Highland Chieftain

Highland Chieftain The Murrays are back in this thrilling new tale from New York Times bestselling author Hannah Howell Responsible for protecting her younger siblings from their abusive father Bethoc Matheson is in no

  • Title: Highland Chieftain
  • Author: Hannah Howell
  • ISBN: 9781420135060
  • Page: 223
  • Format: ebook
  • The Murrays are back in this thrilling new tale from New York Times bestselling author Hannah Howell Responsible for protecting her younger siblings from their abusive father, Bethoc Matheson is in no position to rescue another soul in Scotland Yet when she sees a bleeding man on the verge of drowning, that s exactly what she does, securing him safely in a cave wheThe Murrays are back in this thrilling new tale from New York Times bestselling author Hannah Howell Responsible for protecting her younger siblings from their abusive father, Bethoc Matheson is in no position to rescue another soul in Scotland Yet when she sees a bleeding man on the verge of drowning, that s exactly what she does, securing him safely in a cave where she can return day after day to tend to his wounds Sir Callum MacMillan can scarcely believe such a slight lass as Bethoc could save him from the grasp of death But he knows the telltale marks of an angry fist on her skin, and he knows she has the soul of a fighter within her feminine frame Raised to be a protector of the weak by his Murray clansman, Callum would prefer to be the one saving her and save her, he will If he can first survive the treacherous attack that led him into her irresistible arms Praise for Hannah Howell and her Highland novels Few authors portray the Scottish highlands as lovingly or colorfully as Hannah Howell Publishers Weekly Expert storyteller Howell pens another Highland winner RT Book Reviews

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    1. Hannah Howell

      Hannah Dustin Howell is a best selling American author of over 40 historical romance novels Many of her novels are set in medieval Scotland She also writes under the names Sarah Dustin, Sandra Dustin, and Anna Jennet see below.She has also used the following pseudonyms Anna Jennet, Sarah Dustin and Sandra Dustin

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    1. 3.5 StarsThe first thing I said when I finished this book was, "Wow, a lot happened!" And that's the truth of it, there was never a dull moment and at times I wondered if there would ever be a moment of calm.The story starts of with Callum being beaten, and thrown overboard a boat. He manages to drag himself to sure which is how Bethoc finds him. Being injured and with the men who attacked him still out there Callum goes into hiding while Bethoc nurses him back to health. Bethoc also faced a lot [...]

    2. This review was originally posted on Addicted To Romance SummaryBethoc Matheson has been responsible for the boys her step father has stolen and use for work. They all suffer under his abusive fist. Bethoc is desperate to find a way for them to escape, especially with a couple of the boys getting older and standing up to him more which she knows can only bring death to them. Bethoc is willing to do anything to help her adoptive brothers and her younger sister who she keeps with her all the time. [...]

    3. ARC received for a reviewIt's been a lllloooonnnggg time since I've read Ms. Howell like since her book Beauty and the Beast in 1992. And needless to say I had no idea this was book #21 in a series. But it is a stand alone with some interaction with (what I assume are) previous couples. Callum collects stray children and takes care of them and helps find them a new home. Bethoc's "father" also collects children to work his farm, but only boys. Callum is hurt and Bethoc helps him and hides him ti [...]

    4. Having read numerous books by this author, this NetGalley reviewer always jumps at the chance to receive an ARC in exchange for an honest, unbiased opinion. However, this one really missed the mark with me. As a big fan of Scottish historical romance that is loaded with brogue, I was surprised to find this one was overly done. So much so, I often found myself having to reread parts to understand the dialog.But the real turn off happened about 30% into it, and ultimately I couldn’t put it behin [...]

    5. I am giving up on 2 Scottish romance writers today: May McGoldrick and Hannah Howell. This is naturally not the first time I have tried to read Hannah Howell, And most definitely not the only time that I have been disappointed. I do not enjoy giving 2 star ratings. But so many of the books leave me with this "meh" feeling. Hannah Howell's Murray Family series is widely popular. I just don't know why I am not crazy about it. Our heroine Bethoc (am I the only one who thinks Bethoc is an odd name?) [...]

    6. This is the first Murray book I have read in a while and I loved it, as it reminded me of why I like these books so much. There is a lot that happens throughout the book. It opens with our hero fighting for survival, as he was beaten and tossed in the water to die. He's too stubborn to go out that way and manages to get to shore before collapsing in pain from his injuries, including a broken leg. He is found by Bethoc, who is out walking with her little sister. She manages to get him to her safe [...]

