Beneath Him

Beneath Him No matter how many times I try to stay away from him he keeps drawing me back in Sexy relationship phobic make up artist Jessica Grayson runs into an intense stranger who takes her breath away The

  • Title: Beneath Him
  • Author: C. Shell
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 215
  • Format: ebook
  • No matter how many times I try to stay away from him, he keeps drawing me back in.Sexy, relationship phobic, make up artist Jessica Grayson runs into an intense stranger who takes her breath away The chemistry between them is consuming and impossible to deny But he s everything she s learned to distrust rich, handsome, and alpha.Alex Harlow is a private man with much toNo matter how many times I try to stay away from him, he keeps drawing me back in.Sexy, relationship phobic, make up artist Jessica Grayson runs into an intense stranger who takes her breath away The chemistry between them is consuming and impossible to deny But he s everything she s learned to distrust rich, handsome, and alpha.Alex Harlow is a private man with much to regret From the moment he laid eyes on Jessica, he had to have her Despite her attempts to keep things between them casual, Alex is determined to win her over But how can he convince her to trust the chemistry between them and him when his life is surrounded by secrets that could destroy them both

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      I love books Romance books are my obsession One that includes a bad boy or an alpha male who knows what he wants is my own personal version of heaven I find the happy endings and endless possibilities of books alluring and addictive I currently reside in Texas and when I m not thinking up my next kick ass character I m working in the community rescuing dogs while being a wife and mother to my wonderful family.I invite you to ask me any questions, keep up to date with my latest books and give me your feedbackhellauthorcshellauthor aol

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    1. Well, this one felt like a gallop through beautiful countryside I felt like I wanted to slow down to admire the scenery but I was forced along at breakneck speed towards the inevitable cliffhanger. It’s the story of Alex Harlow, super-rich CEO, and Jessica, a make-up artist. They meet when she is working on a shoot for one of his publications and she literally walks straight into him during her pursuit for doughnuts.Sorry if I forgot to introduce myself earlier. I am Alex Harlow, but you call [...]

    2. In this genre it is extremely common to read books that are similar to one anotherere are only so many ways to describe a kiss or how a couple meetsbut this book was basically plagiarism of 1. Tells her to "Watch her mouth". Repeatedly.2. Overreacts to her drinking.3. Says he needs to give her a "Remember Fuck."4. Careful attention paid to describing each outfit the Heroine wears.5. Buys her a dress.6. Security Guard named CliveE ON! Author couldn't even come up with a different name for the gua [...]

    3. Very good book! Alex is domineering, possessive and sexy. Jessica is a normal, sweet woman with trust issues when it comes to rich men. Can't wait to read the next book!

    4. The story begins with Jessica and Jane, two really good friends who have their own business and work together. Jane is unable to take part in a particular job so she sends or more like convinces Jessica to go. It is there where she will ever so clumsily run into a gorgeous, strong armed man with intense, green eyes. Later she will find out that his name is Mr. Alex Harlow, her boss and he is quite bossy and will NOT take no for an answer. He pursues Jessica because there is no doubt of the sexua [...]

    5. 3.5 STARS!!!!!!I read this book back in 2013 but never wrote a review of the book. The author asked if I wouldn't mind writing a review of her book so here it goes.Alex Harlow is very domineering, controlling, persistent, possessive and totally goes after what he wants. He was born with a silver spoon in his mouth and thinks the world should cater to his needs. After the death of his mother he handed the family magazine business, but Alex isn't satisfied with just a magazine.he wants to make a n [...]

    6. So I enjoyed reading this book, only was a couple of hours, but it wasn't all that original. Similiar to This Man, dominant alpha male who is very aggressive in getting what he wants and commanding heroine to follow his orders (read possessive). I also didn't buy into how attached they were for each other just from love at first sight. Seems there needed to be a progression of their relationship to have it be believeable. Also, there seemed to be a lot os story lines to follow - Alex/Jess (main) [...]

    7. 2.5 maybe for meI've got no problem with a FSOG copycat novel (the more the merrier for me - a good book is just that). But I hardly know where to start with how bad this one was!!First off who's the guy on the cover? He's not in the book!! He looks nothing like the description of executive businessman Alex Harlow. That pic is quite misleading. The book is written (unnecessarily) at such breakneck speed that I never really got a feel for it. Another issue is that the commentary is soooo FSOG it' [...]

    8. I liked that the heroine wasn't naive and virginal. But, the hero always telling her to watch her language and giving her Remember Fucks reminded me a lot of the This Man series. Except those books are way better. The plot had promise and there was a good twist, but there were too many missed editing errors. Even for a self-published book. However, I am interested enough to see how things play out after that twist. I really, really hope that Jessica has nothing to do with Alex until he gets his [...]

    9. I really enjoyed this book. Alex is a hot alpha male that makes Jess feel sexy and confident. I expect flaws in self published books but I did not find many in this book. I look forward to the next in this series. This book on the same lines as up close and personal, chasing beautiful, temptation and naked.

    10. Just can't get into this one , might try again later on has a cliffhanger wait till next one comes out to read this one lol

    11. This book was MEH for me; The sex scenes were hot, the plot was ok but the grammar was a bit off-putting so I give it 3 stars!

    12. Loved it and can not wait for the next installment. I had a hard time putting this book down once I started it which did not set well with the hubby :) A must read!

