Honor Bound - Demi Kehormatan

Honor Bound Demi Kehormatan Lucas Greywolf adalah sosok yang muncul dari impian Aislinn yang paling liar Tampan pemberontak dan Buronan Semula Aislinn sangat ketakutan ketika lelaki Indian Navajo ini menyanderanya tapi kemudi

  • Title: Honor Bound - Demi Kehormatan
  • Author: Sandra Brown
  • ISBN: 9789792222371
  • Page: 399
  • Format: Paperback
  • Lucas Greywolf adalah sosok yang muncul dari impian Aislinn yang paling liar Tampan, pemberontak, dan Buronan Semula Aislinn sangat ketakutan ketika lelaki Indian Navajo ini menyanderanya, tapi kemudian rasa ingin tahunya muncuk Ke mana Greywolf akan membawanya Dalam pelarian melintasi Arizona, Aislinn semakin mengenal lelaki keras dan tak kenal kompromi ini Dan ketLucas Greywolf adalah sosok yang muncul dari impian Aislinn yang paling liar Tampan, pemberontak, dan Buronan Semula Aislinn sangat ketakutan ketika lelaki Indian Navajo ini menyanderanya, tapi kemudian rasa ingin tahunya muncuk Ke mana Greywolf akan membawanya Dalam pelarian melintasi Arizona, Aislinn semakin mengenal lelaki keras dan tak kenal kompromi ini Dan ketika mereka tiba di daerah tempat penampungan orang Indian, barulah ia tahu kenapa Greywolf sampai melarikan diri dari penjara.

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      Librarian Note There is than one author in the GoodReads database with this name See this thread for information Sandra Brown is the author of than sixty New York Times bestsellers, including STING 2016 , FRICTION 2015 , MEAN STREAK 2014 , DEADLINE 2013 , LOW PRESSURE 2012 , LETHAL 2011.Brown began her writing career in 1981 and since then has published over seventy novels, bringing the number of copies of her books in print worldwide to upwards of eighty million Her work has been translated into over thirty languages.In 2009 Brown detoured from romantic suspense to write, Rainwater, a much acclaimed, powerfully moving historical fiction story about honor and sacrifice during the Great Depression.Brown was given an honorary Doctorate of Humane Letters from Texas Christian University She was named Thriller Master for 2008, the top award given by the International Thriller Writer s Association Other awards and commendations include the 2007 Texas Medal of Arts Award for Literature and the Romance Writers of America s Lifetime Achievement Award.

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    1. This is a really intense older series romance by Sandra Brown that she released as Erin St. Clair. The hero is Lucas, a Navajo activist who was indirectly involved in a violent demonstration and incarcerated. He breaks out to see his grandfather who is dying. He breaks into sheltered White Aislin's condo and kidnaps her on his run from the authorites, taking her to the Navajo reservation with him. They end up making love and he ends up getting recaptured to serve out the rest of his sentence.Whe [...]

    2. 3.5 stars.A 2002 release so not really one of her "earlier" ones. It wasn't bad. Your man was a bit of a dick. We know you are an Indian - no need to have a fucking poker up your arse about it the whole bloody time. He prayed for death. Because nothing would ever be this good."You've got a chip on your shoulder." An enjoyable read. Not too taxing on the brain for a Sunday afternoon! You could do worse.

    3. Honor Bound was an okay read. Nothing exciting or that great about it so I wouldn't really recommend running to go read it. The hero was Native American ("Indian") and he never lets the heroine or the reader forget it. He thought the whole while world was out to get him, which got a little old after awhile. Here is a synopsis of the story:Lucas Greywolf was sent to prison for 3 years for staging a Native American rally that got violent and ended with police officers seriously injured. So he got [...]

    4. Overall rating: 4.75 "Anglo versus Indian" stars!Triggers:Cheating: (view spoiler)[ no(hide spoiler)]Love triangle: (view spoiler)[ no(hide spoiler)]Sex with om/ow: (view spoiler)[ no(hide spoiler)]Intimate pasts: (view spoiler)[ Lucas (hero): Hasn't been with a woman since before he was wrongfully sentenced to prison almost 3 years ago. He only alluded to having never spent the night with a woman before and that he used condoms, so I imagine he had casual sex from time to time. He really didn't [...]

    5. The average Sandra Brown book consists of a single parent (or aunt) that has to raise a kid(s). Usually the woman is also struggling with something.*Enter* not-so-perfect prince charming that is going to save the day.This book is not like that though.In Honour Bound an innocent woman is held 'hostage' in her own home by an escaped criminal. He forces her to undress by 'knife-point' then ties her to her own bed.Following day he uses her car to escape. Yes, with her in the car.Instead of telling t [...]

    6. I read these kinds of books for escapism, pure and simple. While the writing itself is generally decent and normally fairly well written by this author, I expect the women to be a little dumb and gullible. But this book blows it all out of the water. Sure being attracted to the escaped felon who kidnapped you is a bit difficult to swallow but again given this genre, I can almost accept it. Sticking around when he threatens to take the baby and not allow you to see him again is just idiotic! Call [...]

    7. This was the first 'kidnapped by Indians' book that I had ever read, although it's a contemp. I love this book and have reread it many times over the years.

    8. This was the first romance novel I ever read, back when I entered puberty and was still mostly innocent, and it will probably always remain one of my favorites. The characters are interesting, and I really like the dynamics between them. This book has many unexpected twists that I won't spoil for you!

