Satan Speaks!

Satan Speaks The last book of essays by Church of Satan founder LaVey

  • Title: Satan Speaks!
  • Author: Anton Szandor LaVey Marilyn Manson Blanche Barton
  • ISBN: 9780922915668
  • Page: 267
  • Format: Paperback
  • The last book of essays by Church of Satan founder LaVey.

    • Free Read [Fantasy Book] ✓ Satan Speaks! - by Anton Szandor LaVey Marilyn Manson Blanche Barton Ó
      267 Anton Szandor LaVey Marilyn Manson Blanche Barton
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    About "Anton Szandor LaVey Marilyn Manson Blanche Barton"

    1. Anton Szandor LaVey Marilyn Manson Blanche Barton

      High Priest of the Church of Satan as well as a writer, occultist, musician, and actor He was the author of The Satanic Bible and the founder of LaVeyan Satanism, a synthesized system of his understanding of human nature and the insights of philosophers who advocated materialism and individualism, for which he claimed no supernatural inspiration LaVey viewed Satan not as a literal deity or entity, but as a historic and literary figure symbolic of Earthly values.

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    1. Essays on religion, modern life, commercialism, and the exquisite gratification attainable from a well-placed sneeze. Reading this, i was quite often scared by the frequency with which i'd be nodding along with agreement only to suddenly realized that what Lavey was saying--and what to which i was agreeing--ran counter to oh, pretty much everything i believe. It's a bit of Nietzsche, a bit of Milton, and, for those uninterested in high literature, lines that could easily slip into a South Park d [...]

    2. This volume of collected writings and musings by the founder and head "song and dance man" of the church of satan is a nice continuation from "the devil's notebooks". While I don't agree with all of his opinions, it's pretty damn clear that he did require agreement. What you find in these pages is more of the man behind the smoke and mirrors. I get the sense he still played the false fronts to the end even in some of these writings. Even so, anton the cornball, anton the joker, anton the dirty o [...]

    3. This collection of enlightening essays cover many different subjects, and while I may not always agree with LaVey's opinion, I think I definitely get something out of reading it. I think some people would be put off by the title or the the look of the cover, and that's a sad thing, as it has very little to do with what you would think by looking at it.

    4. Another book of essays by Doctor LaVey. I must admit that I enjoyed this one a little bit more than The Devil's Notebook. Some essays fit me very well, some not quite so much, and there was a one or two I skipped entirely (unappealing themes). Still I can´t even think about comparing this book to the magnificent work of Magus Gilmore.I certainly does not regret reading this piece and I will definitely return to some bookmarked pages later.

    5. I really, really enjoyed this collection of essays and musings by Anton Szandor LaVey, founder of the Church of Satan and what is called "modern Satanism." First point: Let me say that while I am a Satanist, it is no longer of the LaVeyan variety, as it was during my teenage years. The experiences I've had in my life have brought me 'round full circle, to the point where I now identify as a spiritual Satanist (but, to avoid confusion and jargon, let's just stick with one word: Satanist). Which b [...]

    6. I started reading this book equipped only with the knowledge that it was the last of LaVey's published works, and the impression that it was probably a good companion piece to "The Devil's Notebook." I was right, and I was wrong.Where "The Devil's Notebook" may be described as loosely-structured, "Satan Speaks!" reads like the declassified journal entries of Satan after having gone into seclusion for years. I got the distinct impression while reading this that the outside world kept creeping in, [...]

    7. This was a fun book. Anton LaVey should be taken with a grain of salt in my opinion. I think that some of these articles were a little bit ridiculous such as the article on everyone being in wheelchairs in the future and not walking, like okay or the article about artificial total environments. I think this must have been written with LaVey was getting a little bit on the eccentric side, but this is still a great read. There were more essays where I found myself agreeing with LaVey or having a c [...]

    8. Perfect for when you only have a few minutes but still wanna have something to read. Not the book for those who lack in critical analysis. LeVay will say one thing that sounds very bigoted but then in the next sentence will say another that sounds on verge of being an SJW. Look at what s being said, sentence by sentence but also in the larger context of the essay, the book, the time period, and the man himself. Definitely some good things can come out of this book but not if you're an "all or no [...]

    9. Whatever notions you have about his Church of Satan and his original "Satanic Bible" LaVey is a great writer. He offers some interesting views of the world which for the most part are not wrong at all. One piece of advice that stuck with me in the collection was too take seriously the things that other people poke fun at and degrade. That has stuck with me for years and has changed how I view people for better and worse.

    10. Anton LaVey displays his great wit and unorthodox mind in Satan Speaks! A collection of 60 essays, covering everything from the fetish of selective incontinence to the intentionally homogenizing effects of globalism. If you're looking for a book on Satanic theology (two words that seem almost dissonant placed together); then you should check out the Satanic Bible. However, if you appreciate a third-side perspective on an eclectic series of topics--this is for you.

    11. I got into LaVey's writings waaaay back in high school, and they've been an entirely positive influence on me. This book's been a long time coming and I'm thoroughly satisfied with the selection of essays, particularly the bits on sorcery, invisibility and humourlessness. LaVey would have been a great guy to have a conversation with.

    12. Hands down, this is one of the most intriguing books I've read. Filled with the last of Dr. LaVey's writings, we get one last opportunity to gain philisophical wisdom, insight to his passions, and further understanding for what this innovative individual and his legacy, The Church of Satan, stands for.

    13. This book contains a forward by Marlin Manson and an introduction by Blanch Barton. This book contains essays on such things as the God of Assholes and the Third Side: the Uncomfortable Alternative. This book was completed just before LaVeys' death and is a good read for anyone interested in satanic thought.

    14. Excellent. LaVey was one of the great thinkers of our time and it is a shame that he will never be recognized for it. If you are at all interested in a less common view of the world I highly recommend this book.

    15. leftover work thrown together by his wife after he died (i believe). a few decent essays and a few funny ones but if he did publish it himself it was clearly just to make a buck. Seems like a bunch of random stuff he never finished.

    16. I've never read anything Anton Levay before this. He seems like a really smart man who found a good way to stick it to Christian Zombism pretty harmless.

    17. I read this when I was 13, I don't remember much of anything from it but remembering it made me laugh so I had to find it.

    18. FUCKING AWESOME!!!!! Even his wise ass comments through out are filled with intellect and wit. Anton is hilarious.

    19. Very interesting and insightful. In this collection of short essays, we are able to venture further into the mind of a genius.

    20. Interesting ideas and perspectives. I love looking into someone else's head and seeing their wheels turn and their clocks tick. This is an amusing light read. I enjoyed it.

    21. An amusing collection of short essays written by the Man Himself. Works well as a coffee-table book. Sheds some light on LaVey's thoughts on social taboos and other topics you won't see elsewhere.

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