The Darker Side

The Darker Side Everyone has a secret they don t dare tell anyone He ll kill you for yours Cody McFadyen has shocked even the most jaded suspense fans with Shadow Man and The Face of Death Now comes a thriller that o

  • Title: The Darker Side
  • Author: Cody McFadyen
  • ISBN: 9780553806946
  • Page: 393
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Everyone has a secret they don t dare tell anyone.He ll kill you for yours.Cody McFadyen has shocked even the most jaded suspense fans with Shadow Man and The Face of Death Now comes a thriller that outdoes them all, featuring a psychopath on a perverse crusade of murder And the one woman who can stop him has a secret that will change her from the hunter to the hunted Everyone has a secret they don t dare tell anyone.He ll kill you for yours.Cody McFadyen has shocked even the most jaded suspense fans with Shadow Man and The Face of Death Now comes a thriller that outdoes them all, featuring a psychopath on a perverse crusade of murder And the one woman who can stop him has a secret that will change her from the hunter to the hunted A lie, a long ago affair, a dark desire everyone has secrets they take to the grave No one knew that better than FBI special agent Smoky Barrett But what secret was a very private young woman keeping that led to her very public murder And what kind of killer was so driven and so brazenly daring that he d take her life on a commercial airliner thirty thousand feet in midair, a killer so accomplished that he d leave only a small souvenir behind These are the questions that bring Smoky and her hand picked team of experienced manhunters from L.A to the autumn chill of Washington, D.C by order of the FBI director himself and at the special request of a high powered grieving D.C mother.As a mother, Smoky knows the pain of losing a child it nearly killed her once before As a cop with her own twisted past, she takes every murder personally, which is both her greatest strength and her only weakness Brilliant, merciless, righteous, the killer Smoky is hunting this time is on his own personal mission, whose cost in innocent human lives he s only begun to collect For in his eyes no one is innocent everyone harbors a secret sin, including Smoky Barrett Soon Smoky will have to face what she s so carefully hidden even from her own team and confront a flawless killer who knows her flaws with murderous intimacy.From the Hardcover edition.

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    1. Cody McFadyen

      Cody McFadyen is an international bestselling author of six thrillers Five of those thrillers are centered around FBI special agent Smoky Barrett, who hunts serial killers In 2011 his stand alone thriller Der Menschenmacher was published in Germany with no English translation Before releasing book five in the Smoky Barrett series in 2016, McFadyen took four years off to care for his ailing parents According to his German publisher he is the father of a daughter and lives in Southern California.

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    1. 10 stars for The Darker Side, book 3 in the brilliant Cody McFadyen Smoky Barrett series! The masterful characterization in this series is unmatched by that of any other crime fiction/thriller novel I have read.This time FBI agent Smoky Barrett and her team take on a merciless zealot intent on murdering women with secret sins. The baddie has killed an impressive number of human beings over a span of many years. Why have these people been targeted, and how have their secrets been discovered? For [...]

    2. What else but 5 stars!! McFayden once again shines with his expressive and personal writing style that sucked me in right from page one. I mean this man can WRITE! His knowledge of the female heart and spirit is uncanny. I'm beginning to wonder if Cody is a pen name and there is a silent, strong woman behind these insightful and realistic feelings and emotions he so easily types out.Strong characterization is McFayden's strength first and foremost, but he has always been able to come through wit [...]

    3. “Dying is a lonely thing.”Sort of gets your attention, doesn’t it? Cody McFadyen has a way of doing that in his writing.The Darker Side, his third Smoky Barrett book, got my attention in a different way from the first two. Instead of emotion, passion, violence, there is a kind of cadence to the language that made me sit up and take notice. “In the late hours, the ones when everyone’s alone, those secrets come knocking. Some knock hard and some knock soft, but whispering or screeching, [...]

    4. This is the third book in the Smoky Barrett series, which I have been binge reading. I was not as emotionally involved in this book. Well, that's not exactly correct; I was feeling different emotions than I did with the first two books. I wondered whether I was becoming inured to what McFadyen is writing, but then he wrote a scene that was a sucker punch. Nope. Not inured.This book delves deeper into the darkness of serial killers. We, who sit on the fringes of investigations or sit on juries, w [...]

