The Third Angel

The Third Angel Alice Hoffman is one of our most beloved writers Here on Earth was an Oprah Book Club selection Practical Magic and Aquamarine were both bestselling books and Hollywood movies Her novels have received

  • Title: The Third Angel
  • Author: Alice Hoffman
  • ISBN: 9780701182724
  • Page: 115
  • Format: Paperback
  • Alice Hoffman is one of our most beloved writers Here on Earth was an Oprah Book Club selection Practical Magic and Aquamarine were both bestselling books and Hollywood movies Her novels have received mention as notable books of the year by the New York Times, Entertainment Weekly, the Los Angeles Times, and People magazine, and her short fiction and nonfiction haveAlice Hoffman is one of our most beloved writers Here on Earth was an Oprah Book Club selection Practical Magic and Aquamarine were both bestselling books and Hollywood movies Her novels have received mention as notable books of the year by the New York Times, Entertainment Weekly, the Los Angeles Times, and People magazine, and her short fiction and nonfiction have appeared in the New York Times, The Boston Globe Magazine, Kenyon Review, Redbook, Architectural Digest, Gourmet, and Self, Now, in The Third Angel, Hoffman weaves a magical and stunningly original story that charts the lives of three women in love with the wrong men Headstrong Madeleine Heller finds herself hopelessly attracted to her sister s fiance Frieda Lewis, a doctor s daughter and a runaway, becomes the muse of an ill fated rock star And beautiful Bryn Evans is set to marry an Englishman while secretly obsessed with her ex husband At the heart of the novel is Lucy Green, who blames herself for a tragic accident she witnessed at the age of twelve, and who spends four decades searching for the Third Angel the angel on earth who will renew her faith Brilliantly evoking London s King s Road, Knightsbridge, and Kensington while moving effortlessly back in time, The Third Angel is a work of startling beauty about the unique, alchemical nature of love.

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    1. Alice Hoffman

      Alice Hoffman is the author of than thirty works of fiction, including The Rules of Magic, The Marriage of Opposites, Practical Magic, The Red Garden, the Oprah s Book Club selection Here on Earth, The Museum of Extraordinary Things, and The Dovekeepers She lives near Boston.

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    1. Alice Hoffman is a literary goddess. I loved this book. The writing is absolutely gorgeous and it's one of those novels that I end up reading the last page and then starting over again. Stories of three interconnected women at crossroads in their lives are woven together in really wonderful ways. As always with Hoffman, there's a touch of supernatural and very interesting, human characters. (As an aside, I had lunch with the author - and 20 other people- a couple of years ago and she is just as [...]

    2. This book is very special to me. Not only because it was written by my favourite author, but because I found it in a small bookshop somewhere in Dublin, Ireland.I deal with hundreds of people every single day. At work, at uni even at home, while chatting online. Sometimes I wonder about them I wonder if we were meant to meet, meant to run into each other, meant to exchange a couple of words. I am not exactly sure whether I believe in fate or not, but sometimes I just sit and wonder and I can't h [...]

    3. Where do I start?The book begins with a protaganist so unlikable that I nearly gave up four pages in. Self-absorbed, hideously disloyal, self-pitying and narcisstic, I couldn't have cared less what happened to her and was mightly relieved when we moved onto our second female heroine.Freida is entirely more likeable and at this point in the story we begin to dig deeper into the ghost story that lies at the heart of this book. My interest was peaked and yet - and yet I found myself skim-reading. T [...]

    4. Muito bonito! Três historias, em três épocas diferentes que se interligam entre si, cada uma fazendo as outras crescer um pouco. Personagens interessantes e bem desenvolvidas, escrita apelativa e de fácil leitura. Recomendo!

    5. This book was quite a disappointment. Alice Hoffman is one of my favorite authors and I expected a lot from this book, as I do of all her books. But right from the first page I knew there was trouble. I didn't like the voice of the first main character, Maddy. And as I learned more about Maddy (we do learn a little bit), the less I liked her character. I found her to be shallow, jealous, self-centered and very annoying. And what she does is despicable. The book is sectioned into 3 parts focusing [...]

    6. This book was a considerable departure from her stock cookie cutter settings mixed with enchanting magical quirkiness, which I have become addicted to. Even so, this is my favorite Hoffman book so farry moving, a bit more complex and utterly gorgeous prose.

    7. Just finished reading this story of three women, in three different decades, each in love with the wrong man, involved in a love triangle. It was a very different feel for me than many of Hoffman's other books, but was equally as descriptive and thought provoking, keeping her right up there as one of my favorite authors. The stories are interwoven, and characters appear in two, sometimes three of them. Plus, the three women all interrelated in a abstract sort of way: MAddy Heller, who loves her [...]

