Telling Lies

Telling Lies After a brutal attack on her sister Maggie MacGowen searches L A for the gunmanWhen Maggie MacGowen was a girl her sister Emily lived the life of a leftist radical on the run from the FBI Twenty two

  • Title: Telling Lies
  • Author: Wendy Hornsby
  • ISBN: 9780451403803
  • Page: 254
  • Format: Paperback
  • After a brutal attack on her sister, Maggie MacGowen searches L.A for the gunmanWhen Maggie MacGowen was a girl, her sister Emily lived the life of a leftist radical on the run from the FBI Twenty two years after the FBI finally caught her, Emily lives in Los Angeles, a doctor at a free clinic that tends to the city s down and out When one of her old radical buddies comAfter a brutal attack on her sister, Maggie MacGowen searches L.A for the gunmanWhen Maggie MacGowen was a girl, her sister Emily lived the life of a leftist radical on the run from the FBI Twenty two years after the FBI finally caught her, Emily lives in Los Angeles, a doctor at a free clinic that tends to the city s down and out When one of her old radical buddies comes out of hiding and surrenders to the police, their long ago crimes become front page news Emily calls Maggie, now a documentary filmmaker, and asks her to come visit By the time Maggie arrives in Los Angeles, Emily is nearly dead The bullet, delivered point blank in broad daylight, sent Emily into a coma It seems a random act of violence, but Maggie digs deeper She finds dark secrets in her sister s past, and a conspiracy that won t end until all those who ask questions are silenced.

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    1. Wendy Hornsby

      I can t remember ever not knowing that I was a writer When I was in the second grade, because I was forever writing little stories, my teacher, a lovely woman named Barbara Heath, gave me her own copy of Little Women, to keep Hardcover, illustrated, no less The story wasn t so much magic for me as was the character of Jo March Somehow I knew Jo, I pretended I was her sometimes, and knew I was going to grow up to be, as she was, a writer.When I was in fourth grade, I turned pro My essay, Why I love Camp Nawakwa, won a community contest, earning me a camp scholarship, and my future was set Sort of Loving Camp Nawakwa was my writing pinnacle for quite a while.When it was time for college, I headed off to UCLA, where I tried on a large number of majors before I decided on History History, well told, has romance, adventure, intrigue, courage, provocative mystery than any fiction that can be imagined Besides, the process of historical research and writing mysteries have a great deal in common One snoops through the remnants of people s lives real or fictional asking the important who, what, where, and when questions and implying insight with the hope of making sense of things The study of History is great preparation for a writer, especially a writer of mysteries.The afternoon that I learned I had passed my comprehensive exams for the Masters degree in History at CSULB, I was hired to teach History as an adjunct at Long Beach City College Over the next decades I taught, went to school some , raised two beautiful babies to adulthood, acquired a full time tenured position at LBCC, and, somehow, between school and soccer and baseball and school plays, managed to get seven mystery novels and many, many short stories published Amazing how that happened.When my kids, Alyson and Christopher, were of a certain age, I took them to visit The Orchard House in Concord, Massachusetts, where Louisa May Alcott grew up and where she wrote Little Women I stood in her upstairs bedroom, beside the little half moon desk where she created Jo March, and thanked her for giving a little girl a bit of courage to believe that she, too, could be a writer.Wendy Hornsby is the Edgar Award winning author of the Maggie MacGowen mysteries.

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    1. Twenty two years ago they were radicals, protesting the war and fomenting violence. Maggie was Maggot the little sister tagging along behind her twin siblings. Emily, the radical and Mark, the soldier. Then on December 20, Emily is indicted and appears on the cover of Time and Mark dies in friendly fire in Vietnam.Twenty two years later, Maggie is called by her sister to come to LA for a special event. Emily is shot before the meeting can take place and lies in a hospital with a lot of brain dam [...]

    2. TELLING LIES - ExHornsby, Wendy - 1st in seriesDocumentary filmmaker Maggie MacGowen, summoned to Los Angeles by sister Emily on the anniversary of their brother's death, finds the famous former radical (now a doctor) in the hospital close to death. After notifying her parents and falling in with the engaging Detective Flint, Maggie sets out to find the person who shot her beloved sister. She searches from the gutters to the ballroom of L.A. and questions everyone from street people to friends f [...]

    3. When a 60s radical with a second degree murder warrant against her comes out of hiding after 22 years, one of her former radical friends, now helping the homeless and destitute, is shot in the head; someone tries to shoot her sister; another, who was always with the radical group, is blown up in a car – who will be next? Who is stalking these former radicals, now working for the public good – and innocents - after decades have passed?Narrated in the first person, this lively page turner will [...]

    4. I've read and enjoyed several later volumes in the Maggie McGowan, and was pleased when I found this first in the series. Maggie's sister was part of antiwar movement 20 some years earlier. One member who has been on the run since then, contacts Maggie about turning herself in to the authorities. That's when things start moving and Maggie's sister is shot. The characters are believable and interesting and sometimes quirky. The plot moves quickly and I found myself stealing every odd moment to ke [...]

    5. I read a lot of women detective stories. This one i recently re-read. I liked it for the action and the Mike Flint love interest to be honest. I am not going to be very eloquent in explaining why i liked it I can tell. Something for me to ponder to make this review at all useful to even myself. smile. I did find the Maggie character's 1980s women culture behaviour a bit funny. I think i will give this one 3.75

    6. Brought back memories of college although I didn't know anyone famous on a national level. I liked Maggie--single mother struggling with her daughter and her former husband and his new pregnant wife, her career, and her siblings' mortality--and how memories and their significance can change through the years.

    7. I really enjoyed this book. There were a few too many names and not enough detail for me to keep track but it didn't really make me lose any of the story. I enjoyed the slight humor as well. I will be looking for her other books to read. I would have liked to give 3.5.

    8. My rating has nothing to do with the writing Wendy Hornsby can write. I had issue with subject matter & characters. I couldn't connect & care about the characters. I couldn't care about characters who were lacking morals & values. The subject matter of the plot did not interest me.

    9. This was a good enough book. It dragged in places and the ending was not really clear and what was clear was predictable. Not certain if I care to read anymore books in this series.

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