    5. Auch der dritte Smoky Barrett Fall war super - Spannend und krank! Ich mag auch die persönlichen Aspekte von Smoky und ihrem Team - Ein guter Mix bei dem der Fall trotzdem nicht zu kurz kommt!

    6. This is the third book in the Smoky Barrett series and continues a couple of years after The Face of Death. While I would suggest reading them in order for the character development, Cody McFadyen actually rehashes a lot of the details from the previous books to make this one work as a standalone, too.This one had a different feel to the first two. I can't actually explain why exactly, but this one didn't grip me like the first two. I'm not sure whether it was just the primary focus on religion [...]

    7. So, we come to book three in the Smoky Barrett series and an absolute brilliant one. I didn't think they really could improve but this one really had me hooked from the very first page.We cut to a couple of years after where the last book left and are hit by a transexual being murdered on a busy flight whilst up in the air in their seat!! Yikes!!! This one is out of Smoky's usual jurisdiction but her expertise is called upon and she flies out to Virginia with her team to investigate the crime sc [...]

    8. Whewww!!! What a ride this was. I know when Smokey Barrett climbs on the Dark Train that we are always in for a heck of a ride. Smokey is the head of an elite unit of the LA FBI that hunt nothing but serial killers. Luckily her and her group are very good at what they do. Smokey's team gets a call from the head of the FBI about a Texas Senator's daughter that was found dead on a plane. The only problem is, she is really a he. Smokey is confused at first as to why her team is brought in, but when [...]

    9. Smokey and her team are called to Washington DC when a sadistc killer uses his Catholic faith as justification for a horrific killing spree. Parts of this book were very good but overall it was disjointed and not anywhere close to the writing caliber of the first two in the series. I sure hope the next one falls back into step. We are doing a buddy read and all of the people in the group had the same consensus but will also still be reading the next.

    10. Awesome book in this fantastic series. I just can't get enough. McFadyen knows his stuff. Looking forward to reading more of his in this new year.

    11. 3.5* A dark,oft times disturbing and difficult read, this book,while good,wasn't as addictive or compelling as the two previous books in the series. Can't quite put my finger on it,perhaps I didn't feel as committed to Smoky and her team as I did in the past,but even though I continued to read it,I found myself skimming some paragraphs. Recommended to those keen to see what's next for Smoky,Bonnie and the team.

    12. Meine Meinung: Diesmal war ich nicht ganz so angetan von diesem Buch, es lies sich gut und leicht lesen wie alle Bücher von Cody McFadyen, aber der Spannungsbogen hat sich nicht so aufgebaut. Desweiteren fand ich, dass dieses Buch zu sehr "kirchenbelastet" war. Serienmörder in dieser Form gibt es schon in zu vielen anderen Thrillern. Also, bitte ein neuer Versuch Cody

    13. The Darker Side continues the story of Smoky Barrett and her small - but growing - group of investigators and family, as the hunt turns to someone determined to punish the sins of the repentant.The crimes themselves are, as always, just on that edge of almost too brutal - but the humanity coming from our protagonist and her team balances it out. The characters make this one of my favourite series; they're so real, three dimensional and genuinely flawed, not just "flawed" in that "Oh, I'm such a [...]

    14. Gledam Lisu. Ona utjelovljuje tajnu, onu koju mrtvi dokazuju, stari znaju, a mladi stalno ignoriraju: život je prekratak, ma koliko dug bio.Laži mogu boljeti, ali ništa nas toliko ne pogađa kao istina.Vrijeme čini jednu stvar, agente Washington. Prolazi. Svijet ide dalje. Time se i čovjek mijenja, htio ili ne. Bez obzira na svu bol, na svu mržnju koju osjeća prema sebi. Prije ili kasnije, možda i sasvim pomalo, njegova duša ide dalje.

    15. In The Darker Side, his third novel, McFadyen’s hook is man’s desire to protect his darkest secret. When a jet lands after a routine flight, the crew discover a murdered passenger. Because the victim was a Congressman’s son, the FBI joins the search for the killer.Agent Smoky Barrett, designated the lead investigator, soon discovers the victim was not only a transsexual but also sought contrition for an iniquitous deed. When Smoky and her task force stumble across 143 coerced videotaped co [...]

