How to Make a Spaceship: A Band of Renegades, an Epic Race, and the Birth of Private Space Flight

How to Make a Spaceship A Band of Renegades an Epic Race and the Birth of Private Space Flight How a historic race gave birth to private space flight Alone in a Spartan black cockpit test pilot Mike Melvill rocketed toward space He had eighty seconds to exceed the speed of sound and begin the

  • Title: How to Make a Spaceship: A Band of Renegades, an Epic Race, and the Birth of Private Space Flight
  • Author: Julian Guthrie Elon Musk
  • ISBN: 9781594206726
  • Page: 491
  • Format: Hardcover
  • How a historic race gave birth to private space flight Alone in a Spartan black cockpit, test pilot Mike Melvill rocketed toward space He had eighty seconds to exceed the speed of sound and begin the climb to a target no civilian pilot had ever reached There was a chance he would not come back alive If he did, he would make history as the world s first commercial astrHow a historic race gave birth to private space flight Alone in a Spartan black cockpit, test pilot Mike Melvill rocketed toward space He had eighty seconds to exceed the speed of sound and begin the climb to a target no civilian pilot had ever reached There was a chance he would not come back alive If he did, he would make history as the world s first commercial astronaut The spectacle defied reason, the result of an improbable contest dreamed up by entrepreneur Peter Diamandis, whose vision for a new race to space requiring small teams to do what only the world s largest governments had done before had been dismissed as fantastical The tale begins in Mount Vernon, N.Y Diamandis was the son of hard working Greek immigrants who wanted their science prodigy to do the family proud and become a doctor Peter was a dutiful son, but from the time he was eight years old, staying up late to watch Apollo 11 land on the moon, he had one goal getting to space He started a national student space club while at MIT He launched a rocket company in Houston while getting a medical degree from Harvard a degree he pursued to improve his chances of becoming an astronaut But when he realized NASA was winding down manned space flight, Diamandis set out on one of the great entrepreneurial adventure stories of our time If the government wouldn t send him to space, he would create a private spaceflight industry and get there himself.In the 1990s, the idea of private space flight was the stuff of science fiction The undaunted Diamandis found inspiration in an unlikely place the first golden age of aviation Reading Charles Lindbergh s The Spirit of St Louis, Diamandis was stunned that the aviator had attempted the first transatlantic flight from New York to Paris to win a 25,000 prize The historic flight galvanized the commercial airline industry Why, Diamandis thought, couldn t a similar contest be held for space flight In 1996, standing under the arch of St Louis the city where Lindbergh found his backers Diamandis announced the 10 million Xprize To win, a privately funded team would have to build and fly a manned rocket into space twice in two weeks The deadline December 31, 2004 On a brilliant morning in the Mojave Desert, with little time to spare, a bullet shaped rocket called SpaceShipOne was launched The story of SS1, and other scrappy teams in the hunt all spurred by Diamandis as he struggled to keep the prize afloat became a testament to the American spirit of ingenuity and oversized dreams The winning of the Xprize marked the end of the government s monopoly over space Julian Guthrie, author of The Billionaire and The Mechanic, an acclaimed bestselling account of Oracle CEO Larry Ellison s pursuit of the America s Cup, thought she knew about obsessive pursuits, but the XPrize race spurred another level of drama, sacrifice, and technical wizardry With Diamandis cooperation, Guthrie had access to all of the players from Richard Branson and John Carmack to Burt Rutan and has melded their stories into a spellbinding narrative, a combination of Rocket Boys and The New New Thing In the end, as Diamandis dreamed, the result wasn t just a victory for one team it was the foundation for a new industry, including SpaceX, Virgin Galactic, Blue Origin and others Today, SpaceShipOne hangs in the Smithsonian s Air and Space Museum, above the Apollo 11 capsule and next to Lindbergh s Spirit of St Louis plane.