    7. **I received an eARC of this book from NetGalley and the publisher in exchange for an honest review**I liked this book, but I didn't love it.Callum was a good hero with a dark past, but despite (or maybe because of) his past, he is a very good man. He was injured and left for dead while attempting to rescue a child. Bethoc finds him, tends to his wounds and hides him. Bethoc was a very interesting heroine, she also has a dark past, filled with pain and abuse, but it doesn't stop her from being l [...]

    8. The Murray series has been around quite a long time, over fifteen years if I am remembering correctly. While I haven't read the whole series, I am a fan of Hannah Howell and do pick up one of her books occasionally when I'm in the mood for a lil' bit o' Scotland. This latest installment of the series surprised me a bit with darker tones than I remember reading from her other books.Bethoc (Bay-thog) Mattheson, having grown up in an abusive household, is a meek and frightened mouse of a girl. She [...]

    9. На смъртното легло на майка й, Беток Матисън научава, че мъжа, който е мислела за свой баща и който през целият й живот я е тъпчел и биел, не й е баща. Нейният баща е Брет Мъри. Майка й умира по време на раждането на сестрата на Беток, заклевайки дъщеря си никога да не се отделя о [...]

    10. Highland romances have always been a favorite of mine, so when I stumbled across Hannah Howell's Murray Family series, which is set in the Highlands, I knew I had to give them a try. Highland Chieftain was the book that caught my eye, however, I ended up finding this book incredibly boring. I'm surprised I even stuck with it and finished it.Highland Chieftain is about Bethoc, who lives with her abusive father and many younger siblings. Her mother passed away a few years ago, and now Bethoc cares [...]

    11. I have eight paperbacks in this series adorning one of my bookshelves so I'm obviously way behind series wise, luckily this book can be read as a stand alone.I've been a fan of the author for years, I love how the stories wrap the Highland culture around you like a warm blanket, sucking you in and not letting you go until the last page.Highland Chieftain is as expected, action and suspense filled. Sir Callum MacMillan is left for dead when Bethoc and little Margaret Matheson come upon him. Being [...]

    12. I have read a few of Hannah Howell's novels here and there and have always been pretty pleased with them. After reading through this bad boy I think I will definitely need to start at the beginning and work my way through all of them. Her writing style was just a little bit off for me but I absolutely loved her characters. Shall we talk it out?As I said, I have only dipped my toe into Hannah Howell's novels, and honestly this is the first one I have read in a while, so I don't know if it's a reg [...]

    13. Before I start my review, I would like to thank Kensington Books and NetGalley for allowing me to review Highland Chieftain by Hannah Howell.**All opinions stated in this review are mine and mine alone. I received Highland Chieftain from Kensington Books through NetGalley as an ARC for my honest review**Now onto my review:Bethoc is a young woman (I believe that it was mentioned that she was 21 ish) who is a virtual slave and punching bag to her father. Her mother died in childbirth and unfortuna [...]

    14. allaboutromance/book-revieLong-time historical author Hannah Howell has taken a break from the mysticism of her English Wherlocke family and brought the writing game back to the Highlands of Scotland with her latest novel, Highland Chieftain. This book is the 21st in the Murray clan series and that might just be part of the problem. While the book is a cute read, it has been done before and done before by Ms. Howell. If you are looking for a fresh view of the Highlands through Hannah Howell’s [...]

    15. 3.5 starsI’m so absolutely thrilled to be back with the Murray Family, despite the fact I mostly enjoyed my sojourn with the Wherlocke-Vaughn family. It is slightly insane that I haven’t actually reviewed one of these here since they were such a staple of my romance diet and I still have an enormous stack of dog-eared (yes I was one of those-you dead tree lovers can be grateful for the advent of digital so hooligans like me no longer deface books) and well-loved books chronicling the lives a [...]

    16. Treachery and love!I liked the skeleton of this story. Sir Callum MacMillan is injured and fleeing from men determined to kill him. Unconscious and foundering on the shoreline with a broken leg he is rescued by young woman, Bethoc Matheson, who hides him in her secret cave retreat. A retreat necessary because she is frequently beaten by father.Bethoc's father is a dark and fearsome person who brings home young boys he 'finds' to help run the farm. Bethoc has a houseful of young boys, 'brothers' [...]

    17. "Sometimes it cannae be done. The dreams are so much better they cannae leave them to face what life really is. I have seen it happen. Sometimes what is broken stays broken." - Highland Chieftain by Hannah Howell**advance reader copy received via NetGalley**I have enjoyed this author’s work in the past, many years ago when I picked up my first read from the Murray series. I enjoy her Wherlocke series as well. Both of these historical romance series have flavors of the paranormal/supernatural w [...]

