romance She loves books where the hero gets the guy and the loving is 11 on a scale of 10 Her Precious Gems series is best described as Indiana Jones meets Romancing the Stone only gayer The Delectable series is Gay Romance with Taste A Rainbow Award winner and EPPIE finalist, EM has worked in high finance, high tech, and in the wine industry, though she d rather be writing hot, romantic man on man action She spent 10 years as an economist and financial analyst, including a year as a White House Staff Economist, but only because all the intern positions were filled Tired of boring herself and others with dry business reports and articles, her creative muse is back and naughtier than ever She has lived and worked in London, Tokyo and Washington, D.C but the San Francisco Bay Area is home for now.She is the author of Sex, Lies Wedding Bells, the Precious Gems series from Dreamspinner Press, and the Rewriting History series starring a sexy jewel thief, among others Her books are available in print and e book from other book distributors.

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    1. Eek, this book was a rough one. I have to say, I don't think the narrator was to blame. Michael Pauley did a decent job, and though it wasn't a stand out narration or anything, it certain helped this book's rating rather than hurt it. I can handle a lot of suspension of reality in my romance, but this book just pushed it too far. The story was too far out there for me to buy any of it, and I was rolling my eyes at the plot twists all throughout the book. The story-line was really hard for me to [...]

    2. This story was very interesting due to the fact it started out in New York City, and ended up in the French Polynesian island of Taha'a. I loved the idea that the air smells like vanilla when you get on the island due to the fact that harvesting and processing of vanilla beans is a major export for the people there. And who, at Christmas, doesn't maybe dream a little bit about vacationing to such a warm and lovely place as this island?!I appreciated the research the author must have put in to be [...]

    3. I love E.M.'s style and the way she knows how to push all my buttons. Even better than the sex (although it's always hot in her books) are the tropical locales she sets her stories in which are SO damn sexy! "Bonus" is no exception.Alec Compton is an up and coming Wall Streeter, watching his fellow employees lose their jobs, but convinced that he's "golden." That is, until the big bosses tell him he either closes a certain deal or he'll be out on his behind.(view spoiler)[In an effort to prove t [...]

    4. 4.5 stars.What a great Christmas treat. Add in one of my favorite tropes - pretend boyfriends - and you have a very enjoyable novella about two workaholics who finally put pleasure before business. The writing was crisp, the plot engaging and the characters delightful. (The hot sex scenes were entertaining too!) All in all, a fun read.

    5. This is the first Christmas story I have read Alec needs to have Brant signed a contract that can possibly save his job But when Brant leaves to go to his sister's house Alec follows him all the way to his vacation place. The story turns out to be the family thinking Alec is someone else and Brant trying to follow his sister's no business rule. I really liked the whole family dynamics and the bond that Alec was able to form with Brant. The funny and witty banter with the sister Ellie and her [...]

    6. I really enjoyed this Christmas treat, sun, sand, sea and 2 business men who really should allow pleasure to come before business more often.I liked the fact that both took risks and you see the events unfold from both points of view, but as in life, not everything is perfectly sorted out by the last page

    7. AwesomeI couldn't put this down, it's was amazing. Alec was my favorite. I wanted to throw my kindle at the wall when he got yelled at but I understand why he was yells at. But she took it to another level. I wish there was more

    8. I can honestly say that I regret spending my money on this book. It was actually quite enjoyable until about 40% through. It pretty much all went downhill from there. Everything about their chemistry and interactions was very unbelievable after Alec came to the island and it all just felt fake. There were times I thought to myself, "can you return a book if you're halfway through?", although in the end I decided to finish it, if only to know what happened concerning the business deal (and isn't [...]

    9. Alec Compton is so close to making partner as his Wall Street investment firm. There's just one catch: he needs to close a deal that one of his colleagues couldn't, and he has to do it by the end of the year. And the end of the year is only a couple of weeks away. Alec springs into action, taking a meeting right away with the intended buyer, Brant Linton. Brant is a billionaire, and a well-known mogul of corporate mergers and acquisitions. And, as Alec quickly observes, he's incredibly attractiv [...]

    10. This Christmas novella is a straightforward, sweet read. The story starts off with Alec, who is anticipating a year end bonus from his bosses as well as a chance to become junior partner. He is sure that he'll get it. What he finds is a shock. His boss was fired, and he will be too if he doesn't get a deal finalized before the end of the year. The deal needs to be made with Brant Linton, a well-known, highly-successful businessman. When Alec goes to see Brant, they find an attraction that neithe [...]