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    • Unlimited [Biography Book] ✓ How to Make a Spaceship: A Band of Renegades, an Epic Race, and the Birth of Private Space Flight - by Julian Guthrie Elon Musk ↠
      491 Julian Guthrie Elon Musk
    • thumbnail Title: Unlimited [Biography Book] ✓ How to Make a Spaceship: A Band of Renegades, an Epic Race, and the Birth of Private Space Flight - by Julian Guthrie Elon Musk ↠
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    1. Julian Guthrie Elon Musk

      Julian Guthrie is a journalist with the San Francisco Chronicle, who has won numerous awards, including the Best of the West Award and the Society of Professional Journalists Public Service Award Her feature writing and enterprise reporting have been nominated multiple times for the Pulitzer Prize.Her articles have also been published by Salon, San Francisco Magazine, Forbes FYI and Conde Nast Traveler The Grace of Everyday Saints How a Band of Believers Lost Their Church and Found Their Faith, to be published by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, is her first nonfiction book.Ms Guthrie is under contract to write her second nonfiction narrative book for Grove Atlantic The book, about Larry Ellison s audacious bid for the America s Cup and the unlikely partnerships he forged, is due out Spring 2013.

    940 thoughts on “How to Make a Spaceship: A Band of Renegades, an Epic Race, and the Birth of Private Space Flight”

    1. An interesting read about the characters and drama behind the Xprize, highly recommended to anyone with an interest in the present and future of commercial space travel. Almost a 4* but I wasn't a big fan of the writing style and it could easily have been 100 pages shorter.

    2. An odyssey to encourage and promote privately financed space exploration This is an outstanding story of a few who dreamed big and remained focused in putting a private spacecraft into the space. This was a big dream when it was first thought, but the efforts and persistence of an individual like Peter Diamandis made this dream a reality. Author Julian Guthrie has done a fascinating job of documenting everything associated with this adventure. There is suspense, drama, initial setbacks and final [...]

    3. Я поражен упорством и целеустремленностью людей, о которых написана эта книга! Рекомендую читать всем - настолько захватывающее чтение, что нельзя оторваться.

    4. I don’t have an overwhelming number of thoughts about this book. It served as part history of the X-Prize (the $10 million cash prize for the first private group to get a piloted ship into sub-orbital space flight twice within 7 days) and part biography of the founder of the prize. I’ve always been a fan of spaceflight, but my knowledge specifically has been the history of NASA up until the beginning of the shuttle era – and a little bit about the old Soviet program up until they quit seri [...]

    5. Only 4 stars because I thought the writing could have been a bit tighter. The story, however, is awesome!

    6. I won this book.The book was really fascinating. Guthrie does a good job of describing everything from the beginning of space travel and NASA, all the way up to where we are today - missions and crafts independent from the Government. If you know a space nut, go buy this book for them. Overall a really neat read.

    7. How to Make a Spaceship: A Band of Renegades, an Epic Race and the Birth of Private Space Flight (2016) by Julian Guthrie is all about the creation of the X-Prize, the groups that entered, the people involved and the group who won.Peter Diamandis established Students for the Exploration and Development of Space (SEDS) while studying molecular genetics at MIT. He then went to Harvard Medical School to get an MD but still pursed his space dreams. He paused his medical studies to get a Master's in [...]

    8. I picked up this book because of the Lindbergh family connection. Erik and Morgan Lindbergh, grandsons of Charles, became involved in the X Prize after the founder (and star of this book, Peter Diamandis) was inspired by reading Lindbergh's autobiography, The Spirit of St. Louis. It was a contest that had inspired Lindbergh to attempt his historic transatlantic flight and Diamandis realized this would also be a great way to inspire innovation in space flight. There were so many other interesting [...]

    9. One of my all time favourite personality/entrepreneur's story was amazing and mind blowing. Its just amazing to read about how he balanced his obligations without giving up his dream. He indeed is a true genius and extremely hard working individual. The book is written really well, you will feel connected with each of the individuals who played such important roles in getting it all together. I am really astounded by how Peter managed to do so many things so well. I would really recommend this b [...]

    10. While this book certainly has interesting moments, most of the time it was a chore to get through. It just seems like it talks about so many different people who, in the overall scheme of things, were not all that important. I know I could not bring myself to care about them, as harsh as it sounds. The final third of the book, which mostly centers on the Spaceship One team was for me the most enjoyable and it is where the book picks up it's pace again. Bottom line is: I would not recommend this [...]

    11. Even if you aren't an aviation fan, the author's storytelling skills are impressive - you have to keep telling yourself this is non-fiction! The details that she includes in the story add great texture to the tale. The perseverance of Peter Diamandis is almost diabolical, but in the end, he moved heaven and earth to make the XPRIZE happen. The history of Burt Rutan and the "inside baseball" details about Scaled Composites made this a really intriguing read. I've already recommended it to friends [...]