    8. I read Alice Hoffman when I was in high school and remembered liking her (esp. At Risk), but this book disappointed me. It seemed sloppy. Her writing was grand(iose) but completely without subtlety, so it didn't pack as strong a punch.Take this sentence: "Seeing him, Frieda felt her love for her father; but she thought about how he'd betrayed them and love didn't seem quite so important." This is actually one of the more likeable examples of what I'm talking about, but imagine that style of desc [...]

    9. Three different stories that are interesting. A little harder to remember it is three different stories on audiobook especially if you are distracted when the stories switch.

    10. "People say there's the Angel of Life and the Angel of Death, but there's another one, too. The one who walks among us."He could tell she was listening."He's nothing fierce or terrible or filled with light. He's like us, sometimes we can't even tell him apart. Sometimes we're the ones who try to save him. He's there to show us who we are. Human beings aren't gods. We make mistakes."In this novel, Alice Hoffman tells the stories of three women entangled in unrequited love relationships. Each woma [...]

    11. 3.75 stars. The Third Angel is about three women in love with the wrong men. Maddy Heller is in love with her sister's fiance, Frieda Lewis has fallen for a musician who will never choose her over his perfect fiance Stella, and Bryn Evans is set to marry another man whilst still in love with her ex-lover. We also meet Lucy Green and see how she connects all three different stories. My second Alice Hoffman read! I love how this has a different tone with the first Hoffman novel I read so although [...]

    12. Three women, three different eras, all in love with the wrong man. Bryn is set to marry an appropriate match, but is still completely in love with her con-man ex-husband; Frieda runs away from the prospect of a university education and falls in love with a wannabe rock star; and Maddy is head-over-heels for her sister’s fiancé. Loving is easy – the outcomes are more complicated. Hoffman’s characters struggle with who they are; who they feel the should be; and no matter what decisions they [...]

    13. I have read quite a few of Alice Hoffman's books, my favorite being Pratical Magic. When I started this one, my first impression was that is wasn't as good as some of the others. Now that I have finished it, I did think is was really good (though still not my favorite.) The theme is pretty much the same as most of Hoffman's books - the love-obessed. There are alot of characters in different time periods, and sometimes I found it hard to keep them straight. It's worth reading to the end, though, [...]

    14. This is Hoffman's first book I've stopped reading before I was done.I got about halfway through it, maybe even more, and I just decided I wasn't *enjoying* it at all.The characters are hard to sympathize with. But the most offputting thing to me was her lack of an active environment. Her books usually take place in small towns, where the towne buildings, the history almost like another character in the story. I just didn't get the same feeling from this urban London setting. I will, of course, s [...]

    15. i inhaled this book, like i always do with alice hoffman's books. her mind is so magical and i'm thoroughly immersed into her stories every time i read them. i loved how ah weaved all of the women's stories into each other. you weren't sure exactly how they were all connected until the end and i was surprised by a few things i wasn't expecting. if you're looking for a story of love (and love gone wrong), loss, and just a touch of magic, you've come to the right book. :) i'll always remember the [...]

    16. I opened the cover of this book expecting to fall in love immediately. That has been the case for every other Alice Hoffman book I've read. Sadly, that's not what happened. Somehow, Hoffman's usually fluid style fell by the wayside in this book. Not only are the chapters choppy, but the writing itself is, too. She did this. She did that. The thing was this way. She liked the thing. The thing was good. I considered that perhaps this style was a mechanism to convey a state of mind or an urgency, b [...]

    17. Fascinating, lyrical - the usual from this author. Three women all have a piece of a story. And it is a mesmerizing, haunting tale to be sure. Who was Michael Macklin? Who are the three angels- in the story or in reality? How to we choose who to love? Why does reality so often not matter in these choices? What place do random acts of kindness have in the stories of our lives? Do we every really know how we affect each others lives? What is redemption and who is worthy of it? So much to think abo [...]

    18. This book is just one of many wonderful books by Alice Hoffman, the American (Canadian?) Queen of Magic Realism. It can easily be read by more mature young adults, concerning a young girl's (then young woman) journey through life , meeting friends (including a young, but not yet famous English lad on a train), lovers, teachers. In addition, I would recommend Practical Magic and a lesser-known book called Skylight Confessions. She has about eight YA titles I have not read, but intend to. She make [...]

    19. I wasn't sure I was going to like this book in the beginning. But I stayed with it and I'm glad I did. By the end, Hoffman has totally grabbed you by the heartstrings. The format was a little bewildering because I read the audio book, which didn't mention the fact that there are three intertwined stories, each with its own title. But eventually it all makes perfect sense and is utterly delicious. I'd give it a strong 3 1/2 stars.

