Let Me Touch

Let Me Touch When Chardonnay Selby arrives at the hotel she immediately spots two men holding white roses the object that her work friend Cecily told her would distinguish her blind date from everyone else She as

  • Title: Let Me Touch
  • Author: Lucia Jordan
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 350
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • When Chardonnay Selby arrives at the hotel, she immediately spots two men holding white roses the object that her work friend Cecily told her would distinguish her blind date from everyone else She assumes that her guy is the one who s dressed casually, in jeans and sport coat, but she soon realizes her man is the complete opposite, dressed in a fine tailored suit, wWhen Chardonnay Selby arrives at the hotel, she immediately spots two men holding white roses the object that her work friend Cecily told her would distinguish her blind date from everyone else She assumes that her guy is the one who s dressed casually, in jeans and sport coat, but she soon realizes her man is the complete opposite, dressed in a fine tailored suit, waiting with the air of confidence of the man who owns the place His name is Stephan Hale, and though he doesn t own the hotel, Chardonnay quickly learns that he s just as suave as he is in complete control of everything Stephan begins to explore the object he s admiring all night long, and he decides to take her to a botanical garden where he s sure they ll have privacy But will Chardonnay put a stop to the evening before things even really get going Will she allow herself to submit to Stephan and his dominant touch in the way her body is telling her to And what will happen when Chardonnay and Stephan realize that the details behind their blind date aren t exactly what they seemed to be

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    1. Lucia Jordan

      Lucia Jordan is a writer who believes sex must be celebrated and enjoyed Every other subject in the world seems fit for literature and art whereas sex and sexuality, something that concerns us all, is only now starting to emerge and become accepted in the mainstream Lucia endeavors to be as comprehensive about the sexual imagination as possible by writing short stories and novellas that are both entertaining, full of amazing characters, fantastic settings, sexualities and of course, lots and lots of sex.She hopes you enjoy her work so she can keep writing about what she loves to do.EnjoyLucia Jordan

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    1. Book reviewTitle: Let Me TouchAuthor: Lucia JordanGenre: Erotic FictionRating: ****Review: The opening to Let me touch was amazing we meet Chardonnay as she is preparing to go on a blind date with a guy named Stevan. When Chardonnay arrives at the bar where Stevan its waiting she sees two guys holding white roses but is instantly drawn to the handsome and mysterious Stevan. Stevan turns out to be quite the gentleman with a great sense of humor and he lulls Chardonnay into actually enjoying their [...]

    2. The "encounters" were enticing, but I'd like to see more creative use of language. The word "slit" was probably the most overused; I think there are more appetizing words that could have been thrown in occasionally.

    3. Well alrighty thenPuzzling ending to a part 1 of a book! I did not find it particularly special or compelling. I have no interest in continuing this series. I found it a bit funny at the end how she threw in the cliffhanger I guess to get readers to contained nueah okay!?!

    4. When Chardonnay gets set up on a blind date from her best friend she ends up with more than just a stomach full of butterflies. As she goes to meet Stephan at a hotel bar, thing start to get crazy from there. From dinner and drinks to a movie and ending at a garden Chardonnay wonders if this is all real or just a dream until the unexpected happened and leaves her questioning everything.

    5. SexyThis book was amazing! I enjoyed the adventure the main character went on! I loved the cliff hanger at the end because it made me wonder what happens next! Loved it

    6. I started off thinking "oh boy another cheesy "erotic" story", but the little twist at the end was well played. I'll go ahead and read the full collection for giggles

    7. GeniusI expected this to be a well crafted, fun, but basic story. I was right with the first two but it's far from basic. Can't wait to read more.

    8. Ok readOK read drifted between moments of interest and slight boredom didn't specifically grab me enough to pursue it further though

    9. Great short readFinished at a good point in the story, enabling you to carry on reading after purchasing full book to read the rest

    10. Poor lead up This book read a lot like fifty shades of grey! It has a poor introduction and moves straight into content without leadup

    11. I started reading this book while I was at work and it would have taken me less than an hour if I was at home, I was able to read in about two at work when I wasn't helping customers! Haha! Nothing can stop me from reading!!! I was left angry at the ending of the story of Chardonnay and Stevan/Stephan because I NEEDED TO KNOW MORE!! The writing style of Let Me Touch was much better than Stolen, also by Lucia Jordan, in my opinion which makes this a better read for me than Stolen (although I stil [...]

    12. The first book left me hanging for more and more development. But bought the next series and it's then all about sex which left little to the character development. I couldn't finish the rest.

    13. I always enjoy reading Lucia Jordan's books. They always leave you imagining what will happen next for the couples in question. Let Me Touch was definitely no different. Cecily set her friend Chardonnay up on a blind date. The only thing she knew was the guys name and he would be holding a white rose to signify who he was. Upon arrival it just so happened to be two guys each holding a white rose. Once established who she was there to see, the date went off without a hitch until the very end. Wer [...]

    14. What a way to startFrom the beginning I figured something was up with Chardonnay's friend Cecily, especially with her trying to sex Chardonnay up. Meeting up with Stephan the date takes a very intimate turn in the movie theater and the secluded garden. Great ending, can't wait for the next story!

    15. what the what did I just read?! quick short read, and way beyond out of my comfort zone, and questioning if certain cards really should be dealt on the very first blind date or not? with that being said as short as this read was and as quick as it was, it left me wondering what secrets will be revealed if I do decide to continue on in the next book.

    16. Let me touchWhat amazing serie! I cannot stop reading it util the endChardonnay and Stephan are obviously victims of their destiny and just living for the moment, enjoying every moment ! Enjoy yourself either with their adventure night pic nic

    17. Not what I expected!Never been on a blind date but I would so like to have had one like this one! Boy both of them are under the wrong impression. This is one hot story! Can't wait to read the rest!!!

    18. Oh my goodnessIt is definitely interesting, that plot twist makes the reader want to continue reading and find out what happens next! Wish the first book was a tad bit longer but I enjoyed reading it.

    19. Let me touch you review Ok so this is getting to be a very good read. What has her friend done and now that the cat is out of the bag- who's getting what? Can't wait to keep reading!

    20. Pleasurable quick readThis story is good for a quick read when you only have a short time to hit pause in your world. The story is well written and the plot moves at a good pace. Nice start to a series.

    21. Good read !I found this to be a good story. The female character had brains. I guess to guy was good looking. I just didn't care for the way his thing was to for someone to beg and I don't think that's cool in any way. But to each their own.

    22. MehTalks about Dom and subs but there is a total lack of any. Last few pages bring alot of information that is poorly hinted at so your not even questioning it before the answers come.

    23. Give me more I can't put it down. Perfect. Simply written but wonderful descriptions. It was like I was a fly on the wall. It was quick and to the point. None of the fake sexy exaggerations was real. I could read all of her books all day.

    24. Who would have guessed?!So not where I thought this story would end for the first part. Rarely do books surprise me (I read TOO much) but I was really surprised. Decent writing and interesting characters. Can't wait for the remainder of the stories!

    25. Decent book with a mysterious endingThis book is written well. It takes an unknown turn at the end which makes you want to read the next book to find out what is going on. It is a quick read.

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