    12. This is a really well done and inspirational book detailing one of the most bold and exciting technological achievements of the new century. In a period where so much has gone wrong the X-Prize stands out as a major and significant event that went right. One that has spawned a new industry, challenged humanity to create the future. As an engineer I found this book to be incredibly motivational and one that's made me question whether I am spending my time and using my skills to develop technologi [...]

    13. I give this book 4 stars because the story of the X Prize and SpaceShipOne was fascinating and important. I wasn’t really paying attention when this happened in the early 2000s. I didn’t realize how important SpaceshipOne was and how many firsts it achieved. I really enjoyed this book for the education it brought to the topic. The only negative for me was there was a lot of character biography about a lot of people related to the story that just didn’t add to the goal of the book. I listen [...]

    14. The beginning story about Peter Diamandis was interesting and the end was an exciting read, but the middle of the book was very hard to get through. There were too many details about too many people - many of them I felt were not as important to the overall story. It was disappointing that it was such a hard read, as I was very excited for the space topic! I feel that the book could have been much shorter (by having fewer people/details) and it would have been great!

    15. There are many books on history of space discovery, but How To Make a Spaceship provides the reader with something more than just listing of facts and dates: it inspires. Story of first steps into commercial space flight focuses on the heroes of first crossing through Karman line and subsequent safe landing by a non-governmental entity - both engineers and pilots. I'm properly pumped for all other books about human travel in space.

    16. This is like a 400+ page book that easily could have been 600 or so - why ? For starters, the font size was like 10. Not too many books with that font size and size 12 should be the norm. Too much detail, I don't need to know all about the major players, etc. Just condense it so that I can chew and digest this novel instead of regurgitating it out. Never got finished reading this, just briefly read some of the chapters that I was interested in. Too long. Too boring. My opinion.

    17. This book has major motion picture written all over it! Steven Soderbergh or Quentin Tarantino? This is the kind of story that leaves you with the feeling that anything is possible. If you have an appreciation for entrepreneurship, aeronautics, rebellious spirits, big dreamers or plain old fashioned perseverance in the face of adversity, this book will surely spike a surge of serotonin. Very cool and inspirational story!

    18. Though I'm partial to a story about Peter Diamandis since I found his book Bold: How to Go Big, Create Wealth and Impact the World to be so powerful, this story by Julian Guthrie rounds out his launching of SpaceX with colorful profiles of international dreamers and builders racing to get to suborbital space (and to get a $10M prize) in a compelling, intimate way. The way she captured the second successful flight (spoilers? kind of? this happened over a decade ago, so there shouldn't be too many [...]

    19. Waargebeurd verhaal over de X prize (een prijs voor de eerste particuliere ruimtevlucht). De eerste helf van de boek is wat saai, gaat voornamelijk over het leven van de bedenker van de prijs. Eénmaal dat voorbij is en de prijs in het leven is geroepen worden de teams die meedingen naar de prijs gevolgd, dan wordt het interessant.

    20. Interesting to me, if not exactly fascinating. Guthrie focuses on Peter Diamandis, the main character behind the $10 million prize for the first non-governmental human-carrying rocket to reach space. Naturally several people and groups of people were competing, and I did learn a little about the challenges of building viable rockets. Definitely for our science kids

    21. Journalistic account of the development of private space development. The author uses a $10 Million prize as a plot vehicle and relies a little too heavily on the prize's sponsor. Still, interesting story, accurately told, and nice details about some great characters.

    22. What a fun and encouraging read. I loved seeing in action that if you set your eyes on a prize (space travel included) you can reach the stars (quite literally). This is a very motivating read but might make you question whether you are dreaming big enough.

    23. I had high hopes for this book. The title made it sound fascinating. It could have been if it were condensed. I listened to the audiobook version and abandoned it at 3/4 of the way through. It goes into too much detail on what I feel are the less interesting aspects.

    24. Maybe this book needs a new title, it's about the life of people love rockets to the finest detail. This is a tough read for me, have to dig deep to find interesting stories between lots of mundane details.

    25. The author spent too much time on the biography of Richard Diamondis and his X-Prize. I realize this was the catalyst for civilian space flight but for me it just was not interesting. The writing still was detailed but not interesting. This book was easy to put down and I struggled to finish it.

    26. The best book I've read to date about the space industry. Very dynamic.Better read it before reading anything about Elon Musk, to understand really where this industry comes from.

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