    13. 06/26/17 - Not sure I am ready to spend $4.99 on a book for an author I really don't know. I wish some of these authors would put their books on KU so we can sample there work.

    14. I am totally unable to give this more than two stars for one massive reason, this smacks of Jodi Ellen Malpas and her utterly gorgeous, dominant and sexy as hell Jesse.I may be in the minority here but I feel it necessary to review books as how I feel about them and my opinion must remain true to me, so I am being honest at how I feel about this book wholeheartedly, but put simply it's my opinion, thoughts, it's how I understood the characters and ideas came to fruition and ultimately how this b [...]

    15. Thank God that number 2 is out already and that the third and final one (hopefully) is only a week away! This one has a cliffhanger, people. This is a story about Jessica (the broken make-up artist) and Alex (the controlling, filthy-rich alpha-male). This is love (or at least lust) at first sight. It is focuses on the Jess' stubbonness and her urge to fight against her feelings towards Alex, and his no-is-not-option attitude towards her.Overall, I enjoyed it and will be continuing with the secon [...]

    16. 4+ star reada steamy story which includes a strong minded, bull headed girl that falls for a hot, sexy and gorgeous alphawarning, there's a cliff hanger and I can't wait to read the next installment.

    17. This book was really short but it had a good storyline considering. I found the characters believable and likeable. However there are grammar and spelling mistakes. Also because of the book being so short relationships formed fast which was a bit unrealistic.

    18. I just could not get into this at all. I really wanted to. I needed just a strong alpha-male read, but this was just too fast and there were just too many inconsistencies to get invested at all.

    19. The chemistry between Jessica and Alex was good but the plot was weak. I also didn't like the ending. It was a cliffhanger but I didn't mind that so much as the content of it.

    20. Awesome!! I love books like these where you have a sexy alpha male type and strong enough girl. Alex was sexy and I look forward to next book.

    21. SighI had high hopes for Beneath Him. It has a possessive alpha determined to woo a feisty, independent woman, just my thing. But, the execution is sadly lacking, I'm afraid. Alex is the alpha in question. He's rich, hot, possessive, domineering and way too CONTROLLING! He meets Jessica when she literally runs into him in his offices, where she is the makeup artist on a shoot for the magazine he owns. He has one look (and feel) of her and he wants more, he wants all of her. "I'm demanding and re [...]

    22. This was an okay read for me. I liked the stories as well as the characters. Jessica and Alex have great chemistry. Alex is all alpha male and Jessica is a bit wary of that, not to mention Alex has plenty of secrets. Could use a bit of editing but entertaining, I would like to give the next book a chance.

    23. This was just an okay read for me. I liked the heroine and her feistiness, the hero was an alpha male, but one I didn't love. They were great together and there were hot sex scenes. This book had a cliffhanger ending. The ending was not a good one. I am not sure if I am interested in reading the next book. I voluntarily reviewed an ARC of this book.

    24. That ending?Overall plot?The writing?Was there something unique to this story?The smutty scenes?Yeah, been there, and it was done even better.This was a very poor attempt at potraying the ott-possessive-bordering-on-stalkerific-hot-tall-and-dark billionaire hero. It was cringeworthy to read.Jessica (early twenties) is a make-up artist and goes to this job where she meets Alex, the hot billionaire. She bumps into him and he looks at her like he wants to kill her (from her point of view), but we a [...]

    25. I liked this book, it was interesting but at the same time it was a little unrealistic and lacking a bit of originality. I feel as though the timing was off , as in the insta-love. It would have been more enjoyable if the characters had more time to actually develop a real relationship, they had no time to really know each other and are practically strangers therefore I found myself thinking , how can their emotions and feelings really be running this deep ? I get that they have a connection , b [...]

    26. I received the ARC of this book for an honest review, and since it is my first time having an ARC, here we go! Since it is my understanding that an ARC is not a completely edited version of the book, I had to keep reminding myself that as I read it. I love the story line behind this book and the characters involved. I really liked that Jessica is not some weeping willow of a girl--she's running a make-up business with her best friend Jane and they are both sassy, they love each other like sister [...]

    27. Explosive!full of passion, love and lies, March 28, 2013 Verified Purchase(What's this?)This review is from: Beneath Him (Harlow Series) (Kindle Edition)What a powerful story, you will be captivated by this extraordinary affair. I was so deep into it from the very start and so engrossed I didn't realized I read it in a few hours in one sitting, refusing to stop not even to get up and do some absolute necessities, not even a drink of water. It is so fast paced whirlwind romance, just went wham ba [...]

    28. I have an urge from time to time to read something like this, i.e. romance or alike.However, only skies above know why I chose this one to start with, because it is more certain than death&taxes I'm not going to spend a minute longer on it.The point is, there might be a story, no matter how shallow and forced it is, there might be characters (nobody expects depth and complexity in all such books. I apologize - I don't).However, it is not the reason I am putting this one on my "gave-up" shelv [...]

    29. At first I was skeptical about reading this because I am not fond of the cheating aspect. However, this book change my outlook on that sordid topicyou really cant find love in strange places. Alex is a person that love hard. He didn't want his love to be wasted on the wrong person. I understood him. Jessica was his light at the end of the tunnelhis forever!!! Jessica couldn't resist Alex. matter how hard she tried.The end of the book broke me a little. see such lovelnerabilitywhich was a first f [...]

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