Der Stellvertreter. Ein christliches Trauerspiel

Der Stellvertreter Ein christliches Trauerspiel Durfte der Vorg nger Papst Johannes XXIII schweigen zur planm igen Ausrottung der europ ischen Juden durch Hitlerdeutschland Zu Auschwitz Seit Rolf Hochhuth zum erstenmal diese Frage aufwarf kam sie

  • Title: Der Stellvertreter. Ein christliches Trauerspiel
  • Author: Rolf Hochhuth
  • ISBN: 9783499109973
  • Page: 383
  • Format: Paperback
  • Durfte der Vorg nger Papst Johannes XXIII schweigen zur planm igen Ausrottung der europ ischen Juden durch Hitlerdeutschland Zu Auschwitz Seit Rolf Hochhuth zum erstenmal diese Frage aufwarf, kam sie nie mehr zur Ruhe Sein Drama, 1963 durch Erwin Piscator in Berlin uraufgef hrt, wurde seither in ber 25 L ndern gespielt.

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      383 Rolf Hochhuth
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    1. Rolf Hochhuth

      Hochhuth ist ein deutscher Dramatiker und ein ma geblicher Anreger des Dokumentartheaters Internationalen Erfolg erzielte er mit Der Stellvertreter AEr setzt sich wiederholt mit der NS Vergangenheit und aktuellen politischen und sozialen Fragestellungen auseinander In einer Vielzahl Offener Briefe versuchte er seit den sechziger Jahren, Einfluss auf die Politik zu nehmen.Hochhuth ist Mitglied des P.E.N Zentrums Deutschland, der Bayerischen Akademie der Sch nen K nste in M nchen seit 1989 und der Freien Akademie der K nste Hamburg seit 2004 und der Akademie der K nste in Berlin seit 1986.

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    1. Notgettingenough, a historian by training, is starting to infect me with her virulent dislike of biopics. "You watch a biopic," says Not, "and you go out thinking you know what happened. But you don't."Well, this play is a fine example of Not's thesis: more than anything else, it created the image of Pius XII as being "the Nazi Pope", aiding Hitler and his criminal regime by maintaining a convenient silence on the subject of the Holocaust. I read it in the mid 70s and accepted the message uncrit [...]

    2. Rolf Hochhuth's The Deputy is a long, virulent denunciation of Pius XII for his failure to publicly denounce the Nazis for their extermination of Europe's Jews. While the tone is extremely shrill, Hochhuth largely confines himself to criticisms that have some basis.Hochhuth's game is possibly in bad faith, but he plays it with skill. In his postface "Sidelights on History" he declares what his method is to the reader: "In this play I advance a better opinion of Pius XII than may be historically [...]

    3. I'm undecided about what to make of this play. It certainly deals with a very important question: Why did Pope Pius XII never officially protest against the mass killing of Jews during the Nazi regime in Germany? And: What difference would it have made if he had protested?In his play Hochhuth claims that a) The Vatican knew exactly what was happening in Auschwitz b) They did not protest because of their own political advantage c) Their protest would have made a difference.I don't have enough ins [...]

    4. Fascinating story-this book is actually a play which was written about the Pope Pius XII who was pope during most of the years of the holocaust and WWII. It's premise is based on the dispute of whether Pius did or did not help Jews during the holocaust. Divided into 3 acts which take place at a speakeasy in Berlin, at the Pope's residence and in Auschwitz concentration camp. it has several characters who were actual living people, the Pope, Kurt Geistner, an SS officer and the Papal Nuncio to Be [...]

    5. I picked this off a shelf of a used bookstore, recalling the stir that it had made many years ago, hoping to use some of the material for a radio show. When I read it over 20 years ago, I was not able to distinguish possibilities in the WW II era: I was young and pretty much everything was black and white to me. The great question remains whether the great political entity known as the Catholic church might have done more for the plight of the Jews or was it better for it to do as much as it cou [...]

    6. The Deputy was a very difficult read, for a couple of reasons. First, it is an overly long play. If it were to be put on the stage in it's entirety, it would be a 7 hour production. Hochhuth isn't a playwright, so the stage directions are a bit awkward and unhelpful in some places. I also have a hard time reading straight dialog for that many pages, and I struggled to get through it. However, it is the subject matter that makes The Deputy very difficult. It is a fictional account of historical e [...]

    7. This play, depicting Pope Pius XII during the Nazi occupation of Rome with his tacit collusion to rid the world of Jews was powerful theatre. I read it later, but saw it at the Mark Taper Forum in L.A. the same Fall of 1963 when President Kennedy was assassinated.

    8. I am not a historian so I cannot tell how much of this fiction is true. I read the Samuel French, Inc. edition which is meant to be used in staging a performance. It did not contain all the extra material mentioned in some reviews or if it did it was so slight as to cause me no problem. The story includes powerfully imagery and having the sights and sounds spoken by an impassioned character had much more of an effect on me than reading them clinically listed in a non-fiction history book. Worth [...]

    9. The debut of Rolf Hochhuth's play "The Deputy" in 1963 completely changed the narrative of the Pope's actions during the Holocaust. Before the play, Pope Pius XII was universally lauded for his compassion towards European Jews and his fight to help save them. However, "The Deputy" has called for a reexamination of that history. "The Deputy" is a gripping play filled with characters from history. It gives a disheartening view of the Vatican's attitude towards Hitler and the Holocaust, but just be [...]

    10. A peça de Hochhuth é indiscutivelmente superior e mais forte do que o filme.Em primeiro lugar, porque dispensa os aspectos sentimentais da obra de Costa-Gavras, e mantém a lucidez do cardeal e do doutor, personagens a quem, de vez em quando, é necessário dar razão.O heroísmo de Riccardo Fontana, na peça, é superior ao de Gerstein, de modo que a concepção de martírio permanece, com toda a controvérsia que a envolve. Ainda assim, creio que Hochhuth tocou em pontos delicados de maneira [...]

    11. Since its controversial publication during the midst of the Cold War,'The Deputy' has been exposed as a clever piece of a Soviet disinformation campaign to discredit the Catholic Church. Please search around for information on this, as naturally there'splenty of controversy about the controversy, and see what you think. As I like the historical aspect, the play for me is interesting, andwithout knowing its source at the time, I felt influenced by its various machinations against Pius XII & t [...]

    12. This book was excellent, though it was really long. It makes you think about what you would do in each of the characters' situations. Whether a Nazi, Jew, the Pope or a priest.

    13. For all the criticisms it has garnered, and accusations of bias, it nonetheless is very thought-provoking.

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