    16. Drei Bücher der Smoky Barrett-Reihe sind nun im ReRead gelesen, und das bedeutet, dass nur noch eines übrig ist und dann der 5. von mir bereits vorbestellte Band erscheinen wird :D - can't wait really :)))Dieses Mal werden die Morde nicht so detailreich geschildert wie gewohnt, und auch mit den Mengen an Blut ist der Autor etwas vorsichtiger geworden. Nichts desto trotz ist aber auch dieses Buch wieder spannend bis zum Ende. Vor allem in einer Szene konnte ich als Leser das Buch keineswegs aus [...]

    17. Third of the Smoky Barret Series. I have enjoyed these books and have read through them back to back. Once again I have gotten more info about the main Characters and private life'sbut it's not over informing and doesn't detract from the main story. This one hasn't been my most gripping however.

    18. Once more, I was impressed with Cody McFadyen's willingness to go beyond what one might expect from a crime thriller and not only shocks but keeps the pages turning as fast as possible.And it still blows me away how he is able to write this series from the first person point of view of Smoky Barrett, and quite effectively, too. It makes this series so special to me!

    19. 4.5 stars. Smoky Barrett and her LA Violent Crimes team respond to the murder of a transgender daughter of a congressman. The murder brazenly occurred on an airplane. The killer pierced the heart with a sharp object and left a cross in the wound under the skin with the number 142 engraved on it. The team quickly uncovers another murder of an ex-prostitute/heroin addict with a cross and the number 143 on it. Apparently, this murderer is on a twenty year killing spree and the numbers represent peo [...]

    20. Wow, wow, wow, wat zit dit boek góéd in elkaar!"Misschien maakt het vasthouden aan onze diepste geheimen ons leven wel tot een hel, en is de opluchting als we ze uitspreken een stukje hemel op aarde."We zijn zo'n twee jaar verder na het tweede boek en dit keer is er een zaak waarbij een transseksueel van politiek bekende ouders is vermoord. Smoky en haar team worden op de zaak gezet en het blijkt dat "De Priester" aan de gang is, die wel een erg bijzondere denkwijze heeftAllereerst ben ik heel [...]

    21. Someone has taken it upon themselves to deal out justice. A woman is murdered and the killer leaves behind a clue. It has to do with penitence and the victim paying for her sins. What sins could a nice, quiet woman who had no enemies be keeping? That’s what Smoky Barrett had her team are in charge of finding out. It seems this psychopathic killer actually wants Smoky to find him. He will do anything to get her attention, no matter how many people he has to kill. Smoky is ready to follow the pa [...]

    22. I was thoroughly disappointed in this third in the series. McFadyen is a superb writer as revealed in the firzt two books in this series. He writes about the true evil inherent in serial killers with a genuine ability to be unrelenting in revealing pathological evil. However this book lacked everything which made the first two books exceptional. I don't know what happened with the Darker Side. I know that the author went through a divorce and maybe this was written during that trying time there [...]

    23. This is #3 in the Smoky Barret FBI series and this book finds the team caught up in a serial killers ongoing quest for "the truth". Somehow the killer nicknamed The Preacher captures/tortures and kills women after he films them admitting their deepest darkest sinful secrets.This book was intense as this entire series. I wish Cody McFadyen would write some more books.

    24. I have to admit that I wasn't as impressed with this book in the series as I was with the first two books.The story about 'The Preacher' was somehow not as interesting as about 'The Shadow Man' or 'The Stranger'. I mean, I liked the premise of sin and revelation and how each of the murdered victim that was focused on had its own story part. But that was about it. There was too much religion, too much embellishment and focus on the Catholic church and I just wasn't a fan of it.I also found the ch [...]

    25. Der dritte Teil ist nicht ganz so blutrünstig wie sein Vorgänger, aber dennoch gut. Sehr empfehlenswert!

    26. Wieder ein Klasse Thriller der unter die Haut aber leider auch ein klein wenig auf die Nerven ging. [REZENSION] Das Böse in uns | Cody McFadyenVerlag: Bastei Lübbe | Erschienen: 24.04.2010 | Seiten: 448 | Reihe//Teil: Smoky Barrett/ 3 | Preis: Taschenbuch 9,99€, eBook 8,49€WARNUNG: Dies ist Teil drei der Reihe. Könnte Spoiler enthalten. Klapptext:Ein Flug nach Virginia. Alles wie gewohnt. Die Passagiere fühlen sich wohl. Auch Lisa. Bis sich ihr Nachbar zu ihr herüber lehnt und flüstert [...]

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