    20. Sad and quiet, twelve year old Lucy is chain reading The Diary of Anne Frank during the 1952 crossing to London and the wait in a London hotel amid the activities of the wedding of Bryn, the sister of Lucy's new chilly step-mother. Lucy's story over 40 years is the tie for this beautiful tale of three women to the wrong men. There's the doctor's daughter who runs away, becomes a maid in Lucy's hotel and loves a rock star. There's Bryn, who is marrying for money, but still loves her ex, and Maddy [...]

    21. I loved almost all the characters in this novel except one, Frieda. And even though isn't understand her motives, I was still interested in why she made her bad choices. Her sister's love story made me cry, it was so touching and sad. I was hoping the novel would continue with her story, but it jumped to other characters we had briefly met before, and what their lives and losses were like. In fact, I'm thinking now that this novel was about love and loss, and the many ways it happens to us, and [...]

    22. 4.0 out of 5 stars Haunting and beautiful, June 27, 2010By Denise "DC" (Missouri, USA) - See all my reviews(VINE VOICE) This review is from: The Third Angel: A Novel (Paperback)I've read many of Alice Hoffman's novels and each is a story that lingers long after the last page has been turned and the book closed. This one is particularly haunting and I've found myself doing something I rarely do -- rereading the book from the opening chapter. Skimming to a particular segment and then leafing thro [...]

    23. Three stories weave together through strong women. Maddy and Allie Heller are sisters who turned out very different from one another. Allie is engaged to Paul, while Maddy seems to be drawn to him. This one man teaches them a lesson. Frieda Lewis finds herself friends with an up and coming rock star. He declares her his muse and she desperately wants to be with him. Bryn Evans is about to be married. Her past catches up to her in the form of her ex-husband, whom she is still in love with. Also, [...]

    24. Alice Hoffman was recommended by a friend. I read The River King and enjoyed it, so I decided to try another of her novels. I chose The Third Angel because it had the highest rating among the Hoffman novels that were available through the NC digital library. I didn't like it as much as The River King but still feel it is an excellent book. Perhaps my fondness for The River King is due to the fact that it was the first of Hoffman's books I read.Hoffman writes about love, but not in a way that car [...]

    25. This latest offering by Ms. Hoffman is a generational piece whose roots are in the 1950s. The backdrop for most of the story is the Lion Park hotel in London, a second-rate hotel that is haunted. Our first encounter with sisters Maddie and Allie uncovers a betrayal by the younger sister who lives a care-free existence based on the fact that she believes that she was an unloved child. Allie, the older sister, has pretty much done what was expected of her because she has always been the caretaker; [...]

    26. I have mixed emotions about The Third Angel. It is actually three short stories that become threaded and connected at the end. It is basically a story of love and life. If we are honest, love (and life) can sometimes be unconventional - which is how I felt about the storylines. Sometimes we don't choose who we are going to fall in love with, life and circumstances have a way of bringing two hearts together. This story dabbles in disappointments, hidden secrets, the heartaches that come with guil [...]

    27. [Book: The Third Angel] is divided into three parts, essentially three separate stories, though the characters are connected and the action is centered around the mysterious happenings a room on the seventh floor of the Lion Park Hotel in London. I didn't care much for the first story, which is set in the present day and involves a rivalry between two sisters. The second two stories were more enjoyable, set in the 60s and 50s, respectively, and focusing on first the mother of one of the sisters' [...]

    28. I really enjoyed this novel. It was like a trip to another surreal, spacey, other-worldly realm. Her words are poignantly poetic, emotion provoking and has a deep melancholy tone. Alice Hoffman has a gift for taking the reader into the deepest, darkest corners of the human heart, mind and soul, but does it in such a way, that it doesn't depress you. Just when you've lost all faith in a character or their unfortunate situation, the story takes a turn of redemption and finds a way back to renewing [...]

    29. I've read quite a few Alice Hoffman books and this isn't my favorite, but I would recommend it for a relaxing read. She tells the stories of three women in three long chapters, set in 1999, 1966 and 1952. The central characters in each story appear as peripheral characters in other stories and the three tales are connected by a tragic accident that occurs in a small London hotel. I particularly enjoyed the middle section about Frieda, a doctor's daughter who escapes her small town for a maid's j [...]

    30. I just finished this book. It's the first book I've read in quite a while that I wanted to just start over and reread from the beginning, and I may do exactly that. It's a sad book--lots of bad stuff happens. And it's a complex book.I hope it's not a spoiler if I say that the books backwards in time to the lives of characters who appear in the first section. You learn to understand the reasons for some of what happens. Terrible things. The people all seem very real to me, like people I know well [...]

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