    18. I've read a few Scottish romances by Hannah Howell and thoroughly enjoyed them. This one fell a little short for me. Bethoc's character was too good, too kind, too understanding. She never had bad thoughts about her abusive father, just took the punishment silently. While she did have thoughts of running away, to leave her brothers and sisters was unthinkable and so she stayed. The day she found Callum MacMillan lying injured on the beach, her whole world changed. I thought Callum's character wa [...]

    19. I love Hannah's Highlanders. I have most of her books. I like the Murray series. I will say here that this book is full of some graphic scenes of murder and sex. I fell for this story so check out this story. Callum was beaten and thrown in the ocean. This is where he meets Bethoc. Major Spoiler. She lives nearby and helps him to a cave so her rough father, Kerr, won't find him. Spoiler. Kerr finds boys to work in his fields. Now the area is murders of husbands and then charge and hang the wives [...]

    20. I really liked this at first. It was interesting and page turning. Then it seemed like one catastrophe after another. It was a never ending saga of drama and conspiracy. I got to the point I started skimming it just to get done. It wasn't for me, it maybe good for you.Received an ARC from the publisher through NetGalley

    21. I'm a big fan of Hannah Howell and usually love her books, but this one just didn't thrill me. It was an ok read but didn't engage me like her books usually do. It was a slow read and didn't seem to have the same flow as her previous books.

    22. good, solid story about a Murray connection all grown up and rescued by a fair maiden who soon needs to be rescued herself lust turns to love.eventually.

    23. Very entertainingI enjoy Hannah's books. Always has family ties and great characters. Nice love story. Spirited heroine and strong male warriors make this a must read

    24. Book: Highland Chieftain by Hannah Howell Reviewed by: Barb Batlan Massabrook of (Tartan Book Reviews) and (Celtic Barb’s Kilted Tartan Book Review Blog)Release Date: 9/27/2016Heat Rating: So hot it sizzles off the pages!Overall Rating: 5 StarsAnother “Hannah Howell” winner that reader fans and followers will be will be absolutely mesmerized! I was was so excited to find out some of my favorite characters from book 2003 book “Highland Angel” are in it too! For example -”Sir Payton Mu [...]

    25. Highland ChieftainBy Hannah Howell5 starsReviewed by : AngelsFormat : Kindle EditionPublished by :ZebraSource: Purchased CopyGene: Historical Romance BlurbThe Murrays are back in this thrilling new tale from New York Times bestselling author Hannah Howell . . .Responsible for protecting her younger siblings from their abusive father, Bethoc Matheson is in no position to rescue another soul in Scotland. Yet when she sees a bleeding man on the verge of drowning, that’s exactly what she does, sec [...]

    26. Highland ChieftainHannah HowellThe Murrays SeriesHistorical RomanceAdultReview: When Sir Callum MacMillan is left for dead by a group of murderous men sent to kidnap his ward, he figures his time is up. Then, along comes Bethoc Matheson to rescue him. Of course, her life is no easier than his. She is the oldest of a brood of children, most who were stolen by her stepfather to work the family land. When her stepfather gets drunk and is looking for a punching bag it is usually Bethoc who takes the [...]

    27. I should have known better when I realized this one, provided by the publisher in return for an honest review, was number 21 in a series. I couldn't bring myself to finish this one. It was dull, formulaic, poorly structured, unbelievable and actually rather difficult to read. In the end, I had to cut my losses and preserve my sanity and just give up, which I hate doing. This one could have been good, it had an intriguing couple of plot themes, but the writing was wooden and the actions of the he [...]

    28. I selected this book because I have a weakness for Highland's Romance Novels. Unfortunately, I ended up a bit disappointed.Now, I loved Bethoc and her siblings. And her little sister? When she grows up she needs a novel of her own. She's a feisty, strong, and awesomely tough little girl.But I didn't love our hero (just ho hum and I liked some of the other men more), the dialect got to be too much, and I just didn't love our story. In addition, for my personal taste, the plot was too rapey. She g [...]

    29. This is the very moving latest addition to Hannah Howell's well loved Murray Family saga. I've always hoped that Callum MacMillan would get his own story, ever since he was introduced as a sexually abused young boy in the novel, Highland Angel. In that earlier novel, Callum showed promise of becoming a strong, unflinching, defender, champion, and caretaker of abused women and children. Highland Chieftain confirms that this early promise has been fulfilled. I also enjoyed the interaction between [...]

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