    9. A modern twist on the captive / abductor, the love story is intense and real I LOVED this book and wish the author still wrote beautiful romances !!

    10. When I was a teenager I found a Mills and Boon book and me being curious, started to read it. However, I got approximately ten pages in before I ditched it as being two-dimensional and contrived. I put Honor Bound in this category. I found that Sandra Brown spent too much time trying to convince us that a man humiliating and degrading the heroine of the story at knife-point is attractive. What he did to her was unforgivable by any sane standards and whilst I understand that Lucas Greywolf has so [...]

    11. My first Sandra Brown and I LOVED IT! Aislinn is kidnapped by Lucas, an Indian man who ran away from jail. Big, dark and dangerous, Lucas took her breath away. He's rough and scared Aislinn to death, but she could see that underneath his hardness, Lucas's sweet and tenderhearted. Being kidnapped lead to another thing, and another lead to another big thing. What will they do next? This book made me shiver all the way down. Lucas's seems so scary yet being with him somehow felt safe. I like him. T [...]

    12. At first I had very mixed feelings about this book, but I am happy to say I liked it very much at the end. This was not a fluffy romance novel by any means, and dealt with serious issues. The main theme of this book was coming to terms with who and what you are and embracing love, even if it is not what or who you think it should be. This book was very emotional and has left me emotionally spent, but I don't regret reading a page.I would recommend this book to serious romance lovers who like a t [...]

    13. Lucas Greywolf had to come to terms with his ability to no show his emotions which he learned from his past. Aislinn was taught to do only what was right. The way their lives intertwine keep me wanting more.

    14. sexy ,hot keeps ya rereading & never wanna stopw I know where alot of the recent writers get inspiration from Read. Sandra Brown's came hardloved it what a beast of read!

    15. This is an early book (1986) and doesn’t have the complexity of plot that later books have. The characters are well developed and it’s clear that Brown honed that skill early in her career. Every author has a timeline for skill development. I enjoyed the story.

    16. Honor Bound is a sweet love story about two people who were meant to be together. It's about breaking down barriers and loving despite all odds. It's a wonderful romance written by one of the best in the genre and the always happy ending is definitely worth reaching. (Although the beginning of this story was reminiscent of the beginning of Lethal - but completely different tales).Lucas Greywolf is honor bound to his American Indian roots even though he is half Anglo. He is bitter and angry over [...]

    17. This was one of the first Sandra Brown novels I read and was dissatisfied, not with the story but the ending. Lucas Greywold a fugitive on the run kidnaps Aislinn Andrews when she catches him raiding her refrigerator. He can't leave her to warn the authorities and drags her all over the Arizona country side in is attempt to get to his dying grandfather. When finally he admits it's a no-go he releases her but has sex first.Upon release he seeks her out and finds he now has a son. Chapter two of h [...]

    18. Aislinn Andrews walks into her home to find escaped convict Lucas Greywolf raiding her refrigerator. Soon she finds herself his hostage on a mad dash across Arizona. At first Aislinn is afraid of him, thinking he will kill her. But as she gets to know her captor, she finds out why he has escaped prison and learns that there is more to this man than the hard unyielding mask he wears.This older Sandra Brown title was a quick read but seemed very dated. I had a problem with Lucas constantly voicing [...]

    19. Índio + sequestro = s2Obrigada pelo o maravilhoso presente Gaby! ♥ ♥ ♥Mais um livrinho da Sandra Brown mega favorito!Amei esse livro, a história incrível, os personagens maravilhosos e dinâmicos, a lição da importância da nossa família, as reviravoltas, os momentos engraçados, os momentos angustiantes, as emoções à flor da pele, o romance, as cenas intensas e as surpresas que a autora trouxe são FODAS!Pra quem gosta de histórias surpreendentes e cativantes, leia pra já! ♥N [...]

    20. Have you ever read a book and afterward wondered exactly why you wasted your time? I put this book in that class. The basic story was just barely okay (the old take me captive and I'll fall in love with you just doesn't fly in my opinion) and then overload a book with sex scenes, and you have a real loser of a novel. There are only so many heaving breast, flaring nostrils and throbbing manhoods that any one person should have to endure. I suggest the book remain unopened on the shelf of a bookst [...]

    21. This is another of those books that I love and hate at the same time. (I frequently feel this way when reading a romance.) This is by no means one of those “fluffy” romance novels, but deals with the more serious issues, where both main characters have to come to terms with who and what they are and have to learn how to embrace that. In the process they learn that love isn’t always where you expected to find it.

    22. Enjoyable book, even when I was ready to kick Lucas' teeth down his throat! Did have to remember that this book was written in the late 70s or early 80s, as well as the fact that Lucas had a very good reason for being bitter and scathing. The beginning romance part didn't seem very believable, but then this is fantasy, right? Would read it again in a few months or years, if I was looking for a quick Sandra Brown fix.

    23. Narrated by Renee Raudman.Took a chance on this 2012 production of a 1986 Category romance and loved it. It's an earlier version of Lethal and Smoke Screen where the hero kidnaps his heroine for Entirely Justifiable Perfectly Good Reasons. A lot of raw emotional conflict here and Renee Raudman nailed it.

    24. This was the first Sandra Brown book that I read. A sleepless night brought me to my book shelf and this is what I chose, and it hooked me for good. I absolutly love this author. Honor Bound was a quick read, and it kept you going. Based on family honor, this will teach you a great lesson on what family is all about.

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