Break Point

Break Point James Patterson s BookShots Short fast paced high impact entertainment One point away from winning the French Open tennis star Kirsten Keller breaks down and flees the court in tears Keller has bee

  • Title: Break Point
  • Author: James Patterson Lee Stone
  • ISBN: 9781786530134
  • Page: 485
  • Format: Paperback
  • James Patterson s BookShots Short, fast paced, high impact entertainment.One point away from winning the French Open, tennis star Kirsten Keller breaks down and flees the court in tears.Keller has been receiving death threats Terrified and desperate, she hires former Metropolitan police officer Chris Foster to protect her at Wimbledon.As the championship progresses, KellJames Patterson s BookShots Short, fast paced, high impact entertainment.One point away from winning the French Open, tennis star Kirsten Keller breaks down and flees the court in tears.Keller has been receiving death threats Terrified and desperate, she hires former Metropolitan police officer Chris Foster to protect her at Wimbledon.As the championship progresses, Keller s tormenter gets ever closer And the threats become horrifyingly real.

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      485 James Patterson Lee Stone
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    1. This was a fun, easy to read book. One of James Patterson's Bookshots. It was a engaging thriller about a tennis player receiving death threats from an unknown individual whose motives are just as unclear. Enter ex- police officer Chris Foster who acts as her body guard to get to the bottom of things. Quite a simple book, as the bookshots are presented as being short, fast-paced, high impact stories. Few cool twists, short chapters, murder or two, good surrounding cast and a very cool finale/ sh [...]

    2. I’ve enjoyed quite a few of James Patterson’s BookShots and Break Point is one of the ones I’ve wanted to read the most because the Wimbledon tennis tournament is one of my favourite times of the year, so to read a story like this set at Wimbledon was both exciting and a little unnerving. The plot as expected moves along at a breakneck speed barely giving pause for breath. The majority of BookShots that I’ve read live up to that promise and once I’ve finished them I do feel as though I [...]

    3. Patterson serves up another great BookShot with the help of Lee Stone, setting this one in the cutthroat world of professional tennis. Kirsten Keller is at the top of her game as she continues a meteoric rise in the world of professional tennis. At match point in the French Open finals, Keller loses her concentration and collapses into a fit of tears before rushing off the court. Something and someone has her spooked, so much so that before she heads to London for Wimbledon, she hires former Met [...]

    4. عندما يترصد متعقب لاعبة التنس الشهيرة "كرستين" بتهديدها بالقتل في جولة المباريات. حينها توظف مفتش خاص ليكون حارسها الشخصي ولحل ومعرفة هوية المتعقب. 3.75

    5. I am really enjoying these bookshots as they are handy, quick reads. The story starts off at Roland Garros Stadium, where two ladies tennis players are playing in the finals of the French Open. Kirsten Keller is about to become the French Open Champion, when the noise of a camera shutter had her diving for cover. It turns out that she has been receiving threatening messages, saying that they would get her. Come on in Chris Foster. He is a former Metropolitan Police officer who is then hired to p [...]

    6. Great quick read, all the satisfaction of a full book in half the timeAs an avid reader, the concept of a "short" books intrigued me; would I feel cheated that there couldn't be the same details a "full" book.I was pleasant!y surprised by how much I enjoyed starting and finishing a book on the same train journey. The book is long enough for the characters to develop, and complete enough to leave you satisfied, and wanting more.The story is a good one on top of that. Characters you could believe [...]

    7. I managed to get hold of a copy of this book at the Harrogate Crime Festival where they were handing out free copies of the Book Shots. As you were only allowed one book per person, after reading the description I chose Break Point. I'm not a huge lover of sports which I think is why I didn't end up enjoying this book as much as I'm sure others will. Unfortunately it didn't grip me and I think I will just end up writing this book off as just not one for me.