    11. 3.3 StarsI liked this, would have liked it more if it weren't for the longish "telling" sections that would have been better served with "showing." Also, where the hell is the epilogue that wraps up the whole story? I mean, did Brand actually buy the company? (Early on there was a passage about him having doubts/a reason for not snapping it up immediately, which would lead a reader to think there was something shady hiding in the paperwork.) If so, did he manage to turn the business around to ke [...]

    12. Sweet and Believable in a Holiday WayThe two MCs, corporate raider Brant Linton and investment banker Alec Compton, are almost clichés in the way they are described, with one major difference: Both are incredibly handsome and gay, Brant openly as one of Forbes' most eligible gay bachelors, Alec a bit less so. When the conflict arises that could save or derail Alec's career, the surprise is how Alec--heretofore portrayed as a relentless if amiable plotter---responds to save his career.What happe [...]

    13. "A Christmas Bonus" is essentially a "Billionaire Romance" which of course means it's highly fantastical in a lot of ways, but I have to say I found both the main characters appealing. I had to suspend a bit of disbelief regarding what gets these two into their situation, but once they're in it I felt like they responded like humans. I also appreciated that the plot didn't go and on forever with each of them going "does he really care?" without either of them asking - it goes on just enough to g [...]

    14. When Brant decides to start his Christmas vacation a few days early, Alec is left with the prospect of losing his job over an unfinished deal. Without another solution, Alec just follows Brant to Taha'a and hopes for the best. Part of Brant's vacation with his sister and her family was the solemn promise that he would not work, but then Alec shows up. Now Brant already had a spark of interest in Alec during their one brief meeting and he really does not want to disappoint his sister, so when she [...]

    15. Cute holiday storyCute, sweet and romantic holiday story. Brant meets Alec at a business meeting right before Christmas. They agree to talk the following day as Brant is heading out on vacation, though when he gets home he finds half his things gone and boyfriend nowhere to be found. Before Alec can talk to Brant, he finds out that Brant already left, so he decides to follow him. What follows is an engaging and endearing falling in love story, with meeting the family, two cute kids, and some hot [...]

    16. 3.5 rounded up to 4. A delightful little get away to a beautiful romantic island full of family and love during the Christmas season. Except not everything is as it seems, or as our mc's may want it to be. It is a little on the short side and some more depth in both the story line and the characters would have added to the book. If you have a difficult time reading a story with a lot of editing issues, I would not suggest this book for you.For my quantifiable ratings 0-10: hot 8, romance 7, edit [...]

    17. Sweet, Christmas treat. No heavy conflict, no blood and gore. A straightforward romance between a billionaire corporate raider and a Wall Street executive whose job is on the line. If this sounds like a financial thriller, it could have been but is notB is gay Mills & Boon. Not quite my type, especially when I enjoy financial thrillers (actually, thriller of every ilk:P). Enjoy it for what it is, as I did.

    18. A great sweet read. Alec is desperate to get a contract signed follows Brant to Tahiti during the Christmas holidays. Mistaken identity turns into pretend boyfriend scenario for Brant has promised no business over the holidays. I loved that a no angst story was not over kill on the sweet side. It had the right mix of chemistry, of family, of learning that business is not everything and falling in love.

    19. 3.5 out of 5A nice easy holiday story. The pacing was good, but some parts were redundant. The characters worked great together and the love story took an interesting turn to solve the main issue. Unfortunately, the ending felt chopped.

    20. A warm, fuzzy sweet as the peanut coated breakfast cereal they ate, Christmas story.Also, mosty based on a glorious pacific island.Bit of a predictable theme - billionaire and Wall Street wannabe doing business, fake boyfriends, Christmas with kids, big reveal etc.

    21. I liked EM Lynley's easy flow to her story, even enjoying a bit of her social prodding -- Wall Street tactics vs. honesty in business.The sex scenes were characterized by very good taste.I wonder why I was left with a lure for the South Pacific.

    22. Will You Do Business With Me?Two high powered business men get trapped in lies. But when they attempt to work out a deal their mutual attraction can't be denied. Even when an accident threatens to tear their new found relationship apart.

    23. Fun hot Christmas read. The story starts off slow and I personally did not like Alex at the beginning of the book However once he meets Blaine things begin to heat up It was fun read. Perfect nightcap for am holiday evening, with a glass off mulled wine.

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