    8. BrilliantAs always a fantastic read, this is only the 2nd bookshot and i have really enjoyed it will be buying more of them

    9. Another fast paced thriller that I loved. Keen to read more of Patterson's Bookshots, they are fantastic quick reads.

    10. This is one of the 'book shot' novellas that James Patterson writes with a range of co-authors, this time with Lee Stone. Professional tennis player Kirsten Keller is at the top of her game, but breaks down in tears when she's on the verge of winning the French Open. What the public doesn't know is that she's been receiving death threats. She hires ex-policeman Chris Foster as her security guard in the lead-up to Wimbledon, but he has demons of his own. As the stalker closes in, both of their li [...]

    11. I really really liked this book. It kept you guessing and the chapters were short, only 2/3 pages max. At first, I thought it could the obvious people, but then it turned out to be someone only mentioned close to the end. (Rolling eyes) I would have loved if Foster gave her a chance. Yes, it would be hard, he did say he started moving on. But sigh, few months/years into the relationship when she decides she wants to settle down to have kids, it would be kind of tough for him. And that would be a [...]

    12. This was another of the Patterson Bookshot or short reads. This one is about a body guard in London protecting a tennis player from a stalker during Wimbledon. It feels a bit like the Bodyguard movie with tennis but zips along fairly well and is enjoyable.

    13. Perfect for those who enjoy crime thrillers that can keep you guessing until very near the end, and/or you’re a little too short on time to read a full novel.

    14. I am growing more and more disillusioned with these books. I feel I have outgrown them and the silly spelling mistakes not just the American English and the lack of suspense and interesting points in this book means that I can read it in under an hour. The other annoying factor for me personally, other authors who write "short stories", which is what this is, call them Novellas what sets these authors aside from everyone else is how poorly the books are written so my theory is that they are ca [...]

    15. A good, fast-paced read from James Patterson in his new series of Bookshots - quick reads for those with short attention spans (lol).This one features a top female tennis ace being plagued by a stalker when she has to take part in Wimbledon. She employs a private detective as a bodyguard and to investigate the stalker and find out who it is. There's a bit of chemistry between the two of them (thrown together in trying circumstances) and they end up sleeping together.The stalker gets ever closer [...]

    16. "She's not going to win anything with a knife in her back!"This is my first "Book Shot" that I've read and I enjoyed the story. Maybe my rating may be a bit harsh and should be a four star given that this is billed as a short read but I did miss the character background build and this plot could be such a good 400+ page read. Kristen Keller is a American pro tennis player in the form of her life. She's made the final of the French Open only to run of the court in tears. Why!?! She is fearing for [...]

    17. The story is about a bodyguard (Foller) that is hired to protect a young famous female tennist that is being stalked and threatened. It takes place in London at Wimbledon, and the tennist (Keller) soon starts to take interest in Foller. Her coach is against hiring him and is really vocal about it, saying she needs to focus on the competiton. The threaten keeps escalating, so they need to find the stalker soon.Its a really fun, easy to read short book. The characters are a bit predictable, but it [...]

    18. Having read almost every James Patterson book I noticed straight away that this wasn't a James Patterson book. This is a Lee Stone book and it is just as enjoyable to read. Actually, not having that many brutal deaths in it made a nice change.I like the idea of short books - perfect for train or coach journeys. So well done James Patterson for the idea and for choosing less known authors to work with, and well done Lee Stone - can't wait for the next one!

    19. On of the top female tennis players in the world is being targeted by a stalker during the Wimbledon tournament. Private Detective This one features a top female tennis ace being plagued by a stalker when she has to take part in Wimbledon. She employs private detective Chris Foster to investigate and find out who it is. 4 stars

    20. Basically, this is a very poorly done rip-off of the Kevin Costner movie THE BODYGUARD. Only, instead of a pop diva, it's a young tennis pro who is being threatened. And, this being a James Patterson story, the bodyguard is rich, incredibly handsome, and always impeccably dressed.I came nowhere close to finishing it.

    21. Well written book. Author describes the scenes in very good detail, especially the tennis courts and the embassy. Author knew his subject matter. The story was good and it made it difficult to put the book down.

    22. Fast paced short storyIn usual James Patterson style,this book moves along at a good pace,keeping the reader anxious to turn the page. The finish seemed to come to a quick ending. If you are looking for a quick and easy read,try this one.

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